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My Hot Date With Victoria Justice

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My Hot Date With Victoria JusticeI had been working on the set of Victoria Justice’s new show “Eye Candy” for a couple of weeks when I noticed that Victoria already seemed to be taking a shine to me, always smiling flirtatiously at me and asking me what I was doing later.Well, as any man would do when a girl as hot and as sexy as her is making it clear that she would be interested in pursuing things with you, I asked her out.And much to my surprise, she said yes, so we agreed to meet for dinner and drinks at an upscale place in the Hollywood hills.”Looking forward to it John,” she whispered in my ear as she squeezed my arm, making my dick jump in my pants as I walked away and tried not to think about getting to hook up with her afterwards.”I don’t know about you John, but this girl is glad to get away from work and actually be on a real date for once,” Victoria told me as we arrived at the restaurant, her eyes dancing as she smiled at me and made me feel like I was the only guy in the room.”Oh come now Victoria, I would bet a lot of money you have lots of guys banging down your door to go on dates with you,” I teased her as I looked her up and down in what you can only say was one sexy little outfit, Small tight top that show off her tone flat yummy tummy and a pair VERY tight black leather shorts that she was wearing as she giggled and ordered us a round of drinks.”Most guys find me intimidating,” she responded, before reaching across the table and grabbing my arm, “and I was beginning to think you were too, until you finally asked me out John.””I would’ve been crazy not to Victoria,” I told her as we got a little deeper into the drinks, which caused me to make a note of how tipsy Victoria was beginning to get.”Well…I’m glad you did…” she whispered in my ear as she left her side of the table and sat down next to me, looking me in the eyes as I sensed the chance to make my move on her.”MMM…kiss me again sweethart…” she whispered softly in my ear after I kissed her, placing her hands on the back of my head as we started to make out right there in the booth.”I am so horny right now…how about you?” Victoria whispered as she smiled at me, her fingers crawling up my leg until she was grazing my crotch.”Let’s go back to my place and fool around Vic,” I told her as I placed my hand on her bare thigh and led it closer to the area between her legs as she sarıyer escort moaned in my ear.”This might just be the booze talking, but you’re probably gonna get lucky tonight…” she teased me as soon as we had arrived at my front door, pushing me inside as she jumped into my arms.”MMM…” she moaned in my ear as I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom, making out with her the whole way as she threw her arms and legs around me as tightly as she could.”You’re So Fucking,” I whispered to her as I laid her down on my bed and got on top of her, Pulling her tight top over her hardand them pulling them sexy tight leather shorts off and throwing them on the floor as I began to go to work on her tits while Victoria pulled my shirt over my head and yanked my pants down.”OHGOD…suck…my…tits…John…” she moaned as I licked and sucked on them for a few minutes more, her back arching as she started to grind her panty-covered pussy into my crotch.”Want me to suck a little lower Vic?” I asked her as I started kissing my way down her sexy body, her eyes closing as she threw her head back and pushed her hips into my crotch again as I slid her cute little panties down.”Yes…please lick me, Lick My Tight Little Pussy baby…” she purred, her legs wrapping around my head as I slid my tongue into her hot pussy and began to lick it.”OHGOD…your tongue feels so good…” she moaned as I thrust it in and out of her, her hands going to the back of my head to keep me there as I pushed it in and out of her.”Don’t get too used to it Vic, because I’m going to stick something else inside of you soon…” I whispered to her as she threw her long legs around my head and threw her head back, her eyes starting to roll back in her head as she came all over my tongue.”FUCK…OHGOD…cumming…” she hissed as she shot another round of her cum out onto my tongue as I lapped away at it and drank it down.Taking advantage of the fact she was still coming off of her orgasm and the fact she was drunk enough to have her judgment impeded, I quickly slid my dick into her pussy and started thrusting my way deeper inside of her as I placed her legs on my shoulders.”OHGOD…OHGOD…Fuck Me…” she hissed as I hit a sensitive spot inside of her, her back arching and her walls wrapping up my dick as I pounded her snatch.”Oh esenyurt escort Holy Shit…I’m Gonna Fuck You So Hard Baby…” I whispered to her as I drove