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My New Neighbor Jenny Ch. 02

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I lay on the soft fresh sheets of Jenny’s bed, listening to her breathe. A few seconds later both of us were asleep. We woke up, together, a couple hours later. I didn’t know what time it was, but it was pretty dark outside. I do remember the doorbell ringing — it must have been her asshole boyfriend but Jenny didn’t move. After ringing a few times it stopped and I guess he left all pissed off. Too bad — he was the one cheating on her with her sister.

Jenny smiled when she woke up. She is really a pretty woman when she smiles. Still, there was this little tinge of sadness in her eyes remaining from finding out her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

“Hi,” I whispered, suddenly thinking how dumb that sounded. Then I kissed her. She kissed me back and that was nice — I thought she might be mad at me for fucking her even though she didn’t complain at the time!

To my surprise she moved to her side and took me right into her pussy again. Shocked is not the word for it! I figured she was moving from sad to angry and this was her way to get back at her boyfriend. I sure didn’t mind at all!

Her pussy started clamping on my cock as I began a nice slow fuck of her. She started kissing me deep.

My hand moved to play with her ass. She had nice, big, round, soft globes and I couldn’t get enough of them. As an added bonus, as I was holding her cheeks it pressed her hips farther down over my cock. FUCK she was nice and warm inside. Then my fingers moved and I felt her soft pucker under my index finger. I pressed the pad of my finger against her pucker and it immediately opened up.

I didn’t want to hurt her so I lifted my finger to my mouth and got it wet. It smelled fresh and nice and of Jenny. I reached back and began to press my wet finger into her snug warm asshole. I felt illegal bahis her anal ring open to it, then close over my fingernail. That felt nice.

I finger-fucked her ass just a little bit while I fucked her. Or should I say while Jenny fucked me! She was really into it, moving her hips around my cock while I slowly poked her.

Besides getting “into it” Jenny was also getting really wet. I felt like I was fucking a river.

I pulled my finger out of her little pucker and moved it to her mouth. I wanted to see what she would do — and she if she knew what I wanted to do next. She knew where it had been but didn’t hesitate sucking on it. I guess she knew she was clean — and I realized she probably wasn’t an ass virgin after all!

Sure enough, I slid it out of her cunt. Then I moved her to her stomach and leaned on her back. I slipped it back in her sopping-wet cunt and went back to fucking her. Her ass was kinda big and I had a hard time getting it all in.

But it wasn’t her pussy I was interested in now. As I fucked her nice and slow I parted her butt cheeks with my thumbs and looked at the tiny pucker. I swear it was winking at me! I pulled out and moved down the bed and started tonguing her asshole again.

This time it tasted like sweat and cum, but it was still nice. I dribbled a mouthful of saliva on her butthole, then moved back up her back.

I guess she knew what was coming because she said “no, Ron. Not there.”

“I want your ass, Jenny,” I moaned, almost begging her. If she would have said no again I would have stopped. Instead, she didn’t make a sound as I put my head up to her butthole. Between her juice on my cock and my spit on her asshole her pucker opened right up to me.

“Go slow,” she suddenly whispered. “Please. I’m not used to this.”

I illegal bahis siteleri couldn’t imagine how any man wouldn’t want to fuck her nice round ass, but thinking about what a clown her boyfriend was I started to doubt he was really a man at all.

I kissed the back of her head, then began to take my time. I entered her ass real slowly, stopping each time she whimpered as I felt her assuring opening up to my cock head.

“Oh Jenny,” I moaned and gave a gentle push.

“Ow,” she squeaked, once, as my cock popped in.

If she would have asked me to take it out I would have, but she didn’t say anything and I just lay there on top of her with her tight assuring clamping down on my cock.

DAMN it was nice!

I didn’t move for a minute and let her get used to it. I don’t know if she didn’t like anal, or if I was too big, or what but I could tell she was not comfortable with the head of my cock in her ass.

I was about to pull out when I heard her whisper.

“Go slow, Ron. Let me get used to it.”

That was all I needed. I started to feed my cock into her ass nice and slowly. It was still wet from her pussy juice and slid in like a hot knife through butter.

“Ohhh,” I heard her whimper.

“Am I hurting you, honey?” I asked, surprised I used that word. But I couldn’t be in a woman’s ass and not tell her I cared for her.

“No,” she replied. “Just let me get used to it, okay?”

I let my hands reach under her to play with her nice little tits while I lay with about half my cock in her ass. I was wondering if I should start again when I swear I felt her asshole clamp down on my cock once, quickly.

I took her hard nipples between my fingers and began to slowly move in her ass. It was so tight and so hot. I fucked her buttery damp canlı bahis siteleri ass nice and easy, listening for any sounds of discomfort.

Instead, I heard a soft moan.

“How does it feel?” I needed to know.

“Different. But nice,” she responded.

I moved my hips in circles as I worked my cock in her tight ass.

Then I laughed, luckily to myself, as I realized not only was I finally with Jenny after looking at her for so long — I was in that ass I loved looking at!

I started to move faster, but she spoke again.

“Slow. Please.”

I got my control back and returned to slow-fucking her ass.

Pretty soon she started to moan.

“Oh oh oh oh,” she whimpered again and again at each short stroke of my cock in her ass. Then I felt her hands cover mine on her tits and knew she was wanting this too. On a lark I moved my hands away so I could hold her upper arms for better leverage. Sure enough, Jenny started slowly playing with her tits. DAMN that was a nice sight!

I knew that because I had come not that long earlier I’d be able to fuck her big round ass for a long time.

Or so I thought.

With the very next stroke of my cock in her hot clamping ass I felt myself getting close.

“Oh damn!” I screamed as I felt it build.

I fucked through my come as I exploded in her asshole. I kept fucking her and fucking her as I came in torrents up her ass chute. I didn’t stop fucking until I couldn’t move anymore and fell onto her back, exhausted. To my surprise I was still hard when I pulled out of her ass.

She laughed when we heard the wet “plop”, then blushed deep red when we heard the ass fart!

She turned and held me as her asshole closed.

Then, in the most romantic moment of my life we took a shower together. I used my soapy finger to clean my cum out of her ass while she kissed me wetly and deeply.

The next weekend I saw her boyfriend’s car still there on Sunday morning.

But now, every time she sees me she smiles. And winks.

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