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My sister Annie

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My sister AnnieShe was my sister and I loved her. But when Mom called and told me I had to have her up to the school for 4 nights I was pissed. It was the 4 day weekend — Founders Day into Memorial Day — and I’d been looking forward to the college parties and particularly to getting closer to Sandy- my new girlfriend. I was a sophomore and woefully undernourished in the pussy department, but Mom doesn’t take no for an answer. She and Dad were off to Barbados, there was no one else, she didn’t trust Annie over at any of her friend’s homes, etc. etc. So that was that. They were celebrating Annie’s 18th birthday Wednesday night and Thursday they’d be off and she, Annie, would be on her way here (and did I remember to get Annie a present?)It was only 2 days later that I found out Annie wasn’t coming alone. She called to make arrangements to meet at my dorm and casually dropped the bomb that Beth was coming with her. Beth is this super hot friend of Annie’s who I’d known for 10 years, and had lusted after from afar in the way you do with a sister’s hot friend. I had figured my getting her was pure fantasy until the night of my high school graduation. That’s when she took me in my bedroom with the family partying below us and gave me what was still the best blowjob of my life. “Don’t ever say I didn’t give you something special for graduation Jeff,” she said after with a big grin and a fat strand of sperm dripping from her chin. Then she was gone. I hadn’t seen her since, so I marked it up to a blowjob where nothing leads up to it and nothing leads away from it. But now I reconsidered that and reconsidered the benefits of having Annie up with her best friend. Perhaps Sandy would have to wait.Annie and Beth had been best friends since the 4th grade when we moved to town. Beth was a couple of months older but when both girls ended up repeating 5th grade for medical reasons (now all cleared up) the bond between them was really sealed. Annie was athletically lean from volleyball and basketball, tall, pretty, smart and funny. Beth got all the curves Annie lacked; she had just about a perfect body and face. Maybe she was a touch ditzy and more than a touch slutty (as my surprise bj demonstrated), but I was more than fine with the overall package. Annie was pretty, with maybe small B-cup tits, while Beth was the gorgeous cheerleader type — C-cups for sure, a killer ass and the face of an angel. For a moment I worried whether Annie knew the special gift I got from Beth, but there had been no sign of it. I was already wondering if there was a way to lose Annie for a few hours so Beth and I could create more secrets to keep from her.Annie got out of my Dad’s SUV looking like a wholesome, well scrubbed tomboy. Fashionable, but not very tight, jeans and a couple of those spaghetti strapped shirts she loved. Beth got out the other side and winked over at me as I hugged Annie. She came in for her own hug. Beth was dressed like Junior Sluts on Parade, a plaid mini skirt to mid thigh, cute little fuck-me shoes, and a tight blue tee which hugged her free range tits. The shirt knocked off work somewhere north of her naval and nicely showed off her flat tummy and jeweled belly button. I wanted to cum just watching her walk over for the hug. Her eyes were made up, her long brown hair shined and she smelled like heaven.Since it was still Thursday morning I had to get to one more class. Beth’s hug had me pretty hard but I hid it well and asked the girls if they wanted to come along with me. Annie laughed and said they’d rather hang at the dorm. Off I went feeling kind of like a dope for walking away from that very hot piece of ass my sister had so considerately brought along for the ride!Problem was I got back from class to find Frank hanging all over them — or more exactly Annie hanging all over him with Beth laying on my bed watching. Beth’s legs were together but the skirt was so short that I figured Frank had a view of her panties from his angle, even as he was bending over Annie to show her some chords on his guitar. Frank is my roommate, and a pussy hound way beyond my ability. He claimed to have fucked nine different girls before Christmas break our freshman year, and most of us believed him. I knew as soon as I saw the scene that he was working to fuck one of what I sort of thought of as my girls, leering over towards Beth as Annie practically rubbed her cute tits on his shoulder.I looked at Annie and saw