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Subject: my son in the bar [the early years]-3 MY SON IN THE BAR [THE EARLY YEARS]-3 Over the next year or more Al continued to let me play with his cock, licking and sucking it whenever we were alone! While mom was at work, I’d sit on the sofa with Al as he watched television [usually a ball game or some porno] and I’d sucked his cock, painting the entire shaft with my tongue before covering the head with my mouth and nursing on the crown while stroking the spit wet shaft! I could do it for hours, never tiring as I lay across Al on the sofa or between his legs on the floor and nurse and stroke his cock until he spilled his `milk’ in my mouth! The volume always varied [depending on when he’d last had sex with mommy], but it was usually a lot, and sometimes it would overflow my sucking mouth and dribbled out the corners before I could swallow it, drooling down off my chin and onto my shirt or pajamas! After he came and I’d finished licking up all his spilled milk, I’d start all over again, licking the shaft until it was hard and glistening, then suckling the fat head while stroking until eventually it flooded my mouth again! Sometimes I’d only get one or 2 servings out of daddy’s dick, but sometimes [if he and mom had been arguing a lot and not having sex] I’d get about 3 or 4 out of him! Al would lay there all day while I crouched between his legs and nursed his cock, sucking him dry until his wrinkly balls were all depleted shriveled! Sometimes we’d fall asleep together on the sofa, Al laid back in the cushions and me with my suckling mouth still wrapped around his softened pud! Sometimes [if mom was home] we’d get into Al’s car and take a nice long drive somewhere! We’d go to the park, or the zoo, or the movies, or just hang out at the mall, and Al would let me suck his cock when and wherever I wanted! At the park I’d suck his cock in the car, we’d find some place quiet and secluded, then he’d lean back in his seat and whip out his cock as I leaned over and started sucking! If we were at the escort izmit movies, we’d go to a matinee and sit in the back row where there weren’t a lot of people, then almost as soon as the movie started I’d have my head down in his lap sucking and slurping on his cock! He’s usually feed me his milk midway through the movie, and I’d keep sucking, trying to get another before the movie ended! If we were at the mall or the zoo, we’d find a restroom that wasn’t quite so popular, then go into one of the stalls and dad would let me suck his cock! By now I was getting bigger and better, and was able to suck more of daddy’s cock in my mouth! I’d gag on the end of it when it reached the back of my mouth, but then I’d twist and turn my head around in circles as I pressed down on it, trying to get it to pass into my throat like all of those women do in those pornos my daddy likes to watch at home! One day while I was sucking his cock at the mall, a man came into the stall next door and sat down! At first we thought he was just using the facilities [daddy always told me to be quiet if someone comes in, we’d just sit there and wait for them to leave], but this time I had been so engrossed in sucking dad’s cock that I couldn’t [or wouldn’t] stop! I kept sucking even thought there was someone in the stall next to us [bobbing and choking on daddy’s cock as I tried to deep throat him], and the next thing we knew the man’s cock and balls come thrust under the stall wall! “Hey…I’d like some HEAD too…!” said the man, having heard me slurping on Al! “SEE what you did…?” asked Al, sounding stern with me…! “…now you’ve got to suck HIS cock too, or we’ll be in trouble!” I looked down at the other man’s stiff prick standing at complete attention, but was too afraid to touch it! Up until now Al’s cock had been the only cock I’d seen or sucked, and the other man’s cock [although long and hard] looked different than Al’s! “Go on, son…” encouraged Al, nudging me on! “…you created this problem, now you izmit escort deal with it!” he ordered! I went over and stood in front of the man kneeling under the partition, and reached down and stroked his cock [as I’d done with Al hundreds of times]! “Ooohhh yeah…” moaned the man, his pants down about his ankles as his bare thighs thrust through to our side of the stall! “…that feels good…” he said as I stroked him with my little hands…! “…but I want to feel that MOUTH I heard slurping over there…! Come on, man…suck me off too…I don’t have all day…my family’s waiting for me outside…!” I looked back at Al, who silently encouraged me to DO IT! So I got on my knees in front of the cock and started licking it all over…! “Oh yeah…! Fuck yeah…! Lick my cock for me, man…! I’ve got a hot LOAD for you!” said the man, as I painted my tongue up and down the sides and underbelly, licking up and down the cum-tube from the balls base up to the head! Soon the man was drooling spilled milk, so I got up and licked it away, taking his cockhead in my mouth! “Oh fuck…! Yeah! Take it in your mouth! Suck it! Suck it for me! Hurry up!” excited the man, as I suckled the head and started bobbing, taking more and more of his hard shaft between my lips! Al continued to sit on the toilet and watch me, stroking his own big cock as I suckled the one in front of me! The man’s cock was about as long as Al’s [10 to Al’s 12], but it was much thinner, allowing me to slide more of it into my mouth! I loved the way it filled my mouth! It tasted different than Al’s, not bad, but different! When his cock go to the back of my mouth [at the start of my closed throat], I ran into trouble and started to twist and turn my head about the shaft just as I do Al’s, trying to get it to go down, when all of a sudden his cockhead POPPED into my throat and I felt the rest of his hard shaft enter my mouth…! “OH FUCK, YEAH…! YEAH…!” gasped the man, feeling my tight throat slid down his cock! izmit kendi evi olan escort Before I could even back off I felt it pulsate, then felt a heavy deluge of piping hot daddy milk shooting down the back of my throat, spilling directly into my belly! “OOOHHH FUUCCCKKKK…!!” moaned the man, thrusting UP into my sinking throat as I tried to pull off [panicking]! When I finally pulled off the end of his cock, the last few spurts [that missed shooting down my throat] splattered against my face and chin, drenching me in milky white cream! Once the cock was out of my throat [and I was able to breathe again], the panic left me, and I retook the man’s cockhead in my mouth and finished cleaning it off, licking up all the spilled milk I missed! “Thanks dude!” said the man, pulling his wilting rod back under the wall as I got up to find daddy ready to pill HIS milk…! “Catch it real quick, Shawn…I’m about to cum…!” said daddy, as I hastily took his cockhead in my mouth just as it started to explode! “Arrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh…!!!” grunted Al out loud [louder than usual when we’re in a restroom], holding my head down on his cock as his milk gushed in and filled my mouth full! My cheeks ballooned outward as I tried to hold it all in, but there was simply too much, and I ended up losing some spillage which leaked down the sides of his cock into his hairy bush and balls! I drank what I could, then recovered his cockhead to suck out some more milk! Once it was all gone, I licked up the trails along the sides, then slurped the puddles out of his bush, eating everything I could so I could grow up to be big and strong like him! After we cleaned up, Al and I left the restroom to find a family [a man, his wife and 2 daughters] parked along one of the benches in the mall just outside the men’s room! They were using it as a rest stop after a long day of shopping with packages! I thought nothing of it as I held Al’s hand, but Al and the man made eye contact, both silently acknowledging each other as the men in the neighboring stalls! When the husband wondered if Al had been the one who sucked him off, Al nodded towards me, getting a shocked look from the man, who’s crotch instantly tented with another erection as Al and I headed for the exit…! ^

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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