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My wife’s KIK account, Part 5

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My wife’s KIK account, Part 5Goddess had me kneel on the shower floor and then She stood over me, lifted one of Her shapely legs and released Her stream of warm, golden nectar all over my boy. Goddess then dismissed me from the shower and took Her own, hot shower. Once She was done, She had me towel Her dry. She told me to then shower, dress and leave until further notice. I did as I was told and then left tot room for the lobby bar. I walked into the lobby bar and a game was on the tv, so I ordered drink and tried to reflect on the previous few hours.After an hour, the bartender told me that I had a phone call. I took the call in the lobby and it was Carol.“Return to the room immediately” She said. “The door will be locked so you’ll need to get another key-card from the front desk.” The connection went silent.I got the new key-card and took the elevator up to the room, inserted the card to unlock the door, and noticed that the room was dark, with the exception of the light from the TV. I then heard my own voice coming from the TV and as turned to look, there was the video recording of the entire time with Goddess. Not just the confession of my infidelity, but the entire time alone… all of the humiliating acts that we did… all while I thought that the recorder was turned off.I turned in horror only to see my wife, Molly, under the covers with Carol, both in bed together, watching the video.“Yes, boi” Goddess said “This is the third time that your wife and I have watched it. You make quite the submissive.”I was in total shock, so Goddess brought me out of it by simply saying:“I’m going to enjoy my sweet pet now, boi” Goddess said and then added with a smile. “Maybe you can’t fuck her… but I sure can.”My mouth was literally bursa escort hanging open. Molly, my wife said nothing. She just kept watching the relentless fucking that I was taking on the TV screen, and my submissive whimpering that filled the room.“By the way, boi” Goddess added. “Your wife eats pussy WAY better than you” ….. and I then noticed that for the first time in a while, a mischievious smile crept across Molly’s face.“Go back to the lobby and wait for further instruction, boi” Goddess added. “We’re not done with you yet.”I slowly turned and opened the door to leave. I had nothing to say, so I went to the hotel lobby bar.There were only a few other patrons watching the game so I ordered myself another drink and settled in. One of the other patrons was two barstools away and as we both seemed to be routing for the same team, he introduced himself.“Good game” he said. “I’m Ron.”“Hi Ron” I replied “Nice to meet you. I’m Pete”We shook hands and made small talk during the commercials. Ron was a very athletic Black man who looked as though he played ball in college. He seemed nice enough and we enjoyed chatting, yet he noticed me looking at my watch.“Gotta be someplace?” Ron asked with a smile.“Yes” I replied. “My wife is upstairs…. ah….” my words trailed off. “I’m just watching the time.”“No k**ding” said Ron. “I’m here with my girl for a Bridal Shower as well”’Bridal Shower’ I thought…. ‘that was the same reason I thought that we were here….’“Yea” added Ron. “I’m not sure how Carol got me to join her” he added, “but here I am.”“Did you say Carol?” I asked, “Carol?” “Yes” replied Ron, “Why?””Well, my wife is friends with someone name Carol from work” I replied, as almost in disbelief.“Holy crap” said bursa escort bayan Ron “Is your wife Molly?”“YES!” I replied, “What are the chances?”“Molly is really nice” said Ron. “Oh?” I asked. “You’ve met her?”“Yes” Ron said. “I met her through Carol after work a few times. She’s very pretty. Very sexy. You know… her body changing with the baby.”I was surprised at Ron commenting like this about my wife, particularly since he and I had just met… yet I was suddenly feeling a bit strange. Like I was having trouble maintaining focus and my words seemed difficult to form. “Hey” asked Ron “You okay?””I don’t…..” my response trailed off.“How many drinks did you have?” asked Ron.“just two buuuu….” I seemed unable to form a sentence.“Let me help get you back to your room” offered Ron.He then stood and using his obvious strength, put one of my arms around his shoulder and practically lifted me off the bar stool and we went to the elevators. Once inside the car, he pushed the button as the doors closed. I had no idea what was happening, yet Ron seemed to reassure me.“It’s okay, boi” he said with a certain sternness in his voice. “I’ve got you.”The doors opened and before long, Ron was knocking on our hotel door. My wife swung the door wide open and was standing in only her panties and bra. Ron guided me to one of the queen beds and lay me on my back. I closed my eyes in an attempt to make the room stop spinning and I guess that drifted off to sleep……..I eventually heard talking…. Voices, Male and female. Then, quiet…..I thought that I was dreaming… I seemed to be coming out of a deep sleep. My wife, Molly, was seated beside me on the bed and gently stroking my hair.“Welcome back” she said with her pretty smile. I looked escort bursa up at her and noticed that her hair was pulled back and in a ponytail… A style she seldom wore. I also noticed that her makeup, particularly her eye makeup was much heavier than usual. Her eyes were dark and seductive. Her lips heavy with bright red lipstick.It’s then that I tried to move my arms and noticed that they were bound to the side of the bed. My legs were secured as well.“What…..” I questioned, as though I was still in my dream from earlier.“Oh baby” my wife said, in a most empathetic tone, “You now belong to Carol… ” said my wife, as she turned her head to look over her shoulder, “Or Goddess to you”. As my eyes focused, I saw Goddess. My wife then stood and moved off to the side, making room for Carol. Carol took the place where my wife had been and slowly leaned down to kiss me full on the mouth. Her full lips were very erotic as they covered my mouth completely. I also tasted the unmistakable taste of pussy juice and could only imagine. My eyes popped open and I felt my cock stir and point straight up. It’s then that I realized that I was naked as well. As I tried to react, Carol’s tongue pushed into my open mouth and I was lost in ecstasy. What an amazing kiss! As Carol kissed me more, I heard little moans filling the room and suddenly realized the moans were from ME! Carol really knew how to use her lips and I was almost panting into her open mouth. Her Lips, Her Tongue! I then heard my wife’s voice.“Continue to do as you are told, Honey” said my wife. “There is no turning back, at this point. Everything for you will be easier if you don’t resist and just do as you are told. And you do need to know a few things… What we had, our marriage, our home life, everything that you knew, will never be the same. Your life, our life together, is forever changed…. and for the belter, I assure you. I will explain later this evening.”To Be Continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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