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New in Town

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“Wow the houses here are just so pretty,” Lisa breathed as she set down her suitcases into the new house- the new house they were moving into.

“Your friend Mark lives just down the road too,” Andrea said nonchalantly. Andrea was her mom but being the age she was and the looks she had, she preferred to be called Andrea instead of Mom. She had said that it made her feel old. Her father on the other hand preferred to be called dad, but in trivial times she would call him ‘Old Man’ for example times he wouldn’t let her go out with her friends.

One of the most important things to learn about her family is that they were Christian and believed according to Lisa in suffocating their children with protectiveness from the world otherwise called ‘love’. Lisa had quite a few siblings- 2 to be exact. Her brother Andre who was just 2 years younger had more freedom than she herself had. While the baby of the family Lea was just one year younger than Andre making Lisa the oldest- 19 years old.

Surprisingly the new community they had moved into had a couple of people she knew from when she was younger. After all it wasn’t a small move they had made- it was a big into another territory move simply because her dad was a travelling Nurse. Yes! You heard right he was a Nurse while her mom was a Radiologist who could well work anywhere she moved as long as there was a Health care place. This explains why her family is so rich but what it doesn’t explain is the lack of leniency on their eldest daughter.

“I can’t believe I had to break up with Jason to move here,” Lisa mumbled clearly disappointed she had to leave her wonderful bf of 4 yrs behind.

“Oh Andrea will find you a more suitable candidate,” her old Man had tried to assure her; but Lisa knew well her mother’s type and he would have to be rich and smart with no personality.

Coming from the Caribbean even though her mom was Hispanic and her dad Italian she was a mixture- coming out with a chocolate complexion, green eyes and dark curly hair. A weird mixture but it attracted guys. Maybe not the one’s she wanted but she had the ability to pick choose and refuse. Her parents had always warned her about Caucasian folk but she loved the freaky white boys- their tongue and lip piercing, dyed hair, rocker/skater attitude, blonde hair but most of all she loved their freaky sex ways.

“Your friend Mark lives on the next block if you want to go see him” Andrea said as she began unpacking the things she needed at once.

“Are you sure,” Lisa probed her mom “you don’t need to do a spot check on me first?”

A bit annoyed Andrea gritted her teeth “Why don’t you take Andre and Lea with you then?”

“Uhhh no thanks, bye,” Lisa squealed before she slammed the door shut behind her.

She wondered for a bit, Mark wasn’t her mother’s type at least not in the complexion aspect so why was it that she pushed her to go see him? Was it because he was such a good friend during those days? Was it because his parents were also in the medical field? She could not figure it out.

“Ok this is the place,” she sighed as the checked the piece of paper one last time. It was a 3 story house with a luscious green lawn out front, patio, little daisies and other flowers with a white picket fence surrounding them. Lisa walked along the tiled driveway and up the marble stairs. There was a camera above the door she noticed as she rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?” asked a voice over the intercom

“It’s Lisa,” she replied “is Mark there?” she stared at the camera for the longest while until she heard thudding coming from inside the house assumingly down the stairs.

“Lisa!” he screamed as the door flung open. She looked at him in amazement- he was tall, very tall at that, bleached blonde hair with brown roots and the tips frosted red, he had an eyebrow piercing, 4 ear piercings on each ear, a lip and tongue piercing. His face was cleanly shaven- no facial hair, he was sporting a pair of Reebok and jeans, he was topless with a couple hairs on his chest but showed off his six pack as he glistened in sweat. He looked amazing for someone who was just 20. Grabbing her in his arms, he squeezed her in his arms and she delighted in his masculine scent. He had changed so much from his brown hair and pale skin which was now tanned.

“What happened to your glasses?” Lisa asked curiously

“Oh those, I wear contacts now,” He smiled gripping her shoulders and holding her afar so he could take a good look at her

“How long has it been?” he smiled as he took in the length of her pleated black skirt, her buttoned up white blouse with the 1st two buttons loose, her straightened hair was in a ponytail and she still didn’t believe in make-up but her lips shined of gloss.

“I believe it’s been 5 years but I still recognize you,” Lisa smiled as he ushered her inside his Mansion of a house.

“Don’t bum me out,” he began “after I tried so hard to be unrecognizable.”

