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MY sister EVE PART 3

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MY sister EVE PART 3Good, you should be well rested for the hike today then,” mom said as she went out of the room to the kitchen.After breakfast, and our usual morning flirting routine, we got ready for the walk. Dad announced we were having a team treasure hunt, each team confined to one side of the lake. The treasure I wanted was the buried kind, and it was deep inside the girl rubbing my cock. Eve and I teamed up against our folks. We had to collect different things to win: sand, lake water, a kind of mushroom and some sheep’s wool.***We started up the path as a family until a fork came up in the trail; our folks went one way while Eve and I went the other way. We walked until we couldn’t see our folks anymore. “Come on! I know a private little beach, you can only get to it by boat,” I said. That sexy smile came over her face, and we ran back to the cabin.We hopped into the boat, us at one end, our bags at the other. I started to row as Eve slipped my shorts down to my ankles. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, up and down my shaft, from the base to the tip of my purple head. A drop of cum appeared and she greedily licked it away. She tried to take my entire cock into her mouth, managing only a few inches. She sucked hard on the amount she had and traced the outside of my balls with her fingertips and rubbed my leg with her other hand.I stopped rowing as I came, gently holding Eve’s head on my prick. I bent forward and kissed her and she pushed some cum into my mouth with her tongue. I took it and swallowed it as I kept kissing her. I started rowing again as she went to take the last beads of cum from the tip of my cock. We hit the beach a few minutes later. I took two plastic containers from my bag, filled one with water, one with sand and put them back. I picked Eve up out of the boat and carried her onto the beach. I put her down next to a rock, and helped her take off her clothes. I pulled off her shorts and her shirt and I got a nice surprise when I saw what she was wearing underneath. It looked like an all-in-one bathing suit. It was white sheer, with lace on all of the edges. The first things I noticed, however, were the holes in the suit where her perky breasts stood up and out towards me. My cock jumped back to life, ready for a taste of cunt or ass. Sucking on her nipples, I undid the ties on her back and gently slipped the sexy underwear off of her. There she lay, naked in the sand, just like my dream. I turned her over and pulled her up, back to my chest. I told her to lean forward and put her hands on the floor. Her asshole was wide open, and I knew how much she loved to have my cock up it. I rammed my cock into her and felt her close around the base of my shaft. I was excited and started spanking her hard. She rewarded me with squeals of pain and pleasure. My other hand reached round to support her. I started flicking her clit and she began to moan, turning me on even more. I inserted two fingers into her cunt. My thrusting and her moans and tight grip made me cum very quickly. I didn’t want it to be over this quick so I told her to kneel down. I knelt with her kneeling in front of me. The new position held my cock in place, even though it was becoming limp. Because my cock was still inside her, she could thrust against me and get satisfaction. Her back touched my chest, her head tilted and we kissed. My hands moved to her front and I played with her clit and inserted my fingers into her cunt again. My other hand moved up to her beautiful round melons, flicking her nipples into frenzy. As I flicked her clit and played with her tits, she thrusted back onto my cock, which was still in her asshole. It was erect again and she came and came as she experienced her first ‘tri-gasm’. She screamed louder than when I entered her ass for the first time, and came more than she had in any of our previous fucking sessions. Her body jerked violently, and for twenty minutes, she felt nothing but pure pleasure. As I came in her ass, she moaned as my hot tempobet yeni giriş liquid shot up, and then trickled back down, her anal passage.I stopped to let her recover, even though I couldn’t get my cock free from her asshole. When she stopped screaming, she slumped to the sand, turned over and had a huge smile on her face, she was moaning and her breathing was heavy. As she slipped off of my cock, it became hard again. I was yearning to cum once more and couldn’t help myself. Grabbing my cock, I half-leaned, half-stood over her, and jerked off on her tits as load after load of hot white cum shot over her chest and neck. She rubbed it into her tits and made ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ sounds at she massaged it into her nipples.