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My Teen Hitchking Experience

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My Teen Hitchking ExperienceMy Teen Hitchhiking ExperienceIt was my freshman year and I already I sold pot because of some of my sisters’ older boyfriends gave me good deals since they wanted to fuck my sisters. My mom went out of town for the weekend and left me $60, and we had already made a trip to the grocery store so I had plenty of food. I called my dealer and told him I was on my way after I take a shower. He told me I had to hurry since he has to go to work. I had just come from running and I was wearing only a pair of shorts and my gym shirt since I run track after school even though I am not on the track team; I just like to run. I took off my sweaty gym shirt and I grabbed the first t-shirt from my closet. I grabbed some change from my mom’s change jar so I wouldn’t have to break one of the three twenties I had to take the bus. I was lucky and caught a bus in about five minutes, and then I rode on the cold bus since it was May and hot outside. I walked the short walk to the apartment and I walked in and smoked a joint with my sisters ex-boyfriend, but he still likes to sell me weed and we hung out and he smoked a joint with me and I didn’t have touch my ounce. This way I can sell three quarters for $20 and keep the fattest quarter for me for free. After we finished the joint my dealer had to go to work so he dropped me off at the busy street where I can catch the bus.I waited for about half an hour and there wasn’t a bus so I started walking. Just to describe myself, I am only a freshman in high school, but I skipped first grade because I could read and multiply in Kindergarten so I was a year younger than my class mates. I had bleach blonde hair back then, and the shorts people wore in the early 80’s even boys shorts just barely went passed my butt. I was only 5’4, maybe 5’5 and I weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds. I didn’t realize the shirt I had grabbed was the True Sounds of Liberty shirt that I had borrowed from my friend who is a drummer in a hard core punk band. The shirt wasn’t a half shirt, but the bottom just in front of my belly button was ripped away because of scrimmages in the mosh pit or something.It wasn’t cold because it was almost summer, but it was 9:30 on a Friday night and I was about twenty minutes in a car from my side of town. I walked for a while and when I looked back I saw a bus coming and I tried to run to the next stop but it was too far. I waved at the bus driver to try and get him to stop but he just kept going. I was pretty sure I had just missed the last bus as they don’t run very late on Friday night. I started walking some more and I passed some kind of dark areas that weren’t any street lights or businesses in front so it was dark when cars weren’t going by. After a couple of blocks I made it to a more lit up area and I started looking to make sure there weren’t any cops coming and I stuck my thumb out. I had an ounce of real good Mexican weed on me; we didn’t have hydro back then like we do now, but it was still real good in those days as they didn’t have to compress the buds. My ounce was only about five buds and it probably bulged in my crotch as my jogging shorts don’t have any pockets, so I had to stick in down my pants.I had my hand up and a really nice sports car passed me and then pulled into the parking lot and made a U-turn so he would exit the strip center near where I was walking. The car was a dark colored Lexus I couldn’t see the driver since the windows were tinted and they reflect on the lights of the street as he approached. He rolled his window down and it was a man with blondish gray hair, dressed very nice and probably about 45 or 50, but everyone looked old to me back then.“You want a ride?” he asked.I have heard a hundred stories about hitchhiking, but the car he was driving and the way he was dressed I would have thought this guy looked more like one of my parents friends than any predator or anything so I said “please, thank you” and walked around to the passenger side. I got in and his car had leather seats and I wasn’t wearing very much clothes and he had the A/C to his car freezing. The man wasn’t obese, however he was a little bit plump as some older people seemed to get and it looked natural on him. This explains why he keeps his car so cold; larger people have too much blubber underwear is what I call it, so it makes them hot.“Where you headed” he asked after I got in.I told him the name of my cross street and said that wasn’t far passed it his house so it was no problem.“Do you want to stop by my place and smoke a joint?” he asked me. “It’s on the way” he added.I am sure I smelled like weed because I had just smoked a joint with my sister’s friend and I had an ounce in my crotch that was in those ‘Glad’ kind of plastic bags, not the zip lock kind so I am sure he could smell it. It was Friday night and my mom was out of town, which means at her boyfriend’s house so they can have sex. “Sure” I answered him, and I was little bit apprehensive but his car was so nice and he was dressed very nice so it seemed pretty safe. We pulled into his neighborhood which is just a couple of miles from where I live so I felt a little more comfortable since I was back on my side of town. We arrived at his complex and he had to hit a button on a remote to open a large iron gate and then we pulled into a private driveway with about a dozen