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My Release

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I needed release. This was a simple fact. I found myself dreaming of your gentle caress and expert touch. An ache had been building within me, bringing a distinct wetness to my nether regions. I needed release. So, while you said you were going to dinner relief I knew that I would have enough time to release myself before getting back online w/ you.

As I stepped into the bath, the warming touch of the water drew all my tension away. I lowered myself into the steamy water, allowing it to engulf me in its warm and soapy embrace. I sighed. It felt so wonderfully relaxing, my mind quickly drifted to thoughts of you. I thought of your hands, moving across my body, feeling every inch of my skin. My desire was strong. Instead of shampooing my hair, I reached for my sponge. As I lathered it up with the fragrant soap, I imagined that you were beside me. In my mind you took my hand, and slowly began to rub the poof across my skin. I started with the top, washing my arms and my back…. Then across my stomach, barely brushing the top of the small trimmed patch of hair. Feeling a slight shiver from the sensation, I began to rhythmically run the sponge around each of my breasts, then bursa escort across the nipples that stiffened quickly upon contact. As I washed one, I lightly massaged the other, to mimic the feel of the other.

Feeling my desire grow, I moved to my feet, feeling the light tickle of the sponge across my toes. I smiled as I ran the poof up and down my calves.. Then more slowly as I moved to my thighs. I gasped when the sponge brushed against my clit briefly as I washed the sensitive areas on the insides of my thigh. I was breathing more deeply now, knowing that I could feel release soon. My hands, almost now completely under control of the fantasy of you in my mind, began to work the lather into my pussy, starting with the outer lips, and working towards the opening to my moist and eager passage. I ran my fingers in gentle circles around my clit, moving rhythmically at the sensation. Knowing that if you were there, I would have been due a little tease, I stopped before my desire built too high.

I took the shower massager and slowly rinsing every inch of my skin, feeling the warm water mimic the previous actions of the sponge. When all of the lather had washed down, I switched bursa escort bayan the spray over to its massage setting, and leaned against the edge of the tub. I thought of your touch as the hard spray touched me, starting on my smooth ass, caressing it all over before moving on to my waiting slit. As the spray touched my tight rosebud opening, I gasped and jumped a little, thinking of the pleasurable pain of you taking me there. As the spray moved towards my waiting clit, I felt the water rush across my pussy, and I moaned, aching to be filled there. As soon as the spray moved away, I plunged two of my fingers into my wet pussy, imagining that it was your cock, thrusting into me, hard and fast and hot. I moved the massager up onto my clit, and felt the first waves of orgasm wash over me . I felt my fingers pick up their intensity as I dreamt of you fucking me harder, pressing me further against the wall of the bath.

I felt the release begin… The hard water pulsing against my hard center of pleasure, my fingers mimicking the action of your cock Waves of pleasure radiated from every nerve in my body as I felt the numbing orgasm take over. My mind was lost in a escort bursa sea of passion, every inch of my being connected to you. Instead of stopping, however, my fingers kept thrusting in and out of me, and the stream of water continued to work it’s magic on my clit. As soon as the first orgasm subsided, another began to build behind it, with the force of a hurricane. As I fucked my fingers harder and faster, moaning over the spray of the water, I knew that I was about to lose control. The spray kept pulsing against my clit, leaving me no escape. When the image of you taking your hard cock from my wet pussy and putting it into my tight, waiting ass came into my mind, I inserted two fingers into my ass and lost it.

My second orgasm took over my soul, and left my body a quivering mass of pleasure. I felt the heat spread from beneath me and carry me up to higher plateaus of ecstasy. Nothing in the world mattered but the explosions of pleasure that rocked me and the beautiful knowledge that I was yours. I collapsed against the wall, letting the shower massager fall next to me as I tried to catch my breath. When I finally regained my composure, after what must have been at least 10 minutes, I realized that the room was filled with hot, steam. I shut the water off, wrapped a warm towel around me and stepped out. As I dried off, I noticed that I had a big smile on my face I had gotten my release all thanks to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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