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My Sister Kate

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My Sister Kate

This is an incest story. It’s pure fiction, not biographical. I don’t secretly lust after my sister, simply because I don’t have one. If you feel it’s your ‘mission’ to trawl through my stories for mistakes, then fine. However, I would point out that I’m only human, and my mistakes are more often down to ‘typos’ rather than ignorance of grammar, spelling, and proper English language usage. Thank you for reading my stories.

My sister Kate and I have always been very close. There is only two years between us age wise. I am the elder of the two, and she has always been my darling little sister, even though she is all grown up, and married, with children of her own. As you can already guess, this will not be a story of raging teenage hormones, or the recklessness of youth. It’s more a story of lasting and abiding love between two mature human beings, thrown together at a time of crisis who come to depend upon and support each other.

Although we had lived apart for at least twenty years, we kept in regular contact, and I don’t mean once every three or four months. I mean every single week when we would phone and talk to each other, and we’d visit for the occasional weekend together at least two or three times every year, even though we were hundreds of miles apart. No matter that we were separated by distance, we were never separated by lack of love and care for each other.

I had been married too, with grown up kids just like Kate, when my wife took it upon herself to divorce me. She said we’d grown apart, and she felt I didn’t love her anymore, and what’s more, she didn’t love me. As usual, she was dead right, so we sat down and discussed what we would do about it, and what was best for our grown up kids. We split up very amicably, no bad feelings either way, it was just over, as simple as that, and we didn’t see the point in even thinking about anything acrimonious and giving the divorce layers heaps of our hard earned assets.

My wife said to me a few weeks after the divorce was finalised, when it was all done and dusted, that if only I had loved her as much as I loved Kate, then we’d probably still be married. That was really the only jarring note, during the entire proceedings. We both had regrets, but I wished her well and hoped she would find someone who made her happy, and she wished me well too. We remain, ‘friends,’ for the sake of the kids and because we have a lot of shared history, not all of it bad.

Kate of course was upset that I was on my own at my age, and urged me not to mope, or turn inward. Get out and find someone who makes you happier than you were before was her advice. Truthfully, I had no intention of being alone for the rest of my life. I was fifty years old, with plenty of life in the old dog yet, but at the same time I was in no hurry to rush out and find someone, just anyone, to stop me feeling lonely. I was alone, not desperate.

At the same time Kate had her own problems, which I was more able to support her with now that I was single with more time to spare. Her husband had been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and it was simply a matter of time before she too would be on her own. I visited a bit more often and gave her all the emotional support I could, but even though his death was expected, it was still a great shock when her husband passed away. I was there by her side when he passed, along with her two sons, who had come home when they knew there was no hope for their dad.

‘Come and stay with me for a few days if you can,’ Kate offered me the day after the funeral. I had come down and stayed a couple of nights at a local hotel, because with her sons being home for the funeral there was no room at her house. Now that the funeral was over, her sons were returning to their own lives again, and although they had offered to stay longer, Kate had thanked them profusely and urged them to carry on with their lives. They had after all, good jobs with excellent careers, but funeral leave was limited, and she didn’t want to appear needy. She is a strong woman my sister Kate.

Anxious to provide a shoulder to cry on if required, I agreed, and accepted Kate’s invitation to stay a few days. I booked out of my hotel the next morning and arrived at her house just before lunchtime. We all sat down together for lunch, Kate, my two nephews and myself, and talked over some family business, mostly concerned with their father’s will, his insurance policies, and so forth.

He’d left Kate well provided for which was a great relief to my nephews and me too. I didn’t say too much, letting her sons deal with the bulk of it. After all, it was their mother and father’s private business, and I was only their uncle. Of course, I was anxious that everything was done right, because these two young men were my nephews, my sister Kate’s boys, they were family and I loved them.

Shortly after lunchtime the boys regretfully took their leave. They had a long journey ahead of them. We stood in the driveway, as they reversed their cars out and waved them goodbye. We watched them, şişli escort Kate and, I hand in hand as they turned the corner at the end of the street, and then they were gone. Kate and I were alone, and walked back into the house. She stood in the middle of the lounge, her head cocked slightly to one side as if listening for something. I did the same trying to hear what it was she was listening too, but I could hear nothing. Silence reigned supreme.