very expensive three story lofts. I felt much safer after hit another remote and the garage door lifted. We pulled into his garage and he had a white Ferrari in the open space next to where we parked. I opened the door very carefully to make sure I wouldn’t hit the Italian sports car, although there was plenty of room my caution was unnecessary. We walked into his house I couldn’t believe how nice this guy’s house is. The kitchen is bigger than the kitchen and dining room me and my mom live in. We walk around the stairwell and to the left there was a few stationary gym equipment like a treadmill, a stair climber and one of those ski machines. Next to the glass door that goes to his patio was an indoor Jacuzzi that was about ten feet wide and eight feet long. Adjacent to the workout room was the living room and there was a huge big screen projection TV like the kind at Mr. Ghatti’s Pizza me and mom go eat at sometimes. There were two chairs and a couch; one of the chairs had a couple of bags of new clothes and the other had two stacks of laundry wrapped in plastic. The man who told me his name was Mark told me to have a seat and I could watch some TV while he changed out of the clothes he had worn to some dinner event.I leaned back in the super comfortable leather couch and hit the power button on the remote. His huge television started showing a video of a beautiful girl sucking one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in my life. I want şişli escort to put this in perspective so the reader understands what this means to me. Last year we got cable TV for the first time. I would read the entire cable guide and in my notebook that my mom couldn’t see I would make a note of every movie with nudity or partial nudity. I would set my alarm for 3:30 AM and watch an entire movie to see girl jump out of the shower and see a half of a breast for a flash of an instant. I would race upstairs and have a minute and half of ecstasy and a very quick jack off and nothing would come out, but it still felt like I had an orgasm.Now here I am not only watching a naked beautiful teenage girl on her knees kneeling before this man who was much bigger and much older. She licked the head for a while and then the man grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head lower which placed her mouth on his balls. My dick is so hard now I thought it was going to cut my shaft on the stems in the ounce in my shorts. What happened next in the video caused my teenage hormones to start precumming and you could see little wet spots on the front of my gym shorts. The man raised his legs up over his head and the girl was already on her knees, scooted up closer and stuck her tongue inside the man’s ass and starts licking. This beautiful girl was not just dabbing tongue around the outside, she placed both hands under his ass and dove her face all the way into his groin area. Her nose was right under his huge nicely trimmed balls and she had her tongue going in and out of his ass. She would switch between licking all the way from the front of his ass to the back, and then stay right at the center and French kiss his asshole with fast in and out pulses of her tongue.I was so horny I thought I was going to explode and the girl lifted her mouth up and then he jacked his dick off into her mouth as the cum coated her tongue and throat. The cute teenage girl stayed and licked the remaining white liquid out of the shaft and then swallowed every drop. She then started sucking his dick and even kissed his balls a few short kisses with her mouth closed like she was happy she had pleased them. When the girl lifted up and wiped the cum off her face and then licked the few drops she had just wiped away I realized the girl goes to my school and she is a sophomore I think.Just then Mark walked back now wearing a pair of workout shorts and t-shirt and some socks with no shoes. He grabbed the remote out of hand and turned off of video onto HBO and I felt like Christmas had just been cancelled to a k**. Without thinking I got down on my knees and put my hands together and pleaded with my new friend:“Please, please I will do anything if you let me watch it” I begged.Mark looked at me for a second and I looked down at how I looked. I am a skinny blond teenager sitting on my knees wearing very short jogging shorts with an ounce of pot not sticking out as far as my three and half inch dick that had a few pre cum spots on them. I have blond hair, blue eyes and I am sitting on my knees offering to do anything to get to watch the movie. I was pretty naïve back then, but now I realize this was probably too much even if Mark was straight.“If I only I thought you were serious” he said.“I am serious. Please let me watch it, please, please, please” I said smiling at him.“Say it one more time, very slow this time” Mark told me.“Please, please, please” I said slowly as I was told.“Not that; say I will do anything you want very slowly” he instructed the eager teen kneeling before him.I got kind of scared and excited at this for some reason. I have sucked a few of my friends when I was junior high, but then it was easy. All you had to do was start talking about sex, or touching dicks or anything and then once naked I would just start sucking. I have never done anything with a guy older than my age or a year or two older. Here I am sitting here with a huge boner and I suddenly realized what might happen, although I said the words just like I was told to say: “I will do ANYTHING you want if you let me watch it.”