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My Girlfriend goes Negro x

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My Girlfriend goes Negro xI was really surprised to hear privately yesterday from my best girlfriend’s confession. I knew she had been going through a rough patch with her hubby, but no idea it had sunk so low for her, poor girl!Just to explain she is Ilana and her hubby is Robert. They have been married about 5 years. She has worked hard and he too. Recently they discussed having a family, so she stopped work to get ready for this and had been making the house ready for a baby arriving soon. She has made a nursery and cot.Illana is a small framed natural blonde Latvian Lady; she is about 5 foot 1 “tall. Small pert boobs. Robert is around 5 foot 10 inches, not the most attractive white English man you ever saw. A little on the scruffy side and bad manners! I know he had been shouting at Illana and she was often crying when she called me! She was a proud Lady and it was hard to get her to confess that Robert was an arsehole with her. But she had let that out one night on the phone.He had gone to work, as usual. He was on the night shift in a factory, leaving her alone at home all the night. She had tried to arouse him that day before his work and made the effort to dress sexily for him, to get him all sexy for her and hopefully end up giving her a good filling of spunk, to help make the baby. They had been trying for months, since she stopped with her birth pill. The Doctor said she would be clean of the hormone very fast as she was young and fertile. Sure enough after 2 months she passed all fertility tests with flying colours. She said slowly that Robert had had problems performing with her, sometimes he went limp and that was that. He shamed her each time, saying it was her fault. He was abusive with his comments too. He had said she should be more of a whore in bed, and then he would shoot a gallon of spunk in her! In fact she told me he had never shot more than a pissy, thin teaspoonful full, in all the time she had known him! I asked her about his penis. Was it large, big balls, nice bell end etc? This at least made her laugh, so she had stopped her blubbering now.‘You k**ding,’ she told me.’ I mean I have not had many guys and he was the only one to fuck me sadly. He is so small and never hard. His balls don’t hang properly, as they are so small’.‘Whoah, wait he is your one and only man? I mean what about other guys? You mean no sex with those?’ I said in disbelief.‘Yes, that is so. OK I was dating a few before, but I honour virginity before marriage, so I could not allow sex, which I do regret now.’ She whimpered out.‘Was not your other dates bigger than him then?’ I asked interestingly.She was silent before stuttering out a coy reply, ’Well erm yes. Erm all the guys were. Some very big boys too..oh my sorry to tell you this.’‘No don’t be. It’s all OK Illana. I understand you. Look Mick, my hubby is tiny too and useless in bed. I mean you know I have Negro sons. Where do you think they came from…hehehe?’ I explainedIlana giggled a cheeky giggle.I continued before she could continue, ‘But I don’t understand something. Did not these men, your dates want to have sex with you? I mean you must I am thinking have seen in their tool boxes, if you know the size of them.’She told me ‘Oh Mrs Smith. I was a good girl. Too good. Of course I liked to kiss my date and I got horny, yes I could not stop my pussy getting excited and the date knew it with his hands between my legs, on my knickers. My hand was always placed on the crotch of the Gent I was with by him and I could feel his excitement. I let them undo my bra and feel and suck my tits too. The dishy one I get over excited with in his car. He moved me into the back, a bit cramped in his Porsche 911. He had my knickers down, legs up and was licking me like an ice cream. I saw in the dim street lights his big penis rushing to my pussy. Oh I so wanted him, but had to grab that monster and hold it up. My tiny hand was trying to grip it. It was enough though; he fired cum all over me, my belly, bra and face, some in my hair. He stayed there, with a huge smile on his face. I covered my pussy to protect from him dripping onto it. Wow it was dripping his dregs, more than Robert has ever cum! He was a Gent. He took a tissue and cleaned me, except my hair. I think he could not see that in the dark. It was funny because we went to a late bar after and the barman said. ‘Hey what you got in your hair?’ I touched it and realised it was my dates cum! I think the barman knew too, he grinned at my date. as if to say well done.’‘Wow Ilana that is one sexy story Lady, Why did you stop seeing each other then? He sounded ideal for you and you would have had a baby for sure by now, with all that cum’ I uttered.