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My New Tennis Partner

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I couldn’t believe how I felt, a little nervous, very turned on and he hadn’t even touched me yet. Here we were, two supposedly hetero guys who had shared a lunch, and few drinks and for the first time in a long time, I was going to have a cock in my mouth. It had been too long…

I used to go to bookstore glory holes or even the occasional bath house when I needed cock, it was anonymous, dirty, and even a little shameful. But, I reasoned with myself, that’s how I’m wired. Not much I can do about these urges that would come over me 4 or 5 times a year; its like I went into heat. I’d suck off several cocks in an afternoon, scratching an itch and feeling depraved, but also satisfied. I’d quit all that, at least I thought, because it was too dangerous, it betrayed my new girlfriend’s trust and, after Covid, it was just plain crazy. One thing about the anonymous sex, I just did what I wanted, if I just wanted to give blowjobs, I could, no pressure to do anything else, no reason to worry about how my partner felt or what he wanted for that mater, I just needed to suck dick and that’s what I did. No feelings, no seduction, just find some naked, available cocks and use them to my pleasure.

Matteo was different, this was more like puppy love for me. He was a strong Italian with wavy black hair, brown eyes that seemed to be open all the way to his soul, and a body like the 4.5 tennis player that he was. He was 10 years younger than me, in his early fifties and I was determined that I would have him. But was he interested? I’m handsome, and in shape too, but I’m older, and I’m not exactly the guy who would appear to be willing to give men blowjobs, you would never know if you met me.

We’d been paired in one if those round robin tennis events where you rotate partners. He and I came from winning two matches and we gelled on the court. We didn’t lose bahis şirketleri a game in the set we played as teammates. Our games clicked and we seemed to understand what each other was going to do on the court even though we’d never met. That’s pretty rare.

“Hey, we should play together again, it was pretty fun,” one of us said and it was quickly decided that we should stop for a beer to discuss it on the way home from the muni court. We were both in relationships, both professionals and both fit and active. I remember the exact moment my inner slut tapped me on the shoulder and told me, “This might lead to something.”

A couple of weeks later we met in the morning and played in a doubles tournament together and actually won the round robin, we were still undefeated as a team! Again, we were perfectly in sync, I’ve never had a doubles partner who seemed to anticipate the game so well, he could read me on the court. It turned out, that wasn’t the only place he could see through me.

So, now we had a reason to celebrate and he mentioned that his wife was away and I agreed to come back to his house for a swim. That’s when I knew…

Matteo had pot, and I was happy to share a nice hybrid with him, 32% THC and we quickly mellowed out and I became sort of hyper focused. Here I was, in this handsome Italian’s home, his wife was away, and I was feeling more than a little tempted, but, I behaved myself. “What if I gross him out? What if he is so freaked that he outs me?”

So, I had my little private fantasy and watched him as he climbed into his hot tub, looking like dessert. He caught me staring and smiled, there was no denying it.

“I’m pretty stoned, sorry!”

“Don’t be, it’s good shit and it always makes me a little horny too.”

I blushed, I’m sure.

“Sorry, was that too much information?”

Well, I’d better make bahis firmaları a decision, I thought, say the wrong thing here and it could go bad, either way.

“It wasn’t too much at all! In fact,” I said quietly, “Looking at you Does make me horny.”

He smiled that killer Italian smile, as much with his eyes as his mouth, and says, “Well, come get n the hot tub with me.”

Well, unlike Mateo, who had changed into his swim suit, I was still in tennis attire and stood in front of him and removed my shirt, and then my shorts while looking him right in the eye. My erection sprung straight out and he gasped, my turn to surprise him. No sooner than I swung my legs over the side of the hot tub, this Italian stud was between my legs and sucking my cock.

“I can’t believe this…”

“Well it took you long enough to figure it out,” he said in between bobbing up and down on my cock. It was one of the hotted moments of my life, between the pot, the sudden heat of entering the spa, and the delicious slurping of my cock by this God of a man, I was his. When he slipped a wet finger into my tight ass, it was too much, and I came, much sooner than I wanted to. Mateo swallowed my cum and licked me, almost back to hardness before looking at me and giggling… just a little.

And I grabbed him and kissed him, trying get some of my cum from his tongue, but my new lover had licked and swallowed every drop.

“That was…?”

“Amazing?” He answered, we were in sync again…

“I had no idea!” was all I could get out.

“Well, I thought you might be open to this, there were a few things that you said that made me think you might be a little on the bi side.”

“You were right, can we go to bed now, it’s your turn to be serviced.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” and we kissed like old lovers, taking turns sucking each other’s tongues kaçak bahis siteleri and touching each other all over. It was clear that we enjoyed each other’s touch and we were, indeed, in sync. He seemed to like it when I played with his big, dark nipples, it was a journey to find them through all that chest hair. Turns out, he loved having them sucked.

The thing I love most about my time with Mateo is that we are both versatile, we both love to give and receive. He took me to the bed where I fell on my knees before him and sucked his cock until he was ready to cum. I slowed down and squeezed him just enough to keep him from exploding and asked, “Will you help me do something I’ve never done?”

“Sure,” he smiled.

“Would you take my virginity? I really want to feel you inside me.”

“Well, I’d love to,” he replied with some urgency, “but I can go more than once, can you finish blowing me first, you have me SOO close!”

Of course I wanted to finish him, to have this tall handsome, fit man, with a great cock, to cum in my mouth, I was honored.

I sucked on his tip and jerked him in a slow circular motion getting him close, and then backing off until he couldn’t stand it anymore. He was all MAN now, telling me to get on my back on the bed and sliding a pillow under my head, he physically held me arms down now, and knelt astride my head. There would be no slow jerk off now, my guy wanted to fuck my face and I was there for it.

He jack hammered his cock into my mouth, faster and faster until he let go of my arms and furiously jerked himself off first on my hairy chest, then on my face, then back in my mouth, his cum was everywhere and I was so excited I that came again- all over my stomach. I was covered in our luscious, creamy spunk. It was the hottest moment of my life, I mean I came without touching my self!

Matteo was the perfect gentleman, he got up and got a towel and a washcloth and cleaned me from head to toe. “Now, let’s go have a little snack, some more pot, and the let’s see if I can make your other dream come true.”

To be continued…

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