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My First Meeting of my Sexy Cousin…

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I remember the first time I met her, she was only 17 years old, and I was 25. I was shocked to even find out I had an attractive female half cousin but, after the small talk I knew for a fact this was my type of gal! Let me explain a little about me, I am 6’2, 275 lbs, with good muscle definition, brown hair, and brown/green eyes, and have always been athletic. Heather (my half cousin) was in my home town with my uncle for a softball tournament, and I am a sucker for a gal that can smack some balls! She is 5’8 a thin (but not too thin) 152 lbs, 36-C breasts, muscular legs, thick ass, long flowing auburn hair, and sexy green eyes. Right off the bat I noticed that this sexy little 17 year old was very happy with what she was looking at, she couldn’t take her eyes off of me. As she scanned me up and down she finally looks me in the eyes, starting to turn red she turns her head, her face was only red until she caught me checking her out from her legs up to her breasts. Heather finally opens up a conversation. “It’s great to finally meet you, my dad always talked about how you were his favorite nephew and how you coached baseball and helped with the school softball team.” Of course I was thinking to myself, how the fuck do I respond? She knows so much about me because of my god father (my uncle), yet I didn’t even know she existed. So all I could stammer out was, ‘Yea I have a little experience with coaching gals why, do you need some pointers?” Which by this time I am sweating bullets hoping no one notices. At this time, my şişli escort uncle leaves the room and goes to get his stuff unpacked in the guest room. This left Heather and I alone in the entry way to try and catch up on the years before we had met. She threw me off guard as she walks by. Turning her back to me while walking she rubs her ass against my crotch saying, “I am always up for a good pointer, and I don’t just mean about softball.” I couldn’t help but drop my jaw while watching this sexy little slut, yea the word slut sounded about right. She went into the living room, told me to pick up my jaw and asked me to sit next to her. At this time my uncle hollers out to us, saying he is beat from the flight and was going to take a nap. My cousin decided this would be a great time to tease, talking about how hot it was in this humid Kansas heat, removing her top shirt and sitting there in her tight bra that lifted her perky tits up and pushed them together leaving a great view of her cleavage. At this time it was too late, she looked down and noticed my 8.5 inch cock poking out of my shorts since I don’t wear underwear and my shorts were loose, my dick was either going down my leg or up out of the top of my shorts. Down the leg was a bit more comfortable at the time. I look at Heather and tell her, “If you weren’t my cousin I would have some major fun with you.” She responded by removing her bra saying, “You know we are only half cousins so it’s not really all that bad. At this point I told her, “It was time mecidiyeköy escort for me to take a nice nap,” and then said, “You should get rest also before the jet lag catches up to you, and you have a huge game tomorrow night!” “AHHHH you’re no fun Cousin Kevy, but I guess I will just have to work harder!” At this point she puts her bra, and shirt back on and starts heading out of the living room towards the sun room where her air mattress is set up, as she walks by she grabs the head of my dick saying, “This will be mine, before I head back to Colorado!” I couldn’t handle it, so I went into my bedroom with my erection, get on my computer and start reading some good incest stories on to make sure while I masturbate my mind is off my cousin and on someone else’s story! I lube up my hand and start slowly stroking my solid steel at this point, raging hard on! At some point my sexy little cousin decided to sneak the door open. And she finds a great way to black mail me. I hear a snap that sounded like a picture being taken, I look over and see my door is cracked open…. FUCK!!!! That was all I could think of in my mind, and in my haste I wash my hands in the master bedroom attached bathroom, shut my door and take a nap. While I slept I had a nice dream of Heather deep throating my cock, gagging, and spitting on it giving me one of the best hand jobs I have ever had. The dream didn’t last long. Click Click Click…. “Heather what the fuck are you doing on my damn computer?” and than I see what the click şişli eskort click click was, she was scrolling down reading the sex story from Lush that I had started reading earlier, talking about two cousins who have their first experience together. “So you just met me, and you already have fantasies about me huh?” Once again I was nearly speechless, it took me a few minutes to get the words out. “Damn it babe you are sexy, I already told you that if we weren’t related I would already have my long hard cock down your throat.” As she turns around in my large leather computer chair I notice she is butt naked, completely shaved pussy, legs spread wide open, and dripping wet onto said leather chair. I cannot help but notice that she is very mature looking for her age. Beings I sleep under just a light sheet, my cock started pitching a tent immediately. Of course she noticed it, all she had done since being here is look at my body, and my large fat cock. “Look,” she says, “dad sleeps for hours, even for just a nap. If you want that cock in my mouth why don’t you put it there.” I didn’t even have time to answer as my sexy little cousin came over to my bed and starts stroking my cock through the sheet, and she is good at it, this obviously is not her first rodeo. “Damn babe, where the fuck did you learn to stroke a cock like that? I should have known with how slutty you act that this isn’t your first time!” She looks at me with a smile. “Oh so you’re not going to fight me huh? Is that because, I am good or do you just like taking advantage of young sexy little sluts?” I wanted to answer but, at this time she throws the sheet to the side and with her left hand at the base of my shaft she smacks herself in the face with my fat cock head and then she starts putting it in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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