Oca 15

My Master – Part 2

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Chapter 4   Master picks Vicky up, the plug firmly in her tight black ass; tosses her on his shoulder and leads the way to the basement, to your special room.   What Master has done with your room in the basement is incredible. An 18th century dungeon meets Star Wars. All the traditional equipment is there, various racks, horses, a cross, two stockades, four cages of different sizes and two bondage beds, but everything is automated. Each piece of equipment adjusts for different body types to inflict the maximum amount of pain and restraint when needed.   The suspension ropes raise and lower at the push of a button so the victim is always at the perfect height for fucking, caning, whipping, or whatever is desired. The stockades and horses adjust to different heights to keep the person locked at the perfect position. The torch lights dim and flicker to highlight the dungeon theme. The gray walls are finished with a block texture and instead of the traditional pictures on the walls, Master built flat panel TVs into them and he shows scenes from director Andrew Blake’s erotic movies. The floor is a special tile with drains in various places so bodily fluids can be easily washed away. The only thing out of place is the smooth jazz that Master plays in the background. Some music much more dark and sinister would seem to better suit the atmosphere.   Master locks Vicky in the stockade and adjusts it so her waist is bent at a 90-degree angle. He puts a tall candle between her ample ass cheeks, lights it, and tells her in his stern voice, “It better not hit the floor.”   Next, he leads Megan to the bondage bed, which is set up in front of the stockade so Vicky can watch everything that happens to Megan. Master places a small horse under Megan and straps her to the bed on all fours, her white ass is up and ready to be mounted by Master. As you turn your attention to Rob and Steve, you see Master shove his cock into Megan’s mouth. The fun has just begun.   You lead Rob and Steve over to the horse so you can easily suck one cock while the other pounds your pussy from behind. Helping both of them şahinbey escort out of their pants and boxer shorts you drop down to your knees to suck their cocks. Seeing Rob’s cock for the first time, you notice how huge he is, a full 9 inches. You alternate between the two cocks at first, sucking their big balls into your mouth, and licking along the length of each of their shafts before taking one down your throat then the other. Your head bobs back and forth between each one, pre cum oozes out onto the head of their cocks. Using the tip of your tongue, you lick it off, and then push the tip of your tongue into their pee hole driving them crazy. Their husky voices encourage you as you lick and suck their cocks, inspiring you to please them.   “Suck it baby.” “Take all of it down your throat.” “MMM, lick my balls, feel how full they are.”   You take them both in your mouth at once. The big heads of their hard black cocks stretch your mouth wide open. Holding their full balls in your hands as you suck the heads, you massage them, coaxing them to shoot their loads on your face.   Glancing over at Vicky, her face a picture of dread, the hot wax has been dripping down the crack of her big ass but has not reached that sensitive area between her asshole and pussy yet. From the look on her face you know it’s close. Megan is begging Master to fuck her pussy when his cock is not in her mouth. But Master keeps fucking her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth and down her throat, letting her taste his pre-cum.   Rob pulling his cock out of your mouth says, “Get on the horse please.”   You smile at his politeness and instruct them on how to strap you down. Rob gets behind you and starts to lick your pussy; Steve shoves his cock back in your mouth, grabs your hair, and begins to fuck your face. As his large cock slides down your throat; you swallow and suck it hard. You can tell Steve has never had someone as experienced as you, so backing off your intensity a little, you hope he will last long enough to feel his cock stretching your pussy. Rob begins to use one of the vibrators on your pussy working it with surprising skill, leaving it on your clit just long enough before sliding it into your cunt then back to your clit.   The candle that was wedged between Vicky’s cheeks hits the floor… The crack of Master’s leather paddle on Vicky’s ass echoes in the room. Master takes the gag from her mouth so everyone can hear her beg Master to stop paddling her ass.   “PLEASE, Sir Stop!” but Master’s paddle smacks her ass.   “I didn’t mean it Sir!” Vicky yells her voice cracking with fear.   Master whacks her ass with the paddle again, the sound of it smacking against her flesh reverberates through the room.   “Please, I will do anything Sir,” Vicky begs, but Master smacks her ass again.   “Please stop!” Vicky cries out her voice trembling as Master continues.   13, 14, 15 strokes before Master finally stops, as tears stream down Vicky’s face, he adjusts the stockade so her pussy is level with his cock. The nipple clamps are attached to Vicky’s firm tits and the chains are passed over her shoulders. Master holds them like the reins for a horse and pulls back on them as he slides his cock in Vicky’s pussy. Her yell is a combination of pain and pleasure as Master’s cock plows into her wet cunt, while pulling back on the reins, stretching her nipples and tits. His thrusts are hard and powerful causing Vicky to scream loudly with each stroke.   “Oh my god stop,” she moans, not sure if she is in agony or ecstasy as Master continues to pound her pussy.   Megan begs Master to fuck her just like that, pleading with Master to shove his cock into her cunt and ass.   “Please fuck me like that Master, fuck my pussy hard, I need your big cock in my cunt Master,” Megan pleads in desperation.   Steve, watching Master slam his wife’s pussy explodes in your mouth, thirsty for his cum you take it all in, sucking every drop from his cock. You feel the head of Rob’s cock brush your pussy lips before he starts to enter you, but not being able to turn and see him while strapped to the horse, you’re not ready for him to slide his full 9 inches into you down to his balls.   You moan loudly, “Unnnhhhhhhh,” Rob has stretched your pussy like it has never been stretched before.   Rob strokes your pussy in time with Master stroking Vicky’s, the two of you moaning together as your pussies are beaten in rhythm.   Quiet, conservative Vicky howls like a wild coyote when her orgasm hits her, racking her whole body, as Master’s cock slides in and out of her tight cunt. Rob’s cock is hitting your g-spot as he strokes your pussy, your lips are spread wide, you try to look behind you to see his cock but it is impossible. The head of his cock is huge and pushes on your cervix when all 9 inches are deep in your pussy. He grunts loudly as his final long hard thrusts pound your cunt.   Master says, “cum” just as Rob squirts his load in your pussy and you orgasm with him, his hot cum mixing with yours filling you, then running out of your cunt down your inner thigh. You thank Master, not only for letting you cum, but also for inviting Rob and his 9 inch cock. Master quickly un-straps you and moves you from the horse to the bed in front of Megan, He pushes Megan’s face in your cunt as it oozes your nectar and Rob’s seed.   Master orders Megan, “Lick her clean and make her cum again.”   Then he stands behind Megan and drives his cock in her pussy.   “Yes Master, fuck my pussy hard with your thick cock.” Megan yells as Master slams her repeatedly.   Megan can barely keep her tongue in your cunt Master is fucking her so hard. The ropes are burning her wrists and ankles as she is pushed against them. You grab her head to steady it, and she sticks her tongue between your inner lips. Each time Master strokes Megan, her head moves forward making her lick your clit.   Vicky freed from her inhibitions yells, “Master, fuck her harder, tear her pussy open.”   Megan’s whole body shakes and convulses as she cums, her pussy throbbing, she yells, “don’t stop, fuck me harder, and fill me with your cum!”   When her orgasm subsides, Master pulls out of her hot pussy and walks up to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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