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My wife Vickie

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My wife VickieMy wife Vickie and I have been together for 23years. She is 5’5, and she has a beautiful 38-26-36 body. Her hair is bolnde. She is a wonderful woman. She loves to cook, clean, and she can go from a biker bar to a black tie party like few women can. But the thing I love is she is crazy about sucking my cock. On many nights she has told me she can cum by sucking my cock. On the week before my birthday, she told me she had a trip planed to a Tunica Mississippi casino. The morning of our trip, I had to finish some work at the office. She handed me a note before I got in my car. She kissed me with her full red lips and smiled as I pulled out. It only took a short while in the office, and I pulled the note out of my pocket and read. “HI,BABE. I WANT THIS TO BE THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I WANT TO TRY AND FULFILL SOME OF THE FANTASIES WE HAVE SHARED OVER THE YEARS. I WILL LET YOU PICK THEM OUT, AND I WILL “TRY” TO DO WHAT YOU ASK OF ME”. WOW! My fantasies fulfilled. I thought about them. I’ve always tried to get her to flach her beautiful body at truckers, but the one I had ever since she told me how much she loves to suck cock, is to watch her suck ümraniye escort another man’s cock. Vickie called as I was getting in the car and ask when I would be home? I said I would be there as soon as I stoped to get some wine for her. My mind was racing, and my heart was beatting hard as I pulled in the driveway. She met me at the door with our bags. Vickie looked stunning. She had on a white sheer button shirt, and a black mini. As I put the bags in the back my wife was getting the car. I saw she didn’t have panties on. It was a warm sunny day and I let the top down as we pulled out of the drive. We had a 3 hour drive, and my wife was drinking wine. When we were on hwy 61 in Mississippi she started on her 2ed bottle. I ask her to pull off her bra. She looked at me and smiled, and pointed to the 18 wheeler in front of us. She unbutton her shirt as we passed it, and I road beside him as she looked up at him with a big smile on her face. She pulled off her shirt, and I thought the driver would run off the road. My wife didn’t stop there. She leaned up and undid her bra. She let her seat back as she threw her bra in the back seat. kadıköy escort My wife played with her titties and pulled her mini up to give him a look at her pussy. My wife started to finger herself with one hand and play with her nipples with the other.She really put on a good show for him and me.We had to turn to go to the casino, and I know he hated that. We checked in our room, and when we got in it, my wife ask me if she had done a good job of first of my fantasies? I told her she did GREAT. She ask me to order a bootle of wine and she will my another come true. As I called roomservice Vickie went in the bathroom. She came out with a white short robe on, and told me to hide in the closet when the wine came. My mind was going crazy. Soon there was a knock on the door. My wife told me to hide. I got in the closet and I could see the whole room. My wife open the door, and a older black man brought in the wine. He was stealing glances at my wife as she got money for the wine. She made sure he got a good look at her ass as she bent down to get her cash. As she turned, she let her robe open alittle in the front. She handed him bostancı escort the money and said,”I DON’T HAVE MONEY FOR A TIP”. His hands shook and said it was ok. My wife let the robe fall even more open and I could see him eyes looking at her beautiful body. “WELL, MAYBE I CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE FOR THE TIP”, she said. My beautiful blonde wife walked over to him and let her robe fall to the floor. She put her hand on his cock, and said,”OH, YOU HAVE A BIG COCK. I’VE NEVER SUCKED A BIG BLACK COCK BEFORE”. He looked scard to death as my wife droped to her knees. My wife pulled his black cock out and moan very loud. “IT’S SO BIG AND BLACK”, she said as she licked it. She open her mouth and moaned as she sucked his cock in. She sucked hard on his cock and soon he started to fuck her mouth and moan. I knew he was close to cumming. My wife pulled his cock out of her mouth and said,”I LOVE SUCKING YOUR BIG BLACK COCK. CUM FOR ME. CUM IN MY MOUTH. I WANT YOUR CUM NOW”! She put his cock back in her mouth and he came. I saw her mouth being filled with his cum, and she moaned as she drink all his cum. He came so much that some dripped from the side of her mouth, but she held his cock in her mouth and sucked him dry. When he was done, she told him,” I LOVED SUCKING YOUR BIG BLACK COCK, AND YOU HAD GREAT CUM TOO, THANKS”. He zipped up and left. I came out of the closet, and grabbed her we fucked like teen agers the rest of the night..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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