‘Oh long story really. He was a super-rich guy and always travelling about with work. He was not too ready to settle down. But we had some nice times. I forget how many times he spurted his cum over me. Phew we had some near misses too,’ she regretted now that Robert was not capable. ‘OK, since then I knew how to make my date happy and would play with them at their place, in the car, or at my parent’s house, that is if we could, parents out of the way etc.! So, you see I did at least play with cocks, even if they never had sex with me’ she explained.‘And so to Robert? Tell me about him? I said.She told me, ‘Well I met him at the pub close to us. He came over and said he liked my accent. It was he said very sexy. The other lads with him were teasing him to come over and speak to me. I did not fancy him; he looked cheap and grubby, a bit ugly too! He had a certain charm though I guess? We saw each other a few times. I tried his cock in my hand! It was not easy as it’s so small. I sucked it and he sometimes came, not much though. I am embarrassed to say I broke my virginity rule. I got a condom one night. It was the 2nd time I had been in his house and as we kissed on the sofa. I planned this. I thought this is it he will have to be a keeper this one now. So I thought if I let him in me, safely he will fall for me in marriage.’ She tittered.‘ Woooo, you naughty girl. Did it work? ‘I said quickly to allow her story to continue.‘Yes, we sat drinking a nice wine, some George Michael on the I-player. I wore a red midi dress, black bra and pants, sheer black bakırköy escort stockings and lacy tops. My shoes were red heels. We kissed. He was useless at that! So I went for his cock in his pants instead. He was kind of hard now. I knew this did not last with him, so I pulled down his pants and took the condom packet, ripping it open. I fumbled about with the sheath, finally rolling it over him. The rubber sat all sloppy and wrinkled on his little, thin, semi soft cock. With that I swung my stockinged leg over him, reaching for his tiny cock and trying to make him penetrate me. I think he was in, hard to say really if he was or not? He grunted a few times, his grubby hands under my elegant bra. Then he tensed and I felt a small pulse in my pussy? I thought he must have cum. He had. I rolled the damp condom off of him and holding it up eagerly to see what the 1st man to fuck me had produced was very disappointing! There was a very tiny drop of what seemed like water rolling about in the teat of the condom! I did think I hope this gets better than this.’I said hotly, ‘Phew, you should have ditched him there and then. I guess though you wanted in on his house and money etc?’‘Yes, I thought this bit of it is nice and I am sure he can give me my k**s after our marriage. So I just teased him for weeks, until he proposed to me. I told him no more sex until after that date. It worked. Next time I played with him was on honeymoon in the room. I sucked him and after a lot of champagne told him to fuck my bum. I did not want a cliché of she must have fallen on, on the wedding night! I noticed he stayed hard in my bum and came a bit more? I was careful to stop the cum going up into my pussy as it dribbled out. He did ask why had I put my panties back on? I did not explain to him, but the gusset sucked his sperm.‘OK, Illana. So what is happening now my love? I mean with Robert. You seem really upset love.’ I asked her.‘Oh, Mrs Smith. Really you don’t know how bad to me that man is! He is so abusive and aggressive to me. I told you he is useless in the married bed. I want to get so pregnant and enjoy that, yet he can’t perform. A close friend told me, he has a past that is a bit weird too!’ she told me.‘Weird?’ How do mean?’ I asked.‘He had been seen hanging about some toilets in the park; you know the big park in town. Then was in there ages and came out all guilty looking. I know since that day he said he was working overtime in the factory. I thought that was odd, since they had no work on? Also that day he was more cheerful and asked could he fuck me. I did not wait to be asked again. We went to the lounge and I laid on the sofa. He fumbled about and went for my bum. He was not long then fired something hot into it. I was disappointed, I wanted a pussy full! I was very upset.’ she cried out.I said to her that she was a poor cow and wondered how she could move on. I thought that her Robert was a bi-sexual and must have preferred men to women. No wonder he was having problems with this petite blonde beauty. Any man would have knocked her up ages since. I asked her if he had been weird with her in other ways.She explained yes very. He wanted to try fucking her, her blindfolded. He started at 1st with a neck tie from the wardrobe and then he tied her hands too behind her back. He only did her in this position, her bent over the sofa, or bed. He was mostly fiddling about back there. She never thought he had cum in her, but was always wet with cum? She had found a condom in the toilet, that he had tried to flush down, but not gone down. Instead it just danced about in the water. That’s was odd.Later I had asked my hubby Mick if he knew anything about her hubby. He looked a bit puzzled and then said, ’Oh, yeah he sucks lads off love!’He was so casual about telling me. It