‘That’s what I’m afraid of,’ she finally said, and when I asked her what she was talking about, she replied, ‘the silence. After all these years of the children’s laughter and noise, his voice calling to me from the next room. The sounds of a family home, I’m going to be alone,’ and she turned to me, tears in her eyes, and I held her in a tight embrace as she sobbed helplessly against my chest. I told her there was no way I was going to leave her, and I would always be there for her, no matter what.

I knew she was exhausted, for it had been a very harrowing time for her these last couple of weeks, so I persuaded her to go and have a nap. I escorted her up to her bedroom, found a warm, fleecy blanket in a closet, and covered her with it to keep her warm. Kissing her cheek and forehead, I told her that I loved her. She gave me a wan little smile, closed her eyes, and I left her to get some much needed sleep.

To tell the truth I was pretty exhausted myself. It had been a harrowing time all round, so I had myself a little nap too. I never ‘nap’ for more than an hour, and I was up again before Kate was awake, and down stairs again having a long think to myself.

The company I did consultancy work for had a branch office here in the same city as Kate lived in. If I could get a temporary transfer in place, I could just maybe stay a week or two longer, and help Kate over the worst of her grieving, but first I’d have to talk it over with Kate. It wasn’t in my nature to take things for granted, and the most important thing was that Kate had room to say yes or no to my idea, and not feel it was what I expected, or think that I may feel hurt if she refused.

Eventually, I could hear her moving about upstairs, her footsteps moving between her bedroom and bathroom, then back to her room, and then a few minutes later she appeared downstairs. I looked at her as she came to me, and she smiled a little wistful smile with just a hint of tears in her eyes, and then she was in my arms again.

‘Thank you for being here when I need you so much. You’re a “godsend,” a life saver. Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you,’ she said quietly.

‘You’re a strong, capable woman Kate, you’d manage just fine, but I am here, so you don’t have to if you don’t want to. If you want to cry, then just cry and don’t feel embarrassed, and if you want to smile, then don’t feel guilty, just smile. God knows I love to see you smile. You look so pretty when you smile, it’s something I’ve always loved, even when we were little snotty nosed kids.’

‘Well, I don’t know about that,’ she teased me, conjuring up a smile. ‘Maybe you were a snotty nosed kid, forever wiping your nose on your sleeve, but I was always a proper young lady, even though I was much younger than you.’

‘Pffft…a proper young lady?’ I snorted in derision. ‘You were a mucky little tomboy with perpetually grazed knees, a dirty face, and always showing your knickers climbing trees.’ We both laughed and sat down on the couch, holding hands. We looked at each other, saying nothing in that comfortable silence you sometimes get when people who love each other just feel happy to be together without the need for talking. I reached over and kissed her forehead, telling her I loved her without saying a word. She smiled at me, and it was she who broke the silence.

‘Oh Jimmy’ she said, ‘who would have thought that we’d be alone again at our time of life, and within six months of each other. Life can be so cruel sometimes.’

‘It was something that neither of us expected or wanted Kate. How could we know that things would turn out like this, but we should maybe count our blessings too.’ She looked up at me quizzically. ‘We still have each other, and we’ll help each other through this,’ I promised, ‘I know we will.’ She nodded, and came into my arms again, snuggling up to me the way she used to when she was a kid. We sat there for quite a while saying nothing.

‘I have an idea,’ I eventually said, ‘and I want you to think about this very carefully. We’re both alone now, and things could get quite lonely for us. I don’t think either of us is keen on looking for someone new just yet, are we?’ She nodded to confirm my statement before replying..

‘No. no, it’s far too soon for us to even think about that. We’re both still comparatively young though, so let’s not say. “never,” but I can’t even think about someone else right now. What do you have in mind?’

‘Please feel free to say no if you think this is a bad idea. I won’t be offended or hurt or anything silly like that. I’ll just know you have your reasons for saying no, and accept mecidiyeköy escort that, but if you think it would be helpful, I could probably get a temporary transfer to the local office here. If you could stand to have me as a house guest for a little while, I could move in here with you to help you over the worst of it. There’s nothing to keep me back home, where I am now, no wife, no family. They’re like your two boys, grown up and making lives for themselves now, and although it’s been well over twenty years since we’ve both lived together, we always got on like the proverbial house on fire,’ I concluded.

