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My MomA few years ago, I had just turned 23. I had moved back home after finishing college, on the job search. My mom lived by herself mostly. Dad was always traveling for work. She was in her mid 40’s, a little bigger in size, but it was okay because she had 38DDD and a plump ass to go with. I fantasized about my mom for over a decade. Ever since I found her on a amateur porn site.It was unexpected, at the time. I was young and looking at porn like anyone my age would be doing. One day, on a cam site, I found her. Sitting on cam with a couple buttons of her top undone. Plenty of cleavage showing. She then took out a dildo and started sucking on it. I was hooked. I knew it was wrong, being my mom and all, but I couldn’t stop looking. I couldn’t stop what was happening to me. I grew hard within seconds. My lust for her would never end after that day.Back to now(then), like I said, I was 23. I am 6’9 and I like to work out at home. Keep weights in the garage to use. Felt easier to work out that way. I would always wear shorts and a t-shirt. One day when working out, I felt a pain in a spot there shouldn’t be pain. I wasn’t able to lift my leg and had trouble walking.As I went in side, my mom noticed a limp.”Are you alright honey?” she asked”I’m okay. I think I might have just tweeked a muscle” I said”Are you sure, you look like you’re in pain” she said”I’ll be fine, I’m just going to shower and I’m sure the heat will help it” i saidI then left to go shower, thinking to myself how sexy she had been looking that day. She was wearing tight blue jeans that showed off every curve of her figure. She had on a slightly tight button up shirt on. Which I knew she was only wears button ups when she’s about to be on cam. As I was getting ready to shower, I got on my phone to check it out. I was right. She was in her room, on the computer, showing that sexy cleavage like ways. I became semi-erect just because of that. I had fantasized about touching her breast for years. The things I wanted to do.I put my phone away and continued with my shower. I finished and put my clothes on. When I came into the kitchen, she had come out of her room, shirt buttoned back up.”Are you going to the doctor to have them look at it?” she asked”No” I said, “I’m sure I’ll be alright””I can take a look if you want me to. I have a nursing degree and have dealt with stuff like this before” she saidA million thoughts ran through my head with her saying that. Just the fact that she had on those sexy jeans and that shirt, the shirt I knew she kurtköy escort wore just for the sexy shows she did on cam.”I don’t know about that mom” I said”It’ll be fine” she said, “Just come into the room”I slowly made my way into her room. Thoughts were racing through my head. Her hands and her face were about to be real close to my cock. Like I said, I’m 6’9″ and luckily for me, that was one part of me that grew as well. It wasn’t super long, close to 10″, but it was as thick as a Febreze air spray can. So, it would be hard to hide an erection if one popped up.”Slide your shorts” she saidI did as she told me.She grabbed a pair of rubber gloves, put them on and then got to her knees.”Let me see”She then placed her hands on my hurt thigh. The moment her fingers touched me, all sorts of ideas and sensations flowed through my mind.”Hmm, doesn’t look like anything down here, let me look further up” She saidI knew I was in trouble.As she started to move her hands up, I could feel a rush of blood go straight to my cock.”Oh no” I thought to myself. I had boxers on, but even those wouldn’t be enough to stop her from seeing what was about to happen.I could see my mothers face blush as she instantly removed her hands”Oh my god, is that what I think it is?” she asked”I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen. It’s just, your hands touching me and me thinking about your show earlier, it just happened” I said”Wait” she exclaimed “What show are you talking about? How do you know about that””Your cam show, I’m sorry. I’ve know about it for years.”She got up in a hurry and ran to her car and leftI pulled my shorts up and went to my room I couldn’t help but think I made a mistake. Thinking that I shouldn’t have said anything about the show. That I should have said it was from something else. About 20 minutes had passed when I got online and I noticed her cam show was going, but it was broadcasting from her phone. She was in her car somewhere, I couldn’t tell where, but she was completely naked fingering herself and playing with her clit. She was so wet playing with herself and within minutes of me putting the cam on, she was climaxing and moaning load. Arching her back as each pulse of pleasure hit her. I couldn’t help but to think that I had caused that. It wasn’t long ago that she found out that I know about her shows. Have know for years. She probably guessed that I got off to her shows. To how I had secret sexual fantasies about her. But knowing I could have caused that, made me hard maltepe escort and again.An hour later, my mom finally came home again.I was in the kitchen and she saw I was in there and came to talk.”So how