“How could you be?” she asked “I know you so well,” nudging him in the side. almanbahis giriş She saw him flinch and remembered he was ticklish

“You know I’m ticklish, don’t do that,” he shoved her hands away as he tried to tickle him. But that didn’t work, as soon he was down on the ground with her on top trying to grip his hands to tickle his sides and his neck.

“Your soft spots are still the same,” she giggled as he was losing control

“Yeah but I’m not as weak as before,” he said now grabbing both her hands in his and flipping them over so that he was on top ticking her. Noticing they were getting a bit too close he said

“Come, let me show you around” as he grabbed her hand, pulling her up to lead the way. It was such a big house- he showed her the kitchen, the dining room, family room, T.V. room, 6 bathrooms, (1 in the basement, 2 on the second floor and 3 on the upstairs) 7 bedrooms excluding guest rooms, the swimming pool, games room, movie room, recording studio, the study, the gallery and last but not least his room.

“Wow,” Lisa said as she scanned the room; his room was like the size of her entire 1st floor back home. He wasn’t rich he was overflowing. Either that or his parents loved to spend money unlike her conservative ones. She remembered that his father was in the music business hence the recording studio and his mom was some record holding swimming champion, his older brother –Twen did sculpting and painting in his spare time while his younger brother was in Med School from the age of 16. They were a family of wonders. She didn’t know if Mark was still into skateboarding but last time that’s what he had been doing.

“So why’d you move back here?” he finally asked

“My dad,” Lisa replied dryly “His job moves him everywhere “I’m surprised we’re still on earth”

“Why don’t you just move out so then you won’t have to move with them,” he suggested

“But I’m just in University and working part time at my age or maybe just for me in general is too much of a hassle,” Lisa said now annoyed

“You can stay with me,” he winked at her “I obviously have more than enough room.”

“Thanks but no thanks,” Lisa said remembering she didn’t want to depend on anyone but herself. She only depended on her parents for school and she didn’t want to have to rely on anyone she thought as she began to walk around his room.

The floor was all white shag, it was funny how it was maintained that clean, his bed was a king sized- of course it would have to be big with four wooden posts jutting into the ceiling. He had about 3 bookshelves as tall as the door with books of animals, medicine, music, sculpting, skateboarding, piercings and much more. Lisa interested in piercing more than ever went over to the shelf to pull the book when the whole thing moved.

“Oh shit,” Mark yelled trying to stop the shelf but it was too late. Lisa stared into a dark vacant room, but as she entered the room lit up. She scanned it seeing naked pictures of all the famous female celebrities on the wall- some of them in the act of sex, others masturbating. There was a bed with handcuffs attached, a table across held: whips, candles, mouth gags, rope, leather, vibrators, blind folds, a paddle, and a collar just to name a few. In the centre of the room was a sybian rider, a blow up doll and she spotted a couple shackles stuck in the wall.

“Lisa….” He began “I can explain….” She didn’t let him finish as she put her index finger to his lips to silence him

“Mark,” said sternly “THIS,” she waved her hands to the whole room “is AMAZING!”

“Huh?” he asked puzzled

“I wish I had a room like this,” she began as she watched his confusion “my parents don’t want me to have an interest in things like this, which is exactly why I do have one- an interest that is.”

He sighed in relief as she began to fondle and feel and the nifty gadgets he had. The bookshelf had closed so they were in there alone. His parents knowing of his weird fetish allowed him to get the room soundproof simply that he doesn’t annoy them with the moans/groans.

“When did you start an interest in this?” Lisa finally asked as she rubbed down the sybian, tracing her fingers along the leather and latex.

“Well, when you told me you had an interest in piercings and stuff like that,” he began “I sort of realized I had an interest too.”

“Or maybe…” Lisa smirked “you started and interest in what I had an interest in because you were interested in me.”

There was silence and when she turned to look at him, he was red up to his ears.

“You should tan harder,” Lisa smiled “your ears are reddening.”

Mark looked up at her but still refused to say anything due to embarrassment that she had pin-pointed, hitting the bull’s eye so accurately and as-a-matter-of-fact. Since he didn’t admit or deny, she simply continued to survey the room, hoping to find some more hidden gadgets. She was so excited; the corners of her mouth had pulled to her ears.

