Ara 27

My Last Year of High School Ch. 03

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I hope you enjoy this continuing saga of my little slut. Please vote and let me know of any other ideas you would like to read about.

In my last story. I was on my way home feeling bad about not taking care of Daddy before going to fuck Craig. I ran into my neighbor and made an appointment to interview for college, and thanked him with a mercy/thank you blow job.


I arrived home with Mr. Green’s sweet cum fresh on my breath.

“Mom. Where is Daddy?

“At his lodge meeting. It’s late. You will gave to talk to him tomorrow. Bed time.”

I sadly went up stairs to my room. Smiled when I saw my pink satin pantsuit. Mommy had put my school emblem on it, and removed the bra padding that came with it.

The last time I wore it at the charity banquet my Daddy’s firm had sponsored. His boss fucked me in the cloak room. His wife was pissed at him for getting a hard on watching me dance with Mommy.

I was so happy when I noticed it. He was starring at my tight little ass as I was bending over and pretending to fuck doggy in front of him. The zipper n my bolero jacket slid down and was exposing most of my tender 18 year old firm tits.

I flirted with him, after his wife left and got really horny as he paid tribute to me with his boner. I sat on his lap. Squirming feeling his cock on my sexy ass. He undid the zipper that goes from the waist to the small of my back. I almost came when he rubbed my sweet wet young cunt. I knew I had to have his cock fill it.

He led me to the cloak room. Pressed me against the wall. Lifted me up on his shoulders. My cunt exposed to his mouth as his tongue licked up my lips. Parting them with his tongue savoring the taste of my juices as he teased me. When he put his big middle finger in my wet cunt. I tossed my head back and my cunt exploded on his sexy moustache and mouth.

Still recovering, he brought me down. Turned me around bent me over and teased my cunt with the tip of his big fat cock. He rammed it in. My cunt never felt such a huge intrusion. It hurt at first but fuck I wanted it to fuck me. He squeezed my tits hard as he rammed me again and again.

I squealed electricity shooting through me as my cunt gripped his fat long cock. My cunt sloshing as he fucked me from the tip ramming to the base of his cock, his balls slapping me with each thrust. My cunt tightened around him as it exploded sending me into a shaking mound of jelly.

Suddenly he stopped. His cock throbbing. I reached between my legs grasping his ball sack bouncing them in my palm. He grunts and lets his cum stream into my quivering cunt, causing me to contract my body and shake uncontrollably. His heavy breathing on my shoulder as he emptied güvenilir bahis his cum in me.

“Lights out!” Mommy called. Bringing me back to reality.

I awoke. Decided to wear my sexy black dress I got for my birthday. My meeting with Mr. Green this afternoon will be hot. I had been saving it for a special occasion. It was black spandex that hugged every sexy curve of my 18 year old tight ass, with lace mesh for the back extending to the inside of my firm tits to the aureole and the spandex covering my nipples and down to the waist.

“Girls. Don’t you feel sexy in lace? Guys. Don’t you love a girl wearing lace? Yes you do, and I love the feel knowing I’m being lusted over.”

I don’t know if Mrs Turner was trying to embarrass me by making me stand and stretch in front of the class showing my panties, yesterday or was she enjoying and fantasizing. Win win for a slut like me.

I put on my pant suit on, and found a pair of satin gloves. Smiled imagining the class and Mrs.Turner watching me tease. Hoping I was right anticipating that she wanted to play with my ripe young body.

At lunch. I told Craig how I hope to get with him again. He told me he fantasized about older woman, but doubted that would happen.

“How about you come to my place after school, and I pretend to be an older horny woman?”

He swallowed slow eyes open and nodded. Knowing I won’t be home, but Mommy will. I called her told her my plan. She agreed to seduce him.

“By the way. Pastor called and asked if Becky could stay with us for the rest of the school year.”

“What did you tell him?” I asked excitedly.

“He is bringing her over after supper. You know that means to dress and act accordingly.” She reminded me.

Mrs. Turners class. I counted 5 bulges as I made my way to my seat at the front of the class. Taking deep breaths causing my tits to rise almost popping out. I was looking for a response from her. Nothing. Maybe I was wrong about her. The boys liked my antics. Bending over and showing my wet spot by accident of course. Sucking and licking my finger like a cock. I was actually making myself horny and thought I might have to wander into the boys change room for some relief when the bell rang ending her class.

Finally. I can go see Mr. Green, and get fucked.

“Tommy. Come here.” As I was almost to the door.

I went to her desk. Leaning over giving her full view of my horny tits.

“I really have to go. I have an informational interview to determine which college I will go to. Can we talk another time?” I asked nervously.

“Meet me at the Comfort Inn, tomorrow after school. Actually I will drive you. I want to talk about how a young girl türkçe bahis should behave in public, and want to be discreet about it.” She said sternly.

