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My Wife, Her Bull, THEIR Vacation

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My Wife, Her Bull, THEIR VacationIf your read my last story, “Our First Night In The Cuckold Lifestyle”, you were introduced to three characters. My wife, Liz, her bull, Darren, and myself. You can read up on all the details about us in that story. If you’re still reading to this point I assume you’re all caught up and ready for this story.This takes place last summer. “But honey you promised you were going to be able to get off work for our beach vacation next week?”, my wife, Liz, asked me. I felt terrible–honestly I never want to let Liz down. She means the world to me and to see her disappointed in me is the worst feeling ever. But here I was, letting her down. We planned a beach trip for just the two of us (not that we have k**s anyways) back in March and it was now July. Of course, being in an executive in the corporate lifestyle work can spring up at any moment. So instead of going to the beach next week I was going to be flying to Montana for business. Which means I had to break the news to my wife and which brings us back to the discussion we were having.”Liz I know we set put this trip together back in March–but with my job and my level at the job I can’t just not go on this business trip.” She crossed her arms and looked at me clearly upset, “Well I don’t know what you’re going to do but you better figure out something. We are going to be out a lot of money canceling last second.” And there it was, Liz new me better than anyone else. She knew if is she mentioned how much money I would lose on anything I would always find a way to do whatever it was. She kissed me and told me she was going to go shower and get into bed. She informed me not to come up until I figured something out. I sat there for what felt like 10 minutes before it hit me….of course I know exactly what to do. I made my way up to our bedroom.Liz was already in bed by the time I walked into the bedroom. She looked so gorgeous lying there under the covers on her phone, her hair down–still damp after showering and drying off. I walked over to her side of the bed and sat down toward the foot of the bed and looked at her. She glanced up from her phone at me and smiled, “Well did you call work and tell them to shove it?” I laughed a little, “No nothing like that, in fact I’m still going on my work trip…but I came up with an idea that gets you to the beach.” She looked esenyurt escort confused, “If your answer is that I’m going alone, then you can just make your way downstairs and sleep on the couch tonight.” Again, I laughed and looked at her, “Don’t you worry I’m not that dumb–I was thinking…what if you called Darren and he went with you on this trip?” Her eyes lit up and new life sprang into her, “You mean it?! I mean you’re serious about this??” I could tell with each word she grew more and more excited, “Of course I’m serious. You guys haven’t been able to see each other a whole lot recently because of your job. I figured a week away with him is the real vacation you need.” She immediately left from under the covers, hugging me, and showering me with kisses, “Oh thank you honey, thank you! Yes, this is the exact vacation I need!” Shortly she was on the phone with Darren who was able to confirm that he could go with her to the beach. Both seemed very happy–both seemed ready for vacation.Liz drove me to the airport that Sunday so I could leave for Montana. I was to be there until I flew back home next Sunday morning where Liz was going to pick me up. Liz left to go pick up Darren soon after dropping me off at the airport. After picking up Darren, the two would leave for the beach and return back to Arizona (our home state) Saturday evening.The flight seemed like forever, I made my way to the baggage claim and walked outside to get an Uber. As I sat in the back of the Uber I pulled out my phone to check up on all the messages I missed while on the flight. Texts from co-workers, friends, and a few from my wife. I made sure to get through the important business messages first, but could barely focus on them with the thought of what Liz had sent me in the back of my mind. Finally, I got to Liz’s text messages. The first was a simple text telling me they were on their way to the beach and how thankful again she was for letting me allow this. The next was one informing me of just how bored she was on this long car ride and how she had to let Darren drive because she needed a nap. However, the third message just said, “Expect receiving more stuff like this throughout the week 😉 “, and below the text was a picture of Liz, her mouth wrapped around Darren’s massive cock, and her winking at the camera. avrupa yakası escort My cock got so hard I had to check my surroundings making sure the Uber