“So…Mark…Do… you… have… almanbahis güvenilirmi a…. girlfriend?” she asked between pauses. Soon upcoming another door, she pondered for a bit what was hidden behind it; but seen as though Mark didn’t lunge to stop her this time- she pushed it.

There it revealed a whole closet full of male and female role play outfits. All sizes. There was even XXL. What the hell was Mark into she began to ponder. Finding a size M in a latex school girl outfit- she slipped it out.

“Mark? My question?” Lisa asked again but didn’t turn her head to see what it was he was doing why he ignored her. Not thinking about the fact that Mark may be watching her she slipped easily out her clothes and pulled up the tight, figure hugging 10 inch skirt which barely covered her ass – yet bending over she picked up the remainder of the outfit; A tube top half the size of the skirt with a bow tie for the neck; and a set of size 7 black stilettos with 4 inch heels. Lisa hadn’t even noticed that ALL of the shoes were size 7 and most outfit sizes were M, all other sizes were one of each.

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Mark finally answered. He was so awe-struck by Lisa’s undressing he left his body for a while and he stared at her gorgeous figure undressing. The skirt and tube top had been so tight she had had to remove her underwear. He just couldn’t have stopped staring as her ass cheeks jiggled when her panties were removed and as she pulled the skirt up.

Leaning back in his king chair, he had pulled off his pants and started stroking himself. Jerking off as he watched her change anyone would think he was lacking sex or better yet unable to get laid- when in fact he had gotten laid up to this morning. He had girls fawning over him, just wanting his dick like he was the last man on earth and her e he was yearning to fuck his childhood friend who had never looked at him in that way. All this effort he had gone through to become “her type”, so many things he kept doing, not even knowing if he would ever be able to see her again. And there she was in front of his very eyes- undressing. He wanted to do so many things to her- make use of his o-so-many collections of gadgets, instead he found himself having a deeper desire just to fuck her normally. Like an old fashioned military position, with her nails clawing into his back as he hoisted her legs over his shoulder thrusting deep into the fat pussy he had recently just gotten a glimpse of.

“I had a boyfriend…” she began, breaking his concentration, “we were together for 4 years and I had to break up with him because of the move.”

That made him stop, he looked at her and noticed she was fondling the sybian- almost stroking the fake cock that jutted out. He wondered if she had loved him- her boyfriend that is, but erased that thought as that was now the past and if she had truly loved him she would have agreed to stay together in a long distance relationship.

That thought now erased from his mind he continued to watch her just waiting for her to continue talking.

“Mark, you’ve become my type,” she began again as she mounted the sybian- easing the cock into her have-to-be tight pussy, considering she rubbed it against her for quite a while before it went in and when it did, she dared not move.

“You were always my type,” He finally responded not seeing the sense of telling her that all his girlfriends had most of her features. They were all of dark complexion, very rare any had green eyes and he found a few with curly hair but all in all the personalities were what was key for him. Angelic on the outside but on the inside very conniving and devilish- they were all in the science field and very smart intellectual students. Too bad his type was the complete opposite of himself. He had dropped out of school and was making his life as a skateboarder, not vey nerd like of him as he was back-in-the-day.

“Mmmmm,” Lisa began to moan as she moved back and forth on the sybian. All the thoughts in Marks head immediately escaped and the only thing he could do was drool and stroke himself harder. Watching her as she grabbed her breasts and tugged on her now hard nipples; she threw her head back, bit her lip and began to move her hips up and down, round and round. He couldn’t help but be jealous of that fake-wanna-be-real-cock as he left his throne.

It was as if something possessed him, her eyes were closed and he wanted to so very much take advantage of that while he could. In the monstrous steps he took, he was by her in seconds after having taken up: a mouth gag, a dildo, cuffs and a leash. Before Lisa even knew what was happening the bow tie she had around her neck was locked and a leash attached; before she could protest, the gag — a round black ball with holes was placed over her mouth and tied around her face; her hair tie was removed and her ponytail fell loose. She looked at Mark with questioning eyes and before she could move to prevent anything else from happening he hand cuffed her to the big T in almanbahis yeni giriş front of the sybian.

