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My surprise!

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My surprise!My first wife passed away a couple of years ago, and it’s just been me and daughter Megan, she’s a sweet k** and has helped me a lot to get through this tough time.Then a month or so ago I met Faye, she was amazing from the moment I met her, bubbly and friendly, she was a short petite red head who just seem to get on with everyone, and everyone liked her.Now Faye is also recently widowed so we agreed to take things steady, but after a few weeks we were really beginning to get on and finally after a great home cooked meal made by her, she led me upstairs and for the first time since my first wife we made love.Well that was just the beginning, we were soon like naughty teenagers sneaking off for sex when ever and where ever we were, we did it in every room of her house and mine, the gardens and twice in my car, in just a couple of weeks.It was then time to meet my daughter, Megan had been away at university for most of the year but when she heard about my new relationship she quickly agreed to come home for a weekend to meet this new woman in my life.So Saturday soon rolled around, and before I knew it Megan came bouncing in the door extremely excited to meet Faye, and fortunately things went well.They were soon hitting it off like two old friends, and I could relax knowing my daughter was clearly fine with everything.The rest of the day was a happy family time, and they mainly spent the time getting to know each other while gossiping about everything and anything, until finally it was late evening, we had all had few glasses of wine and in need of our beds.So Megan headed off to her old room, and we retired to mine, and after a bit of naughty for play we finally fell asleep because it was unfortunately clear I had had too much to drink and right at that moment, I wasn’t able to get hard enough for anything else.In the early hours of the night, I awoke needing a pee and got up and headed to the on suite, then afterwards i returned to the bed before I suddenly realised Faye wasn’t there.A little concerned why she wasn’t, I got back out of bed güvenilir bahis and headed out into the corridor to see if I could find her.Now my house isn’t huge, I only have a couple of bedrooms and the living area downstairs, so it wasn’t going to be too hard to find her and I had barely taken a step along the corridor when I heard a noise coming from my daughters room.So I approached her door and pushing it open to see if she was alright, I stared in disbelief as I looked inside and saw Faye and Megan lying on the bed together completely naked kissing passionately.”What about my dad?” I heard my daughter ask after a moment.”I truly do care for him, but I also need something more, something he cant give me!” whispered Faye back before she continued to kiss and touch my daughter.I was completely shocked and watched as their fingers started to fondle each others hot naked bodies, and even though it was my daughter I couldn’t help but watch as she lay back showing off her slim teenager body, pert b cup tits and perfectly trimmed blonde pussy.Faye slowly ran her wet tongue down Megan’s neck, and then between her little perky boobs and then down her flat stomach until she reached that little pussy, and I watched as my new girlfriend then slid her tongue across my daughters pussy lips before it slid inside, to explore the warm wetness below.Megan groaned loudly and clutched the bed sheets as Faye began licking her pussy, she lapped away at it like a eager dog drinking water, and after a few minutes introduced a finger or two, sliding them slowly into Megan’s wet hole.”Oh god!” groaned my daughter as Faye finger fucked her and licked her relentlessly.”You like that honey?” asked Faye looking up.”Oh yes, don’t stop!” gasped Megan Faye continued to work her magic on Megan’s pussy and after several more minutes Megan was thrashing around crying over and over until finally she began to cum.”Oh god yes, OH GOD YES!” she screamed as she bucked on Faye’s face soaking it in the process with her juices.Finally Faye pulled her hand out of my daughters dripping türkçe bahis wet pussy and crawled up the bed again and they quickly embraced kissing heavily.”You like the taste of your pussy?” Faye then asked”Yes” gasped my daughter back.”Good, now taste mine!” Faye said and gently pushed her downwards and quickly my daughter crawled down between Faye’s tanned firm legs and I watched in more amazement as she then began licking at her pussy.I couldn’t believe it, my daughter was licking my girlfriends pussy, the pussy I had spent several weeks fucking and now my daughter had her young little tongue stuffed up it just like I had had a few hours earlier.”You like that?” asked Faye”Oh yes, it taste so good!” replied Megan”You ever tasted pussy before?” Faye then asked”No, but I really want more now!” Megan then replied before delving back into Faye’s sweet shaved pussy.I watched now with a really hard cock, and couldn’t but help start to give it a tug as I watched my daughter eat my girlfriends pussy and just like Faye had done to her, after a few minutes she slipped a couple of fingers deep into that mature wet pussy.”Yes Megan, just like that, do it girl fuck my pussy, fuck it, fuck it!” groaned Faye bucking against her finger thrusts.Megan was eager to please the woman who might become her step mother, and was soon ramming her fingers inside while sucking on her clit, and very quickly Faye was crying out.”Yes, YES, YES, YES!” Faye cried before she suddenly clenched and began to shake uncontrollably “Yes!” she hissed again.After a moment Megan crawled back up and once more they sat legs inter locked kissing passionately, then Faye slipped a couple finger between Megan’s legs and started to finger her moist little pussy again, and quickly Megan did the same to her and I watched once again as they fingered each other while non stop kissing.My hard cock was now as rigid as It had ever been, and I had pulled it out of my pyjama bottoms and was eagerly tugging away watching my girlfriend and my daughter fuck for a second time.They were now eagerly fingering each güvenilir bahis siteleri others pussies, kissing heavily, gasping for breath and rocking their bodies together trying hard to get each other off as if it was a race to the finish.”Yes, yes!” groaned Faye between kisses.”Oh god, oh god!” groaned Megan.They were very quickly building up to another orgasm, and were clearly not going to stop till they did.”Yes do it, do it!” groaned Faye”Yes, yes!” groaned Megan.Their wrists were a blur as they fingered each other rapidly, their bodies bucked together, and the bed was squeaking loudly as they worked quickly to another orgasm.”Yes! YES FUCKING YES!” cried Faye as her orgasm hit again.”MOTHER FUCKER!” cried my daughter.They both then came screaming loudly towards the ceiling as their pussies began squirting wildly at each other and soaking each others hot sweaty naked bodies.That was too much for me, and I exploded shooting my cum into my daughters room, where it splattered all over her chest of draws and a picture of her and a couple of friends.They couldn’t stop screaming and cumming and neither could I, until finally after several amazing seconds we were all spent.Then my daughter and Faye looked over at me standing there with my dripping hard cock staring at them and we all looked very shocked unsure what to say.”Daddy!” said my daughter in horror.”Paul!” gasped Faye “Err… hello!” I replied unsure what else to say.After that Faye got up to talk to me and began explain she liked men and women, but she would never cheat on me as long as I was okay about her and my daughter.”It would just be occasionally, when ever we both needed each other!” Faye then said glancing at Megan who was now stood next to her, still completely naked.”It’s not cheating, it’s just sharing!” Megan said.”Well, okay then” I replied not sure what else I could say, and with that Faye quickly dropped to her knees to give me a thank you blowjob.”Did you cum on my picture and my draws?” asked my daughter seeing the sticky mess I had left.”Sorry honey, i’ll clear that up later!” I replied as Faye swallowed my sticky soft cock to bring it back to life.”You better daddy!” she replied back looking cross, before she got down on her knees and crawled between Faye’s legs and began licking her pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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