seems the town knew. He had been visiting cottages etc, since being a young lad! He had been fucked by a few old important men, but in the end when he was asked about it, he said he had consented to it. Well he just carried on anyway. One business man Mick knows, said he was going to parties.I thought best not to say to Illana and let her work it out. I sort of thought that he had sucked some strangers off in condoms and tried to use the cum on her? Not sure, but why this entire blindfold shit?She told me that she had caught on, after one of these blindfold sessions, missed 2 periods and had titty swelling. She did though on the 3rd month have a period. She was sad at that, thinking at last Roberts love games had helped her. I guess the stranger’s cum he had planted into her was too old and the spermicide in the rubber had weakened the sperms. But at least it showed she was ready. He did not try again after this, well not the blindfold anyway.‘Oh, Illana so what are you to do now? I mean you are all ready for an arrival of a baby and yet nothing? I mean will you leave him?’ I asked her.‘Can I tell you something very secret and private Mrs Smith?’ she whispered.I was a bit surprised that she had reduced herself to Whisper?‘Yes of course you can tell me anything,’ I said.‘Well one night I was alone in bed as usual as he was at work. I heard a noise, I thought outside, but it was inside the house. I was really frightened. We had a burglar. What was I to do? I was in bed in my baby doll, pink baby doll nightgown and no knicks. I had a pussy catheter, in place too. The fertility Doctor had advised this. It made it difficult to leave the bed, as the small bottle containing cum ( I want to add in readers-we know not likely to be Robert’s cum! Robert emptying the condom contents from his men meets, plus who knows with such a low life, probably picking up discarded rubbers from car parks etc.), and cum food was above me and the pipe implanted into my womb. So I was sort of immobile, well for quickly jumping out of bed. I struggled out, disconnected the pipe from the bottle, a bit messy. Then I went downstairs, not knowing what to expect. I saw that the kitchen door had been forced and the guy had left. I tried to close the door, but it was all buckled. I tried to call Robert, but nothing. I called 999 and got the police to call out to me. They were here very fast, blue lights and all.The tall dark officer came beşiktaş escort to the damaged door and looked at it for ages. He saw me in the hall. I did not want to go in the kitchen, there was broken glass everywhere and I was in my fluffy pink slippers. He looked up and saw me. He was a bit surprised and lost for words really. He stared at me in my see through skimpy nighty. Not what I guess he expected to see at 3am! He asked me was I OK. Had I seen the guy? Had he m*****ed me?I told him, no, no and no.I told him to come in. He explained that we must not tidy up as the forensics needed to call round next.Ok, I told him to come into the lounge and take a seat. He followed me and sat. I could see now, as he removed his uniform hat that he was a very black man, I would say about 6 foot 2 tall and fit.He asked was alone in the house and of course I was. He stared at me and I think was trying to work out what was hanging from my pussy? I looked at where he was looking and pushed the pipe out of site between my thighs, which were shimmering and cold/wet with the running cold sperm.‘Are you on medication?’ he asked me, in a knowing way.I told him no and asked him why. He pointed to the tube now dripping onto the floor under my thighs!‘Oh I see, well no, not really medicine,’ I said to the officer. ‘It is a fertility treatment we are trying’‘Ah, I am sorry to be so blunt. In my line of enquiry I must work out things from what I see at the crime scene. You see I see all sorts of stuff..erm sorry your name?’ he said and asked.‘I am called Illana and your name is?’ I asked in return.‘Yes I am PC 5427, better known as Jack.’ He said proudly.‘Hello Jack. What do you think then of this mess and break in?’ I asked.I think as a joke he said,’ Yes, you are in a mess after that break in down there love.’ Then laughed loudly.I just blushed and looked at him sat there with his notepad. I could see that he was aroused by me and my dilemma! His pants were bulging out as he made notes slowly. He said he should radio the other force to come over to investigate, but no rush hey? He asked did I want to say anything for the record. I said not for the record, but would like to chat yes.‘Chat all you want love, this is my last call this eve.’ I said.‘Jack are you married?’ I asked.‘No love I am not married’ he said.‘Well you won’t understand me, when I say that I want a c***d, but hubbub can’t make it with me’ I confessed the policeman.‘On the contrary, I do understand. Now is this what this ‘medication’ is all about? I mean is that your hubby’s sperm dripping from those tubes and stuff?’ he worked outI thought he was so bold to ask me, but then he was a policeman!