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My Instant Sisters Ch. 04

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Author’s note. I’m continuing Cheryl’s story from the long email she sent. I really haven’t changed much, other than puntuation and spell check. She’s also the authoress of ‘My Instant Sisters, part II’. Rereading this made me realize what a humorous and introspective girl she was then as well as now. I recommend reading through the other stories as well, since subsequent chapters build on the previous.

Cheryl continues:

After that wonderful night, we had some boring days. We stayed over at Scott’s and played with the baby. Went swimming at the community pool the next day. We were ready to go back to Ted and Roo’s though. That baby cried all night, slept all day. My second kid was like that. I forgot how tired you get when you got to deal with that, especially for months!

Scott and his wife had this stroller that looked nice. A neighbor had given it to them,and Lisa had left it out in front of the carport when she carried the baby in. Well, you guessed it, Scott backed over it the next morning. So after we went back to the apartment, Mom and Roo went out and got another stroller.

And that was the start of the Helicopter night, as Lisa used to call it. She called it that not too long ago on the phone when I was talking to her. She STILL remembers it. Now, her life hasn’t been what I call smooth sailing by any means. Right now, she’s single again and I hope she stays that way for a while. I guess the only good thing in all this to report about her is that no one’s never found out about Helicopter night. It’s been our secret all these twenty five years.

It’s funny, how sometimes bad events, (or at least not good ones) lead to something great. Yeah Ted, it was great, OK? If the stroller hadn’t gotten run over, everyone would have been home. If it hadn’t rained like it did, then Roo and Mom would’ve been back before ‘Fantasy Island’ was over. So, you see what I mean. The night was not a planned event, not at all! And, you know, a lot of times, that’s when it’s best. No one knows what’ll happen next!

Lisa knew something was up between Ted and me. She kept working it, asking me this and that, and honestly being a pest. When she took a shot in the dark by saying she knew we’d done it, I just didn’t deny it. When we were at the pool, I finally told her what was up, you know, about the bike ride night. I was still floating along from that and acting kinda dreamy. So, I told her some details and what happened. I told Lise, to keep quiet (obviously!) or I’d pound her. She has kept that promise all through the years.

Anyway, we were at the pool and some guys kept bothering us, especially me. I was all grown up looking, compared to poor Lise. Roo and I got the child bearing hips and the deep chests. After Mom had me, she divorced and met this other man. Then she remarried in a rush and, you got it, Lisa was born. We’re half sisters. Her dad had to be tied down in a windstorm, so the same with Lise. I mean, I think she’s pretty and all that, but especially with her bikini on she looks really young. That can be frustrating, cause just like at the pool that day, guys walked right past her to talk to me. It made me mad, cause I could tell she was hurt. She tried not to let on and was a trooper about it.

Ted, to his credit, treated her like an adult, like a woman. He flirted back with Lise just like he did with me. When Lisa realized he could be had, after our talk, she was just waiting for the chance. I remember her coming into the bedroom and fondling him while I was drying his hair. I think that was her signal to him that she wanted to carry things a bit farther. As soon as she heard Mom and Roo weren’t coming home that night, she beşiktaş türbanlı escort sat right down and rolled a dooby on the spot. Ted had gone up on the roof to see if there was anywhere dry to sit, and Lisa asked me if I minded if she had some fun. That was about the extent of the planning.

The other thing, and we had a good laugh over this, is that Lisa told me she’d gotten all worked up on the couch. She was about to jump Ted’s bones right then and there ’til the phone rang. Of course, I wanted to know what was going on, and we ended up comparing notes. No wonder Ted had a shit eating grin! To his credit, that was pretty talented, tweaking us both at once. Kinda like rubbing your stomach and patting your head.

On the Roof

Ted had found a good dry spot where we could lay out the sleeping bags to sit on. it was right over the apartment, there at the front. We could look over a little wall and watch down the street if we wanted to. We were smoking the dooby when that helicopter zoomed over. I thought they only flew that low in Vietnam. Ted said that normally the chopper didn’t come by that close, we were just lucky! It went and flew around the projects across the expressway for a while.

We settled back down after that and Lise began putting the moves on Ted. It was real casual, you know because they’d kiss, then we’d laugh about something. It wasn’t some big heavy thing. Ted’s good at putting people at ease with themselves. He wasn’t pushy, just let the cards fall as they may.

