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My Time in Melbourne

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My Time in MelbourneMELBOURNEWhen I was 18 I left my little outback town and moved into the big city of Melbourne. I enlisted as a trainee nurse and got lodgings with family friends George and Mildred (not their real names of course !!) After a couple of weeks settling-in I got to know them a bit better as they had been strangers to me before. Mildred worked in a shop and George told me he worked in the film industry. On one particular evening – I was complaining to them about how expensive everything was in Melbourne and how poorly paid I was!! Mildred said to me “that she knew a way that we could all make money very easily – without even leaving the house !! “ I was intrigued by this and wondered what it could possibly be !! Mildred went on to say that “ George would make a short film with me bakırköy escort in it and sell it to a friend he knew !!” Alarm bells began to ring in my head – but they told me it would be very lucrative !! I thought that this sounded to good to be true – “what would I have to do ?? I said and Mildred replied “ that there was a big demand out there for films about pretty girls like me ” sensing my apprehension she went on. “we would get a nice wig for you to so no-one would recognize you” Well I thought what harm could it do and I did really need the money.The next night after our usual BBQ – they announced that we would shoot the film tonight in their large bedroom !!Mildred told me that she bought home a new dress for me to wear especially for the beşiktaş escort film – I asked her “How did she know my size ??? and she said that “she hoped that I did not mind but she had looked through my clothes to get it whilst I was at work !!I was a bit surprised but she said had laid it out on my bed – with some black stockings and a new suspender belt !!!So I went into my room and there was a nice dress on the bed – I took off my work clothes and put it on and looked in the mirror – it fitted me a treat but was very, very short and had quite a low neckline !!. I pulled on the stockings and went out to find them.They were in their bedroom with the shutters closed and several big lights blazing away – the camera was on a tripod and I thought beylikdüzü escort they must have done this before !!“Sally, you look great in that dress – now put this wig on please my darling ” purred Mildred as she was obviously the director !!I had short black hair at the time and the blonde wig made me look totally different – as I saw when I looked in the full-length mirror on the wall,“Stand in front of the camera and let’s get you on the screen” said George “ just be natural and pretend its not even there !! “I stood there posing and then walked up and down turning around several times so he could shoot me !!“That’s great Sally now could you sit on that black leather sofa please ?? said GeorgeI went over and sat on the sofa and he carried on filming !! My dress was riding up and I was showing my stockings to the camera !! The lights were quite bright on me and I heard Mildred ask me “to open my legs wide so George could see my white panties !!After a while they stopped and came around to talk to me. “ Is that it ??? I said “ Well, no, if you could strip for the camera we can get a lot more money for the film “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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