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My New Neighbor knows my Secret! PT3

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My New Neighbor knows my Secret! PT3What seemed like several hours had passed. I needed to pee again. My cock went through cycles of getting hard, then soft … then I would think about things, and it would get hard again. I wanted to touch it … I wanted to masturbate so badly. I needed to cum and know I am not allowed. My nipples ached from the clothes pins still being on them. The door opened and the light was turned on.I saw Mistress Rebecca with a young man. I became immediately embarrassed, but what could I do to cover myself or anything else? They both approached the bed. He had a leather collar around his neck and she had a leash attached to it.”Rickiee, this is Stevie. He is a slave of mine with similar interests of yours.” Mistress Rebecca said.”Stevie, undress!” she said looking at him.He quickly bent over and pulled off his sneakers. He had no socks on and I noticed that his toenails were painted pink. He unsnapped his shorts and let the slip down his legs. He had on a sheer pair of yellow panties. I noticed that he had something on underneath it, making his cock bulge in the panties … but I could not make out what it was. He pulled off his t-shirt and I noticed immediately that his nipples were pierced. My cock was getting hard.”The panties … take off the panties, Stevie!” she barked.He slid off the panties and he had a clear plastic device that enshrouded his cock. It had a gold padlock on it. What was this thing on his cock? Why was it there? Mistress Rebecca reached over and touched it.”Rickiee, this is a chastity device. Stevie wears it at all times when he is not with me. He is able to pee and do his daily showers and all, but he is unable to get an erection or masturbate. Obviously, he is unable to have sex with anyone, either.”Mistress Rebecca unlocked the lock and started to remove the device.”Rickiee, you and Stevie are going to have sex for me. You are going to suck his cock and he is going to suck yours. He is going to fuck you in your ass pussy and treat you like the girl you wish to be. If you have to pee, he will drink your pee from your cock. If he has to pee, which I know he does, you will drink his the same way. So let’s get started.” she demanded.”Stevie, please get up on the table and straddle Rickiee’s face.”He got up on the table and he guided his cock towards my lips.”Rickiee, open your mouth and suck Stevie’s cock … you will do it and make him cum in your mouth. All good slutty girls learn how to give a good blow job. Stevie has learned and he will suck your cock at the esenyurt escort same time.” Mistress Rebecca instructed.I opened my mouth as he gently pushed his limp cock into my mouth. Oh my god, it felt so wonderful, yet scary and nervous … to finally feel a warm cock in my mouth. I had dreamed about it so many times. I had fantasized about it so many times.I gently sucked it into my mouth. I felt him lay forward on my body and take my cock in his mouth. I sucked him and began to feel his cock swell and start to become erect. He humped my mouth and I felt his hardening cock slip back and forth between my lips. I felt the head of his cock swell in my mouth. Oh my god … I was so excited. I felt my cock harden and his lips go up and down the length of it. I gently humped his mouth too … within the ability of my confines.I could feel his precum oozing out into my mouth. It was thicker than my spit and it had a slightly sweet taste to it. His cock was fully hard now and when he would thrust in, it would hit the back of my throat. He hungrily and greedily sucked my cock. It felt like he was going to suck my insides out.He was humping my sucking mouth. His cock slipping in and out, in and out … my cheeks were puffing out and then pulling in. All of a sudden, I felt his tense up … I felt his cock throb and get even thicker … then I felt the first hot shot of his cum hit the back of my throat as he thrust it in. I was finally tasting cum from another man. It was hot and thick … it kept coming. Spurt after spurt … it filled my mouth. It was sweet, yet slightly salty. Very much like mine … that I would from time to time, shoot into my own mouth as I masturbated and aimed my cock at my mouth. But this wasn’t my cum, it was his … and it was exciting.As he finally stopped thrusting, I felt my own cock get hard … and then finally squirt my cum into his mouth. Wave after wave of orgasm overtook my body. I keep cumming and cumming in his mouth. He kept sucking and sucking my ejaculate. I kept his cock in my mouth … as it was now soft … but I kept sucking on it … like a baby does with a binkie.The bliss was broken up with the words of our Mistress.”Stevie … I want you to wash your cum down rickiee’s throat with your hot piss offering! You’re to do it now … and you are to empty your bladder.””Rickiee, you are to drink every last drop of Stevie’s hot salty piss. You are not to lose even one tiny drop, or I will cane your ass until you can’t stand it avrupa yakası escort anymore.”Suddenly, I felt a blast of hot piss squirt out of Stevie’s cock and into my mouth. He pissed