a girl flushed and excited by his attention. Then for one second I imagined leaving Annie to him so I could get alone with Beth, who was looking very sexy in the horizontal position. Then I thought of Mom and Dad and realized I needed to save Annie from Frank. His official count of pussy scored had recently crept (he said) to 24, and no way could I let him fuck my sister as number 25, not after the way I’d seen him treat other girls. Plus I was pretty sure Annie was a virgin, and a pretty pure virgin at that.Frank actually already had a weird history of attraction with Annie. A year earlier my family had vacationed in St Martin’s and I’d made the mistake of leaving my photos of the trip lying around. Frank found it and started in not only on Annie — who was cute but not spectacular in her bikini — but even on my mother. About Mom he made the usual MILF jokes (focused mainly on her tits which were actually well hidden in a modest bikini) and asked when she was coming up to visit. But the comment that most irked me — I had to pretend to be amused but believe me I wasn’t — was about the picture of Annie bent over smoothing out her towel after a swim. Frank went on and on about her ass and how (he said) you could get a nice glimpse of her pussy outlined by her tight bikini bottoms. In his memorable line: ‘Dude, you can totally see the outline of her cunt in that shot.’ I knew he was just trying to get me going, but it still bothered me. It was hard to hear her young pussy described that way. But sure enough when I was next alone, I had to look closer and there it was — a perfect outline of the lips of her pussy in the wet suit. The material had sucked up into her snatch just enough to make the camera shot perfect (if that’s what you were looking for.) But I for one was not. Fuckin’ Frank!I got Annie out of there on the pretext of showing her the new gym where she might play basketball once she got to college. Beth said she’d stay behind, and I tried hard not to whine her in to joining us. I figured I had 4 nights to close the deal with her and that I’d better not rush things at the start. But leaving Frank alone with Beth was one of the harder things I’d ever done. It made me feel angry, sad and noble all at once.Annie and I ended up goofing around at the gym — playing a little one on one b-ball. She was a pretty good player, although with 6 inches of height on her and probably 60 pounds, it wasn’t too hard to stop her drives to the hoop. One time an accidental contact sent her sprawling on the baseline, her rump in the air, and I flashed back on the picture that got Frank going. The skin tight short-shorts she’d put on for the tour left little about her ass (which is nice) or her crotch (notice I didn’t call it her ‘cunt’?) to the imagination. I tried to wash away the image by thinking of Beth’s much rounder, fuller ass and what I’d like to do with it, but the Annie-image was still in there. And now it had company.We hacked around the gym and the campus for 2 hours or more, and then went back to the room to shower for dinner. It was empty. With Annie in the shower I got Frank on his cell phone and made plans to meet out at the local Chinese place for dinner. He’d taken Beth down to show her the lake and campus and his lacrosse field house. Two hours after that we were done with dinner. Then the girls went back to the dorm to change for the big party. Frank and I were hanging out on the campus waiting.He handed me a key and said “Hey, Bill wanted you to have this.””OK, why is that?” “So you’ll have a place to sleep tonight.””Huh?”The plan of course had been for the girls to stay in our room on the floor. Their sleeping bags were already there, and already I’d pictured Beth a hundred times climbing into hers dressed only in skimpy lace shorts and a top. But light dawned on me,”You mean you want our room to yourself?””Well, not exactly myself.” He laughed then. “Uh… Beth and I are going to need some privacy, and Bill is gone for the night back home. So he gave me his key — but only on the condition that you stay there, not me. He said something about not wanting my cum all over his sheets when he got back, but he was fine with you staying there. And there are 2 beds so you and Annie can both be comfortable.”Damn. Of course he didn’t know I had a history with Beth so I couldn’t fault him for that — but still, damn him. I was afraid of the answer but asked anyway — “You mean you two already got into it this afternoon?”Frank laughed again and said “Not quite, well all but. Beth knows I’m getting us the room, she’s