She was getting to him pretty good though. They got into it heavy and I was feeling left out until I saw his guy was wedged sideways in his shorts. I thought that was probably not too comfortable, so I took his shorts off. I was real tempted to put my mouth on him, but decided I would be intruding on Lisa’s time. I’d told Lise that Ted gave good face, so I wasn’t surprised when she decided to test it out. She told me later it was OK, but she wanted to have the whole thing.

Of course,seeing his rocket waving around was more than I could bear. I gave him some zingers with my nails, you know, gently scratching him, while he was tongue loving Lise. I liked the control! Making him jerk and push himself against my hand got me swampy in a hurry.

I think Lisa was embarrassed to do the act right in front of me, at least at first. It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s another to just go public. I think that’s why she asked me to kiss Ted, so I wouldn’t be watching her. I never did ask, I mean she could have just been sweet for all I know. But once she’d packed him in her, she was a sight. She’s a size one OK? And Ted’s a normal sized guy. She could barely move and I think she hurt some at least at first. But she was proud. I could see it. Here’s the thing I’ve been leading up to. Ted, pay attention. You were numero uno, the first to be in her belly. You didn’t know that ’til now, did you? No she didn’t bleed, cause she ripped in gymnastics back in middle school. But yeah guy, you. That’s why the things I said to you, and I’m proud you remembered!

Her staying on top was a good thing. I know this isn’t some great romantic read, but to a girl this is an important event. Lise was able to do the driving and start enjoying herself, which she did do. She was not experienced, so I helped her on a little with my hand. I grabbed her butt and rocked her forward and back so she could see how it felt. She picked right up on that. I played with Ted’s balls some, but then I saw he was going to pop if I kept on.

This was a first for me too, ’cause I’d never been right there when two people were doing it. You beşiktaş ucuz escort see it in the porn movies and read about it sometimes. I just didn’t think it happened in the real world. Of course, it would have been more out there if it wasn’t my sister, but still it was a rush! It was an important time for Lisa. I could see her face as it registered some of the feelings she was discovering. It took me back to my first time and I was kinda jealous. The guy I was with didn’t take it seriously. He got some blood on his white pants and the night was over. Watching Ted and Lise enjoying each other did my heart good.

Then Lise found her G spot and it was a whole new world. She started talking sex stuff, getting into it big time. I saw how excited both of them were, and I got just as excited. I just gushed. I mean I knew exactly what Lisa was feeling and I could tell that Ted wanted to cum really bad, it wouldn’t be much longer. Lisa was facing straight up at the moon. she looked like a Greek nymph, her eyes closed and I knew her time was coming, (cumming?). But I think especially with the newness of what was going on to her, she wasn’t going to get there before Ted. He was doing her breasts and she was liking that fine. I reached under me and got my fingers wet and then leaned over and diddled her clit. I was stoned and it was pure inspiration. Everyone went off at once. I could feel both of them cumming with my hand. Lise was having spasms down there and Ted’s cock was pulsing on the back of my hand. He popped out, still going and I jacked him on ’til he was done. We kinda came together, I had him in my hand and he was looking into my eyes when I came too! I couldn’t help it, I needed the release just as much.

We had intermission after that. Recover, get our senses back, smoke a little. I’d gooed all over the robe, Lisa’s shirt blew into a puddle. Ted smelled like pussy from head to toe. Finally, we went downstairs. Lisa had to pull her shirt on, in case we saw anyone, so she went right to the shower. It was getting late. I didn’t want the night to be over.

We showered after Lise. Luckily, she didn’t hog all the hot water, she just got in and out. We soaped each other up which was erotic. Then we had a long kiss while we were still lathered up and slippery. I started wondering if I could do him in the shower. He was interested, I could tell. He wasn’t raving hard, but life was returning! He rinsed me off with the shower massager, saving my pussy for last. He finally took aim at that and I about jumped out of the tub. I took it from him and adjusted it down some. I leaned back against him and let the spray tease my clit. Ted held me and fondled my breasts and nibbled my neck. Oh, I was going places until the water started going cold.

