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My wife, her Catholic School Friend, and her Cowor

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My wife, her Catholic School Friend, and her CoworThis was part one of this story: http://xhamster.com/stories/my-wife-her-catholic-school-friend-and-her-cowor-876933This is part 2: https://xhamster.com/stories/my-wife-her-catholic-school-friend-and-her-cowor-877377And now for part 3:Later on we talked about her coworker. She said she knew of her inexperience but did not know how extensive it was. I told her we can teach her how to have sex with a man. She said she has a better idea. We can teach both her and the 18 year old she fucked at the same time. I said that is a great idea but let’s wait until after I fuck LaDonna some more. She agreed.The rest of the week passed and it was coming time for me to call LaDonna again. My wife lined up a date to fuck another guy so he could cum in her and then I would fuck her and cum in her before I went and fucked LaDonna. The day came for this to happen. She went and fucked the other guy, came home and I fucked her full of his cum. I ate her out and coated my lips with all of the juices from her pussy. I then called LaDonna and told her where to meet me. I went and picked her up.On the way to her motel room I told her what my wife and I had done and what I am going to do to her. I told her I am going to kiss her and lick and suck her tits and then she will suck me and I am going to fuck her hard from behind. I had figured out her being fucked from behind is her least favorite position. But it was my favorite when I fucked her. We got to her room an did exactly what I wanted. After I was done with her and had unloaded two cum loads deep inside of her I told her from now on she will only take my cock from behind. I also told her the next time I fuck her she need to have another mans cum in her. I then told her I’m going to call you tomorrow. I left and went back home. My wife asked me how it went. I told her it went great and was only going to fuck LaDonna from behind from now on. My wife asked why. I told her because LaDonna was to being fucked from behind, doggystyle, as you are to riding me from on top, it is her best position to be fucked in, whether she likes it it not it feels the best for me. My wife asked me what the best position for her coworker to be fucked in is. I told her since I only fucked her missionary I don’t know yet but we will figure it out. I also told my wife I am going to fuck LaDonna the next day and I will want her pussy to be full of cum from another man. My wife loved this idea and said she will want to suck and clean my cock when I get home.My wife also came up with another great idea for LaDonna and I. As I said earlier in this story my wife and LaDonna were Catholic school friends. As such they had to wear a uniform. Part of that uniform was a plaid skirt and white shirt or blouse with a collar. My wife still had two of her school uniform skirts. When we had sex we would sometimes role play that she is a naughty Catholic school girl who would seduce me. She had her skirts tailored and altered so she could still fit into them. When we had sex and she wore them she would be without panties and have a very sweet white top on with no bra. My favorite position was hey on top riding my cock with her top unbuttoned and her tits hanging out. She would ride me and I would like her skirt up and watch her pussy fuck my cock until I came.Well her idea was to see if LaDonna still had her Catholic school skirts and if she did and she could still wear them to have her wear one when I fucked her from behind. I told my wife I would ask her. The next day came and I called LaDonna and told her where to meet me and when. I have her plenty of time to get fucked by another guy so I could fuck hey sloppy seconds. She told me to just arrive at her new apartment she finally moved into at the time I wanted to be there and she would be ready for me.I left for LaDonna’s apartment. When I arrived and was walking down the hall to get door I saw a guy come out of what looked like the apartment next to her’s. As we passed each other in the corridor we nodded hi to one another and I saw he had a huge “cat that ate the canary” grin on güvenilir bahis his face. I don’t think nothing of it until I got to LaDonna’s apartment door. That is when I realized he came out of her apartment. I knocked and her say to come in. As I opened the door and walked in I wondered how much cum he fucked into her pussy. Well I was about to find out.I entered her living room and she was standing there naked with a huge amount of white cum running out of her hot looking pussy and down both of her legs. I immediately got naked. When she tried to say something I motioned for her not to say anything. I grabbed her hand and told her to take me to the bedroom. She lead, I followed. When we got to the bed she was having away from me and looked hotter from behind with the cum flowing out of her pussy. She tried to turn around to face me. I stopped her and guided her on to all fours and had her present the back of her pussy to me. I was hard as a rock by then. I got on my knees behind her lined my cock up with her pussy home from behind, grabbed her hips and rammed into her with one very hard thrust. She cried out in pleasure. When I rammed my cock home cum from the previous guy and her pussy juices came squirting out from around my cock. I withdrew my cock a bit and a lot of cum and her juices came with it and ran down the shaft of my cock and balls. I