telling Annie about it now so we don’t freak her out.” He saw me wincing and halkalı escort said “Well look I figured you didn’t want me to play for Annie — right? And Beth is too good to pass up — you should see her ass out of that skirt.” I guess that’s what he meant by ‘all but.’At the party we hung out, drank some beers and allowed the girls a few. Neither of us wanted to see them get wasted (for slightly different reasons.) Frank danced with both girls and so did I. I got immediately aroused with my arms around Beth and her pelvis hitting mine. We didn’t mention it but we both knew the other was thinking about that bj — and about the bj she’d be giving a little later. After an hour or so we spotted Frank taking Beth out a side door so we figured that case was closed. And since Annie was getting hit on by a couple of seniors on the prowl for young girls, we got out shortly after.Rather than go back right away I took her to a movie which itself turned out pretty funny. There were two really hot sex scenes in the movie — one of which gave me another in the series of uncomfortable woodies that day. A skinny blonde (not unlike Annie), with only tiny pink panties on (not unlike Annie’s suit in the photo), was bent over crawling (not unlike Annie) across a bed to suck the hero’s cock (totally unlike Annie.) It was shot from behind the actress and again I got the flash of Frank saying ‘dude, you can totally see the outline of her cunt.’ Of course in an R rated movie they didn’t show the actual sucking — just her head bobbing up and down in the actor’s lap. But it was enough to send my blood rushing. I gave a cautious glimpse over to Annie. Her pretty eyes were about bulging out of her head. But we don’t discuss things like that in our family so we let it pass then and forever.We got back to the dorm and without a word to each other went to Bill’s room right next door to my own. I was tempted to listen at my door, but that seemed too sketchy. My reason was I realized only now that we hadn’t brought any of my stuff or Annie’s for the night. But screw it! We had a place with 2 beds and that would have to be enough. We got in and chatted uncomfortably about the day — both of us thinking about (and trying not to picture) the fucking that we knew was taking place behind the wall. It was well after midnight and with nothing much else to do we decided to turn in. We turned out the lights and Annie turned while I stripped down to my boxers and jumped into bed.She giggled, “Now don’t peek!! Really! Turn around.”And I did — did both I mean. I turned and then, in the darkened room lit by a bright spring moon through an open window, turned back and peeked. Annie had her back to me and shimmied out of the tight jeans she’d been wearing for the party. Heart attack number 1: she had on really pretty yellow bikini panties, number 2: she bent over to pick up the jeans, number 3: ‘dude, you can totally see…’, numbers 4,5 and 6: she pulled off the little top she was wearing, reached around to undo the (matching) yellow bra, dropped it on the bureau beside her, tilted back to the bed — her small tits illuminated by the moonlight — to retrieve the top and drop it back over her head. Oh my fucking word but she looked gorgeous to me at that moment, sister or not. With that she jumped into bed and I turned back to my wall quickly. I was already wondering whether I could jack off with her in the room. It had been that kind of day.After our ‘good night’s, I was waiting for Annie to drift off. I was lightly stroking my dick but didn’t dare really go for it with her about 6 feet away. Amazingly, I must have fallen asleep first, because the next thing I knew she was calling my name.”Jeff — did you hear that?””Huh? Hear what?” I had been dreaming about Beth getting out of that car.”That.” I could hear the words but had no idea what she was talking about.”What?””Them.””Them who? We’re by ourselves, Annie. We’re all alone here.””No you idiot, up here, by the vent. I can hear them through the wall.”My eyes opened. Annie was kneeling up on her bed pressed against the wall separating us from my dorm room. Above her head I could just make out an air vent in that wall. And below, her ass lit up by that Spring moon. And for the fourth or fifth time that day I was confronted by that image. I gave in. Her ass was fucking hot in those panties, more full and womanly that it had ever been in St Martin’s. Round, feminine and so tempting. Her ass appeared to twitch and shimmy under the tight panties as she twisted her head up near the vent. And, yeah, I could