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New Life Part 2

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New Life Part 2Part 2Linda felt as if she were weightless as her super strongman, pulled her into the shower and lifted her up and up until she was level with his attractive and fully featured face. “I love you,” she gasped, as he said nothing in return and took her bottom lip into her mouth. As he began to suck and indulge himself in her full shapely lips, she found herself wrapping her legs around him tightly and to the point to where he let out a slight grunt. Her legs were strong from years of gymnastics, but the pressure around his waist was welcomed only caused his massive meat to gain even more firmness. He finally released her lips only to perform a lip and tongue search of her gorgeous neck, which sent her over the edge. “take me!” Linda gasped again, her breast heaving and starved for his mouth and her pussy dripping both shower water and by this time, even more of her naturally occurring juices. However, Braxton didn’t comply, at least not yet, instead he lifted her higher and began to suckle gently on her massive breasts, massaging around her areolas with the tip of his tongue sarıyer escort and then flicking each nipple like that of an experienced lover. Even though she was raised almost a good foot above his crotch line, she could feel the thick tip of his massive cock dancing around her clitoris. Which drove her to a level that she hadn’t been to in months, due to her husbands sever work schedule. “Sorry I have been neglecting you lately baby,” he responded as if he had read her mind. Which he seemed to do quite often. “I hope this makes up for it a little bit,” he added as he began to lower her anticipating pussy down on his thick super sturdy shaft. “I under….” she tried to speak, but the words only faded into an epic groan and a heavy gasping for air. As soon as he entered her soft, wet and silky hole, she came instantly. Which sent her back arching and curled her toes, which sent shock wave after wave, all the way from her toes, to the tips of her large yet perky breasts. “I know you understand baby… no one has been better about this that you,” he confirmed esenyurt escort for her. “Now that I’m partner, I will be able to have more free time for us. You’ll see, things are about to get a whole lot better.” She then came a second time and a third as he worked his tool of wonders into her again and again, so deep it felt as if he would get his beautiful and massive balls inside as well. But she loved every second of it and came each time harder than the next. But just as she thought their moment of shower passion was coming to a close and he released his massive load, feeling his cock pumping so heavily into her dark soakingness. He carefully and masterfully, tipped her upsidedown and wrapped her legs around his head. She took his cock into her hungry mouth as he wrapped his lips around her hungry pussy and began to barrage her with a series of tongue flicks, licks and an occasional full mouth suckling of her very swollen clit. As their mixed juices flowed from her now gaping pussy, he continued his masterful mouth work on her beautifully crafted avrupa yakası escort folds of female flesh. He felt a jolt as she caressed his balls and with a tug of approval from Linda on his perfectly shaped ass, he released his load into her ever waiting mouth. She came at the same time both flooding each other with their love juices. He then turned her back around, only to collapse in their massive shower to hold each other tightly and to nearly fall asleep in each others arms. “I have missed you so much like this lately,” Linda struggled to exhale out. “I have missed you like this as well,” Braxton moaned, still dazed from his performance and massive explosion. “Let’s get dressed and let’s get going sweetie, let’s make the most of our final night together.” “Okay sweet heart,” she responded as they helped each other to their feet and attempting to stabilize their wobbly legs. he then kissed her on the forehead and pulled her in for a passionate hug. “I will call in our reservations,” he added with a smile. “Okay baby, I will be ready,” Linda confirmed as she reached for a second tug of his still half hard, half dangling hunk of man meat. “okay baby com’on, he remarked, let’s save round 2 for after dinner shall we?” “Okay…” she moaned. “but after dinner… you’re really in for it mister!” “I can’t wait, he replied feeling a tinge in his ungirded loins. To be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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