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Subject: my-naked-family-9 This story contains sexual acts between adults and teens, teens, and incest. If this offends you or is illegal for you to read where you are located, close this story. This story is fictional. Any resemblance to people real or fictional are entirely coincidental and any views stated do not necessarily reflect those of any company or organization that exists in real life nor necessarily reflect the views of the author. This story is the property and copyright of the author, do not share, reproduce, repost, or any such act which is illegal to do without the author’s permission. I appreciate you reading this story and you can contact me gmx. I will do my best to answer every email if I can. Any comments, suggestions, or questions are always welcome. Please donate to fty/donate.html to keep the archive free! —————————————————————————- Chapter 9 I get “dressed” and give Joseph a hug and think him for his friendship. Ryan and I are a bit overwhelmed (and nicely drained). It is a big thing the be part of a tribal family. As we walk back to our camp, I feel a bit sad that Ryan didn’t bring Chris along. I might have a word with Joseph about him tomorrow. I have my arm around Ryan as we walk giving him a hug. I am glad that we can share in new experiences and that we have such good friends. I have Ryan’s and Chris’ birthday presents in my bag. I know they both are going to love the tomahawks that I got them from Running Wolf. I was thinking about Joseph’s PA and how hot it looked and it was to suck him. I noticed that Ryan had been looking at it also. I’ve seen one before at the nude beach and had always wondered how it would be to have one. Chris has gotten up and is waiting for us to show up. “We were very worried about you when you didn’t come back! You know you aren’t supposed to go off and not let us know where you are going!” He comes around and spanks my butt. “We should ground you for a week, Pops” He says smiling. “Well, guys, Running Wolf got me all drunk on his fire water and had his way with me.” I tell Chris and Ryan. Chris wants to know all about that and Ryan gives him the run down about catching me in a 69 with Running Wolf. That gets both the boys boned up and me a bit of a chubby. They decide to take care of the problem right there and get on the ground to 69. I sit and watch them go at. They are both slurping and moaning until they orgasm. We all go around back to have a pee and then head into bed. None of us are up too early in the morning. I get the fire going and mix up biscuit mix. I reminded the boys about their breech clouts hanging around the fire and how easily they could catch fire. They tucked them in pretty quickly. They probably would have taken them off but I wouldn’t let them. The boys start the bacon. We decide on french toast. I put the biscuits in the dutch oven and scoop some coals on the top. Chris is making french toast and Ryan watching the bacon. Jimmy and John start getting plates and syrup out. They pour us mugs of juice. The biscuits come out perfect as I was watching them şişli travesti closely. We get cleaned up and head over to John Clarke’s to start our pack baskets. I have a selected modified trapper design and the boys an easier French Explorer’s one. We decide to try and weave a bit of color in them nearer the top. We take a break after an hour having made a good bit of progress. John showed us how to feather in new reeds by cutting them on a diagonal. We keep at it and by lunch our baskets are done except for making the hoops on top. We decide to roll the edges, so the ends of the vertical reeds wiil need a soak. We set the baskets in water upside down and head to the tent to grab lunch. We grill up burgers and have them with some chips. The boys are pretty excited about their baskets. Ryan grabs the webbing and Chris grabs the tools. John will help the boys get their baskets finished while I do the last 20 rows or so of reed. Another hour and the baskets are done. We’ve had a few people come by as we were working watching the weaving. They certainly were interested and asked John about buying some baskets like the ones we were making. He quoted them a $100 for the small ones and $150 for the one I was making. We felt pretty good about what we had done. I felt that we could try to make some this winter to bring with us to the fort in spring. I let Chris know that Running Wolf wanted to see him this afternoon. I had stopped by earlier and had a chat about Chris. He was happy to “help” him out so he could join us tonite. Chris sat down and Joseph welcomed him to his camp. They talked about Chris’ relationsip with Ryan and us. Chris broke down talking about his uncle and how different the three of us were. Joseph shared that he lost his parents at a young age also. He and Chris went inside the teepee so Joseph could hold him and share some love. They had bonded well during their talk. Joseph and Chris laid down on the furs and Joseph hugged Chris as he cried. Their bodies were close and their cocks were touching. Chris was crying on his shoulder and neck. Joseph was rubbing Chris’ back and started to kiss his head. Chris turned his face around and they exchanged a kiss. Of course, they boned up from that. Chris moved his hand and stroked Joseph’s cock. He untangled himself from Joseph and flipped around so he could get in a comfortable position to suck the 7″ of hard meat. Joseph’s PA fascinated Chris as it did Ryan and I. Joseph started licking Chris and they went into fully pleasuring each other. Jimmy and John had went off with a few of the other boys to the creek. Ryan and I decided that we would go and wait for Chris and Joseph to finish. We got to the teepee and saw the flap closed so we knew they were together. Ryan and I were talking softly and Joseph heard us. “Come in brothers and share with us.” he told us. So we went in. We both got naked and went to be on opposite sides. Ryan was near Joseph’s head and I near Chris. I bent down and started licking Joseph’s balls. He had a few piercings in the area which I toyed with. Joseph started to move his legs around a bit. I started beylikdüzü travesti to rub his hole with a finger which caused him to squirm. Chris was watching me as he was sucking