almost think I could make out the image of her cunt as her body leaned in towards the vent. I registered that for the first time ‘cunt’ did seem to be the appropriate word. But hell if she was going to keep torturing me with these glimpses, then …whatever! Her voice snapped me out of it.”Oh my God — they’re about to do it. I can hear everything.” Her voice was low and soft and kind of hissing to keep private, and somehow sounded very sexy in the shimmery dark/light of the dorm room. But what the hell was she talking about? I couldn’t hear a thing.”You mean they’re fucking? Frank and Beth?””Not yet — can’t you hear it?”I honestly couldn’t. It was probably from an ear injury I had with a cherry bomb when I was 14. But she wanted me to hear. And I wanted whatever she wanted right that moment.”Come over here — you won’t believe it.”Her voice in retrospect was already getting raspy. I hightailed it over to her bed, hopped aboard and pressed into the wall beside her, glancing down at her top from the side when I bent my good ear in towards the vent. Now I heard it:I could hear Frank say “Get down on it girl,” and from Beth some giggling.”Yeah that’s it — suck it,” followed by her faint slurping sounds.”Oh yeah, get that pussy up here so I can finger you.”Beth hadn’t said a word but it was pretty clear what her role in the little off stage drama was. I was beside Annie sporting a huge boner from seeing her body and from listening to Frank command Beth. I reached up to adjust the louvered vent and the sounds from their room became clearer and louder. Had fucking Bill been listening like this every time Frank or I — well, obviously 90% Frank of course, had brought a girl back to our room? I’d have to worry about that later since now it was like being in the room with them as she gave him head.We could hear Frank moving her again. “C’mere, get that top off so I can see your tits while you blow me.”Beth giggled again; we waited till they stripped her.”Oh yeah honey. I liked those tits the minute I saw you.”Now we heard Beth, “Mmmmm your cock is like steel, it tastes so good.”Then Frank’s voice, “Mmmmmmmm I’m liking that, yeah, go down deep.”There was a long quieter pause as we all waiting on Beth’s cock sucking skills to have their effect. I had some experience of those skills myself and was confident Frank wouldn’t last much longer than the 2 minutes it took her to have my seed erupting two years earlier. We could hear Frank gasping a bit, no doubt trying to prolong the bj before he let her taste his sperm. For the record, Beth did not let me cum in her mouth on that graduation night. My first jet that night had surprised her and bullseyed her chin, but the others had gone harmlessly into the palm of her hand. But, as I said it was two years later, and I knew immediately from the sounds in that room that Frank was going to make out better in that regard. That’s when Annie touched my arm and leaned in to whisper.”We have to be quiet — they could hear us too. Is she still sucking him?” I looked again sideways at Annie in the moonlight and could see her nipples straining the thin fabric of her shirt. I looked down and saw her stomach and the thin panty material disappearing to a small ‘V’ at her crotch.Whispering back, hoarse sounding in my own ears, I said, “Yeah, she’s totally blowing him.” Now I glanced behind her at her ass. The moon was still doing its job of lighting her up from behind and the satiny material shimmered. It looked like her ass was doing a little dance in those panties. And without even knowing it, I started a slow massage of the small of her back with my hand, just making little circles, first over her top, then a bit lower so my hand was roaming from the top to the bare skin above her ass. Annie was still leaning in, and showing no sign of trouble at the hand action. When I realized what I was doing I pulled my hand away quickly so I wouldn’t freak her out. Annie whispered again “I know that Beth blew you for graduation — she told me.” Now that was interesting and I would have loved to know more about how that story went down and whether Annie was pissed at me, at Beth, at us both or at no one.But Frank was speaking over the top of Annie’s voice, “Oh yeah, suck it slut — going to cum way down your throat.” Annie let out a little groan — or surprise or disgust I couldn’t tell.And then from Beth: “Mmmmm do it, fuck my mouth. Your cock is huge.”I glanced down and found my hand had olgun escort already resumed — all by itself! — The circular motion over Anne’s little top, over the small of her back. I