I left quickly to change for Mr. Green. Thinking maybe I should wear this tomorrow, as I applied my lip gloss and perfume. Looking in the mirror. I smiled at the way it clings to the roundness of my tight bubble but and hugs my tits showing my nipples. Practised shrugging my shoulders just right so the spaghetti straps drop over my shoulders.

On the bus to his office. I was getting wetter and wetter feeling eyes exploring my body undressing me fantasizing fucking me. Truth is, it would have happened if they had the nerve to do it. I loved the way Ms. Mars controlled fucking me.

Arrived at Mr. Green’s office just on time. His receptionist checked me out as I announced. I have an appointment with Mr. Green. She raised her eyebrows. Letting him know I was here.

I walked in. He looked up from the brochures. I stood there. My flat tummy visible through the mesh in my dress. Straps on my arms as I slid them off. I walked slowly to him. Behind him looking over his shoulder at the brochures. My breath quickening on his neck, as I loosened his tie.

Rubbing my cunt against his leg. I take his tie off.

“I didn’t expect this.” He said in a timid voice.

“I’ve been wanting to feel your cock in me since last night. It felt so good in my mouth. Let me tie your hands and take control.”

He nodded, nervously. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, undid his pants. Pulled them down letting them drop to his ankles. His cock stood up. Precum forming on the tip. Sat him on his chair. Stepped back. Slowly rolled the tight fabric of my dress over my tits. His eyes widened as my hard nipples popped out free of the confining spandex. Lifted the bottom over my ass to my waist. Rubbing my wet cunt. Teasing as I let him lick my finger. Sliding my panties down. Lifting my leg to free myself of them.

Took a nipple and put it in his mouth. Allowing him to suck it. Palming his cock head lubing his cock with precum.

“Does your wife tease you like this? Does she suck your cock like I did last night?

“No. She thinks it’s dirty.” As his spit dripped off my tit.

I smiled as I lifted my leg. Putting my cunt to his face. Holding the back of his head so he could lick and fuck me with his tongue. His cock twitched as he tasted my young cunt. Feeling his eager tongue and mouth made me want his cock even more. My sweet cunt juice running down his chin. I stepped back. Bent over parted my ass cheeks and backed into his mouth. He greedily licked my ass and cunt from behind.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I sat down on his hard cock with güvenilir bahis siteleri my back to him. My cunt gripped around his cock as I slid down on it. Fuck it felt so big. I hadn’t realized how big it was when it filled my mouth last night. My slick tight cunt oozed my juice as it contracted on his cock.

I rocked back and forth on it, slightly lifting and dropping back down it. Moaning as I felt my orgasm begin to erupt on his throbbing cock. I stood up. Looking down at his shiny cock glistening with my cunt juice. Leaned over and licked from the base to tip. Savoring the taste of his precum and my cunt. Looking up at him with my big blue eyes.

I straddle him. My tits at his mouth as I fill my cunt with his cock again. Grasping his shoulders my head back. Leaning into him with my cunt taking his cock deeper.

The phone rings jolting us back to reality and out of the ecstasy we are feeling.

I put on the speaker.

“Roger. Pick up wine and chocolate on your way home, and hurry up.”

He had a look of anger fear and excitement all in one. I contracted my cunt milking his cock. I wanted him to blow his load with her on the phone.

“Fuck off! You lazy fat fucking bitch. I’ll be there when I decide to.”

He stood up fast. I fell off of his cock on to his desk. My legs in the air as his hands freed, and he flipped me over. Hung up the phone. Slapped my ass hard. Again and again. I felt tears well up as he relentlessly spanked me.

I was getting wetter being dominated. He then pulled my hair as he drove his cock in my dry ass. I screamed in pain as he fucked me with out mercy. My cunt released juices down my leg and I began shake as if I was having a seizure.

He pulled out. Dragged me over to the wall.My legs so weak I could not stand. As I slid down, he rammed his cock in my mouth and face fucked me with a rage that made me want more. My head bouncing off the wall as he hate fucked my face. This was the first time I have ever been abused like this and I like it.

At that moment. He blew his load on my face causing me to cum again. I was dazed with lights going off in my head as his cum hit my face and my slobber drenched my tits while my cunt and body shook uncontrollably.

He shook the last of his cum on my arm. Opened the door. Pointed me out and pushed me out with the sole of his foot. I stumbled out to the lobby landing on my ass with cum and spit dripping off me. Totally humiliated.

He stood in the doorway. Laughing as I was trying to eat his cum off me, before leaving.

“Come back again anytime. Slut.” He told me as I weakly walked out of the lobby.

I went to the washroom. Changed back into my pink pant suit. I absolutely will want some more of that fucking. The only thing better would be more cocks abusing me.

Better get home for supper and get ready for Becky to come stay. Can’t wait to hear how Mommy made out with Craig.

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