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My Highlander Husband

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I’m supposed to be in the bed, waiting for my new husband to come to our rooms.

They’ve put me in a flimsy nightgown, barely covering all the necessities. They instructed me to stay here and wait for him to come to the room, that it wouldn’t be long, but I’m exhausted. The day began early, was wrought with excitement. Well, for everyone else, not so much for myself.

Clan Gann had come for me in the wee hours of daybreak, before I had risen. My parents swore an oath that their firstborn daughter would be joined with House Gann when both were of age, to unite us, to bring us together in a way we never could before. With he at twenty and one, and I just having celebrated my nineteenth year, the time has come at last.

They neglected to share with me the day the Gann’s would be collecting me. I had wondered why mam had done so much of my personal mending the day before. I was handed a case with my belongings and sent away with the other Clan. I already miss my bedroom desperately. I miss my horse, Meadow. I miss hearing the stream behind our home.

I’ve not seen Ian Gann, Laird of Clan Gann, and my new husband, for several hours. It was the first time we had ever met, our parents had never seen fit for us to meet before now. Several hours since I’ve seen him, and several hours since I’ve been waiting for him to consummate this union. And I fear for the consummation. Ian is not a small man, and I have no doubt that he’s well endowed below as well.

I’ve seen a mans cock before, when me and the lasses would sneak down to the rivers and streams, hoping for a peak of the men while they washed. And peak we did. Many a time we would watch as the water cascaded down their rippling muscles, making our mouths water. I would watch their cock and balls as they dangled between their legs, some smaller, some large. I may be a virtuous maiden, but I’ve an unquenchable thirst for a mans cock, as do the other lasses. We would never indulge ourselves, not with the threat of a sound lashing upon our backs. We’ve seen it happen many a time, to other girls, getting lash on lash upon her back, the whole clan present to witness. None of us would risk the whipping, especially not me, by my fathers hand, as Laird. We bide our time, until we get husbands, and they can run us through with their cocks, and we’ll finally be satisfied. Until then we were content to watch.

It’s always been different for myself. The other lasses have assumed they would fall for a man, possibly a warrior or farmer, but I’ve known since I was young what my future held. I was angry for a long time that I had so little control over such a large part of my future. As I became older and came to value the kolej escort peace and livelihood that our clan has, I understood what this marriage would bring to us. A lasting civility with a clan that we’ve otherwise not been able to bring together. Through a union of two young people, though, it will change everything. Now we will not fear the border that divides our two lands, but will cross them in confidence that whoever is on the other side will welcome us. That we will be allowed to trade and befriend all who live on either side of the clan borders. Even our children will feel the impact of it. No longer will a union of two people from these clans be frowned on, but celebrated, because of what Ian and I will have together. This sacrifice is worth all that it will benefit my clan and that of their future. If I die knowing I had a hand in that, I’ll die having accomplished something great.

Now I sit waiting for my husband, but with a sigh, I stand and walk around the room. I would’ve thought any man would be hurrying to fuck his new wife, not leave her alone in their bedroom on the night of their wedding. Eventually I become too tired to wait up, so I lay on the bed on my side, and fall quickly asleep.

I open my eyes slowly, blinking against the bright light from the window. When I realize it’s morning, I blink, trying to clear my eyes, and sit up. I give a great stretch, reaching toward the sky with a groan, and look about the room. It’s with a start that I see Ian, sat on a chair, facing the bed, watching me. His legs are stretched out in front of him, his thick thighs spread and his arms crossed.

I blink at him, “Yeh gave me a start. I hadna expected ta see yeh there.”

He chuckles, shaking the blonde curls away from his face, making his face look more handsome than it already is. “I didna mean to scare ye, only wanted ta watch yeh for a while.”

“Aye.” I say, “Watching me now because ye didna come to bed last night to look yer fill? Where were ye anyway?” I ask, angry that I was left to sit alone all night.

He looks uncomfortable when I convey my anger. “I only wanted ta give ye time to adjust ta bein here before I came to ye. Didna want ye ta feel like I was forcin maself on ye.” He explains, poorly I might add.

“So ye didna tell any of your maidservants to let me know? Instead I sat up waitin fer ye into the wee hours? Only to have ye never come, leavin me on my own all damn night.” I spit, angrier than I even realized. He laughs outright, throwing his head back and laughing from his very core. I seethe, throwing the covers back and stomping over to him, punching his arm and chest hard.

“You’re maltepe escort insufferable and I’ve not even know ye for one whole day!” I growl, scrunching my nose and pursing my lips. His laughter dies after he tips his head back up and looks at me. Instead, a fire grows in his eyes and he looks me up and down. I quickly understand that I stand before him in naught but my nightgown, something he’s not yet seen me in.

