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My wife and our neighbour. Part one.

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My wife and our neighbour. Part one.We arrived in the village on a Friday, late morning. It was a lovely day. Not a cloud in the sky, but not too hot at the same time. Moving is always a pain, but there was loads of space in our new dream house in the country, so we could take our time with things, and bring in boxes from our spacious double garage as and when.By late evening, the kitchen was sorted, the bathroom was sparkling and our clothes were all tidied away in the master bedroom. I suggested to Sarah that first evening that we christen the new super king bed, but she was understandably exhausted from the move. My cock would have to wait!I had married Sarah, the girl of my dreams, just 13 months earlier. She was stunning. Long wavy blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes that lit up a perfect face, and an incredible body.Heads turned wherever she went. Guys – and girls – were often distracted by her perfect tits and peach of an arse in whatever clothing she decided to model on a given day.She was 23 and me 25, and her 5 foot 5 frame fitted just about right into my 5 foot 9. I did wish I was a little taller though.We wore big smiles on our wedding day and during our honeymoon in Barbados, where I was told by all we met just how lucky I was. I was usually told this on the beach as Sarah showed off all her assets in a variety of bikinis, and often went topless.*A few hours after we woke on that first morning in the country, my wife was sorting through boxes in the garage when there was a knock at our side door.I answered to a friendly looking man a few inches taller than me with a decent enough build and posture for a man in his early 50s perhaps. He had curly light brown hair turning grey and clearly receding in places. He wore a moustache, and well I thought. He was wearing a short sleeved white summer shirt and light beige chords. More importantly he was clutching a wooden box with three bottles of wine inside. One red, one white and one rose.‘Hi I’m Geoff!’ he said. ‘I live next door, welcome to the village!’He reached out a hand and we shook warmly before I thanked him for his lovely gesture.‘Great to meet you Geoff, I’m Rob.’I then called for Sarah, who almost bumped into my new friend as she exited the side door of the garage.‘I’m your neighbour’ he said as he offered his hand. Sarah took it and they shook.She kept hold of his hand as she examined Geoff’s face and blushed. Her own face immediately turning pink in parts, particularly her model like cheeks.‘Hi!’ she said, lost for further words. Our new neighbour had made the most güvenilir bahis incredible first impression on a girl who must have been around 30 years his junior.‘Hi!’ he replied, still holding on. I caught him quickly eyeing my wife from head to toe. In her yellow cami top and tight white fitting jeans, she was absolutely sizzling. He blushed right back.‘Geoff’s brought us some wine,’ I said, interrupting their moment.The pair came out of their trance and let go of each other’s hands.‘That’s so lovely, thank you!’ said Sarah, taking Geoff’s hand again.‘No problem, there’s one of each. Please enjoy. Are you all settled in?’ he asked, addressing her and then me.Sarah, letting go of his hand once more, was once again lost for words so I replied:‘Pretty much. We were going to check-out the village pub later.’‘Oh really?! Good, it’s great. Particularly on a lovely day like today.’‘Would you like to join us?’ Sarah found her voice.Their eyes fixed on each other again.‘I would love to,’ he smiled. ‘What time you are you heading up there?’‘I don’t know, what time is the football?’ Sarah said looking in my direction.Before I could answer, Geoff enthused:‘Oh you’re a football fan, who do we support?’‘Manchester United!’ I said proudly.‘Oh dear! Can’t win them all. I’m a Gunner,’ our neighbour confirmed.‘Never mind. You might win something one day!’ I couldn’t resist.‘We’ll head up there around 1 I reckon, shall we collect you on the way?’ I asked.‘Sounds great! Well I’ll see you both later then.’ There was another meeting of his and my wife’s eyes before he made for the house next door. I caught Sarah enjoying him until he was almost out of sight. She was clearly checking out the older guy. She then stopped herself and looked at me, having realised I was watching her.‘What?’ she asked?‘Nothing.’ I replied.She went back to her box work in the garage. I went back inside.*An hour or so later as I went to freshen up, I caught Sarah sat on our super king deep in thought. It took two calls of her name before she woke from another trance.‘Are you ok babe?!’ I asked concerned.‘Oh yes yes, I’m fine. It’s nothing,’ she said, getting up off the bed and wandering through to the en suite. She sprayed some perfume around her neck and checked her reflection in the mirror.‘Are you sure?’ I asked again.‘Absolutely, listen, do you want to head to the pub soon? You deserve a drink after all that heavy lifting yesterday.’It was only a little after midday, but I did quite fancy a pint.‘Yeah, shall we get going?’ I enthused.