felt my chest constrict and then watched as my hand dropped down further to her skin and then over the panties and I began caressing Annie’s lovely ass. When I did that she looked at me quick, and then turned her head back to the wall. I kept circling her ass, getting more and more bold as we listened to Beth struggling to swallow Frank’s cock through the vent. Then I had the full round of Annie’s ass cupped in my hand. Anne was silent, her face turned from me. But she was letting me cup and knead her ass through the panties. I looked down at myself and saw an enormous erection pointing up and out at the wall as we knelt there together. Frank was breathing hard in the vent. I was watching my hand circle Annie’s ass in the moonlight. Now Annie pressed her body into the wall and began grinding her pelvis against the hard surface. I took advantage and cupped her ass cheeks hard so there could be no mistaking what was happening. She turned her face to me, looking confused and lust ravaged.Annie whispered “I’m so horny” and this time looked up at me with a face both pleading and worried. One look at her and I knew she was a goner. She should kiss that virginity good-bye although maybe it also occurred to me that I’d beat her there to kiss it plenty for her. My hand slipped down below her ass and I found the crotch of the panties and gently moved it aside. Just then Frank started up again and we were as focused on his blowjob as we were on the fact that my fingers were now riding along the lips of Annie’s cunt. Frank started to explode.”Oh fuck, fuck — shit, suck deeper…Fuck.”We heard Beth gagging and moaning through the vent.Now my finger was inside just a little and Annie’s pussy was sopping wet. We heard Frank cumming as my fingers slid up towards Annie’s hard little clit. And then we were falling and I was on top of her. My right hand found her tit over the shirt and I was grinding myself now between her thighs. Her face was frantic with lust. I pushed my arms up to look down on her. But the play by play next door went on too.Frank: “Swallow that, slut. Yeah good girl.”Beth: A pause, and then “Holy shit that was hot.”Frank: A big whoosh or air came out before he said, “You give good head.”Beth: “But oh my God your cock, I thought I was going to drown in your cum.”We heard her laughing, as I lay suspended above Annie. I saw Annie’s knees kick apart just enough to accommodate me.Beth: “What have you got to drink in here?”We heard sounds of rummaging in the mini-fridge and after that what sounded like a slap on her ass. Then more giggles.Frank: “Got a little more on your chin.”Beth laughed again, “Give it here. Waste not, want not.”I slid down Annie’s body till my face was right at her cunt. The panties were stained with her juices when I kissed her clit through the yellow satin and lace. Now I was sliding them down. I looked up to Annie. She was resting on her elbows watching me, panting, her lips pursed hard with desire. I dove in and kissed her naked pussy for the first time and Annie started moaning.I looked up and hissed “No noise! You said it!”I saw her take a sheet and bite down on it and I went back below. We forgot about Frank and Beth for a moment. When I pushed myself back off her I could see Annie’s cunt clearly in the moonlight. It was puffy, fat and slick, with fine blonde hairs parting to open her little pink cunt. It was bubbling juices. And I went back and licked them up. Those lips parted and I grabbed two handfuls of her ass to guide her pussy into my mouth. Eerie sounds came from her — moans and gasps muffled in her mouth by the gag of the sheet she bit down on. My tongue lapped her slit from bottom to top and back again. Then I penetrated her with my tongue and licked her clit in circles.I could hear her moaning softly, a steady “Oooooooh.” I pulled her legs up a bit, making her cunt pouch open deeper. One finger entered the cunt (part of my brain registered: no cherry in there!) as I licked her clit and her body started shaking. I slowed to kiss her thighs while I finger fucked her deep and hard. I put a second finger inside her little slit and went back down to blow and suck the hard little clit. She was shaking and moaning, but keeping the blanket in her mouth to muffle it. I almost stopped to make her be quiet again but it was too good for both of us. Now I lapped again, tongue flat along the entire engorged slit, and alternated that with finger fucking her. She moaned hard but I could hear action across the wall.Frank: “I like ’em all.”Beth: “Well doggie is nice.”Frank: “Yeah and I want