my rock hard cock in and out of her, her eyes rolling back in her head as I speared her tight young pussy with my cock.”OH GOD…YES…pound me John…” she hissed as she rotated her hips around my dick and hooked her legs into my back as I bottomed out inside of her as she threw her head back and her eyes rolled back into her head.”OH GOD…Fuck Me, Fuck Me John…Harder…Cumming…” she purred as she arched her back a little higher in the air, her body stiffening up as she came all over my dick, flooding it in her juices as she screamed my name and pulled me deeper into her with her legs as I thrust into her one last time and blasted my load into her.”SHIT…cumming Victoria…” I whispered to her as I sent my cum rocketing into her pussy, flooding her womb with it as I finished filling her and pulled out of her.”OH GOD…FUCK…so good…” she moaned as she rubbed her leaking pussy, pulling me in for a kiss as I lined my dick up with her pussy again, only for Victoria to wrap her hands around it and lead it to her mouth.”MMM…I have to suck on this at least once tonight baby…” she cooed in my ear as she wrapped her lips around it and started to suck on it, her hands running along the base of it my dick as she went to work on it.”OH GOD…FUCK…suck it Vic…so I can stick it inside you again soon…” I softly told her through my grunts as she took down more and more of my dick until it was ticking the back of her throat as I started to fuck her face like I was fucking her pussy.”MMM…MMM…” she moaned from around my dick as she sucked away on it, her hands squeezing my balls as I held it at the back of her throat and gave her a few final thrusts.”UH…cumming Vic…” I whispered as I shot my second load of the night down her throat, causing her to choke on it before she began to drink it down and let me guide my dick out of her warm mouth.”You want me to put it in your pussy or your ass this time baby?” I asked her as I ran my dick along her pussy lips and waited for her answer.”Fuck them both baby…” she purred as she got on her hands and knees and presented her ass to me, wiggling it as I slid my dick into her tight rear entrance.”OH GOD…FUCK…go…slow…” avrupa yakası escort she moaned as I grabbed her hips and started slamming my dick into her ass, her whole body shaking from the way that I was pounding her ass.”OHH FUCK…such a tight little ass baby..I thought you were a butt slut…” I teased her as I drove my cock deep into her bowels, feeling them loosen up more and more for me as I drilled her ass.As I grabbed her hips even tighter and felt her anal muscles massaging my dick, holding it inside her bowels as she came for me, a trickle of her cream squirting out of her pussy and onto my bed as I thrust one more time into her ass and came in it.”SHIT…OH GOD…fill my ass…” she cooed as I shot my load deep into her bowels, holding my dick inside of her until all of my load had made its way into her ass, and then pulling it out of her.”OH GOD…fuck my pussy again John…make me feel like your slut tonight baby…” she whispered as I grabbed her hips again and readjusted my dick as I slid it into her pussy, her velvety walls immediately stretching out for me as I began to fuck her deeper than before.”OHGOD…SHIT…fuck me…tear my walls up stud…” she hissed as she pushed her hips back into my dick, throwing her head back as she moaned my name.”GOD…you feel so fucking good from this angle Victoria…” I whispered to her as I thrust in and out of her, her tight walls wrapping around me as she ground her pussy into it.”So…fucking…deep…don’t…stop…” she begged me as I started to pull on her hair, her back arching as she threw her head back and started cumming like a porn star all over my dick.”FUCK…right there…YES…I’m fucking cumming for you…” she purred as she shot her creamy load on top of my dick as I thrust in and out of her, her body going stiff as a board as I grabbed her hips and thrust into her a little more powerfully as I exploded deep into her pussy again.”OH GOD…cumming Victoria baby…” I whispered to her as I began to shoot my load into her, filling her with my baby makers as she pushed her hips back into my dick and held them there until I had unloaded everything I had into her and pulled out of her.”Believe it or not John…I’m usually not the kind of girl that fucks on the first date,” she softly whispered to me as we made out on my bed, her head resting on my shoulder as we start to come off of our post-coital high and recover.”Then maybe we need to get together again and see what kinds of things you’d let me do to you on the second date baby,” I told her as I held her in my arms and fell asleep with her, not quite believing the luck of everything I had just gotten to do with one of the most desirable girls in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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