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My Girlfriend made me Jealous

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My Girlfriend made me JealousMy Girlfriend made me JealousI used to know a woman named Sue who I met on a plane trip back from the west coast. Sue lived in Pennsylvania and I lived about 100 miles away in New Jersey. After the trip, I visited her at her apartment and we hit it off. Needless to say, we had sex on that first visit and I continued to visit Sue and have sex with her whenever I could. Sue was a somewhat plain woman, heavy, but with thin legs and no ass. But she was a good sport and we enjoyed a wide variety of sexual activities.Unfortunately, Sue felt that I wasn’t giving her enough attention and visiting her as often as she wanted me to. So, one day she called in order to make me jealous. Sue said that she had met a local guy named Richard at the supermarket and that he had come on to her. He gave her his phone number and told her to call whenever she wanted company and he would come over and visit. Sue told me that he was tall, good looking, and about 40 years old. As I said, Sue was short, heavyset, and in her late 50’s, so she was quite pleased that such a good-looking guy would take an interest in her.On that particular day, Sue called me about 10 AM and told me that she had talked with Richard and that he was coming over for a visit around 1 PM. I was at work and couldn’t get away. In retrospect, I probably should have dropped everything and made the two-hour ride to Pennsylvania, but I didn’t. I knew that she was doing this to make me jealous and, to my surprise, I was jealous. I had Sue promise to call me after Richard left and to tell me how the visit went. I asked her what she planned to do with Richard and she said that she was only going to talk with him. I told her that Richard was probably going to put the moves on her and that she should be ready for that. She said that she might make out with him but that was all. I warned her that Richard was going to want to take her upstairs and have sex with her but she reassured me that she would stay downstairs and that they would only kiss and talk. I, of course, knew this was a falsehood because I knew that Sue had a high sex drive and that Richard would probably get her hot by kissing her and feeling her up. But Sue promised that nothing would happen and she would call me as soon as Richard left.The next several hours went by slowly as I imagined what Sue and Richard were doing. Finally, a little after 3 PM, she called and told me that Richard had just left. I asked her how the visit went. She said that Richard had arrived promptly at 1 PM and she invited him to sit down on the couch. Sue wisely sat on a separate chair facing him and they talked for a while. I asked what happened next and Sue said that, after a few minutes, Richard stood up, lifted Sue up out of her chair, and kissed her deeply. I asked if he had put his tongue into her mouth and she said yes. I asked her if she had French-kissed him back. Again, she said yes. I had known that was going to happen and wasn’t surprised. By now, I had an erection and was squirming in my chair.I told Sue to go on and she said that, after some deep kissing, she told Richard to sit back down on the couch and to behave himself. She said that again they talked for a while. Then Richard got up and kissed her again, this time more deeply and more intensely. When I asked Sue if she had sahabet güvenilirmi kissed him back the same way, she said yes. But when he started to try to feel her up, she again admonished him to behave and sit down. Sue then told me that she thought Richard might behave himself better if he wasn’t looking directly at her, so she sat down to his right but at the other end of the couch with a space between them. I, of course, knew this was bull because I could imagine that Richard’s kisses had already had an effect on Sue and that she was getting hot and wanted more.I asked Sue what happened next. She said that they again talked for a short while. Then Richard moved next to her, put his arm around her, and again kissed her deeply. He started to feel her up again and this time she let him. I asked Sue how it felt and she said it was very nice. I told her to go on and she said that soon Richard put his hand under her top and started to massage her tit through her bra. He soon found the nipple and made it get hard. Then he put his hand under her bra and started to really play and stimulate her nipple. I asked her why she didn’t stop him but she made no reply. I knew that Richard had gotten to her and that it was only a matter of time before he took her upstairs and fucked her. By now, I was shaking with excitement, thinking of Richard feeling Sue up and playing with her tits.Weakly, I told Sue to go on. She said that soon Richard pushed up her top and her bra and started to suck on her now very erect bare nipples. She said that she just held his head there and let him because she couldn’t, and didn’t, want him to stop. When I asked her what happened next, she said that Richard took her hand and put it on the outside of his pants at his crotch. She said that she felt what appeared to be a very large erection, much larger than mine ever was. She started to massage it and it felt very firm and big to her. Then Richard opened his belt and zipper and took out his cock. Sue said that it was enormous, looking at least 10 inches long and extremely thick with a large circumcised head. She said that she had never seen a cock that big and was fixated by it. Tentatively she began to run her hand up and down that enormous shaft, feeling its big full hardness in her hand. By this point, I knew that Sue was thoroughly captivated by Richard and that he was going to fuck her. I was also sure that Sue knew it too. So much for promising me that they were only going to make out and that no clothes were going to come off.Then Richard said to her “I bet that you want to suck on this.” Weakly, without saying a word, Sue nodded her head and kneeled down between his legs. She said that she had trouble taking even just the head of his cock in her mouth because it was so big but she did. She sucked on it for a while as Richard lay back, enjoying the sensations of her mouth on his manhood. He must have been very proud of himself because Sue told me that it was barely 1:30 PM at this point. But after a few minutes, Sue said that her jaw was beginning to hurt because of the size of his cock so she stopped and sat down beside him again. Again, Richard started to kiss and feel her up. Only this time, he slid his hand down into her pants and into her panties. I asked Sue why she didn’t stop him and she said sahabet yeni giriş that she couldn’t because Richard was so big and