to watch that ass move while I fuck you. Get up.”About 2 seconds later we heard her saying “Oh my god I’m going to cum already.”Frank: “Go ahead; we’ll just have to make the little cunt cum again.”Now she was totally into it, moaning and begging.Beth: “Oh…oh…oh… don’t stop…fuck me…oh god fuck me.”I was eating Annie hard and she was cumming herself. I remember thinking that Annie and Beth had simultaneous orgasms that night. Annie was moaning and thrusting her cunt into my mouth. I fingered her under the pelvic bone once more and she exploded. It couldn’t have mattered much with all the noise Beth was making next door. Panting like a dog from her cum — both of them. And I was still eating her. I felt her hands in my hair as she slid her bottom away from my mouth. And her hand was over her cunt, blocking the sensitive bud there from any more stimulation. I collapsed up on her body. We listened.Frank: “Want it pussy or mouth?”Beth: “Cum in my mouth…I can’t…. You know…”We heard the sounds of rustling sheets and then:Beth: “Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh, God damn that’s good.”Frank gave out a small roar and then her:Beth: “Oh shit, all over me. Oh my god you came all over my face.” But it sounded like a pretty friendly complaint if you know what I mean.Frank: “Fuck you look cute like that!”So far I was the only one who had not cum, but my hard cock was threatening to explode right in the boxers. Annie’s eyes were closed and she was still breathing hard. I jumped up, pulled down the boxers and went to her face with my cock. My cock seemed huge against her pretty face and hard as petrified wood. It was already drooling pre-cum on the bed sheet beside her. She was my sister and I knew it — but right then she was a slut who was going to suck my cock. Her eyes opened. Then they opened wider. So did her mouth. I hopped on the bed, straddled her chest and fed the cock into her wet mouth and as far down her throat as an inexperienced cock sucker could handle. Annie’s eyes were huge. I pressed in and fed her more cock. Annie was gagging and I was pressing in with my hips, whipping the cock up and down in her mouth fast, fucking her there. I didn’t try to last; it would have been no use anyway. I was cumming in her mouth. I pulled out to let the head rest in her mouth while the jets of sperm boiled out of my aching balls into her wet pink mouth. Annie gagged and pushed her face to the side, popping the still spitting dick out of her mouth. It lay along the side of her face and I shot 3 more strands of cum along her cheek and up into her beautiful blonde hair.I collapsed on the bed beside her. Annie moaned, her eyes watery now and almost closed. I studied the cum streaks on her face and hair and asked if she was all right. ‘Yes.” she said in a flat voice. I found my shirt on the floor and turned to wipe some of the cum off her face.”Are you sure? Did you like it?”But she turned to the wall and only said “I need to sleep now.”Oh shit! Now I figured she was really pissed. Had I really ****d my sister’s mouth? Cum in her mouth? Cum in her hair and on her face? Just like Frank had done to Beth! The difference was Beth was cooing and giggling as across the wall she did something to wipe her face, but Annie had turned in a heartbeat all stony, icy silent and it scared the piss out of me. Was she really that angry right after I’d made her cum hard with my mouth? I was only getting my turn after hearing three other people coming like faucets! Then my hand went under the covers and rubbed against her naked thigh and ass. Suddenly my hard on was back in action in a big way.I spooned in beside her, feeling my cock on her naked butt, my face buried in her neck. She didn’t seem to object so one hand snaked around her hip and up under the little top she wore. I felt her tits properly for the first time, the nipples stiff but still rubbery. I was gentle and massaged her tits softly till I could hear her drifting off. All this time she never said a word! Then I replayed the day in my head, amazed that my desire to protect Annie had lead somehow to all this. It was quiet next door and so I figured Beth and Frank were done for the night too.The next thing I knew I was waking up, still snuggled up and holding şişli escort Annie’s small tit up under her shirt. Now I could feel my cock against her skin while I listened to her slow, rhythmic breathing. I knew I was going to do it then. There was nothing to feel guilty about given what everyone had experienced. And so I was going to fuck my little sister before the night