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My First Time

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My First TimeThis happened about twenty five years ago. I was fifteen almost sixteen. My friend, Jack Baker had invited over to spend the night, he had just recieved a new Atari Game system and his parents were a having a big party. There were alot of people there and they were loud and drunk. Jack and I and another friend Bill just stayed upstairs in Jack’s room, out of site.It was getting late and the party was getting louder. I had to use the bathroom and went to Jack’s parents room down the hall. They a bathroom in there and I thought it would offer a little better privacy. As I pushed the door open to enter the room I saw Mrs. Baker laying face down on the bed. She was bent over the bed with knees on the floor, her ass sticking out. She had a sleep shirt on and nothing else, it was pulled up leaving her ass exposed. I stop for a moment, she was snoring and had a puddle of drool onthe bed by her mouth. I went into the bathroom and upon finishing what I needed to do I got to thinking about what I had saw on the bed. I thought about Mrs Bakers ass sticking out and then I thought that I think I had caught a glimpse tempobet yeni giriş of her beaver. My cock got real hard as I opened the door. I walked into the room and she was still there, had not moved. The party was still very loud. I walked over to her and knelt down to look and I could see her beaver, it was all cute and hairy peaking out from under her ass. My cock was really hard at this point, she was still snoring loudly, I tried to wake her but she was out, proably too much drinking. I touched her pussy, right where the pink was. I pushed a finger into her slowly, she kept snoring. I pulled it out and smelled it, it smelled great! I pushed two fingers into her then I pushed three into her. I moved them in and out and all around inside her cunt, trying to be careful and not wake her. My cock was busting out of my pjs at this point. I thought for minute and then decided what the heck. I dropped my pants and put my cock up to her pink opening, I could not really see it that well, I just pushed my cock slowly forward and it slid into her ever so easily. I pushed until my balls stomach was up against tempobet giriş her ass and I stayed there. I could not believe that cock was deep into Mrs. Bakers cunt. It felt great, warm and wet and tight. Mrs. Baker just kept on snoring. I pulled my cock out a little and then pushed it back in. This was all I could take and I released a massive load of young cum into her womb. I did not think I was going to ever stop pumping cum into her. I stayed deep in her until my cock had gone completely soft. I pulled out and pulled her shirt down to cover her and I went back to Jack’s room. They did not say a word as I don’t thik they realised I was gone. After an hour or so I told them I needed to go again and went back to Mrs. Bakers room. She was still just as I left her. I lifted her night shirt and pushed my cock into her again and moved it around very slowly for a minute and then released another massive load deep inside her. When I had pumped everything I had I went in the bathroom to pee. I could smell her pussy all over my hands and I would guess my cock. I washed my hands and peed. When I came out tempobet güvenilirmi of the bathroom there was another woman sitting on the bed. She was very very drunk. She told me she had thrownup and she laid back on the bed and passed out. The shorts she was wearing had very big leg openings and when she laid back I could see right up the legs of her shorts and see her snatch as she was not wearing panties. I tried to wake her and had no luck, then I slid my hand up to her hairy snatch and played with her pussy, pushing my fingers into her. Then I decided if I moved her a leg a little and pulled her shorts over I could get my cock in her which I did. This was good as I could watch my cock slid into her hairy pussy. I could see the pink and watch my cock move in and out and see it getting all wet. After a minute I shot my spunk all up inside her. I could not believe what I had done.I went back to the room and acted like nothing had happened. We all feel asleep and the party was still going strong. I was afraid someone would figure out that I had spunked in those two women. The next morning Mrs. Baker got up, late, and fixed us breakfast. Nothing was ever said. I never saw the other woman again but I will never forget watching my cock slid into her hairy pussy. I will never forget how good Mrs. Baker’s pussy felt as I pumped it full of my spunk. I never did get to fuck her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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