“Say it one more time, but this time say it very sexy” he commanded.I took a deep breath and scooted up just a little closer to him so I could whisper and said “I will do ANYTHING you want if you let me watch it, sir.” I added the sir part to show my submission for my new friend. This got his attention as I could see his dick rising from his shorts. “I will make you a deal” he said and turned the remote back on and now the girl in the video was sitting on a couch and gently stroking the same dick she had been sucking just moments ago. The girl in the video took a hit off the joint and passed to the person in the room in the video and I realized it was Mark. “Here, let’s smoke a joint and I will think about your offer.” Mark handed me a rolling tray with a pack of rolling papers and I pulled my pot out to grab a bud. Mark looked at my weed and said “Not bad, but let’s smoke this” and he placed a green nugget about the size of a Bic lighter on the tray. I broke up the bud and rolled and Mark left the room for a second and then came back just as I showed him the joint I had rolled.He lit the joint as I watched the girl in the video who I am now positive is named Robyn and goes to my school, but I didn’t tell him I knew so he didn’t worry. The girl was on her knees and bent over the very same chair that now has two stacks of folded up laundry wrapped in plastic. Mark handed me the joint and I took a big hit of the sweetest tasting pot I have ever smoked he offers “I had a very lucrative deal close today, and I could really use a massage. If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable I would pay really well for an hour massage.”Mark was looking at me for a response and I remember at the time I didn’t know what Lucrative meant, but I deducted from the context he had just made some money because he had a pretty big stack of twenty dollar bills in his hand. I must have looked a little scared or confused, but I handed him the joint back and then he handed me the wad of cash.“Would you mind giving me a massage totally nude?” he asked me while I still held this wad of bills in my hand.I was scared but this guy was obviously very rich and maybe this is just as much fun for him as it is for me. “Do you mean me nude or you nude?” I asked because I wasn’t sure what else to say.“Both” he answered.“This is too much” I said defensively as I was young, but I knew massages didn’t cost as much he just handed me. My mom goes to a chiropractor and that was only seventy dollars for an hour back in those days.“So give me an extra good massage. Is it a deal?” he asked me. I nervously answered “It’s a deal” and I shook his hand not knowing what to expect next. I remembered how sweaty I am so I asked “I just mecidiyeköy escort went running after school today, is it ok if I jump in sit in your Jacuzzi for a few minutes before start so I don’t feel gross?”“Ok, do you have to be home by a certain time” Mark asked me.“No, my mom’s out of town” I answered.Our joint was only about a quarter of the way gone and I was already way more stoned than I had been. His weed tasted better and got you higher than mine. Mark told me to follow him to the Jacuzzi area and he hit a timer on the wall and the bubbles started to come alive. “Do you want a beer” Mark asked. I nodded and told me to get undressed and he would be right back. I stripped off my shirt that didn’t cover me very well since it was ripped and slipped my gym shorts off. I hoped the water wouldn’t be very hot so I could jump in cover up my shyness. My hopes quickly faded when the water was so hot I could barely get my right foot in and then I jumped out just as Mark walked back in the room with our beers.“Sorry I forgot to warn you, this thing gets too hot sometimes” Mark said apologetically. “Hit the temperature gauge on the wall there” he pointed to across the room. I forced my fear of not being seen to the back of my mind and I stood back up and walked over to the temperature gauge on the wall. “It says 105” I told him as I looked back and Mark now had his shirt off and he pulled his shorts down.“Put it on 99” he told me and I turned back around so only my white butt was exposed to him. I turned back around and I still had an erection and my hairless skinny three and half inch dick was at full erection. Mark handed me a beer and I traded him for the joint I had been bogarting trying to get my courage up. We just sat there and talked and drank the beer and soon the water was cool enough both of our feet could dangle in the water. Mark told me he was in commercial real estate and a strip center he had developed had just sold and that is why he paid me so well. I was naked and after a little while I wasn’t even hard although it would grow again whenever I looked over at Mark’s huge dick. I have seen a few big dicks, and even sucked one of my friend’s dick who was big for f******n, but never one this size. It wasn’t hard like it was in the video, but it was still about five inches and pretty thick for being soft. The water was now cool enough I could get under the water since I was embarrassed to show him my hairless soft dick was only about an inch and about a third as thick as his. Wet I was even smaller as my balls shriveled up and were even smaller than usual.I leaned my hair back under the water and suddenly I felt so much better. I no longer felt sweaty and gross, although the steam from the hot water still kept a lot of humidity in the air. Mark did the same and he told me to get out and get us some towels from a closest near where the thermometer was moments before. I was embarrassed but I hoped out of the tub knowing he was probably seeing my small butt as I walked away. I could see the other room still had the porno on and stopped and watched as Robyn from my school was sitting with her back facing him. She was fully nude with her legs spread and I could see Mark sitting behind her fucking her as she went up and down.