and pissed and pissed. His piss was strong and hot. I forced myself not to gag, and I drank his hot piss as I was ordered. His soft cock pissing in my mouth … after just cumming in it … was special. I am afraid that I loved it way too much. I loved it because I have dreamed and fantasized about it for so many years and I loved it because I pleased my Mistress. My head was spinning with emotions I have never experienced. What was to become of my life? What is to become of me? I am excited to find out, but at the same time … confused and nervous.”Dismount, Rickiee … Stevie!” ordered Mistress Rebecca.Stevie withdrew his dripping cock from my mouth and rolled off of me. He obediently stood at the side of the bed.”Stevie, I want you to fuck Rickiee now. I want you to show Rickiee what it feels like to be a slutty girl. He wants to be a girl … so let’s let him feel what it feels like to be a slut. Sluts take it up the ass … so fuck him good and fuck him hard.” Mistress Rebecca ordered.”Rickiee, get up on your all fours and present your slutty ass to Stevie.” Mistress Rebecca said in a firm tone.I, immediately obeyed. I was very nervous about being fucked in the ass with a real cock. Deep inside, I couldn’t wait to feel the hot cum squirt into my bowels.I felt Stevie spread my asscheeks. I was nervous with anticipation. I heard, then felt him spit on my asshole … he worked a finger in my asshole. He withdrew his finger and I felt his hard cock head press up against my asshole. I felt his push and pressure as he continued to push his cock head into my ass. There was a lot of pressure and pain … then I felt the head slip in and my asshole envelop it. The pain subsided, somewhat … once the head was inside and pass my sphincter muscle. He then pushed … I instinctively pushed back … and his entire hard cock slid into me. Oh my god … I was being fucked in the ass by a man. His hard, throbbing cock was sliding in and out of my asshole. The pain was now, mostly gone. It felt heavenly. He reached under me and started to stroke my cock, which was limp. His hand on my cock and his cock in my ass … made me start to get hard. He gently stroked my cock into hardness. I could feel that my precum lubricated his hand, because it was anadolu yakası escort slippery on my now, erect cock.He fucked me rhythmically. I pushed back in the same rhythm as he stroked my cock. Mistress Rebecca sat in a chair beside me … masturbating. Her eyes on us, her hands on her pussy. Her hair was wet with secretions. She was very much into what we were doing. Watching her masturbate and feeling Stevie in my ass … was heavenly. He fucked and fucked me. I was moaning and thrusting my cock in his hands. Mistress Rebecca let out a moan as she obviously came … I then came … furiously. I felt my muscles contract and I could feel the cum shooting from the tip of my cock. Stevie suddenly exploded in my ass. I could immediately feel a jet of hot cum shooting into my bowels. As that happened, he impaled himself in me … fully. I thought his cock was going to come out of my mouth. He moaned and pushed …and I felt wave after wave of hot cum shoot into my ass. I could feel his cock pulsate as it did.”Stevie … you lick the cum from Rickiee’s asshole … then I want you to kiss him and give the load that leaks out of his ass, into your mouth … to him. Rickiee, I want you to taste the cum that leaks out of your fucked ass.” Mistress Rebecca ordered.”Yes Mistress” I responded. What else was there to say?I watched as Stevie licked his cum oozing from my asshole. I had reached a new low in my life. I was watching a man lick his cum from my freshly fucked asshole. Shortly I was going to have that cum served to my mouth. I was going to eat his cum that had oozed out of my asshole! I would never have thought I would ever be at this point. But I was, and I was aroused by it all!Stevie stood up and leaned over me. He brought his lips to my lips and I opened my mouth. He let my cum ooze out of his mouth into mine. My cock got hard and throbbed.”Rickiee, you may get dressed and go home. I no longer need you today.” Mistress Rebecca said in a serious tone.”Is there something I did wrong, Mistress? I asked.”No Rickiee, I am through with you today. You will return at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.”I looked at Mistress Rebecca. I was wondering why Saturday. I was about to ask …”You will return with all of your lingerie items that need to be washed. You will wash them, separately … but at the same time, as mine. You will do all my laundry and fold them and care for all of my belongings with love. When you finish that, you will clean my house. That will all happen every Saturday, starting at 7:00 a.m. You understand, Rickiee?”She continued. “If I choose to need you during the week, I will call you and you will immediately stop whatever you are doing and respond to my demand. Whatever it might be, whenever it might be. If you violate that, you will be dropped and never see me again. UNDERSTOOD?” she said firmly.”Yes Mistress”I dressed quickly and left. I did not see or hear her at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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