Walking around to face her, her motioned her to continue fucking the fake dick below her but she couldn’t help but ponder what the studded dildo he took up was for. Oddly enough, everything he was doing to her whether she liked it or not was making her wet. It wasn’t even 5 seconds after she began to follow his orders than he got frustrated and lifted her off the sybian; it didn’t take much seen as though she weighed about 125 lbs. Resting her on the shag carpet which was- yes, all over the floor in that room also; the handcuffs breaking loose in the process- after all they didn’t need a key. Setting her to kneel before him, he removed the cuffs properly and wrapped her arms around his waist and re-cuffing her hands that she was secure to him, no way of resisting.

Pulling her up a bit so that she faced him, he removed the gag from her face and kissed her. Licking the drool that was running her chin and deeply kissed her; sticking his tongue into her mouth until she responded; almost gagging with which the force he kissed her, she returned his kiss, sucking on his tongue and lips alternately, as their tongues danced, lapping at each other. He stopped and stared at her before kissing her lightly on the lips again. Drawing back, he stared at her, but she didn’t say anything, instead she looked up at him- her eyes clearly wanting more. Interlocking his fingers in her hair now he pulled her close and kissed her harshly again- she tugged on his lip ring and he couldn’t help but respond by tugging on her nipples. She smiled against his lips and he couldn’t help but touch her wet place. Her cunt was fat, shaved and he could barely see a tattoo of a skeleton on the front. He cupped it in his hands and delved his fingers in- making sure to let her get a taste of his tongue ring. She played with the ball as if trying to undo it with her tongue while he used her wetness to arouse her by rubbing her clit. She shuddered and tried to pull back.

It was amazing how things worked so well without words. Pulling her neck back so it was visible to him, he sucked on the most visible part and he rubbed her clit and fingered her with vigor.

“Noooooooooooo!” she screamed as she tried to pull away from him but couldn’t as she was strapped to him. Her shaking body intensified and as soon as she was about to stiffen, he stopped and kissed her again. Biting and tugging on her lips, she got into it and began to do the same to him when he pulled her back down and shoved his hard dick in her mouth- it was such a swift movement, not only did she not see it coming but if he had missed, she would have lost an eye.

“Ugh” she gagged, all her drool slipped down his cock. Reaching behind him, he pulled her hands free from the handcuffs and raised himself a bit so she was in a better position to suck on him. Resting her hands on his ass he thrust into her mouth. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her away and stuck his fingers into her mouth. Instinctively she sucked on them, and then he returned her mouth back to his cock. As he kneeled before her, who was on all four sucking his dick; he used his saliva wet fingers to bend a bit and rub it between her ass crack. She muffled a protest but before she thought of resisting, he pulled her hands underneath his legs that she couldn’t pull free. Adding more saliva to his fingers, he probed into her back hole- fingering her ass. She moaned with what he wasn’t sure was pleasure or pain but that didn’t stop him. The thrusting of his hips intensified as did his fingers; letting a trail of spit from his mouth run down her crack, he inserted another finger. She didn’t protest this time. Instead she sucked on him much harder, making circular movements with her tongue around the head of his dick. That drove him wild especially since she was starting to make herself gag on his dick. Taking up the studded dildo he had set down beside him, he eased it into her ass- bit by bit. It went in and it seems as though she didn’t notice as she continued to suck on him with much fervor.

“Ahhhh, no Mark, not my ass,” she squealed when she noticed but it was too late. The moment she stopped to talk, he spewed his jizz all over her face and in her mouth. She swallowed some before she could talk again but he was not impatient and ready to fuck.

Shoving on her back on the floor, he pinned both her hands with one of his and thrust his still hard cock into her pussy while the dildo was still stuck in her ass.

“Mark, no you can’t” Lisa began to plead, but too weak and unable to resist, all she could do was stare at Mark. Who might I add, didn’t take his eyes off her for one minute. Reaching for a remote control above Lisa’s head he pressed a red button and she screamed

“Oh shit, what the fuck!” Mark had now propped her legs over his shoulders, her hands moved gradually to his back- digging her nails into him; he smiled as he noticed she was enjoying the vibrations from the “now” vibrating dildo in her ass. She wasn’t looking at him, her eyes had rolled back and her tongue hung out of her mouth like a dog with his head out of the window. He leaned forward to lick at her tongue and she responded. Losing strength from the pleasure, she hands fell beside her head on the floor.

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