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My true experience in the army (Gay)

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My true experience in the army (Gay)This is a 100% true story of losing my Cherry. When I was 17 & a half years old I joined the British Army. Ijoined The REME (Royal & Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.I did my basic training plus a vehicle mechanic’s course inUK. This took about 6 months .I then asked for a posting to Cyprus, which I got. I got thereafter New Year. I was 18 then & pretty innocent about life.We stayed in billets till the start of the next year. Then I was19 years old. In that first year there was very little sex forme although there were a couple of encounters, but littlemore than mutual masturbation. I did fuck one guy, but itwas short & sweet. It was all done very quietly, & although there were rumours, nothing was in the open.Just after I was 19 we moved into Tents. That was not as bad as it sounds, in fact it was really super!! The tents were about 12 foot square, with a concrete base andelectricity, (well a plug and a light). There were 4 bedsand 4 lockers. It was almost like a holiday for me. Iworked till about 1 pm when it was hot. After we finishedwe all wore only a pair of shorts & boots.Most evenings we played cards etc in various tents. I did not play cards but I enjoyed the company of the lads.Again 1xbet yeni giriş I had a few sexual contacts, but nothing heavy. Therewas a couple of lads that I was very fond of. I was oneof about a dozen mechanics, & there was over 150drivers. We all worked together & everything wentreally well. Some evenings a few of us just sat on the beds in one of the tents & just talked about whatever.Sex if I remember was not a subject that came up veryoften, although most of us were quite frustrated, at leastI was.In the evening in Cyprus when the sun goes down, itis really dark. The entire camp of course was brightlylit. One evening about 5 of us were in a tent. 3 of the ladswent to the NAAFI for a drink or whatever. That left Jeff& myself in the tent. We had always been good friendsalthough nothing sexual had happened between us before.”SUDDENLY” the entire camp was in darkness. Therewas a major power cut !!! We sat still waiting for the power to come back on. Jeff was lying on his back onhis bed. I was sitting on the next bed about 2 feet away.The power stayed off!! We waited silently…. I couldn’tresist it, I leaned forward 2 feet & gently put my hand on the front of Jeff’s shorts. He got an instant erection !! Islid 1xbet giriş my hand up inside his shorts. His cock was “solid”.It was quite a bit bigger than mine. (Thicker and longer)He stood up. I expected to get a punch on the nose,but no………..Jeff reached over & took my hand & said, “Come with me”.I still expected the worst. He led by the hand in the pitchblackness down the path to the toilet block which was anormal building. He took me into a room that had a bath.He closed & locked the door. I could not see anythingat all. Jeff turned me round & pulled my shorts to the ground. He took off his own shorts. Then I felt his nakedbody against my back. I could feel his hard cock pressagainst me.I suddenly realised what was going to happen !! I panickeda bit. I said, “I can’t take that, it is too big” Jeff quietly said,”It is OK, I will be gentle with you.” With that he took mycock & masturbated me. Within seconds my cum shot ontothe floor. Jeff turned me round & bent me over the bath &placed my hands on the furthest edge. He kicked my feetapart, & leaned over me. I felt his hot naked body press against mine. “Oh God” I thought as his hard cock pressedagainst me.”Relax” whispered Jeff in my ear. I was shaking!!! I heard 1xbet güvenilirmi him spit on his hand & he wet my virgin hole. He did the same to his cock. One hand pushed my head forward &the othe guided his cock to my hole. I felt it try to enter me.”No” I cried. His hand clamped over my mouth. “ShhhhhhI will go slow”, he whispered. “Just relax.”He pressed his cock against me. I felt it try to enter my virginhole. With his hand over my mouth, I could not speak. Hewas very gentle, but when he entered me it was quite sore.”Ohhhhh!” “Relax, Relax”, he whispered. I tried!!Slowly he pushed it into me. He paused when it was inside.I later learned that it was for me to get used to the size.”Mmmmmmmmmmm””You OK ?””mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”He must have taken that as a “Yes”, because he began tofuck me, slowly at first, then he speeded up.I held onto the far edge of the bath as he pounded it into me.”mmmmmmmmmmm”He took his hand fom my mouth.”OK” ?”Yes”, I gasped.He continued to hammer his cock into my once virgin ass.He seemed to go on & on & on. He gave a loud moan,& pressed hard into me, pumping his cum into me. Hestayed inside me till all his cum was gone.Jeff quietly stood back & pulled up his shorts & was gone!!!I stood there in a daze for a long time before I pulled upmy shorts & staggered to my own tent & bed.To him it was just SEX !!To me it was a change to my whole life……I will remember every second of that night as long as I live.I will always be grateful to him.James.

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