“Come on, otherwise they might come and look for us,” I said, “I know where the mushrooms grow, lets put your clothes back on you, get to the boat, row back and then go look for them.”We put her underwear back onto her, I helped her step into the leg parts, kissing and stroking her hips and legs as they went on. As she put her arms in I stroked them, then her tits as I squeezed them back through the holes. I did up the lace ties at the back, sucking on her hard nipples as I did.Back in the boat, we both decided to let our desire (and cum) build up again. Back on dry land, with the boat attached to the veranda, we set off up the mountain path. I led Eve towards a rocky area I knew about. We walked for about an hour, talking and becoming closer than we ever had before. We were enjoying the sun, walking with our arms around each other, and then it started to rain. We were close to the rocks so we ran and found a cave to shelter in.God, she looked hot when she was wet. A few days ago, I was worried about my little sister making me horny, even though she’s not so little anymore. Now though, I was glad she was so sexy, and that she made me so damn horny. The lace underwear was sticking to her skin, her shirt turned see-through and her bare perky nipples showed through it. Her long, curly, light brown hair was darker now, like her downy pubic hair after she cums. I couldn’t help it, I grabbed her, ripped her shirt off and my raw a****l passion took over. We kissed as I pulled off her clothes; our kissing was large, aggressive and coupled with heavy breathing. She pushed me against the wall, pulled off my shirt and slipped my shorts off. She went in to give me a blowjob, but I stopped her.I knelt on the floor, leaning back on my hands with my hard-on jutting straight up into the air. She walked over to me and sat on my cock, putting her hands around my neck with her legs on either side of me. We kissed and she began to ride me. I leant back further so she had more support and my cock went further into her. She began to moan and groan, then I could feel her pussy juice running down my cock and onto my lap. After ten minutes of this, I could feel myself ready to cum. I shot my load into her and collapsed. I was laying flat on the floor. But her noises of pleasure kept me hard. I felt her turn around so that she had her back to my face. She kept riding me, squeezing my shaft with her internal muscles to get a better grip. I could feel myself cumming again after only five minutes.This time my cock wouldn’t stay up. Eve made a disappointed noise, and then a sharp and playful intake of breath as an idea struck her. Without lifting her body away from mine, she slid backwards. Her dripping wet pussy slid along my stomach, filling my navel with cum, she kept going until she was practically sitting on my face. She stopped and then leaned forward. She sucked her juice out of my navel and took my wet, limp cock into her mouth. Her pussy was inches from my face, and it dripped its juices onto me. a****listic instincts took over; I buried my face in her bush, licking her outer lips and then her inner lips, all the time sucking away any cum that threatened to fall onto my face. As she sucked me hard again, she rubbed her body over my stomach and tempobet giriş chest, covered with her cum. I moved my hands to hold onto her sides as she moved, nearly falling off of my body.My hand moved and probed into her cunt as my lips moved for my teeth to take over. I lovingly bit down on her outer lips. She moaned with pleasure and begged me to bite harder. Still probing her with my fingers, I bit down harder, and her moans turned to groans. My teeth shifted onto her glistening pink, more sensitive inner lips. I bit with as much force as I dared and she began to scream as loud as when we tried anal for the first time, or as loud as her ‘tri-gasm’ on the beach earlier.Her sucking and her sexy noises had made me hard again. I still couldn’t move but she wanted me to stay laid down anyway.She sat on my cock guiding my prick into her pussy and, leaning forwards, Eve tightly grabbed hold of my ankles. Her feet swung back to either side of my head. The tip of my cock was at an unnatural angle, facing my feet as it pressed upwards into the back wall of her vagina. It felt strange but quite nice, she seemed to feel the same, judging by the noises she was making. She pushed and pulled on my ankles to move herself around on my cock. I had to do something; I took hold of her knees, helping her move around on my cock. One of her feet moved closer to my face. I leant my head up and slowly took her big toe into my mouth and began to suck. She moaned her appreciation then screamed as her body started to jerk uncontrollably as she orgasmed and came. I could feel her warm cunt juice dripping through my pubes and down my ass crack. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I shot load after load of cum into her with a mighty grunt.We split apart and lay on the rocks for a while. I saw a mushroom, so I put it in one of the containers in my bag. The rain kept coming down, for quarter of an hour we just hugged and watched it fall. Then looking down at her perky breasts and the puddle forming under her pussy, my cock started jumping around again. I decided that I wanted to dominate her, and make my little sister beg for mercy.I didn’t want to shock her so I asked her what she thought about it. She had been willing to try anal, why not this. She agreed, laid on the cold bare rock and let go of all control to her muscles. She was a rag doll; I could do what I pleased with her. I stood over her body and I grabbed her right leg and held it on my right shoulder. I took her other leg and lifted it slightly, moving it far to the side, and held it in place with my knee. Now she was only lying on her neck and shoulders, I was half-leaning over her, half-kneeling over her, holding her legs apart to give me good access to her cunt. I leant further down and stuck my cock in her wide, dripping wet pussy, then stood