so strong. What she really meant was that she didn’t want him to stop.Now Richard began to play with her pussy. Sue said that he first slipped his middle finger into her vaginal opening and fingered her deeply. Then, he slid his now very wet finger up to her clit and expertly began to rub little circles on it. I knew from my own experience that this makes Sue get very hot and submissive. I told Sue to go on and she said that he soon gave her a very intense climax. After that, he took her by the hand and told her to go up with him to the bedroom. But Sue said that she wanted to stay downstairs on the couch. So Richard went back to kissing her and playing with her tits. Again Richard slipped his hand into her panties and started rubbing little circles on her clit. I asked Sue why she let him do it. Initially she made no reply. When I pressed her, she said that Richard had sapped all her resolve and that she was powerless to resist. From this point on, she would do whatever he wanted. Sue said that Richard’s expert finger soon gave her another climax. This time, when he took her by the hand, she meekly followed him up the stairs. I asked her what happened when they got upstairs and she said that Richard undressed her. Then he took off all of his clothes. I asked her about his erection and she said that it stood out straight, big, hard, and menacing. He pushed her back on the bed and lay down beside her on her right. I asked if that’s when Richard fucked her and she said “Not right away.” Instead, he again started to finger her clit and gave her one more climax. By this point, she was too weak to resist. She said that he then got between her legs and put both of her legs up on his shoulders. He wet his cock with saliva, moved forward forcing her legs back as he did so, and smoothly pushed the entire length of his manhood into her. I asked her how his cock felt inside of her. “Wonderful” was her only reply.I knew that Sue wouldn’t have any trouble taking the entire length and girth of Richard’s cock. Sue has a very big pussy. In the past, I had fisted her and she had taken my entire hand into her pussy without any trouble. I asked her what Richard did after he entered her. She said that he began stroking in and out with a nice steady rhythm. I could picture Richard pumping Sue with that enormous hard erection and I was extremely jealous. I regretted that I hadn’t driven over so that I could have watched Richard fucking her. But it was too late for that. Still shaking with excitement, in my mind I was seeing Sue and Richard, Sue with her legs up over Richard’s shoulders and Richard with his big, stiff cock moving in and out of her. Sue had promised that she wasn’t going to have sex with Richard but, as I knew all along, here he was fucking the shit out of her.I asked Sue how long Richard had pumped her and how long it took for him to cum. She said that Richard was a master at fucking and was able to hold off for a long time before cumming. Sue mentioned that she really enjoyed feeling his cock smoothly moving in and out of her with those nice long, deep strokes. She said that she was amazed at how much control he had and how he had held off cumming sahabet giriş for so long. I asked her what she was doing while Richard was pumping her. With a sigh, she said that she just lay back and enjoyed feeling a real man filling her pussy with a real cock and giving her extremely intense pleasure. I asked her if she came and she replied that she had several climaxes from feeling his cock rubbing her g-spot. Sue said that she had never felt such pleasure from feeling a cock inside of her pussy and didn’t want him to ever stop.Again I asked Sue how long Richard had fucked her and she said that, eventually, he did start to pant and increase the speed and intensity of his strokes. Sue said that she could actually feel his cock getting thicker and harder inside of her pussy and she knew that he was close to cumming. Weakly I asked what happened next and she said that she heard him grunt and then felt his cum gush deep into her pussy. I asked her if he had pulled out before cumming inside of her but she said no. Rather, he had actually pushed in even deeper before pumping his cum into her. Sue said that Richard had several intense spasms and, with each spasm, she could feel more and more cum jetting into her. Sue told me that he must have given her a massive load of cum because, after he pulled out, she could feel his cum dripping out of her pussy and it made a big puddle on the bed. Fortunately, Sue can’t get pregnant but I was very jealous that another man had just put an enormous load of cum into a pussy that, up to now, had been exclusively mine.I asked her what happened next and she said that, after Richard finished cumming, he pulled out and lay next to her on the bed, his erection still strong and sticking straight up. He then ordered her to use her mouth to clean the cum and Sue’s pussy juice off his cock. I asked her what she did then but I already knew what her answer was going to be. She said that she obediently rolled over and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could and licked the cum off the head and shaft. Very weakly, I asked her if she had swallowed it and how it tasted. “Of course I swallowed all of his cum and it tasted delicious. I wish that I could have had more.” was her reply. When I asked her what happened next, Sue said that, as soon as Richard’s erection started to soften, he got up, got dressed, and promptly left. She said that by this time it was around three o’clock and the he had gone downstairs and let himself out because she was too exhausted and just lay on the bed, reliving the memories of the fantastic hour of fucking that she had just experienced. Sue had gotten her way: she had made me very jealous and had been fucked royally by another man. Initially I was angry with her and didn’t see her for a while. But then, thinking about how much we both enjoyed sex with each other, we made up and I began seeing her again. The sex was as good as before. In fact, it was even better because, as I would be inside of her, with her legs up over my shoulders, I could picture Richard and Sue in exactly the same position with his big, long, thick, hard cock pumping in and out of her and then dumping that big load of his cum into her pussy.I continued to see Sue for a while. But then she decided that she wanted to live closer to her grandc***dren so she moved to upstate New York and we stopped seeing each other. But every once in a while, I think about Sue and I think about the time that Sue let Richard have his way with her and fuck her with his enormous cock. It still makes me jealous and I wish that I could have been there to watch.

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