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My journey into submission (ch 1-2)

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My journey into submission (ch 1-2) The following is an account of real things that happened to me. There is nothing particularly sexual about the events of this story, the purpose of this is to express how I felt about them in order for myself to better understand my feelings and find anyone with similar experiences and thoughts. Everything in this story happened after the age of consent for everyone involved. A final warning, this is not a romantic story of any kind and I’m sure some will find it and me a bit weird so please only read if you have an open mind. Chapter 1 My story begins a couple of months into sixth form while on my walk home. I took a rather scenic route along the coast beside a quiet road with the beach on the right and a small forest on the left. This day however didn’t do the location justice, it was a typical English day, grey and drizzly, the horizon obscured by fog and the roads covered in water. I live in a fairly remote area but despite this a pair of girls shared most of my journey. I had seen them around school and was pretty sure they were in my year but had never actually had reason or chance to talk to them before despite taking the same route home as them for the past two months. They happened to be walking right behind me that day which already made my introvert, awkward self a little nervous. In an effort to respect their privacy bahis siteleri I was blocking out their conversation and trying to walk faster to create some space between us. Unfortunately they kept up with me which at the time I assumed was a sub conscious thing on their part. I therefor slowed down, hoping they would overtake me so I could go back to focusing on my own thoughts. This also failed so I began planning an alternate route for the last 10 or so minutes of my journey. While in the process of choosing my exit plan I felt a cold splash of water against my back. The water quickly soaked through both coat and shirt leaving several cold damp spots on my back. I jumped at the initial splash just as I heard the girls start giggling. At first I assumed a car had drove by a puddle but a quick recollection of my memory told me none had passed recently. I quickly concluded the girls must have done it, hopefully by accident. I tried to think of how I was going to confront them but took too long before it became it became too awkward to now acknowledge it. I instead hoped they would just back off as I increased my pace to get home as quick as possible. Having never been the subject of real confrontation before I could already feel a lump in my throat as I clutched my coat around me trying to ignore the cold patches on my back. Again I felt water splash over me, this time over canlı bahis siteleri my ankles and legs muddying my jeans. The giggling spiked again as I kept up my not very convincing illusion of not noticing. I sneaked a quick look behind me and was shocked by how close they were. A few seconds later the heel of my shoe was trapped against the ground causing me to lose it. I hopped on my other foot for a few steps in an attempt to regain my balance before I turned around. I opened my mouth without any plan of what to say resulting in a timid little squeak. The girls walked past me smiling in an almost cartoonish bratty way. Overwhelmed and confused as to what happened and what to do I simply waited until they were 4-5 meters away before looking for my shoe. I found it on the side of the road against the raised pavement where a small stream had formed. I picked the soaking shoe up, grimacing from the wet seeping through my socks as I put it back on. The girls were now at a safe distance as my feelings turned to anger, my eyes teared up a bit but I was determined not to cry. I practically ran back to my house into the warm safe embrace of my bedroom. I stood in the center of the room for several seconds, trying to contemplate what had just happened. I wasn’t used to this kind of behavior, everyone in my life had been pleasant up until now. Bullying simply wasn’t really canlı bahis a thing at my school although I wouldn’t have called my incident bullying at the time. I stood there letting the adrenaline fade away as I slowed my breathing. I began to strip off my now soaked clothes before wrapping myself in my fluffy towel. I lay down on my bed for a long time, replaying the events in my head, attempting to figure out what to do next. I thought about going to my parents or a teacher as they tell you to do but I decided against it believing that proving it and the possible repercussions would be too much hassle. I therefor resigned myself to a different path home from now on to avoid the girls. Chapter 2 My tactic of avoiding the girls worked for the following week, it added a few more minutes onto my journey but the peace of mind was worth it. It wasn’t long however before I saw the girls on my new path. My heart sank. In the interest of not making my story repetitive I’ll skip forward some weeks. Similar incidents to the first happened several times with the girls successfully predicting my path home about once every 3-4 nights. Their games now consisted of tripping me over, throwing dirt at me from afar, walking right behind me for ages as well as others. Despite this we had still not actually communicated despite my attempts to confront them and telling them to go away and after a while I had begun to accept that protesting wasn’t going to help. Honestly however the games the girls played on me were nothing to what was happening in my head which became more apparent to me over the Christmas holidays.

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