up as far as I could, pushing up hard against the front wall of her vagina. She couldn’t move; I was in total control. I moved the hand that wasn’t holding her leg under her ass to give me control over her pelvic movements. She put her hands on her hips to hold her body steady. My cock pushed against her front vaginal wall, stimulating her G-spot.Within a few strokes, she was groaning, getting louder with every thrust. Her hands wandered away from her hips, one moved to her tits, rubbing and stimulating her nipples. The other moved to her clit, which she immediately began to squeeze and flick. At first I fucked her slowly and gently, then made her beg me for a strong, hard fucking. Her pussy was soaking and in this position, when she came hard, it flew out of her cunt and landed on her tits, stomach and face (she did this many times). She looked at me erotically and continued moaning and screaming, while she rubbed her cum all over herself, like suntan lotion.I came into her as she screamed. As I pulled out of her, I let her legs fall to the floor and followed them and lay next to her for a while. We hugged, kissed and caressed each other watching the weather, and after tempobet güvenilirmi a while the rain eased up. We put our clothes back on and went out of the cave.Walking past some rocks, I saw some sheep’s wool – odd seen as the sheep were on another mountain – but I put it in a container. We walked back to the cabin together holding each other close. We went into the cabin and put down our bags. Splitting up, we looked for our folks. We looked all around but couldn’t find them. We were back first and all alone. Finding the sheep’s wool so early had given us a large head start.Eve’s shoulders and chest rotated from one side to the other and back again as she turned her hips. She was stood in the living room looking sexy and my cock started to jump around in my shorts. I walked briskly down the corridor and grabbed her. She let out a short excited squeal and willingly let me push her over to the window. I turned her around, parted her legs, pulled her jeans down to just above her knees and pushed her underwear to one side. I pulled down my shorts just enough to release my cock. She put her hands on the windowsill to steady herself and watch out for our folks. I thrust into her pussy, doggy style, and pushed as much of my shaft into her as she could accommodate. One of my hands reached around and began to fondle her tits, the other rubbed her ass, and my thumb circled and probed into her asshole.Soon she started to make sexy and arousing noises. Oohs and Ahs at first, but these quickly turned into moans and groans. Then she started to scream with a ‘tri-gasm’. A few minutes later we were still fucking, I was fondling her tits and probing her ass with my thumb. Her screaming had become even louder, making me even hornier.“AHH YEAH! Simon! They’re, AHH, coming down, AHH, the path, OH, YEAH!” she warned me through her screams as she came. I could feel her warm cum in my shorts as it ran down my cock and legs. I could see our folks, a fair way off in the distance but coming closer. However, I was nowhere near ready to cum. Eve was becoming more excited as they walked toward us, I could tell because she made more noise. Her body jerked uncontrollably and her pussy gushed cum, soaking my shorts every time she ‘tri-gasmed’. For fear of being seen, I picked her up. She grabbed hold of my ankles and wrapped her legs around my back for grip. I couldn’t reach her tits, but kept pumping into her and played with her ass. We went into the bathroom and I turned on the shower. Eve was screaming with pleasure and was now covered with a layer of sweat. I carried her into my room and let her stand on the floor and lean on my bed. I was nearly ready to cum now, her pussy was still shooting her juice onto my cock and legs. I came into her with a grunt as she had yet another orgasm. As she stopped moaning and her orgasmic jerks were less severe, the cabin door opened. She dropped to the floor on the opposite side of my bed to the door, just as I came again, the shot splashed against her face. I sat on the bed between Eve and the door, holding a book that would stop our folks seeing us like this. Eve had her sexy smile on and a playful look in her eye. She rubbed my white cum off of her face, licked her fingers clean and started to suck her juices off of my cock; it was then that dad opened the door.“Oh, you’re already back then, where’s your sister?” he asked as she sucked on my balls.“I think she’s still in the shower,” I lied. “We got caught in the rain.” All the time, Eve was sucking my cock: taking her juices off of me, and coaxing more cum out of me with her tongue and fingers.God this was exciting. My sexy sister was giving me a blowjob, and my dad was only a few feet away, but still didn’t know. He left my room and shut the door, just as I grunted and came into Eve’s mouth again. Her sucking noises got louder, and were mixed with happy, contented sounds. She sucked hard, only on the tip of my quickly shrinking cock, swiftly forcing another load into her waiting mouth.We kissed quickly, sharing our juices between us. She looked around then left my room, she went to the bathroom and turned off the shower. The perfect cover up.We won the treasure hunt, and got a bottle of chocolate sauce we could use on anything we wanted. Whoop-de-do!

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