“I’m sorry, lass. I didna mean ta anger ye. I didna know you were so hungry for me, or I would’ve come to ye directly from the ceremony. Believe me, I wouldn’t pass up such a gorgeous vision if I had known she’d be willing.” He tells me, grabbing my hips and pulling me onto his lap, and holding me fast. I huff, but when I feel his manhood press into my through his kilt, I grind down hard on him, causing him to groan.

I push out a breath, watching his face with satisfaction as I bring my hips round and round on him, pressing into him again and again. I watch him fall apart before me, his breathe quickening and his face pinching in pleasure while I ride his lap.

“Lord, ye’ll be the death of me.” He puffs out, grabbing me up quick and throwing me on the bed. He grabs an ankle and runs his hand up, taking my gown with it, and slowly revealing my body. I writhe beneath him as he passes over the sensitive skin of my inner thigh, digging his nails in and making me gasp.

He must’ve run out of patience and rips the gown the rest of the way off, my sizeable breasts bouncing as he pulls it over my head. He throws it over the side of the bed and climbs on top of me. I pull his head down and our lips crash together, the sounds of us panting into each others mouths filling the room. He grinds down hard on my thigh as he pushes his tongue into my mouth, our tongues fighting and our lips molding together. I gasp when he makes his way down my body, licking and kissing and nipping as he goes, stopping only when he reaches my mound. He doesn’t hesitate, dipping his tongue in and tasting me, making me moan in excitement. I buck against him, forcing his tongue in further. He flicks it back and forth, alternating between that and sucking me until I can’t see straight. The only option I have is to close my eyes, I can hardly keep them open for the pleasure flooding my body.

I grip the pillow beneath my head, the muscles in my arms straining to hold onto something as the euphoria takes over my body as I come, a high pitched whine coming from my throat. My breathing is heavy and labored, but coming down quickly. I can feel Ian working his way back up, just as he had on the way down, kissing and licking and nipping.

He hums, “Now mamak escort yer ready to take me.” His voice is deep and husky, dripping with lust. I nod, words beyond me at this point. I see him rub himself, pulling on his cock with a groan. Without words, he pushes my legs up and apart, wiggling between them and positioning himself. Finally I’ve reached the point I’ve not stopped thinking of since I was old enough to touch myself, old enough to dream of having a husband to romp in the sheets with.

Now he takes several deep breathes, rubs himself against me, and lines up with my hole. He tries to push into me, but I’m so tight that it takes several tries. I can feel the pressure and it’s uncomfortable, but the way I feel so full, of him, my husband, is fulfilling. I squeeze my eyes shut as he plunges into me, his hips stuttering to a stop as he looks at me with wide eyes. I gasped harshly when he pushed into me, a sharp burn was all I felt when he thrusted, but it only hurt for a moment, though I must’ve scared him with my noises.

“It’s fine. I’m alright.” I assure him, tilting my hips in encouragement. He slips further into me with my movement and huffs out another groan. Pushing all the way into me, he bends over me, pressing his lips to mine and sliding his hands under my knees, lifting my legs and hooking them over his hips. Sliding his palms back down, he cups my cheeks in both hands as he begins thrusting, setting a fast, steady pace, my nipples rubbing against his lightly furred chest as he continues to kiss me roughly.

I run my hands up and down his back, digging my nails in every once in a while, making him whimper and moan, setting my own body on fire with each noise I pull from him with my touch. Our mouths are touching, but we’re not kissing, merely breathing heavily into one another’s mouths as he plunges in and out of me.

I look down between us to watch the place where he enters me, staring as he pulls in and out, astounded that I’m watching it and feeling it as the same time.

“Ahh, yes, watch me fuck you. Watch my cock take yer pussy and make it mine. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” He chants, driving me deeper into the mattress with every thrust, taking me faster toward the ledge that I’m close to tipping over.

I grapple for purchase on the sheets below me as he plunders my willing hole, finally pushing me to my limit of physical sanity. I come yelling as my body spasms and clenches around him. Unable to hold on any longer with me writhing beneath him, he spills himself into me with several grunts, pressing hard as his seed fills me for the first time, coating my insides.

We lay panting, still connected, as he softens. Both of us grimace as he slips from my body, his come leaking from my hole in a sensual slide, making a puddle on the sheet we lay on.

“Yer everything I wanted, lass.” He whispers, his voice rough and tired. “Sleep now.”

And I do, wrapped up in the arms of my highlander husband.

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