Haz 09

My White Whale.

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My White Whale.I had been coming to the same stall for about 3 weeks. I was told to come here on some big dick forums i go on (im about 6.5″ long and 2.5”thick but love to hook up with hung studs), because there was supposedly a guy with an extermely huge cock who frequented this bathroom and he liked young guys like me(im 22yr). My friends on the site told me to come to this mall around 11:00 pm (we guessed he was using the all night gym there) and i would know it was him by his red converse sneakers and i should wear tight jeans , a tight wife beater and white converse all stars thats what he likes . Well i had come and no sign of him for three weeks , there were other guys who would come in and sit next to me and i would indulge them. But none of them were monsters like i really craved. I had made up my mind that i wasnt coming back after one more night of waiting. I had been sitting there for about 15 min when i heard the door open and heavy feet start walking towards the end of the stalls. I actually started to get a little nervous, i wanted it to be him so bad. He opened the door next to me and sat down and then pushed a huge foot in a red shoe into my stall. I almost gasped with joy and forgot the formalities, isvecbahis yeni giriş i blurted out “Oh fuck yeah” i heard him chuckle and say “You really dont know what you got yourself into do you?”. He stood up and walked over to my stall and came in (i made sure to take the handicapped stall for the room) when i saw him i instantly started to get hard, he was 6ft3″ tall had a soccer players body short cropped black hair , blue eyes. and looked like he was in his early 40’s. He was wearing tight jogging pants so i could see his cock and balls pressed against the side of his leg (he evidently didnt like underwear ) . “I dont have alot of time so we have to be quick ” he said , i didnt mind i needed to be cummed on bad. I kneeled in front of him and started to take his pants off, as i pulled them down i went passed his shaved base and kept going and going until his head popped out. I was dumbstruck by the size of his dick he wasnt even hard and he was atleast 8″ long x 2.5 wide cut and his balls were the size of large chicken eggs that hung about 5″ below his beautiful shaft, he was longer soft then i was rock hard!. “You like it” he said, i responded by picking it up and tongueing his isvecbahis giriş piss hole ” I guess so hahahahaha”. The head of his cock was a wonderful mushroom shape with a huge opening i tongued his hole and started to just suck the head when he started to get alot bigger. I was jerking him and sucking his head when i took a break from sucking and really looked at the huge meat stick in my hands he was rock hard now and he had to be aleast 13″ long and 3″ wide the rim of his head stuck out a good half inch from his shaft. “suck more then the head boy” he said in low voice that turned me on like crazy. I started to work it in my mouth but it was hard he was so damm thick. It went in and i pushed down feeling every vein pass my lips he was moaning loudly now and it was echoing in the large room. “Oh fuck yeah you little whore suck my cock YESSSSS!” he screamed this as he started to face fuck me hard. I was gagging and spit was coming out the corner of my mouth but he seemed to really like that as he thrusted his long pole down my throat. I was able to start taking it almost all the way down minus about 2” and hold it there while gagging hard,spit shooting out on to his stomach. Then i grabbed his isvecbahis güvenilirmi long cock and jerked it off with both hands from base to tip the whole time he was calling me his dirty slut. Then he told me no hands and I started to kneed his huge balls in my right hand as i fondled my cock with my left the whole time my mouth was violently fucked. My cock was so sensitive i came in a few minutes and shot my load all over his red shoes. This proved to be to much for him as he took a step back and started to jerk harder then i have ever seen and spew rope after rope of hot cum all over my face and chest covering me in a thick layer of jizz. When he was empty he started to beat his cock on my chest and slapped my face with it. “You like that you little cum slut?” he said in a powerful voice “Yes sir” was all i could muster as i started to clean my cum from his shoes with my tongue. “Your my new little cock boy, ya got that” he demanded “Anything you want sir”. With that he pulled on his pants and told me to do the same and we exchanged cell numbers. As we left the bathroom i started to walk the oppisite way from him. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and said into my ear “Where the fuck do think your going little boy. Your coming with me”, i told him i thought he had somewhere to go. He said “OH YES and your coming with me , i want to show you off to my friends and they all have cocks over 10″ so youll be happy”. He then took me to his friends house but that will be my next story……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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