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My thick Latina mom

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My thick Latina momJust my fantasy My mom is pretty hot in her mid thirties big ass and medium sized tits. She is the neighborhood fantasy. One day in the summer I’m sitting on my computer chair when my mom calls me upstairs. “Mijo ven” I go up to her room and there she is on all fours. “No has visto mi zapato” the whole time I’m just looking at her ass and she turns around “no” I say and quickly leave. The same day she comes into my room to talk. “Hijo es normal que seas curioso” “si mama ya Lo se” she let’s out a sexy grin “vente a comer OK”.I couldn’t get her out of my head so I decided to watch mom and son porn, but it made it worse I got even hornier. I decided to sneak into her room to sniff her panties my heart pounds as I near her hamper right at the top are a pair of stripped hanes panties that look to small for her I pick them up and inhale her scent and it’s lovely. My Cock began to swell as I sniff and lick her gusset trying to eat her scent. She must have come up and I didn’t hear her but she was there. “Mijo que haces” she says “perdoname mama” I try to sound sorry but I can still taste her and cock is still hard. “Aver quita tu mano quiero ver algo” I move my hand so she can see my Cock “wow esta muy grande” she says “ponte tu pantalon y sientate alado De mi” I pull my pants up and you could see my big bulge. “Mijo es normal que quieras sexo pero soy tu madre y ay que respectar eso, porque no te consigues una novia” I could have just given the cliche anadolu yakası escort answer that I only wanted her but I stayed quiet. She then left and I went to my room. A few days later I went downstairs for a snack and as soon as I walk into ths kitchen I see my thick booty mom bending over for something under the sink with her legs apart and in spandex shorts you could see the outline of her plump pussy. I took it as a opportunity and reached under to grab her and I did and grabbed her tight pussy and I could fell the warmth of it she let out a small moan “mijo n-” she moaned again I could tell she liked it, because she was getting wet at the same time. At the moment my stepdad comes into the house I let go but not without grabbing her fat pussy one more time. The next day in the afternoon my mom comes into the room surely to talk about the experience. “Hijo soy tu madre y por Lo mas que me gusto es mal Lo que hiciste Ayer” ” pero te gusto” I respond she bit her lip and nodded yes she stood up and walked backwards guiding me with her finger towards her room. I come in and instantly grab her by the waist and bring her close for a kiss we kiss for a long time and I begin to undress her but when I did she walked towards the bathroom with her big fat ass moving side to side I followed like if I was in a trance she kept looking back giving me stares and I undressed also releasing my cock. We both got into ataşehir escort the steamy shower and kissed more I rubbed her pussy and she cock. “Que Rico mijo” she said as I turned her over and pushed her against the wall I put my cock onto her fat ass and I began to kiss her neck and she let out soft moans. I then made her push her ass out to me and I put my fingers into her plump pussy “que rico’ she said turned on her pussy was really wet so I took my fingers out and sucked on them and kissing her after so she could get a taste “mi turno” she said giving my cock a squeeze and getting on her knees she wrapped her balls around my cock and fondled my balls, cramming my shaft into her mouth I took her head and face fucked her **gawk gawk** I then shoved the whole length and cummed into her mouth and she swallowed it. She licked her lips and kissed me I got a taste of cum and cock as I kissed her. I then pushed her back against the wall and I ate her ass and licked her pussy and she squirted all over me. From there we bathed and got out as I walked out the bathroom I squeezed her ass and winked at her. Days later she told me she wanted me inside her “quiero sentir to pito adentro De mi” she said of course I agreed and she told me to meet her in her room so I did. Her big ass was in the air wrapped in leggings she was on all four so I kissed her fat ass and then she kissed me. We began to undress eachother and I kissed every inch ümraniye escort of her body until I got to her pussy which was drenched. I began by eating her pussy until she was begging me to stop. She then took my meat and deepthroated it leaving it red with lipstick. “Ponte De espaldas como la zorra que eres” I told her as I went for a condom “no sin condon quiero que acabes dentro mi” she moaned. So I went and got on top of her and squeezed my cock into her and she let out a loud moan. Five minutes in I grabbed her by the neck and looked into her eyes “mi puta zorra” I tell her and I kiss I begin to feel her tight pussy getting tighter as she begins to cum so I go even harder and she begins to scream “que Ricooo soy toda tuya y tambien mi cuca es toda tuya” she let’s out a moan and she cums hard moving around in pleasure. “Lista para ronda 2” I tell her “huh como que duras mas que tu papa” she says. ” ponte De cuatro pinche nalgona” when she does I grab her ass and give her.a good pussy sucking. I spit on my cock and get ready to shove it in her ass and she says “no tan duro porfas”. I begin by starting to squeeze my tip into her asshole, it’s to tight so I spit in her asshole and finger it a little just to get her kinda loose. With that my tip went in and slowly but surely the rest aswell I begin to pump her ass even harder a d she starts screaming “QUE RICOO” I have to cup her face with my hand ” van a escuchar Los vecinos ” I tell her after about 15 minutes of being in her ass I couldn’t hold it anymore so I pumped her ass with my cum and pulled out and I watched as the cum dripped onto her pussy and I licked some and kissed her ” que Rico mama ahora tu eres mia ” I tell her. “Mmm Lo se mijo” and she kissed back and she fell asleep on top of me. THE END hope you enjoyed reading this

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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