‘Yes, you are so clever, officer. We have been having sex for 2 years, since we married and he has not performed with me. So this is the last step. I am so fed up and miserable with it all. He is a useless bastard really. I mean I want a man’s love and his baby too. That’s all, what more does a Lady need. I mean? I mean it comes to this where a drip feed of cum is all I get’ I blubed out.I could see my telling him was making him really hard in his uniform pants. He did nothing to hide that either, as he leaned back, so I could see the swelling, rising higher.‘You say he’s at work? What time until then?’ he craftily asked.I told him the shift ends at 6am, it was now 3am. With that he stood put his notepad away and walked over to me. I was still sat in the sofa. He stood right in front of me. My face was right there, yes staring at a wonderful sight. I mean it. At last a man with a raging hard cock and all because of me. I was in awe of him. My feelings somehow let go! He did nothing, except get harder. I could not resist it. So long and a daft, stupid man, with a useless cock!!! My pussy was interested it dripped more than the cum now. My titties firmed up and nipples stuck out of my see through nighty. I took the 1st step and hoped not to be arrested, as awkward at that might have seemed to be. Yes I had to do it. I reached out. But then he grabbed my wrist?‘Love. I feel for you. I really do. Stand up. Here let me help you up.’ He said.He held both my hands and said he felt for me. He could see what an arsehole hubby was with me. Actually he did not know the half of it. The abuse etc! I could not let him slip away. I gave him a peck on his lovely puffy black lips.‘Oh. Love you taste gorgeous, so sweet and nice,’ he whispered.‘Oh. Hold me tight officer, please. I need a man to hold me so,’ I cried out.With that he took me in his big muscled arms, squeezed me tight around my waist. His penis was sticking into my soft belly. My belly loved it. He returned my kiss, but this was with fire and passion as he sucked onto me like Henry Hoover. His radio went off with a faint voice, he ignored it.I had to reach down as fast as I could and feel that big, strong and hot package. I worked my little hand into his tight pants, pulling on his zipper. It was so hot inside there, phew. My clammy hand working its way into his boxers and finally onto the prize! Wow. My head lost her blood and I was faint. He held me up as I lost my balance. All the strength was in my hand now as I tried, yes tried to grip this monster penis!!! I thought it was an arm he had in his pants! A hot hard muscled up arm!I was struggling to get it out. It was so long that it had pushed the trousers too far forward and was stuck! He assisted me, gently holding my small hand in his big shovel sized paw. We together shoved the penis out of the fly and it sprang skywards. The biggest pole in my lounge ever! IT WAS UP AND BETWEEN MY TITTIES! SO HOT!He thumped his ass down on the sofa. It creaked under the weight of this big giant powerhouse. He took up most of the 2 seats. At the same time he had swirled me around, so still facing him. Then gently worked me over him, me climbing onto him, head spinning still, in a daze, but happy. The moment I had waited for in years. Given up previous chances to feel a real man’s cock in me! Ok, he was a Negro man, but all the same..mmmmmmmmmmmm.He pulled my head down and kissed me. He said all would be fine, to trust him. His hand yanked the tube out of my uterus. It hurt a bit has it had an anchor on the end, so it would stay beylikdüzü escort in. I worked that shaft with my hand and he was already wet. My finger played with the slippery cream on his slit. I lost my finger in his wide slit too! He was groaning as I wanked the inside of his Nigga penis. I looked down and I had slid to the knuckle? Then deeper all the way in!!! I pulled out and licked the lovely musky cum. Fuck it stank of pure sex and babies to come! I pulled and pulled on his ball bag, until it popped out from his tight fly, his trousers still fastened up. The balls slowly rolled down the material and hung between his thighs. As they dropped into the void the huge scrotum sagged down the sofa seat. I played with the big orange sized balls. I could feel all the pipes and veins in there. I was in ecstasy. My hand went back onto the bell end, which was dribbling cum, slowly and thick, down the long shaft!His huge piercing eyes stared at my very willing eyes. He worked the shaft, still with my hand taking a ride on it. He worked my pussy, stroking it along the small slit and making me orgasm with excitement as it swept my clit, not swollen big.The pre-cum worked his magic as sex lube, plus my pussy was already wet from the implanted hubby, or hubbies mates spunk…who knows….who cares!!! The policeman’s stick was king now!His big hands opened my pussy as wide as it would go and the bell end worked me. I was sweating with the heat now. My head spinning as I sank slowly, feeling all the veins and throbbing spunk tube work away at my little, tight, white, married cunt! I stopped him for a breather and felt how much more there was to go. Phew, he was only just in and I could feel it thumping my belly!!! He noticed that I had put him on insertion pause! He looked at me closely and grinned from ear to ear. All his big teeth all in a neat row.