Anyway, we got out and tucked Lisa in. She gave Ted a big wet kiss and went out like a light. It was so cute! We went to the front bedroom, went in and turned back the sheets together.

It felt strange laying down in Roo’s bed. Her housedress was hanging on the back of the door and there were pictures on the nightstand. I almost got up right then. I love my sister and I knew she’d be real hurt about what we’d been doing, and what I still wanted to do. But it wasn’t like I was stealing him, more like just borrowing him. I liked the fact that he’d been around the block once and was used to handling a woman. Listen, there are a lot of guys that are all blow and no go. I knew sooner or later I’d find a decent guy, (and I did) but in the meantime, I wanted a repeat of the pond night. Just to make sure it was real.

We laid there together like marrieds, just cuddling and beşiktaş üniversiteli escort kissing. Then I reared up and gave him a scorcher of a kiss. We were both kinda sleepy I think, and I wanted to get the ball rolling. Ted did wake up then. I moved down and sucked him hard. Then he pulled my butt over his face and gave me a real thrill ride. He licked my whole butt, everywhere he could reach! I didn’t know how sensitive I was all over back there. I got real turned on, I remember that. And I did warn him if he kept it up I’d flood him. Whenever I cum really hard, my bladder leaks some. I know that that’s pretty common, I just didn’t want to gross him out when I exploded!

He kept at it, doing a real good job. I got so carried away. I’d forgotten about the sex talk stuff, but I remember just grinding my pussy into his face when I came and came and came! When I got my senses back, Ted was on top, with my butt in his hands, really doing me. It was a real good feeling, him needing me that bad. It was like I was the last girl on earth. You couldn’t have drug him off me with a tractor. What I really enjoyed is knowing he could make love to me the way he wanted to. I mean, he’d been gentle with Lise and enjoyed it, OK? But as he was getting ready to come, he was all animal, I was the only thing in his life. He didn’t have to worry about hurting me, being a full grown girl, just focus on the pleasure.

We knew that would be it for us. I went back to the other bedroom, I was really bushed. Ted was already asleep. I set the alarm so he’d get up and around before Mom and Roo returned. I didn’t go drain or anything. Just crawled in with Lise and that was it.

Ok, I’m going to wrap this up. It’s grey outside my window and I can’t believe I stayed up doing this. The ashtray’s full and the same CD’s been playing since 3AM. Ted, you can edit this next out if you want and replace it with some sort of romantic stuff, cause I’m tired!

We left Sunday. Those church bells were ringing down the street when we pulled out, waving our goodbyes. Lisa was driving, Mom was in back, getting her leg propped up. Lise and I wanted to give Ted some scorching kisses bye, but it didn’t happen. Don’t you hate it when you know something’s over, it’ll never happen again and there’s nothing you can do about it? Lise and I were both grumpy as we went over to the expressway and got on. Mom was rattling on about home, what she wanted to cook, how she missed the dogs and things. About the time we crossed the Georgia line, I looked back. Mom was asleep. I nudged Lise as I reached in my pocketbook. She looked over as I pulled out Ted’s favorite pair of shorts.

We both cracked up. I’ve taken trophies ever since!

Author’s Epilogue

That’s Cheryl note pretty much in it’s entirety. I did wonder what happened to my cut offs, now I know. It finally came out about Cheryl and myself some years later. The marriage was ending, but it did add a lot of bitterness to the mix. I did see Cheryl one more time, four years later. She had a son and another on the way and seemed happy. She wasn’t quite the easygoing girl I remembered, but kids tend to speed your life up. Now she lives in Florida and in her words, has “gotten old, fat and camera shy!”

Lisa wandered into a tough life. She seemed to attract the bottom feeders and woman beaters. She’s also in Florida now, just taking it easy. I haven’t talked to her or written her. Word is to everyone, she just wants to be left alone.

I hope you readers have enjoyed this little series. Like I said, most of it is based on fact. Some of the surrounding circumstances were altered, but I tried to stay true to the memories I’ve written about, to help me remember in the future. By the way, this story, Parts I and III are the first things I’ve ever written in my life. My editing of Part One was about nonexistent and I called Cheryl Ann once or twice, (she uses her middle name these days) and the spelling was horrible. But bear with me, there’s more on the way!


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