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Navy Wives Club

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Once upon a time back before vibrators had been invented and we ladies had to depend on our imagination I was a Navy wife.

I was (and still am) reasonably attractive and as sexy as was allowed in those days. I was 33 and I am named Ann. I am a high school graduate as were most of my friends.

My husband was career Navy and looking forward to becoming a Chief Petty Officer. He was an Aviation Machinist and also a Aircraft Crew Chief.

What with his seniority, his flight pay and our base housing things were not too bad money wise. I worked part time and still had enough time to myself to enjoy some time ‘with the girls’ during most days.

There were morning aerobics classes held daily at 1000. (That’s Navy talk for 10:00AM) and most days would find me there. The instructor was one of us and she always gave us a pretty good workout.

There were lockers and showers and everything was modern and nice but not very private. Between the exercise and the shower and locker room nudity there were few secrets and the talk would get quite earthy on occasion.

It wasn’t uncommon for the discussion to turn to was and who wasn’t getting laid and how often. Blow jobs and pussy licking were hinted at but never discussed outright. Compared to today we were very unsophisticated.

The most significant remark and the one that directly relates to this story was when Leila, the wife of another First Class Petty Officer said. “Damn. Larry’s been gone for two weeks now and my substitute husband is almost worn out.

Of course we all jumped on the remark and pestered her until she explained. It turned out that she had a dildo passed on to her by a maiden aunt. According to her it had served her well for about fifteen years.

Well I had read of such a thing but had never encountered one nor had several of the other ladies. We pestered Leila some more and she agreed to bring it with her the following day. She did and it was beautiful and admired by all.

That night I passed on my new found knowledge to my husband Andy. When he pinned me down I had to admit to having tried out a few things including a banana, a small squash and the long glass stopper from the decanter that we kept our best bourbon in.

Andy laughed and said that he could do much better and that all he needed was a little imagination and some privacy to work in. He said that the next time he had weekend duty he said he would make me something.

About two weeks later he came home after having had the weekend duty and handed me a bag. Before I could open it he shushed me and said that I should open it in our bedroom. He then proceeded to distract our two youngsters so that I could go and examine my present.

I hurried up to the bedroom and locked the door behind me before spilling my treasure out on to the bed. They were beautiful. Two were somewhat flexible penis like devices. One was red and looked to be a bit larger than Andy. The other was what might be called Purple Passion in color and about Andy’s size.

The third was machined and polished aluminum about ten inches long. It had a knob on one end then got slender then came to an egg shape. The other end was an oversize egg shape. We later named it the ‘double ender’.

I loved them immediately and couldn’t wait to use them and my pussy was wet and tingly from just the thought. I slipped them under my pillow and went down stairs with pussy juice running down my leg and a flushed face.

Well that night we tried the first one out. I said that the first one I wanted to try was the solid aluminum one. Andy said he agreed and then he thought that it might be better if it was warmed up. About a half hour before we went to bed he filled the bathroom sink with hot water and tossed it in.

As I took my shower I could see it and my imagination was causing very pleasurable tingles of anticipation. As I departed my shower I found that Andy had closed up the house and set up the bedroom and was patiently awaiting my arrival.

The covers had been pulled back, the little red sex light and two candles were causing an erotic glow. His naked body sporting a very definite hard on to complete the picture.

I quickly returned to the bathroom grabbed the dildo, checked it’s temperature, decided that it was just right, dried it and returning to the bed placed it in Andy’s hand.

As soon as my back touched the sheet we were in each others arms with our tongues were in each others mouths and we were both trembling in anticipation. I had not felt Andy so hard in a long time.

Then without preliminaries Andy’s hand was between my thighs and I could feel the head of the dildo against my bare skin. I was ready. I raised my knees and spread my thighs and that quick he had the dildo inside of me and was stroking away.

After a few minutes Andy took my hand and placed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it on the warm cock substitute and urged me to stroke myself. As I did that and quickly got into the erotic rhythm of self stimulation as Andy got up on his knees beside me.

He leaned over and took my breasts in his hands which increased my arousal to the extreme. Then without warning Andy stopped and began to gasp and I felt the heat of his cum landing all up and down my stomach and breasts. I hadn’t needed to touch him and his hands had been busy doing pleasant things to me.

His orgasm was strictly caused by the excitement of the moment. That and the excitement born of this brand new experience was all I needed to send me over the edge too. Then we rapidly produced two or three more in each other before we both were reduced to an exhausted but very happy couple.

Well I’ll leave the rest of the next few weeks to your imagination. Suffice to say it was a very pleasant revival of sexual interest for us both and many good times were had by me alone and by us together.

With three ‘partners’ to choose from it was like having a new experience each time I locked myself in the bedroom. I also tried some of my ‘old friends’ and experimented with a couple of new things. When you search for them there are many interesting possibilities around the house.

As those same weeks went by things got a bit more interesting in the shower room also. Soon it was obvious that I was not the only one with either an imaginative hubby or an imagination coupled with some DIY skills. About five weeks later I conducted a very subtle survey and found that at least six of us now owned dildos and possibly seven.

