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My Shy colleague, ex-student and emergency sec par

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My Shy colleague, ex-student and emergency sec par(See part one for the warm up).Her fingers are making a sopping sound. Her pussy is literally dripping. One hand is pulling her nipples. I never have seen a girl this horny. And can’t get my head around that I’m staring at my shy colleague and ex-student. She slows down, trying to catch her breath and avoiding a first orgasm. She gazes at me and her shyness is back. Can we forget that this is real? Pleease? Betty whispers. It’s just that… It’s my turn to shut her up. I run my foot over her leg and in between her thighs. My big toe finds her clit easily as it still proudly stands out, glistening with her juices. I start tapping it gently and she squeezes her legs, twisting her hips back and forth. In return she runs her feet up my legs and clasps my cock. I always have a hard time not cumming too quickly so try to peel her feet away as I want this to last a bit longer. You don’t like it? No, no, I love it but I want this too last much longer. She gets up and takes my hand. Come, I know a place to cool down. She throws on her shirt and we run through the house, up the stairs to the rooftop. There is no moon, it’s chilly and a slight breeze. She’s shivering and cuddles up to me pushing me back against the wall. She’s cold and her nipples are even sharper now poking my chest. It makes me hard again and my dick is pushing against her belly. She holds on to my shoulders, stands on the tip of her feet and lowers herself on to my dick. I can feel my cock disappear between two warm wet lips. She slowly starts sliding back and forth, squeezing her legs as tight as she can. Our lips find each other and the kiss is electrifying. We both shiver but this time it’s the excitement taking over. She bites my ear and she hisses softly . Fuck me please. All those nights, when sarıyer escort I heard you jerk off, i was so close to knocking at your door. It has been too long. I need it. You’re driving me crazy every night. FUCK ME. knowing myself, i need to drag this a bit further. I grasp her head, smile and whisper back not yet. We’ll get there. I push her away, turn her around, pick my t-shirt and tie it in front of her eyes. Her hands protect her pussy as I push her further out to a place on the roof where our neighbors could potentially see her. I move away and hold my breath. This is an incredible sight. her curves are amazing and her boobs jiggle back and forth on a tight body. Where are you? Please don’t leave me. Shhhh trust me. I grasp her hands and lead them to an overhead bar we use to dry clothes and tie them to it. It is slightly too high so she needs to stretch her body. I push her legs apart. She shivers again as the wind is picking up. I let my fingers walk,over her body, pinching a nipple from time to time. She moans softly each time I do it. I try to pinch a bit harder and she leans back suddenly, letting out a short scream as I pull her back up with the tip of my fingers. My fingers continue their journey and circle around her pussy. She moves her hips as much as she can trying to guide me between her legs. I move back. I pick up a broom stick and push it between her legs. She curls and twists an in no time does she manage to suck it up her pussy. She starts riding it vigorously. Her juices are dripping down the stick. I can’t help but stroking my cock at this time. This is hotter than the best fantasy I ever had. I pull it out. Can you please fuck me NOW. I want the real thing. I want your cock. While I ponder what to do, I see the esenyurt escort door to the rooftop open slightly. I see the shadow of my other male colleague masturbating. Nick startles when he sees me. I wave him to come over without making a sound. This can’t get any better. His cock is bigger than mine and has an incredible nice head. I free her from the bar and help her into a doggy position. I can see her pussy wide open between her amazing butt cheeks. I motion him to stand in front of her, grasp his dick and lead it to her mouth. Her lips part immediately and I can see his cock slide in and out. She goes deep and gags, surprised by the length. I position my self at the back and push my dickhead between her pussy lips. She freezes and yells. Who is this? No need to know I hiss and shove my cock as deep as I can and immediately pick up speed. She is so horny by now and pushes back as hard as she can, while holding on to the dick of our colleague and trying to catch his dickhead with her mouth. Her cunt is tight and she manages to control her pussy muscles, squeezing every time I pull back. This is not the shy girl I know. She is completely loosing control now and I can see an orgasm building up. She’s starting to moan and scream louder and louder, begging me to fuck her hard. I try to muffle the sound but she bites me hard. He has stepped away and is jerking of fast just next to her face. The sounds must have been loud as the door opens again. Now it’s one of the other girls stepping out. Lisa freezes. She’s wearing a see through pijama. She’s the one in the house with the biggest boobs, teasing us always with sufficient cleavage to lift the trousers. I lie down and move my ethiopean Beauty on top off me, facing the other way. The sight of my dick moving up and down avrupa yakası escort her ass is amazing. lisa has stepped out further now. She steps over my legs, lifts her pijama and position her pussy in front of Betty’s face. I take her blindfold off. She looks back for a second but does not hesitate and buries her face in Lisa ‘s cunt. Nick feeling left out is edging closer and kneels down positioning himself to cum all over us. I’ve never seen another cock up so close. This is emergency sex flashes through my head . All is allowed. Nobody cares. We will all behave as if nothing happened in the morning. Before I realize, I grab his cock by the shaft and let my lips slide over his dickhead. I’m surprised by the feeling. It’s soft and rock hard at the same time . Nick pulls back his hands and trusts forward. Things are really getting out of control now. I jerk and suck his cock as hard. Betty is still buried in Lisa s cunt, who is also edging closer to an orgasm. Betty arches back, stares at me. Fuck me harder, I want you to cum in me, NOW. I grasp her hips, lift her as high as I can without slipping out and shove her down, faster and faster. She manages to turn around and puts her nails in my chest. Her boobs are swaying back and forth violently now. I had no clue she would be the type to like it this rough. Lisa is still standing over me, now with three fingers up her pussy with her thumb rubbing a massive clit. We are all working towards our climax. Betty takes control. Cum fucking cum in 10. We all speed up as she counts down. I feel my load shooting up her pussy, while Liza squirts right into betty’s face and nick dumps his load right into mine. Betty bends over and I feel,her tongue scr****g up his cum, while I bury my nose in Liza s juices dripping of Betty’s face. We all fall back and lie still staring at the stars. None of us looks side ways. I feel left and right and find two pussies, still open and sensitive, while I feel two hands picking up my dick, trying to bring it back to life . I have no clue how long we’ve been lying there but I remember cumming once more amidst the sound of soft moans. Fell asleep and woke up alone …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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