then proceeded to ram my cock in and out of her. I would thrust in and out until it felt like I was going to cum, then I would back off. I did this over and over again. Each time I did LaDonna’s pussy got tighter and tighter. It started to feel like I was fucking an 18 year old virgin not someone older. Eventually I could not hold back and flooded her tight pussy full of cum. She moaned in pleasure as she orgasmed around my cock. When I was done I pulled my cock out and her pussy juices and my cum came running out and created a puddle on the carpet.We sat one bed and she said even though she does not care for doggie style she really liked that. That is when I took the opportunity to offer something else she might like. I asked her if she still had her Catholic school uniform skirt. She said she does but asked why. I told her what my we and I like to do with her wearing her skirt and told her I’d love to fuck her while she is wearing hers. She said she does know if it fits but will find out and let me know but she said she would love to be fucked in her skirt if it fits. I told her I have to leave and got dressed and went home.When I got home I told my wife about my hot fuck session with LaDonna and that she would like to try fucking while she wears her skirt. Wife then went and put her school uniform skirt on and came out with nothing else on. She lay back in the couch, spread her legs and pussy wide. I stripped, got between her legs, put her hers on my shoulders and pounded her pussy until we both came hard.A few days later, after work my wife told me her coworker wants to learn more about how to fuck a man by watching the two of us. My wife arranged for her to come over the next evening. My wife and I talked about how we are going to do this. We both agreed to doing it in the guest room. I suggested we start out by all being naked at the same time this way we are all comfortable with each other. Then I told my wife we should start by showing her how to give a blow job. I told my wife she can give me one and have her coworker watch closely and then try it herself. My wife asked me if I wanted to cum from the blow job. I said depending on how good she is at giving one, yes. After that I suggested we show her how to present her pussy to a man who wants to fuck her doggie style. I said we need to show her how to get on all fours and then put her chest and head/face into the bed/pillows with her ass and pussy up so I can shove my cock in her and fuck her. After that, if there is still time and I am able to do so we will show her how to sit on and ride my cock. My wife loved the idea of how we were going to do this. We went to bed.After work the next day my wife and her coworker arrived at our house. I was in my robe with nothing türkçe bahis on underneath it. As they came in I opened the robe and showed them my semi hard cock. My wife smiled and her co worker said “it looks like you’re ready”. We went into the guest room. My wife and her co worker got undressed and I took my robe off. Her coworker sat in a chair while my wife and I got in the bed and she started giving me a blow job. She told her coworker to come closer so she could see better. She moved closer and my wife told her to watch. After she watched my wife suck my cock for a bit she joined my wife in suck me. My wife then stopped and let her coworker continue. For her first time sucking cock her co worker was pretty good. What she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. As good as she was it was not enough to get me to cum. My wife then said we are going to show her how to take a cock doggie style. My wife explained how to get on all fours supporting her upper body on her hands. Then when I am lined up and as I penetrate into her pussy my told her she would then go down on her forearms and then finally as I start pumping in and out she would want to put her chest and head/face into the bed or pillow. As my wife told her this we demonstrated it. Her co worker was sitting back in her chair, legs spread wide and fingering her pussy. My wife then explained for her first time she will want to take my cum right when I am ready to blow my load but with experience she will learn to edge a man and told her what that is. My wife, after edging me more than once had her co worker get into the position on the bed. When she presented her SSBBW pussy I almost shot my load right then and there all over her back. I shove my cock into her pussy with one big thrust. He co worker took it all and moaned in pleasure and started rocking back and forth and moving her pussy up and down as I got closer and closer to cumming. I was holding onto her huge, fat, hips and pumping her big pussy as hard as I could. I yelled out I am going to cum. She pushed back on my cock hard and let me fill her full. I pumped and pumped until I could pump no more cum into her. When I was done I gently pulled out of her pussy and we lay down next to each other. My joined us on the other side of her co worker. She told her o worker there is more we can teach her but thought we should wait until next time. Her co worker agreed because she was very tired.We got up, got dressed and my wife asked me to take her co worker home as she did not have her car that day. I gladly did so. On the way I found out she lived alone. We got to her house and she invited me in for a bit. I accepted. She said she wanted me to fuck her in the missionary position but with her legs on my shoulders. I asked where she had learned about that. She said in a magazine. She lead me to her bedroom, we got naked and she got