I was a hundred percent sure of three. Myself, my best friend Shirl who told me about her’s and of course Leila who inadvertently had started the whole thing. I was ninety five percent sure about Jill and Reba and Nancy and pretty sure about Amy.

Meanwhile my sexuality was awakened and I got a bit more daring with my flirting and my manner of dress. A couple of times I went out without panties or bra much to Andy’s delight. Nothing came of this except for some very lively sex between husband and wife.

Then there was a sudden deployment for some real or imagined emergency and most of us were without our husbands for what promised to be a minimum of eight to ten weeks. Unlike previous deployments this time my pussy wasn’t ready to go into hibernation. Now I had my new friends it didn’t need to.

Over the next couple of weeks the shower room conversations got more and more raunchy. It also became obvious to all that two of the girls had paired off even though they thought that they were not obvious. Actually none of us really gave a damn. We were all beyond condemning what went on while the guys were away. What really counted was what happened when they were home.

Andy had been gone about three weeks and Shirl’s husband Sam had been gone four. On that particular day we were planning to play hooky to drive down to the beach and celebrate the return of warm weather.

It was about 8:30 AM on a Monday when I tapped Shirl’s door knocker. No answer. It took a second knock before Shirl opened the door. She was clutching her robe closed and her face was flushed. “Oh shit.” I thought to myself she’s got a guy in there.

I would have left but she opened the door wide and bade me enter. “You caught me. I was just about to come when you knocked and I couldn’t stop.” That’s when the light came on and it dawned on me that she had been masturbating.

“Don’t stop on my account. Go right ahead. I’ll wait.” I was suddenly hot. Without even thinking about what I was saying I followed that up with these words. “In fact if you insist I just might join you.”

“Please do.” With that Shirl grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom. I saw that the sheets were pulled down and rumpled and there was a wet spot in the middle of the bed. Near the wet spot was a dildo. An adrenaline like thrill shot through me.

I was wearing a sun dress with my one piece bathing suit under it. I peeled off the sun dress and began to peel off my bathing suit. Shirl was already back on the bed screwing herself with her dildo. “Check the right hand top drawer. There’s another one in there if you want it.”

I was trying so hard to get my suit off in a hurry that I was got tangled up in it. It seemed like forever until I was able to get naked. I found the other dildo and took out of the drawer. I didn’t examine it too closely. It was hard and a manageable size and pure white. And at that moment I needed it inside of me.

By then I was almost dripping and bent forward put my left hand on her dresser for support and slid the beautiful thing deep into my quaking cunt. The mirror was right in front of me and I could güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri watch myself and Shirl on the bed at the same time. I began to fuck myself with the dildo and between seeing the images of myself and that of Shirl it seemed only seconds before I came.

The next three quarter hours would make a story in themselves but we did finally exhaust ourselves. I couldn’t hold myself up very long so I lay down on the bed and Shirl and I watched other masturbate. It was very exciting stuff. Then we showered and dressed and then go out to lunch instead of the beach.

One thing was different about that lunch. We were both totally naked under our dress.

Over the next week we joined each other several times and each time was it’s own erotic experience. Between that and screwing myself to sleep I set several personal orgasm records.

We talked it over and decided that it was an experience too good not to be shared. So on the following Wednesday we invited Leila to lunch and ‘confessed’ our sin to her and asked her to join us. She was excited by the idea that she asked to join us before we could ask her. Then she said that she was sure that Amy would like to join also.

That night Leila called and said that Amy was not only willing but very eager. The four of us got together that Friday morning after exercise at Leila’s house.

Being used to being around each other naked we did get naked quickly. But then we couldn’t seem to get the action started. Finally after a bit of wine some soft music and dim lights Leila began to do herself with her substitute husband. Shirl and I quickly followed suit and then Amy decided that she was ready and joined in.

We were used to being naked together so that itself was no big deal but with the dildos added to the mix, well, that was a complete turn on.

In just a few minutes we were all fucking ourselves with our dildos deep and hard. I could see the raw ecstasy on the face of each of the others and I knew exactly what they were feeling because I was feeling the same thing myself.

My dildo felt so good sliding in and out of me that I wanted it never to stop. I was torn between simply enjoying the feeling of that and allowing myself to orgasm. Then my body made the decision for me.

I was watching Amy as she started to orgasm. I was surprised that she was the first to come. I was sure that it would be Leila. I knew that I was close. In fact I was close even before we left the dressing room.

As her orgasm began Amy’s hips began moving up and down and twisting as if there were a man between her legs pumping his dick in and out and not just a dildo. The dildo was going in so deep it was almost disappearing. Then there were little yelps of pleasure coming from her lips as her hips started to twist as well as hump.

She must have done about twenty strokes like that before she started to slow down. Then as if it were now her turn Leila started into her orgasm. Leila was getting so much joy from her orgasm that my body decided that it was ready too.

Overlapping mine was Shirl’s and she came quite loudly. Seeing and hearing that was enough to get me started again and soon the others followed and the delicious smell of raw sex began to fill the room.

After I came again my week long debauchery caught up with me. I was beginning to get sore so I pulled the dildo out and just leaned back with my fingers gently massaging my clit. However it didn’t take long when watching the others getting off that my libido returned to it’s previous level.