Joseph’s cock. Joseph fully moved his legs apart and was winking his hole at me. I wet a finger with my precum and inserted it in his hole. He motions me to stradle him backwards to he can return the “favor”. I get a second finger in as he inserts one in me. I really start to leak as he hits my spot. He is rubbing me getting me really hard. I get a third finger in and he let go of Chris’ cock long enough to say “Fuck me brother” I turn around and rub my leaking cock on his hole to get it slick and push in. Ryan coms around to get under me and watches as I start to go in. Chris reaches around and pushes a finger in me. Ryan starts licking my balls as I thrust into Joseph. I feel his butt clenching as I hit his spot. Ryan adds a finger with Chris and they finds my p-spot which causes me to twitch inside Joseph. That is all it takes for him to unload and causes me to go over. I collapse on top of him, hugging him. “Thank you Joseph for sharing with us.” He turns around when I slip out and hugs me and the boys together. “We are going to be one tonight. We will join with our other brothers after the trade circle. You will be prepared then. You must leave the young ones with Junebug.” We all hug again, wondering what the ceremony will be like. We prepare chickens to be spit roasted over the fire. Ryan wanted to roast some corn on th cob. Chris makes vegetable packets up. Jimmy and John are assigned to turn the chickens. I make up some flat bread for us to have. We eat around the fire until our bellies are topped up. There’s enough meat left off three chickens for maybe a sandwich each tomorrow. The boys and I enjoy some time talking together. Jimmy and John have worked up some more belts to trade tonight. Chris and Ryan have some small baskets they wove while waiting for me to finish. We brought some “fat wood” for fire starting that may trade well. The circle is around the camp tonight so we pack up and move over there. We bring our mugs with us as we were told there would be some punch made for later. We sit down to trade and Joseph sits with us. The rest of the men and teens with him are there also and throw a bit in the circle every so often. We get some really nice stone arrow heads. Jimmy gets a good trade on his belt for a firestarter and stone in an engraved leather pouch. I see a very nicely done wolf’s head on it. The punch is really pretty good having a bit of port wine added that gives it just a little bit of a kick. The boys enjoy it thinking they are so grown up having a “drink” with the adults. We know that it isn’t much alcohol in the punch but they will probably not stay awake too much past 9 from it. We head back to the tents and put our trade stuff away. Junebug and Joan will watch Jimmy and John for us. They are pretty wiped out and head into the tent to sleep. I give them a hug each and a kiss on the forehead. They mutter a sleepy goodnight to us. Chris, Ryan, and I head over istanbul travesti to Running Wolf’s teepee. We meet the rest of the “tribe”, Standing Deer (Charly), Sitting Fox (Homer), and Flying Eagle (Tom), the teens are Swimming Eel (Adam) and Hunting Owl (Zack). There are two more that have yet been given names, Wayne, and Dan. We all gather together and head down the path behind the teepees to a clearing. We are told to strip everything off as we need to be prepared. The group lead us to the pool the boys were at. They have us sit and then use sand to rub down our skin. Once we are clean, they have us get up and start rubbing oil on us. We look pretty hot glistening in the moon light. We are lead back to the clearing. Running Wolf speaks “We are about to have you join with us all as brothers. We know that you desire to learn and respect the customs of the people of this land before others came. It is important to remember them and have others know about them to honor their memories. As brothers, we share the most intimate of feelings. To this we bring you into our fold. We know that you share a love with each other that is deep and honest and we would share ours with you. Brothers, prepare our friends.” The teens come over and start kissing our necks while moving their hands over our backs. They lick down our chests and start sucking our nipples. Each one of us bones up from the sensations. They continue licking down, getting on their knees. The men come around behind us and start massaging our chests and pinching our nipples. I hear Chris and Ryan moaning crazily. They are experiencing things they never had before. The teens and Running Wolf start to suck on our cocks. Between that and rubbing our nipples, we are rock hard. The men have been rubbing their cocks along our butt cracks so they are hard also. Running Wolf directs us to lay down in a circle with the boys and I separated by a tribe member. We each take a hard cock in our mouths. Running Wolf reaches around and inserts a finger in my butthole. I do the same to Hunting Owl, who does Chris. They all manage to hit our spots. I get extra hard and start clamping down on Running Wolf’s finger. God, it feels good. I think I would love to have his cock with that PA up my butt. The boys start to orgasm, which sets off Hunting Owl, Swimming Eel, and the others. Running Wolf is the last to cum. “We are now joined as one in the tribe. We haved shared our seed, the giver of life.” He tells us. He gets up and give me a hug. “I welcome you as my brother. You shall be known as Byue (slow, small stream)” he says to me. The other are also hugging and welcoming us into their tribe. He then hugs Ryan. “And you shall be known as Chaska (first born son).” Finally, he hugs Chris. ” And you Chris, shall be known as Kimeya (signing throat).” We head back to the teepees still naked. We all sit around the fire and the apple jack is passed around. I was concerned that it was too strong for the boys, but this batch must not have had the extra ingredient that Running Wolf has in his. We are given a banner with a Raven on it to show our membership. I noticed that one of the other guys had a turtle on his banner during our meet in September last year. I’ll need to ask him about that. We talk for a bit more but I notice the boys starting to drift off, so we head back to our camp for a welcome sleep.

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