driver didn’t notice anything. Holy shit I was so turned on! Not even a day into the trip and she already sent me the first sext. I fall in love with Liz more and more everyday.I made it to the hotel and checked in. Once I made it to my room I threw everything on my bed and called Liz. “Hey baby, how was your flight? Did you get my text”, Liz giggled at the last part of her question. “Hell yea I got the texts, you’re such a bad girl Liz–I’m guessing I am going to be getting my phone blown up with this”, I asked excited. She laughed a little and responded, “Oh of course, why do you think I’m so excited to be on this trip. Now don’t worry I will be sure to send you a goodnight text in a little.” We had a little more small talk but hung up the phone there soon after. I hopped in the shower to rinse of the plane ride and got into my clothes to sleep in. I looked at my phone–a text from Liz waited for me. I opened it to a picture of her face covered in cum. I mean it was absolutely drenched in Darren’s cum my jaw hit the floor. The text under it read, “Long Car Rides = Massive Cum Shots When You Arrive…Goodnight Baby ;* “. I didn’t even put the phone down, I just turned around, entered the bathroom, and jerked off until I myself came. The next day was pretty dull for the most part. I’m pretty sure the person reading this does not want to get bored with my actual business meeting. I will say though my day was filled with sexy pictures from my wife. She took all of her sexy new bikini style bathing suits on this trip…of course she did. She would send different pictures to me asking which made her ass bigger, her tits bigger, and which would I think Darren would like more. It was an amazing day, honestly I really think I enjoyed this more than if I went with her. Other than that it stayed pretty casual for the remainder of the day. Once, evening rolled around I called Liz and we spoke about each other’s day. She spent most of the day with Darren at the beach where they laid in the sun and waked on the beach. I asked if I was going to get another surprise like the previous night, but she told anadolu yakası escort me that they both were super tired and that they both were probably going to go to sleep. We hung up the phone and I got into bed to go to sleep. About an hour went by while I was asleep until I was awoken by my phone going off. I quickly grabbed it and looked to see who would be calling right now…it was Liz? I answered and before I could get a word out she told me, “Hey baby, sorry I lied we didn’t really go to bed….” In between every other word I could hear loud clapping and her moaning. I could clearly hear her getting fucked through the phone. She spoke again, “Don’t say anything….oh fuck that’s it…. just enjoy this phone call, I’m….holy shit….. putting the phone on the night stand…mmmm fuck right there…” I didn’t say a word–I put my phone on speaker and pulled my cock out. I listened as moaned with pleasure, every now and again I would hear a loud smack which sounded like Darren smacking her ass. This just confirmed he was fucking her doggy style, her favorite position. It had been a minute since I saw/ heard them fuck so I was taken back a little at being reminded just how powerful Darren fucks my wife. She cries out in this moan that would make anyone cum–which speaking of I did after about the third time she did it. I lost count of how many times she kept announcing that she was cumming but each time she did it seemed Darren just fucked her harder. The head board was practically on the wall because I kept hearing the damn thing slam against each other I almost couldn’t hear anything else. It both frustrated me and turned me on more knowing my wife was receiving that monster cock that hard. At points it would quite down so I knew they were switching positions, but once they started fucking again it was blissful for everyone. The popping noise my wife’s ass made when Darren slammed against it echoed through my own hotel room as if they were there next to me. After 30 minutes of intense fucking I heard Darren finally cum. My wife moaned as she received his load. She picked up the phone and just said, “Goodnight baby..sweet dreams”, and hung up the phone. The rest of the week stayed pretty much along that line. It was a week of my wife receiving the most well deserved sex vacation of her life. When I returned home that next Sunday she was so happy and thankful that her and I engaged in some wild sex ourselves. I could tell that she too was glad I had to go to Montana, mostly because after we had sex Sunday night she looked at me and said, “Boy I hope work calls you away more often.” Thank you again for reading another one of my stories from my wife and I’s lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed it. Until the next story…

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