I quickly put two fingers of one hand in my cunt while two fingers of my other hand was making rapid circular movements on my slippery clit. This was my old tried and true road to orgasm. It didn’t fail me this time either. Soon my orgasm came but my moans of pleasure were lost it being just one of many in that place at that time.

After a while everyone’s urges were satisfied for the moment. We sat around the kitchen table half dressed, drinking coffee and giggling like a bunch of High School girls. Raunchy remarks flew around the table as we told tales about our own experience and kidded others about the expressions and the sounds of four girls taking care of our own needs. Each remark was greeted with howls of laughter.

Eventually we dressed and the PARTY broke up with promises to do it again as soon as our pussies recovered. Interestingly too as we said our good-byes there was a lot of lip to lip kissing which was a definite new event.

I didn’t place a lot of significance on that but I did think that it might be nice to just lay back and let someone else fuck me with the dildo. One of the new things that Andy and I sometimes did was that Andy might screw me with a dildo as I sucked him off.

Having it done to me was very much like being screwed güvenilir bahis şirketleri by someone new and was a very erotic experience.

Over the next few days the idea of doing a girl and of having a girl do me began entering my mind on an ever more frequent basis. It was not so much the fact that it was a girl but the simple thought of laying back and letting someone else do me. Then it was more like being screwed by a stranger.

Then of course it would be pay back time.

The following Tuesday after exercise and showers we got together again. It promised to be and interesting event. Shirl had called us each the previous night and said that she had an idea for a slight variation in the event. She insisted that we each make sure that our dildo was clean.

The idea was to have a game of grab bag. That way we would get a chance to try something different. Sounded good to me. Interestingly enough I had already planned to bring my ‘double ender’ as I thought that the girls would be interested in seeing it.

When Leila answered the door she handed me a paper bag. I was to put my offering in it and place it on the coffee table.

By then we were four very horny girls and were no longer bashful. Amy who lived next door to Leila was already naked. She grabbed my bag off the table, opened it and held it up for everyone’s inspection.

It was admired by all. She took a pillow and lay on the rug and put the small end in her mouth. Leila threw her a towel and pointed out the others which she had stacked on a dining room chair.

“Took me the rest of the day Friday to clean up the stains.” she explained. “Please be neat.” Then she dropped her own skirt and took of her blouse and was naked. Shirl had three or four items to shed before she was naked.

Like Amy I hadn’t bothered to cover myself with anything more than my sun dress when I finished my shower. She and Leila had already made their grab bag selection so I took the one that was left. It was a very good choice.

My prize turned out to be something made of smoothed and painted hardwood. It was slender with a ball shape on the end which was about the size of a ping pong ball. There was another ball shape a few inches down the shaft. It was long enough to hold it in my hand and still have both balls inside of me. It looked very exciting.

I held it up for all to see and said. “Thank you somebody for sharing.”

Amy said. “Enjoy it. I certainly do.”

The couch was large and Shirl was stretched out with her head on one arm and a towel under her butt. She was already screwing herself with a dildo that looked pretty large and had a look of pure pleasure on her face.

The rest of the couch was available so I spread myself on the other end. Our legs were a bit tangled but it didn’t stop either me from hurriedly getting started. After all I was behind. My pussy was sopping wet and the ball end slipped past my cunt opening any into the pleasure zone with a minimum of effort.

I had my eyes closed at that point and I slid the outer ball (for want of a better term) back and forth inside of me and let the innermost ball stop when it struck the muscles guarding my opening. Soon I was really getting into it and the outer ball was invading my cunt more and more with each stroke.

About then I felt a gentle rubbing on my inner thigh and I open my eyes to see what it was. It was Shirl’s toes and I looked up to see that Shirl had a mischievous smile on her face. I promptly reciprocated and then settled back to produce an extra strong orgasm.

By now I was touching my cervix with each stroke and like Amy’s action’s of the first day was beginning to hump the dildo.

A moment later Shirl’s toes quit their teasing and instead were pressing hard against me. I looked again and Shirl was obviously in the midst of a good orgasm. I continued my own ministrations.

I continued pushing Amy’s dildo in until both balls were well inside of me and then pulling it all the way out, pausing, and then back deep inside of me again. Meanwhile I put the fingers of my left hand to work on my clit. With that action I came twice before calling it a morning.

Well folks that the story. Well part of the story at least. There are a couple of stories untold here. I’m sure you can make a guess about one of them at least. One is my own but both are best left untold.

Naturally though there were many more sessions and of what we came to call THE NAVY WIVES CLUB. There are other clubs of that same name but I guarantee you that none have had more fun than we.

Shirl and I always have stayed in touch. In this new era of e-mail and electronic communication Leila located us and together we tracked down Amy. Our E-mail exchange like our early get togethers can get pretty raunchy.

We all now own fancy vibrators etc. but we know that no one has more fun with them than we did with our plain but lovingly made dildos.

And by the way we have a meeting scheduled December 5th. Want to join us?




PS: If you wish I will respond to your e-mail requesting a copy of the e-mail that inspired this story.

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