‘Now Love, you know the rules…hahaha’ he roared out.I was confused, but would not have cared. Those little hot shots I could feel every few seconds were doing their magic work. His big piston arms around my very slim waist pushed down. My knees gave way and my ass was going down under his force! Is hot palms bigger than my buttocks finished it, with a little help from him thighs as he pumped them upwards. Somehow the whole, later he boasted 13” cunt rocket was in me. I shot out a large orgasm and squirted all over the sofa and his uniform, pants. He pushed me back, so I could see his handy work. He nodded, for me to look down and at the same time made the Black shaft rock hard in me. I could see what I was feeling in me. He looked at me and went –Ner,Ner, Yeah -through gritted teeth. As he did my belly bulged then relaxed and bulged again? Remember Mrs Smith I am only a small Lady and I was not built for this brute! He took my little hand and rested on the bulge, encouraging me to grip the swelling. I was nearly fainting now. Yes it was his entire angry manly shaft, doing his dirty business in me. I imagined the closest this Nigga brute had been to a pure white Lady was wanking away over porno’s of us. Then the seed was spurting everywhere in a toilet somewhere dirty! But now here it was throbbing loads in me!!!I worked my hand all the way to his fat bell end. As he pulled back slightly to flick it from under my ribs! The fat glans pushed its ugly shape into my white flesh. I found the slit and massaged it, now proudly grinning at my fucker and kissing him gently. He loved this and let go a hot squirt, followed by many more. He shouted out, ‘FUCK O YEAH. LOVE IT.’ I could feel the spunk fly on the inside and the outside….mmmmm. I had a huge orgasm too. My I thought he was finished, but no. I saw the time was now 6 15 am and Robert would be home soon. Sometimes he was later. But I guess we all know why now. Meeting guys on the way home?I did not care a shit, I was for once a proper wife, doing what a proper wife should be up to.‘Love, you’re lovely. Lovely and tight too. You are making the policeman very happy. You can go balls deep with me. I love that, most white Ladies can’t. Only thing is you might now have my Black one! You know us Blacks are extra fertile men? Our sperm is powerful and heavy. You bothered love?’ he stated! I have a few k**s to women, so you will be fine now.’I reaches around and held both big balls in my hands, lifting them very heavy spunk factories and said’ No silly, keep cumin in me, enjoy.’He did not waste any time and went into his ‘A’ game. I knew Robert had arrived in the road, well at the end of it as the police car was blocking the drive. For some reason he did not come into the house? Odd I thought. Jack was pumping away and groaning, filling me like a stuffed Turkey for Christmas. I was swollen with his jungly jizz and pride as each jet of his seed shot into my invaded womb. Where there had been a pissy pipe, there was now a real hung dude.I turned wondering where my hub was and saw him peering . The chink in the curtains from the garden. Right on Q, but not knowing, my big Nigga man cupped my buttocks once more and spread for all to see. Balls deep 13” insertion and happy. What a sight for useless hubby. I stroked the swinging balls nicely and whispered for him to kiss me.‘Can we do reverse cowgirl you nawty man’ I asked.I was spun on his poker, the greasy spunk making it easy. I now did my pole dance, My pussy squelching and cum blasting all over the place. I leaned back and he played with my hard tits and kissed my neck and blonde hair. As I leaned his cock would not go with us, instead it stayed put, rock hard, poking out of my belly. He bucked me about to a big finish. Yelling out and firing again and again, his tennis ball sized bell end distending my belly, pumping out my already full womb. Again I thought of those filthy porn mags getting spunk tributes to reader’s wives. Cunts and faces getting blasted in musky filth, except this was all in me and mine.Jack pulled out and his slimy 13” Black weapon, it fell onto the big empty for now scrotum. It dripped slowly onto the laminate, the bell end now wiping the dust on the floor, the shiny wet shaft bent at 90 degrees where it lay. I made my pussy so tight shut. Not to spill his powerful seed. I placed one of his big Black hands on my already swollen belly. OK I know it was swollen with the contents of his big balls and scrotum. Angry sperm, that had a few hours ago sat in the big policeman, dreaming of being at work in a pretty white blonde.Take that you ass hole! See a real man pump a good litre of baby making juice.Don’t forget to send me you nice comments xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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