“Chris, the towels” Mark got my attention again.“Sorry” I said as I quickly grabbed the towels and covered my nakedness before I brought him his.Mark dried off and he was standing right next to me and he used his towel to wipe my shoulders and I felt his hands touch me for the first time. I don’t think he was really caressing me, or at the time I didn’t notice it. He told me to meet him in the TV room and he would be right back. I sat back down on the couch and rearranged my erection so it wasn’t so obvious. Mark in the video pulled out of the girl that goes to my school’s pussy and she instantly turned around and started drinking his cum and licking up any drops she missed the first time.Mark walked in holding a couple of dry towels and a bottle of baby oil and a little cloth bag that was kind of fuzzy. I have given lots of massages to my parents when I was young, and even a few of the older girls in my drama class let me rub their back although they let me cop a few feels now and then because I sell them pot. “I have never really done this before. If I don’t do anything right just tell me what to do, ok?” I said hoping my willingness would make up for any lack of experience I have.Mark laid the towels down on the couch and I thought he was going to lay them the long way so he could lay down. Instead he laid both towels next to each other vertically in the center of the couch. “Just relax and take your towel off and you will do just fine” he said. Mark then sat back on the couch in the center of the two towels that overlapped each other a little in the middle behind Mark’s head. I stood up and undid my towel and gave Mark a full view of my body as my towel fell to the floor. Even though I was skinny, I instinctively held my stomach in a little and my hairless dick and balls that had barely dropped stood right at attention. “I have never given a massage like this, do you want me on my knees on the couch, or on the floor?” I asked him for instructions.“Neither” Mark replied and he picked up the bottle of baby oil and then he grabbed me and pulled him toward him. He had me place both of his legs underneath my legs and I sat on my knees facing him with a knee on each side of his legs. I was suddenly so turned on as this was the first time he had taken control of me and now I was straddling him and my balls were resting on his cock. I could feel his erection getting bigger and he told me to use lots of baby oil and to spread it around on both of our bodies. I wasn’t facing the TV, but I could hear her start screaming with pleasure and I turned around and Mark was anally fucking her in the video and Robyn loved it I think from the white cum that is coming out of her pussy.I was pulled back around by Mark and he told me “pay attention to your work girl.”I quickly returned to my massage and I felt him start sliding me up and down on his cock. I also got very turned on by the fact Mark had called me a girl. I massaged his left shoulder and then his right. Sometimes he would pull me real close to him and hold my face right up against his neck while he rubbed his fingers through my hair. I instinctively started kissing the side of his neck since he was holding me to where my face was pressed against him. Mark was starting to get very horny and at first he kept asking me if I minded rubbing here, or massaging different places on his legs. I finally told him I liked being told what to do and that he doesn’t have to ask, he can just tell me and I will obey. This seemed to really turn on Mark and he esenyurt escort changed a little after I said it. He pulled my mouth away from kissing on neck as I did while he slid me up and down across his dick and he said “kiss me princess.”I thought I was going to explode right then as I felt pre cum spurting out of my skinny little cock. I opened my mouth and touched his and I thought we were French kissing. I had French kissed a couple of girls in junior high and I remember touching their tongues a little, but this wasn’t enough for Mark. He told me when he sticks his tongue in my mouth that he wants me to suck on it like it is my favorite Popsicle. We were both very horny and I felt him start thrusting harder with his legs as our dicks touched. I closed my eyes and as our open mouths touched I felt his tongue enter my mouth and I started sucking as I had been told.This caused Mark to start lifting me higher each time he slid me up across his body. The oil wasn’t even the slightest bit dry, but Mark had me spray more oil over the front of both of our bodies that were now touching and we were not separated by any space. Mark told me to close my eyes while we kissed and for me to stick my tongue out and he sucked on my tongue like I had sucked on his just seconds before. As he did this I felt him pull me close and lift me up a little higher and this time on the way down I felt his dick slide right around my butthole.I think Mark could tell this freaked me out as he pulled me back down and said “sorry princess” and he kept kissing me. Every time he called me princess or girl I felt like I was going to crème. I am covered in oil, sitting on the lap of a man I have only met about thirty minutes before, and I was making out like I am the prom queen. I got so excited when it was my turn to suck his tongue I mounted him a little more and I felt the tip of his cock meet the entrance to ass.