in the bed and spread her legs wide. I could see my cum leaking out of her. Not one to tell a woman with her legs open for me no I got on her bed, got between her legs, put them on my shoulders and sank my cock deep into her pussy. She felt tighter than earlier. I pounded and fucked her harder and harder. She started yelling for more. She felt even tighter. I then sank my cock into her as far as I possibly could, I felt her have a huge orgasm and filled her full of cum again. We lay there with each other until we calmed down and caught out breath. We talked for a little bit more. She told me she really likes my wife but from now on wanted sex with me and not with my wife there. I said OK that should not be a problem. I had to get home.I got up, got dressed and went home. When I arrived my wife asked how my second fuck session went with her co worker. I told her great and about the position we fucked in. My wife said she had not been cummed in yet but understood if I was too tired. I told her call one of her guys and go fuck him and then we can fuck when she gets home. She said she knew the perfect guy. The young 18 year old that she took his virginity. She called him and had him come over to our house. She took him to güvenilir bahis siteleri the guest room while I rested in our bedroom They were in there fucking for about an hour. After they were done and he left my wife came in naked with his cum running down her legs. I had her spread her legs, ate her out, sank my cock in her and fucked her very hard until I came deep inside of her.A few days later I called LaDonna about her Catholic school uniform skirt. She told me she still had it and it still fit. I told I will be at her apartment the next day and at what time and she is to wear it, with white cotton panties and a white top with no bra.I went over the next day and she answered the door with her skirt and white top on. I could see her large tits through the white material. We started to kiss and I unbuttoned her top and massaged her tits. We got in her bed and I put my hands up her skirt and down her white, cotton panties. I fingered her pussy until she was wet. She started to soak the panties with her juices. She then wanted to give me a blow job. She took her top off and tit fucked and sucked me. She was edging me until I could not stand it anymore.I got up, lay her back, spread her legs, moved her panty crotch to the side and rammed my cock into her. I fucked her hard and fast with her legs in the air and came in her deep and hard. I lay down next to her and rested a bit. She rolled over and gave me another blow job to get me hard again. She then took her panties off, got on all fours, presented her pussy to me looked over her shoulder and said this one is on the house. She put her head/face into a pillow, arched her back and shook her ass at me. I wasted no time, got behind her, lifted the skirt up, shoved my cock in her and fucked her until I blasted load deep inside of her.When I pulled out she fell forward onto the bed and I lay down beside her. As we rested she asked me when I wanted to see her again. I said later in the week after work. She said she was starting a new job soon and was going to back away from being a prostitute, but that she was going to keep a few of her best clients. We arranged for the next time we would fuck. I got up, dressed and left.For the next few days my wife and I were so busy we did not fuck anyone else let alone each other. I was so horny by the time the day came I was to go see LaDonna again I could hardly wait. I called LaDonna and told her I was on my way and am really horny. She said she will be ready in the bedroom for me to just come on in and lock the door.When I got there and went into her bedroom I found her naked on the bed, legs spread wide open with another woman’s face in her pussy eating her out. The other woman was on her knees with her ass in the air. When LaDonna saw me she motioned for me to be quiet as I got naked. She closed her legs and put her hands on/around the other woman’s head, I assumed so she could not hear me in the room. The other woman had a completely shaved pussy and from what I could see was quit a bit older than LaDonna and I. I got behind the other woman on my knees and started rubbing my cock on the outside of her pussy. She seemed surprised at first, and then pushed back and took my cock deep into her shaved cunt. I grabbed her hips, which I noticed were very large, and started fucking her. As I did she started eating LaDonna out even harder. LaDonna started screaming in orgasm, the pussy of the woman I was fucking convulsed and she started shuddering and I came hard and deep inside of her. After we were done I pulled out of the old, fat, tight pussy I was fucking. When she pulled away from LaDonna’s pussy I could see her very gray hair and that she had a lot of wrinkles. From what I could tell she was in her 70’s. She did not say a word. We got off the bed, she got dressed, kissed LaDonna and I passionately said thank you and left. I asked LaDonna who she was. She said her neighbor. Ladonna told me she heard us more than once having sex and masturbated herself when we would fuck. Before I got there she knocked on LaDonna’s door and told her about it. LaDonna invited her in and one thing lead to another, they started making out, LaDonna ate her out, then vice versa which is when I got there. I asked if I could fuck her neighbor again. LaDonna told me to ask her myself, but not right now. She said she wanted me all to herself.

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