was out. But I was cautious. She’d been through so much already and believe it or not I was concerned for her even while I was planning. Plus her strange silence after I came from the bj still made me a little nervous about what her reaction would be. The good thing was I knew she was on the pill — prescribed almost a year ago when painful periods were bothering her. So her cunt was open to me, or would be. My cock was getting harder and harder against her thigh. Gently as I could I moved of the bed, tugging her hip gently to roll Annie on her back as I moved. The room had darkened, the moon probably behind clouds now. I had to see her body before I woke her to fuck. I got her on her back she was still sound asleep. I moved to the desk abutting the bed at her feet. There I found the spotlight lamp Bill used to study at his desk. I found the switch, pulling the lamp away from the direction of Annie’s eyes. Then slowly I twisted the shade till the spotlight lit up her pussy. I knelt at the end of the bed, the lamplight going right over me, and inspected her cunt. Her pussy was no longer wet of course. I figured we’d both been out for a couple of hours at least. But the lips were still plump and delicious looking. And I could see the fine, soft pussy hair I’d only touched and licked earlier. It was a spare little forest fanning and feathering away from her slit — blonde and fine and shining now in the light. I leaned in — and the aroma of eaten pussy was still with us.I wetted a finger in my mouth. Gently I ran it up the slit. She never moved. Then more spit on my finger went to paint her pussy. Still no movement. Finally I leaned over, inhaling her feminine essence and drooled a wad of saliva right over where I judged the lips had enclosed her clit. Now she was stirring. My fingers went to work lubing her sweet cunt with the spit, one finger plopping in to find some of her own moisture. Now she woke, groggy and questioning.”Jeff, what? What are you…?””Sssshhhhhhh, we have to be quiet.””But Jeff we already did this.””I know Annie. Let’s do it again? For me?””Jeff…” but her voice trailed off as I spoke over her:”I know Annie, but this time I want all of you. I need all of you Annie!”By now my finger was in her cunt, pulling moisture up and down the slit and finding the clit. The little red bugger woke up faster than Annie did and I swirled it and lathed it while we spoke. I bent in and licked her cunt, keeping the finger in her. Now she got into it and I felt her legs spread. I zoomed right over the clit, loving it totally with my mouth and tongue. She was starting to pant. My plan was to eat her till she came again and then to fuck her. But she got hot fast.”Do it now, fuck me Jeff.” My God had I heard that correctly? Well correct or not I was going to take her advice.I stood and let the light shine on my hard cock and then back to her spread legs and cunt. A look of absolute lust washed over her. She lifted the little top in one motion over her head to be nude for me. And I lay down between her legs. My hand aligned the cock head with the wet slit and I moved the head into her gently. I rubbed it inside up and down the slit, coating us both with her pussy juices, which were suddenly running hard. I moved my hands over hers on the bed, holding her in place, as I thrust half way in. Annie winced and let out a small moan. But I kept it up — pulled out a bit and rubbed the head inside the tight lips, and then pushed forward to fuck her a little deeper. I was pushing her knees up to open her slit wide and then I felt the head pop deeper inside her. She reached for her knees to hold them up and it must have tilted her cunt in at the perfect angle cause then I was totally inside her fucking and feeling my balls swing just under her cunt. I paused to bend my head down and suck each red nipple. Then I kissed her open mouth hard and stuck my tongue as deep in her as possible. When I did I felt her thrust her cunt forward on my cock. Hard moans were escaping from her. I took a hand and held it over her mouth while I rested on one arm above her.Then I was fucking her in rhythm, banging her little pussy so hard she was sliding up the bed. Her head was hanging backwards over the side and I felt her cunt contract hard on my dick. My hand was holding back her muffled roars of pleasure when I started to cum in her. She was shaking under me, legs, body, arms head, as I exploded deep inside her, pushing my cock in as hard as it would go to get the sperm way up inside her. Then I was done, resting inside her and on her while