long have you known?” she asked”Long enough” I said.She had a shameful look on her face, but I didn’t want her to feel that way.”I think you’re really sexy though. You put on one of the best shows. You’re the only one on there I ever watch.” I said, hoping that my honesty might help.”Y-you really do?” She asked, “but I’m your mom.””I know, but that doesn’t make your not sexy, I mean, look at you. You are a sexy, voluptuous woman . Any man would be crazy to not think that” I saidI could tell she was more at ease with things.”So you’ve seen me naked?” she asked”Yes” I said”And me with my..toys?” she asked”I have” I said.”Then I can see why you got hard when you did. After all, if I fantasized about someone for that long and then they touched me like that, I could only imagine what I would do.” She said.”I guess it was only fair for you to come that close to seeing my cock since I’ve seen you all those times” I saidShe got this wicked little sexy smile on her face. That smile was enough to make me semi-hard.”It would only be fair if I got to see everything”She then grabbed me by the hand and brought me over to the couch. She sat down and then said “Okay, pull them down and let me see what you’re working with”Without hesitation, I pulled my shorts and boxers down, revealing my semi-hard dick”Wow” she said, “that’s a nice size cock””Thanks” I saidThen she brought one hand up and softly gripped the shaft, “But I wonder how big it is when it’s fully hard” she said.It didn’t take long for blood to rush in and make me rock hard, as my mom gently started to stroke my cock.”Are you sure about this?” I asked”Yes, I’ve decided this is something I wanted to do to. With your dad on the road for work all the time. I get lonely. That’s why I do the shows. So I can be with others and get off. Now that I know you want to, I can finally feel a real cock again after so long”She then started licking the tip. I closed my eyes and felt as she swirled her tongue around. Slowly sliding her mouth down my cock. Little my little. That way it builds the pleasure. It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had. Finally, after all these years of watching my mom on cam with different dildos pleasuring each of her holes, it was no my turn.As she was slowing sucking my cock, I saw her other hand gently rubbing kartal escort her click. From the sounds of it, she was pretty wet, which drove me further into lust. I pulled my cock away from her and stood her up.”If it’s been a while since you’ve felt a real cock, it’s probably been a while for this too” I said, as I turned her around.I slide her pants down and pushed her panties to the sideI slide the head of my cock up and down the slit of her pussy. I could feel how wet and hot she was. She wanted this almost as much as I did. I slowly started to put my cock inside her. I could hear her lightly moan. Before I could get all of my cock in her slowly, she pushed back, causing the full length of my cock to go in, causing her to moan out loudly.”Oh god, that feels amazing” she said.I started to go at a good pace, but having wanted this for so long, my body couldn’t help but go faster and harder. As if a switch flipped in me and all I wanted to do was fuck her. In this moment, at this time, I wanted nothing more than to make sure she felt all that I had to offer and leave nothing.”My pussy is yours” she screamed”Fuck yes, this is so good” she exclaimed as I fucked her hard and good. Lusting for her more every time I heard her ass clapping against me every time I thrust into her. I reached forward and grabbed her massive 38DDD breast. One for each had. I slowly started to rub her nipples. Which only caused her more excitement”Don’t stop. Oh god yes” she moaned.I new I couldn’t last much longer, after all I’ve fantasized about this for so long and now it was happening.I reached one hand around and started working her clit with my finger. Knowing that by doing so, it would push her further into an orgasm.”Oh fuck yes, oh god yes, that feels amazing” she screamedI could feel her pussy get hotter just from me doing that.”I’m going to cum on your cock” she moaned.As soon as she said that, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I began to shoot load after load inside her. As soon as my cock started to pulse inside her, I could feel her pussy clinch down with orgasm”OH FUUUUUUUCK. YEEEEEES” she screamed, feeling every ounce of pleasure, as I kept playing with her nipple, fingering her clit and still thrusting as I keep cumming inside her hot, tight pussy.I could feel her knees wobble from being drained from getting fucked. I slide my cock out and slowly helped her down to sit on the couch. I could see a mixture of her pussy juice and my cum all over her pussy.Surprisingly, she grabbed my cock.”This…is…amazing. ” she said, as she tried to catch her breath.”We definitely need to try this again, because I don’t want to forget how your cock feels.” she said”I’m okay with that” I said as we lie there, knowing that our relationship was never going to be the same, but definitely for the better!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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