‘No, I’ll see you up there. türkçe bahis I promised my sister I’d give her a quick call. Plus, Geoff’s expecting us at 1, I’ll hold on ‘til then and knock for him on the way. Save us a seat!’She seemed to have everything planned out and while it would have been nice to walk up together, I also liked the idea of a pint alone in the beer garden overlooking the village, taking in my new surroundings.‘That’s cool. Ok then babe. I’ll see you in a bit.’ I gave her a kiss and got a whiff of her incredible fragrance. I went in for a squeeze.‘Hey! You’ll crease my top!’ she said, gently pushing me away.I grabbed my phone and my wallet and headed out and up the quiet road to our new local.*The first pint barely touched the sides, and I was midway through my second when Sarah and Geoff appeared in the distance. If they’d struggled for words with each other earlier, they were certainly making up for it now, chattering away with the occasional laugh.‘Hey neighbour!’ Geoff called out as they approached the bench where I was sat.‘Howdy! What a place!’ I replied, raising a glass to our surroundings. There were just a couple of other people at tables in the beer garden. I noticed a couple of the male customers get a decent look at Sarah.‘Can I get you a refill?’ Geoff asked.‘Oh why not!’ I enthused. ‘This one won’t last much longer.’Sarah rolled her eyes disapprovingly.‘How about you Sarah?’ he addressed my wife.‘We’ll get these…’ she insisted.‘No, no, not at all. Come on, it’s your first time here and I’m buying,’ pleaded our neighbour successfully.‘You’re so kind,’ Sarah Smiled. ‘But I’m not sure, I’ll come in with you and see what they’ve got.’Sarah followed Geoff to the bar door and I watched them inside.‘After you!’ he said, allowing my missus to enter first. Did I catch him checking out her arse as she brushed past him? I couldn’t have blamed him.Again, he got a sneaky look as she got on her tiptoes to look over the bar and at the fridges to see what our new establishment had to offer in terms of drinks.At this point the barman acknowledged both customers, and managed a sneaky look down Sarah’s top.I turned back to face my pint and moved from my central position on the picnic bench to allow my wife a place to sit.However, she chose to sit next to Geoff when the pair returned, both with gin and tonics.I adjusted again.We talked for a bit about our relevant pasts.Geoff was 53..so indeed had 30 years on my wife and almost the same on me. Having made a fair bit of cash over the years in the insurance industry, güvenilir bahis siteleri he was now a freelance accountant, taking on clients as and when he chose.He’d been married before, but that fell apart when his wife chose to return home to her native Australia. On telling us this story, Sarah looked concerned for our new neighbour and put her hand on his. She also stroked his knee, but smiled as he pointed out that he was completely over the episode and in a really good place now.In turn, Geoff showed Sarah some affection when she talked briefly about her c***dhood and her father leaving when she was just 7 years old. He also smiled when she talked about how close she and her sister had become as a result.*‘Right I’m going to get another and get seated inside’ I announced.‘I’m gonna head back I think,’ Sarah said. ‘I’ll empty a couple more boxes while you enjoy the football.’While I was a little taken aback by this, I wasn’t overly surprised and turned to Geoff.‘How about you then Geoff, fancy watching a decent team this afternoon?!’‘No, not for me. I wouldn’t watch your lot if you paid me. Besides, I’ve got a couple of things to take care of.’He quickly gulped down what was left of his drink and then addressed my wife:‘Walk you home?’Sarah’s face lit up once more. She would have brightened the darkest of skies.‘Yes, I’d like that!’ she enthused.There was an awkward pause and we were all stopped in our tracks a little. Sarah and Geoff in particular were aware with how that came across.I broke the silence.‘Ok then, I’ll see you back at the house. Thanks for the beer Geoff.’‘No problem my friend’ he replied.I left them both on the bench and headed back to the bar. It dawned on me once inside that it was highly likely the next time I spoke to my wife would be after she had made love to another man.I stress ‘making love.’‘Another pint mate?’ asked the barman, interrupting my thought process.‘Yeah…actually no…can I have a whisky?’‘Wow! One of those afternoons is it?!’ he chuckled.‘Something like that.’He poured me a Glenlivet and I went and sat down in the tv room. Looking out of the window I saw Sarah and Geoff finish off their drinks and rise from the table. As they wandered over to the T Junction, a car approached and Geoff took my wife’s hand to protect her. The car passed and they continued on their short walk, still hand in hand.He had every right to hold her. Just like he had every right to give her a gentle touch on the bum some moments ago. I watched until they were out of sight. Their hands loosened, but as soon as it did, Geoff reached across to Sarah’s bum again. Was that a playful pinch or squeeze?If what I suspected was about to happen was indeed about to happen, then both were well within their rights in spite of me.But I surely had a right to watch.

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