‘Really, you’d do that for me?’ she asked excitedly. ‘I think it’s a marvellous idea. Let’s give it a try and see how we get on. It may not work, we may have been apart too long and developed our own little foibles which mean we’ll want to kill each other in a few weeks’ time, but it’s worth a try.’

It was a done deal as far as we both were concerned, and over the course of the next day we worked out the financial side of things, and although I’d described myself as a ‘house guest’ I was determined to more than pay my way, and not be a financial drain on my widowed sister.

I also repeated again, that if she felt it wasn’t working out, she had to tell me immediately, and not hold back. I didn’t want her to feel she couldn’t talk to me about anything in case she hurt my feelings.

I managed to get a transfer to the local office nearest to Kate, and at the end of that week, went back to my own place and packed all my clothes, shoes, computer, stereo, etc, etc, etc. I closed up my own place, locked the doors and windows, and left without a backward glance. If Kate and I got along well enough, and our temporary arrangement became more permanent, I would rent it out and make some income from it.

Kate helped me settle into her house just fine. She even helped me carry all my stuff in, and most of it went upstairs to the big room her boys had shared when they were younger. That room was now mine, but she still had a spare bedroom in case any of her sons wanted to come back home for a visit. I spoke to the boys on the telephone, and they sounded delighted that I was there for their mother. I emphasised again that it was a temporary arrangement, but if things worked out, we’d consider making it something more permanent.

After that first week we settled into a comfortable routine. It was a bit strange for a while, but we soon got used to being together again. Kate had a job as well, so when it came to the domestic side of things I tried to do my share. There was no demarcation lines, and by that I mean nothing around the house that we considered ‘women’s,’ work, or ‘men’s’ work. She’d cook, or I’d cook, although my culinary skills were limited compared to hers, but I was learning.

I also knew how the washing machine worked, and the vacuum cleaner, basically when a job needed doing it was done, whether by her or me it didn’t make any difference, and I’d take out the rubbish bins for collection, what they call garbage in the U.S. She loved gardening, I hated it, but I’d help with cutting the grass, the heavier jobs, leaving the more knowledgeable things, like planting, pruning, etc to her.

After a couple of weeks, I announced that I’d like to take her out for dinner some evening. I judged that we were both a bit more, ‘settled’ now, and perhaps it was time to think about breaking out a little bit and venture into the world again. She agreed, and so I booked a table for two at a restaurant I’d heard good things about from my new work colleagues.

Come the evening of the dinner, and I waited in the lounge for Kate to appear, and when she did, oh my god, she knocked my socks off. I always thought I had the prettiest little sister, but the woman who came down the stairs that evening wasn’t pretty, she was stunningly beautiful. She’d made a real effort, and it must have been worth it to see the expression on my face. She started laughing.

‘Jimmy, close your mouth, I’m still your little sister,’ she giggled. ‘Judging from your face I must, “scrub up,” okay I reckon?’ She was so right, she looked amazing.

I realise now, I’ve been so wrapped up in speaking about Kate that I’ve neglected to describe her to you, my readers. First thing that you’d notice is that she’s tall, five foot eight inches, give or take an inch either way, with a slender figure, and great shapely legs. Facially, she has shoulder length dark hair, with brown eyes, a small nose, full generous lips, and a strong, determined chin.

You’ll have to take my word for it that all these features go together to form a harmonious whole. She’s gorgeous, and she quite took my breath away as she came down those stairs, wearing the proverbial little black dress, just above knee length, with black patent-leather high heel shoes. She’d put her hair up in some sort of more formal arrangement, which showed off her sparkly hanging earrings, matching the sparkling, choker around her neck. Her make up was subtle and understated, and enhanced rather than istanbul escort overpowered her natural beauty.

‘Scrub up okay? Kate you look fabulous,’ I said, smiling all over my face. ‘I’ve always thought of you as my pretty little sister, but my god, you’re way beyond pretty. I’ll be the proudest and luckiest man in the restaurant with you as my date for tonight.’ She came to me then and gave me a hug.

