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My husband can’t satisfy me …continued

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My husband can’t satisfy me …continuedSo after my husband returned from his trip me and Jonathan continued our affair and it was very exciting … He would sneak awa6 from his work mates every chance he could and we would spend a few minutes together ..and we would meet up in our cars in the forest which would usually end up with me pleasing him with my mouth ..One day he was at my house on his own ..he didn’t need an invitation …I had heard the kitchen door open and he came up into my bedroom where I was finishing my make up ..he came up behind me ,not saying a word he pulled my robe open and begun kissing my neck ..I tipped my head back allowing him to work his lips around my neck ..with one quick movement he had picked me up throwing me on to the bed ..I lay there naked except my open robe , watching as he pulled his top off over his head and in done his jeans …he parted my legs and lowered his body on top off mine ..I wrapped my legs tightly around his toned body ..his bulbus helmet parted my wet pussy lips then with one violent thrust his full 10 inches filled me …as we passionately made lust ..I was lost in ecstasy , but I soon came round when I heard a car driving up to the house across the shingle that covered our drive ….straight away alarm bells inside me started ringing ..the only person who could get into the gate and used the drive was Glenn my husband ..but Jonathan didn’t seemed fazed and continued fucking me …”stop it’s my husband ” I said trying to push him off me …he just smiled and continued I tried again to push him off and he grabbed my hands holding them down …my husband opened the front door and called to me …I didn’t answer ..and fright over took me as I listened to him start climbing the stairs … Jonathan seemed güvenilir bahis to be loving the excitement of it all …again I told Jonathan to go ..this time still with a smile he pulled out his hard penis stood up grabbed his clothes and went into the ensuite just as Glenn opened the bedroom door …my heart was pounding ..” Hi honey why are you back early ” I asked Glenn had a confused look on his face ” why are you still in bed ” he asked ..my brain went dead …” Are you not well’ he continued …I snapped out of my confused trance ” no I’m fine ..I just fancied a lay in ” Glenn went to head towards the ensuite bathroom …” Come here babe ” I said pointing to the space beside me …he walked over and sat on the bed …I had to think quickly , how was I to get Jonathan out of the ensuite …” You still owe me from our cancelled week away ” I said ” ok ” glenn replied ” I said I would book something for us ” he said going to get up off the bed …I grabbed his arm pulling him back down ” that’s not what I meant ..the c***dren are not here let’s have some fun ” I pulled the cover down exposing my breast …if I could persuade him to have sex it would give Jonathan the opportunity to slip out of the room … I must have caught him on a good day as in characteristically he was up for it … He undone his tie and began removing his clothes and pulled the covers back his tiny penis was standing to attention..it slipped into me I could hardly feel it as my pussy was still stretched from Jonathan ” Oh you’ve been waiting for this haven’t you ” he said pathetically trying to be sexy ” your really wet ” he continued ..not knowing that the juices his tiny cock were swimming in was from a young hunk plowing his massive cock into me .I pulled my husband’s head türkçe bahis down allowing me to look past him ..I could see Jonathan standing in the ensuite door way ..he smiled and walked out of the bedroom door …my head dropped back onto the pillow in relief at the situation being over …as my mind wondered as my husband hammered his little cock in me I just wanted him to cum and get off me …something grabbed my attention by the bedroom door … Jonathan was standing just behind it watching me getting fucked by my husband … Jonathan was fully dressed but his hard cock was out and in his hand …I couldn’t believe it ..I pulled my husband’s head down even further into the pillow ..usually this would scare me but the whole scenario playing out was so erotic ..I watched as Jonathan stroked his massive cock , his hand gliding up and down the thick shaft …I slipped my hand down to my pussy and rubbed my fingers over my clit ..it wasn’t long and I was cumming ..my husband couldn’t believe it ..it had been a long time since his tiny cock had satisfied me ..I opened my eyes in time to see Jonathan cumming into his hand ..that was enough to set me off again ..my whole body contorting in ecstacy …I felt Glenn’s body stiffened and his pathetic load dribbled into my numb cunt …he collapsed next to me ..I looked to the door Jonathan had gone …Me and Jonathan spoke about what happened and the excitement I had felt ..being with Jonathan was.like reliving me youth ..he was very very sexually active ..meeting girls and couples on dating sites …one day he had convinced me to try dogging …we had chosen a night my husband was away ..I had picked him up in my Mercedes and he had directed me to this truck stop about 50 miles from my house ..it seemed to have güvenilir bahis siteleri been arranged as when Jonathan hold told me where to park lorries and cars had circled us beeming there lights onto my car …Jonathan got out and walked around to my door , opened it and I got out of the car …he peraded me around the car like I was for sale …I couldn’t see anyone because of the lights …he hitched up my dress and bent me.over the bonnet of the my car …I lay there for minutes then I felt him in zipping my dress and I took it off …I was standing there in a black bra and little black knickers … He be t me back over the car …it was chilly out but the warm engine kept me warm …then bang he was inside me fucking me furiously my high heels coming off the ground with every thrust …he usually was more sensual but this was.a****l lust …I grabbed at the window wipers as pain and pleasure filled my pussy ..he lifted my back my tits swinging with his motion after 5minutes of hard fucking he pulled out of me ..his red hot cock sat cushioned by my ass cheeks ..his warm cum shot up my back …I lay there completely fucked senseless …then I felt people approaching still blinded by the headlights I couldn’t see who it was …I know who it wasn’t ..Johnathon cos he was now back in the car looking out at me spread across the hood of the car …I looked around I was surrounded by men ..about 6 or 7 all of them with there cock in there hand ….hands started rubbing over my ass and breasts …hands were all over my body ..one grabbed.my hand placing on his cock ..then before I knew it both my hands had a cock in them …I looked at Jonathan he looked back at me egging me on …I began wanking the two strangers …the feeling of having two strangers veiny cocks in my hands had me hot … Soon one cum his cum dribbled over my hand …he was quickly replaced by a fresh cock soon I was covered in cum dripping off every part of my body …as we drove off I knew this was the start of something

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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