“Are you a good girl” Mark asked me.“Yes, sir” I answered.“Why don’t you show daddy what a good girl you are? Will you do that for daddy?” he asked me and before I could answer he made me kiss him for what seemed like five minutes. The whole time he kissed me I slid up and down his body, and many times on the way down he would partially enter me and then I was so tight he wouldn’t fit and his giant dick would bounce out.Mark pulled me off of his lap and had me sit on my knees right in front of him. His dick was huge and I could tell by the way he was looking at me what he wanted me to do. He pulled me close to him one last time and said “kiss me princess” and I did as I was told. After we had kissed for a couple of minutes Mark placed me on my knees and gently pulled my head toward his giant cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and I could barely get the entire head in. Mark pushed my head down further and now about an inch and half of his shaft was in my mouth and then he started pulling my head up and down real fast. I was starting to gag so I lifted my head up and he pushed my head back down so I just started licking the shaft very fast.“Hang on” Mark said as he leaned over and grabbed the little cloth bag. He pulled out a little plug that looked like it was about the size and shape of a cigarette lighter in a car. He made me turn around to where my butt was facing him and I was staring at the TV. Robyn in the video was now lying on her back and she had a dildo sticking out of her pussy. She was lying with her mouth under Mark’s ass who was jacking off while she fingered herself with the giant dildo. I was so turned on by watching Robyn lick his ass when I felt the plug go into my ass. Even with all the lube Mark has used it was still tight, but I didn’t have time to complain.He pulled me back down and made me suck him and then lick his balls and then back to sucking I went. The whole time I loved sucking on this big dick, but it felt weird having this plug in my butt, it also turned me on like crazy. Mark pulled me up on the couch and then placed me on my knees to where his left hand could pull the plug in and out while I sucked on the top of his dick. Finally mark told me “Swallow every drop” and he started stroking the side of my face with his hand ever so softly and I could tell we both enjoyed him owning me like this. I felt the first cum squirt out and it was way more cum than any of my friends had ever had. Mark called me a “good girl” and this really turned me on and I didn’t want to disappoint him so I did as I was told. I swallowed every drop and my mouth was all tingly as I licked up any drops of cum that had fallen. Just as the girl in the video did I started licking and kissing his balls and this seemed to really turn on Mark.I just lied there and licked his balls and gently stroked his dick that was now semisoft and still very thick. Mark just leaned back and rubbed the top of head gently. He pulled the butt plug out and placed a lot of lube on his finger and inserted his finger where the plug had just been. My butt was extremely loose now and as I licked his balls I felt his dick come to life. As his cock grew back I changed my stationary ball licking to now be sliding up and down on his shaft with my lips open. Mark really liked this and he started holding my head at each end for longer amounts of time. First I would lick the head for about ten seconds, and every now and then a few drops of either the last batch of cum, or maybe it was new pre cum would slide out of the head. When it did I would swallow like a good girl and wait for my head to be pulled down toward his balls.Mark was now fingering my ass and on the next trip up to the head of my dick he left my mouth there. I don’t know how long he held my head there, but the video stopped playing and it was just a very surreal moment with me and my new master. I was almost totally still, although each time his finger went into my ass I pulled away a little and this caused my mouth to slide a little farther down his shaft. Eventually he came in my mouth again and I swallowed a second time and again I was told I was a “good girl.”Mark told me he had to fly out of town on business tomorrow. He offered to call me a cab, but I walk home from my friend’s house near here all the time so I gathered up my ounce and the wad of cash he had given me. I asked Mark if I could buy a couple of joints of that good weed, and he told me to keep my money and handed me a quarter ounce bud. Even though my mouth tasted like cum he grabbed me and held me up against the wall and kissed me and told me this was the most fun he has had in a long time. He told me to come back next Friday at six.I walked outside and made it home in about thirty minutes. I am glad my mom is out of town since I had cum all of my face when I looked in the mirror. I counted the money Mark had given me and is was $440, plus I had a quarter ounce of killer weed, and I could sell my ounce for $80.I jacked off and thought about kissing Mark and I also thought about Robyn from my school. I then started jacking off about going over there next Friday and I came as soon as I thought about sucking Mark’s big dick.

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