‘Oh Jimmy, you always manage to say the right things. It’s no wonder I love you so much. Now take me out and feed me, I’m starving,’ she teased me.

My little Kate turned a lot of heads as we entered the restaurant, not just men looked, but women too. I just kept looking at her all through the meal, she looked so good. For her part, she had a secretive little smile on her face from time to time.

‘What’s so funny?’ I eventually asked her, as she sipped her glass of white wine. She smiled again.

‘You are Jimmy,’ she said quietly, still smiling. ‘The way you’re looking at me, like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen me. You’re doing wonders for my ego. I love it.’ I’m sure I must have blushed.

‘I can’t help it Kate. I’ve always known you were pretty, but tonight you look a million dollars. I just can’t help it; I have to keep looking at you to make sure you’re really my darling little sister.’ She reached across the table and took my hand in her more elegant, gentle one. It was an intimate, loving gesture, and anyone seeing it would have thought we were a couple deeply in love rather than brother and sister.

In an attempt to lighten the moment, I told her what my ex wife had said about us. ‘If only I had loved her as much as I loved you, then we’d still be married.’ She smiled a sad wistful smile when she heard that, and when I asked her, ‘don’t you think that was funny?’ she told me her husband had said virtually the same thing, word for word a few years before, except for the, ‘we’d still be married,’ part.

We made an effort to brighten things up after that, and I think we succeeded. The food was lovely, the service was excellent, attentive but not obtrusive, and we enjoyed our meal and our time together. The restaurant was part of a hotel complex, and as we were leaving after the meal, I asked her if she’d like to go to the hotel bar. They had a band playing, and I suggested a drink before we left would round the night off nicely. It was more for her than me, I don’t drink at the best of times, and certainly not when I’m driving, but it was still early, and I wanted to make it a bit of a special occasion. She agreed and we spent an hour or so there, enjoying the music and each other’s company before we headed for home again.

She opened the front door and went into the house as I parked the car. She was waiting for me to join her in the lounge, and as I came in, she smiled at me again, and came to me. She put her arms around my waist and pulled me to her, and I of course did the same.

‘Oh Jimmy, thank you for a wonderful evening,’ she said. ‘I’m so glad you’re here with me now. I don’t know what I would have done without you these last few weeks. You know I love you, don’t you?’ and smiling at her I told her that I loved her too. She kissed me then, on the lips, which wasn’t unusual, and then she drew her head back and looked at me again, a long lingering look.

I swear something magical passed between us then, something in her eyes, our eyes, something I’ll never be able to explain if I live to be a hundred years old. It wasn’t her or me, it was both of us, and we both reached for the other with our mouths, and that brotherly, sisterly kiss became something much more. It was a full on passionate kiss, the sort of kiss that can only lead to sex between consenting partners, the sort of kiss that a brother and sister shouldn’t be sharing in the eyes of the law and society.

Within seconds my cock was hard and erect, and I was embarrassed that she might feel it poking against her in that closest of embraces. This was my sister, for fuck’s sake, I wasn’t supposed to get a hard-on with her, but there it was, rubbing against her thighs. I could tell she was excited too, gasping for breath, and now her hips began to move, rubbing hersel against my cock. It lasted all of thirty or forty glorious second before we somehow broke apart and broke the spell.

‘I’m sorry Jimmy, oh god I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I’m sorry,’ and she pulled away from me looking so ashamed. I saw tears appear in her eyes just before she ran for the stairs, ran up them and her bedroom door slammed. I was distraught, and knew she must be too.

I went round the house checking that everything was locked up for the night, switched off the lights, and went upstairs to my bedroom too. I listened outside her door, but heard nothing. I knew she wasn’t asleep yet. Alright, she’d had a couple of glasses of wine during the meal and a gin and tonic at the bar, but not enough to make her fall asleep as quickly as that. I knocked, and called out her name softly, but there was no response. As much as I wanted to talk to her, and assure her that everything was okay between us, I didn’t want to make her feel harassed, or worse still feel that I was pressuring her for sex. I would have died rather than make her think that, so I left it for tonight, and went to my own room.

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