she panted. My hand fell off her mouth when she was quiet enough and I slid down on her to suck her tits.I heard her try to whisper, “Do me more.”So my fingers went back inside and played with her clit. Her cunt was gorgeously swampy and I rubbed my wet sperm all over the hard, begging clit. Then I went down to watch her cunt as I played with her — finger fucking her deep, as she got closer. I had the urge to eat her then but backed off when I saw the big drops of my cum on her pussy, so I just finger fucked and watched her pussy. She took the sheet in her mouth again and heard her cry out. She was cumming for me again — the sweet little tramp! I pulled her by the ankles to get her head and shoulders back up on the bed. Then I was beside her — kissing her mouth and tits, my fingers still playing in her cunt. This time she didn’t seem to have the sensitive bud problem that we all get — male and female. And I swear I fingered her to 2 more orgasms with my mouth sucking her tits. Finally I was biting her small left boob, leaving marks that we would both see the next day. She came with the sheet in her mouth again and we collapsed — over and out.We were whispering:I said, “Amazing.””Ohhhhh-Myyyyyyy-Goddddddd! Better than amazing.””Your pussy was… incredible.””Me? Your cock is unbelievable — I didn’t know guys came that much.”I kissed her and said, “Talk about it — you must have cum 3 or 4 times from fucking.””At least — laughs — I must have lost count. Were we really loud?””I don’t know — maybe. But…. it was worth it.”She kissed me with her tongue deep in my mouth and moved my hand back between her thighs. I looked down and saw new lust in her eyes.”You ready again?””I don’t know — maybe. I feel like such a slut — but I’m kind of liking it.” Then she laughed.”You were. I mean better than a slut — better than anyone I ever had. But did you ever…. You know — before?””Not really — not like this — I never even really gave head before tonight.””What do you mean by ‘not really’?””Well I kissed and licked some — but I ended up jerking him off because I was too afraid to blow him. And I never let him…. You know — fuck me.””Mmmmmmm nice to hear. So I was the first inside you?””Mmmm nice for me too. Of course you were!””You wore me out — I can go more than two times usually — but not more than two like that!Annie was laughing. “So I really got you?””Jesus Annie — your pussy is just so hot. I was afraid you wouldn’t let me fuck you. Especially after you got so quiet after — you know — the blowjob.””Well not fucking you occurred to me after you practically choked me with your cum.” She laughed and then got serious. “I wasn’t mad when I got quiet, just confused. It all happened so fast and I never — I mean I know you never did either — but I never planned this at all and …And then I just passed out my body was on total overload.” She kissed my cheek now and said “But when you woke me up eating my pussy again. After the first lick I knew I would let you, you know F-U-C-K me.” We both laughed at her spelling game, one we were used to using when our little cousins came over and we had to behave.”Good girl — course maybe I just would have had to **** you otherwise.”She giggled and punched my arm. “No need Jeff, none at all. But on the other hand, that might be fun too.”I was so sleepy that now I thought I was passing out. But I needed to get one thing straight before either of us could sleep that night.”I’m sleepy! And I got to wake up really early tomorrow.””Why?””To fuck you again before they get up.”A beautiful smile lit up her equally beautiful face. “Will you? Please? Pretty please? Will you really fuck me again?”She looked up at me and we kissed hard, with one of my hands groping her small tits while the other pushed her ass hard into my crotch. Then there was one more thing.Annie asked, “Do you think they heard us? “”Hard to say. We certainly had box seats — haha! — for their action.””Yeah, my god what a slut she is. I mean I knew she was but I never imagined that!””Well you didn’t do so bad yourself.” She punched my arm again as I d****d it over her naked body.We went to sleep. We were both happy. We were both wondering if we were found out already. We never discussed it as i****t, not even later, just as the best sex either of us could imagine. But of course it was i****t. The sister I wanted to protect had just declared herself my slut — and we had a date to fuck in the morning. Then we had three nights together after that. We would worry about Frank and Beth later.

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