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My number 10 and my best. Hot as Hell Ebony.

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My number 10 and my best. Hot as Hell Ebony.This is the true story of my tenth women I fucked. True story of me with a black beauty.I was in a long term relation ship to the woman I am now married to. Things were kind of on the fence, we were having a lot of sex but it was always the same. Same at 7am, same at noon, same at bedtime. The only difference being is that I would eat her to a orgasm every night before fucking her. I wanted somebody else to talk sexy with and possibly meet.I decided to join a internet sex site (AFF). I wasn’t having to good of luck. Only got to talk to one milf for the first couple weeks on it. Then I saw Sasha’s page, gorgeous body. I immediately emailed her and asked “Looking for fwb, with no drama?” She liked the no drama part when she emailed me back that night. I sent her my phone number.We talked for a few days via sexting. She sent me a boat load of pictures. The first picture was of her face and one tit with cum all over her face. I got the picture at work and immediately went for a bathroom break. I got anal, sex, bj and nude pictures of her from her other fuck buddy but that first pic was my major wanking material. We also talked about our sex lives and how they could be better. She was getting it alot. I wanted to get on that action and scheduled a meet. Picking a good night to get away from my wife, I went over her apartment.I had trouble finding the apartment. I was suppose to walk in on her when she was showering but it turned into her flagging me down on main road, embarrassing. She is 5’6 150-170 with the best rack I have ever got to touch. 36D. I kissed her on the cheek as we were walking up to her apartment. Once inside I kissed her more. She knew I was super excited and led me to her bedroom. She started to strip and asked if I wanted to shower with her. Of course I did. Watching her strip got me so hard, seeing her bend over with that thong on I thought I was going to cum without touching it.I followed her to the bathroom, tuzla escort groping her ass and tits. Admiring her gorgeous dark skin. She bent over to turn on the water and I rubbed my dick along her ass crack. She got in and we started kissing some more and fondling. She grabbed my cock and thirty seconds later I was cumming on her stomach. Also embarrasing but luckily I am multiorgasmic because I then bent her over in the shower and fucked her to another orgasm. Her constant moaning and round ass set me off.We got out of the shower and went to the bedroom again. I was semi hard and she immediately took me into her hot mouth. As she was laying on the bed, I fingered her and sucked her titties as she sucked me making me hard. After five to ten minutes of slow fucking her, I flipped her over started to lick her pussy and ass. She liked it but I had to stop because I dont like the taste of my own spunk. The next time I went to see her, alone, I got to finally taste her.She was on her knees on the bed and I shoved my cock back into her. Got a few more minutes of good fucking and had to cum again. Her pussy was so tight and I swear I dropped a ounce or two of semen into her that night. I got up and looked at my phone and answered the wifes needless text. I asked her if I could shower and she allowed me. After a quick rinse, I went to her living room and she was in her robe with a satisfied look on her face. SHe was answering a message from another fuck buddy. I got dressed and went to kiss her goodbye. Well the goodbye kiss turned into another blowjob. She is still the one of two girls to take my entire length into her mouth and not gag. I pulled up her robe and fingered her for a second before getting on the floor between her and fucking her to another orgasm. Now it was time for the kiss goodbye.On the way home I was texting her, my wife and a buddy about what just happened. I ended up tearing my pants saying they caught on something and tossed them when I got home, fearing tuzla escort bayan my wife would smell it. I fucked my wife that night only thinking of Sasha.Two nights later, after some talk with my buddy and Sasha about a threesome, me and my buddy head over to her place. She answers the door in a white top, no bra and only a purple thong. At first I thought she was naked. Me and my buddy sat down and Sasha came over to me and started to kiss me. I spread her ass, giving my buddy a show. She asked if he was going to do anything as I was getting up and taking off my pants. While I was pulling off her thong and eating her pussy, my buddy came over in his underwear and started to lick her boobs. I pulled her off the couch and onto her knees.I licked her asshole and pussy while she was starting to go down on him. I pulled back and was rock solid, ready to blow. I put it into her very wet pussy and pulled out after three strokes, trying not to cum. I put it back in and it was over, I came on the floor as she was sucking him to his first orgasm. When she wanted to go to the bedroom, I finally saw it and was probably just as disappointed as her. My buddy was 3 1/2 inches rock hard, and shrinking from his cum. I felt bad for him and her. Me and Sasha made fun of him alot after that but we still went to the bedroom and took turns using her toy on her, getting blowjobs and fucking her. I had just got done throat fucking her when my buddy picked up her camera and started to take pics. It was so nice to see my cock in her from different angles later. I came again and went to bathroom and left them alone and he got to fuck her to his second orgasm.We left and I could tell my buddy was ashamed but wanted to do it again.The next week is when the fun happened.We had more camera fun and I got some great pictures during this time. Maybe I will post a few.I walk into this stunning ebony goddess wearing a one piece nightie she got from VS. I sat her on the couch and began to finger her. She escort tuzla had all of her toys ready because she knew I wanted to play down there but first I got the best blowjob of my life. SOoo deep in her throat and so warm. I came as much as I could and she laid back on the couch and started to use her toy. I filmed that part and loved to zero in on her face as she orgasmed. She went to her room and came back out in another VS outfit.I filmed me fucking her and deep throating her when I didnt want to play with camera anymore. I moved to the floor between her and saw this awesome shot and took another picture. A picture of my dick a little bent in her with her legs pulled back. I left the camera on and went down on her. Focusing on her asshole as much as her pussy. I dipped my dick back in her pussy and pulled back out. I spit on my dick and forced the head into her perfect asshole. Best anal of my life because she liked it, there were no screams of pain, and first time ever in a ass with no lube besides pussy juice and spit. Fucking her ass produced the largest cum of my life.We fucked two more times before I had to leave that night. We fucked up to ten seperate hour sessions over the next two to three months and thats when I fucked up.I canceled on her, I was mean when she canceled on me. All of which I regret and am sorry for. She has had a few boyfriends since then and we still keep in touch. Not like we used to but at least she is still around and I still consider her a best friend. If I wasn’t married I gauantee I would be all over that no matter what my red neck parents would say. She is happy with another guy she met on AFF and they do threesomes. I hope I get a text one day asking to join.Sasha is my first of two black girls and 11 girls I have had relations with. I’m going to tell her about this page and thats why I’ll repeat about how sorry I am and hope we still remain friends. She gave me permission to upload the photos of us or her without using face. They should be up in a few days.This is my first story. Please rate, comment, invite, whatever you want. With enough feed back I will tell about my second ebony even though it could get me in trouble.;) <~~for Sasha

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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