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My sister in Law Second time

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My sister in Law Second timeThe situation is set in the earlier story “My sister in Law First Time” This is the continuation.Since our first time I have fantasized about a second time but was too scared to do anything about it. I did take every opportunity to feel her tits against my chest when we were doing the mandatory greeting. Now though, I made a point of kissing her on both cheeks so I could feel both tits against my chest. June never made any complaint, so when we were alone i would make the greeting last longer than strictly necessary. I got into the habit of not doing the air kiss but instead planted my lips on her cheek. This was true of when her man was there but especially when we were alone. Then the kiss gradually was moving closer to her lips.My hands were on her back. I slid them up and down feeling the hollow of her back but not going below her waist even though I longed to feel her bum. It would have been brilliant to press her into my crotch. She would have felt a hard lump. Then I was on my own I would think of how good it was to make love to her.One weekend when my wife was a way with her friends June phoned to say that she was going to be shopping near where we lived and she wondered if Sandy would like to join her. I replied “Sandy is away for the weekend but I would be happy to break the habit of a lifetime to go shopping with her.” She hesitated so I said “No problem I just thought you wanted company and I’m at a loose end.” With that she said “ I was hesitating only because I’m shopping for undies and a dress.” Now I was definitely hooked.“Ah I understand. You anadolu yakası escort don’t want your brother-in law to know what you wear under your finery.” I said. June replied “No that’s not it. I just thought you would be imbarrised.” “Moi” I said. “I’d love to accompany you. I could even be persuaded to accompany you into the booth.” “Now how could I turn such a gallant selfless offer down.” So we agreed that I would meet her at the train station.As usual the train was late, so I was waiting at the barrier when she came through. I gave her the usual greeting except, since we were in public I kissed her on the lips and pressed her tits into my chest and her lower half into my crotch. June didn’t pull away too quickly and she said “Now that was unexpected.”June was wearing an overcoat, fur lined boots and a fur hat as it was cold but dry. We took a taxi to the shopping centre. The first palace we visited was the underwear store. I thought finally I will know exactly her bra size. I found my guess of 36D was right. June was choosing a white bra and white cotton panties. However, I said “You have enough of those you should be more adventurous. You should choose a colour, how about red or blue?” The shop assistant seized the opportunity to suggest that they had a new line that was selling well and that women were reporting that they had enlivened their lives. Quickly I jumped in and said “My lady will have a look at then now please.”When they came I quickly said “You would look a million dollars in those sweetie.” They were a scarlet ataşehir escort plunge fronted bra and a lace thong in the same colour. Reaching for my wallet I asked the price and got the notes out. “Gift wrap them please, we will take them.” June made no attempt to over-rule me, which I took as a good sign and asked “Where to next sweetie?”I’m looking for a dress for a party we are going to next week. Ok lets go. After looking looking in a few shops we found something that June wanted to try on. The assistant showed us to a fitting cubical and I just followed June in. She didn’t seem fazed so when the assistant withdrew June started to take off the top and slacks she was wearing. As I imagined, she was wearing white cotton knickers and a white bra (not one of the plunge neckline type). When she had the new dress on I helped her with the zip at the back. Taking the opportunity to touch her skin as I did the zip up, I felt her skin all the way to the top of the zip. June looked in the mirror and turned to ask me if I liked the dress. “I like the cut of it but not the colour. You want to make a statement when you enter the party.” Was my reply. Black is a safe colour but you should be bold at least for once. You are a beautiful woman who doesn’t know it or hasn’t been told often enough. With that she asked the assistant to bring the dress in red.Turned out that they had none in that colour so the assistant brought a silk dress, low cut at the front and back and tight fitting. After passing it in, she withdrew. Now I helped June out of the dress that I turned ümraniye escort down. I took the opportunity to stand facing her and put my arm round her so I was pressed close to her tits as I undid the zip. I eased the dress off her shoulders sliding it down her arms, then lowering it to the floor I went down onto my knees. My face was now pressed against her abdomen. June made no attempt to move away, so I let my hands fall onto her hips and down her thighs to her knees.June wore black lacey hold-up stockings so I got to feel the giggle gap. (The part between the top of her stockings and the leg of her knickers. I was dying to get my hands onto those knickers but especially onto what was inside them. I noticed that the front of the knickers was wet – a good sign for me.I took the new trial dress and helped her into it feeling the outside of both of her legs as she stepped into it and I raised it. When she was finished trying it on, I unzipped it and lowered it from the shoulders. Sliding my hands down the sides of her body ‘til I reached her waist. Ever so slowly, so she could protest, I slipped my thumbs into the elastic waist band of her panties. Slowly, slowly I lowered the dress and the panties to the ground.Finally, I could see her pussy, at long last. The moment I had been waiting for. She and an abundant bush of Blonde hair round her pussy as she stood, legs close together. She made no effort to move, so I gently kissed her bare belly button and slid my hands slowly up the inside of her legs.as I neared the top June moved her feet to give me better access to her pussy.Just then the assistant spoke through the curtain to ask if everything was ok. We looked at each other. In that instant the spell was broken. June was starting to panic and she grabbed her clothes, quickly putting them on. But not before I smelt her love juices.To be continued.Let me know what you think. I’m new to all this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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