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new rules pt 3

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new rules pt 3’Lets sit down in the corner boys we don’t want everyone seeing what we are doing do we’ says katy leading the boys to a table and then sitting down the boys sit either side of her’take your cum sandwich out mark and eat it slowly small bites and plenty of chewing i want to make sure you really get the flavour , dick undo your zipper and take your cock out no-one wll see it under the table’mark nibbles at his sandwich dick takes his cock outkaty stand up picks an empty glass off the table’dick wank your cock until i get back but no cumming trust me you don’t want to find out what the punishment for that would be ,oh and if any little drops of precum start glistening on the end of your cock put your finger down there get the precum on it then lick it clean , mark that sandwich is going to make you thirsty so i’m going to get you a nice drink to wash it down with be right back boys’katy takes the empty glass to the bathroom goes into an empty cubicle pulls up her skirt takes down her panties and pisses into the glass dresses and goes back to the boys’here mark put the sandwich down and drink this down in 1′ she puts the glass in front of markmark puts the sandwhich down picks up the glass notices it is warm he sniffs it and pulls a face’did i tell you to hesitate or smell it ? its nice fresh piss for you i just made it do as you are told and drink it or i shout out to everyone in the canteen here and tell them what you have just been eating’mark picks up the glass and guzzles down katies piss ‘good boy now finish your cum sandwich”dick is that precum on the end of your cock why are you not doing as you were told get it on your finger and lick it off , keep wanking until you are almost ready to cum then stop and put your cock away but get all that precum down your throat’dick runs his finger over his cockhead getting sticky wet precum all over it then puts it in his mouthmark finishes his sandwichdick starts breathing heavy stops wanking and puts his cock awaykaty eats a yoghurt then hands the empty pot to mark’get your cock out and as quick as you can wank into this pot for me get some nice fresh cum in there before the bell for next class sounds’mark takes his cock out and starts wanking away at it ,its a bit sore as he has cum several times today already but he manages to get a load into the güvenilir bahis pot then hands it back to katy’i don’t want it you stupid boy’ she hands him a spoon ‘eat it’mark eats the cum ‘good boy now lets get to our next lesson’they walk into the classroom for their next lesson math , marks girlfriend becky has saved an empty chair next to her for mark , but katy takes his arm and directs him to the back of the class they sit down together leaving becky alone ‘such a shame you won’t be fucking that slut anymore mark in fact you will ignore her in future if she tries to talk to you just walk away i never did like her anyway she was as bad as you 2 at treating me like crap’the teacher mrs sanders walks in poor dear she’s close to retiring and the boys in the class always take the piss out of her making her walk from one side of the class and back again over and over leaning heavily on her stickkaty reaches across and takes hold of dicks cock through his trousers stroking it as the lesson goes on ‘call her over here dick ask her about your work and while you do stare at her tits make it blantantly obvious thats what you are doing and pull your chair back a bit so she can see you have an erection if she looks down at it take hold of it through your trousers and keep it hard so she can watch’ katy takes her hand away and then takes hold of marks cock rubbing that through his trousers’dick if she speaks to you answer but only tell the truth’dick pulls his chair back and calls mrs sanders over ‘please can you help me miss’mrs sanders sighs she knows the game by now but comes over’yes dick how may i help ?’dick doesn’t say anything but stares at mrs sanders tits , mrs sanders sees what he is looking at and gasps looks down at his obviously erect cock dick takes hold of it and starts rubbing it through his trousers keeping it hard ‘what are you looking at dick and what are you doing you dirty boy?’the class laughs’um i’m looking at your tits and rubbing my cock mrs sanders’mrs sanders moves around the desk and can see katies hand on marks cockthe bell ring for the end of the lesson ‘everyone out except dick mark and katy’ she saysthe students leave’dick stop stroking your cock you don’t get to cum yet’ says katy still rubbing marks cock’what is going on here’ demands mrs sanders’well its like this the boys always türkçe bahis treated me like trash and they bullied you as well’ says katy ‘but now i have the upper hand they do everything i say no arguments in fact they are not even allowed to talk unless i say so is there anything you would like them to do to make up for the way they treated you ? anything goes and to proove it boys get up and strip , the only thing you can’t do is make dick cum he’s saving it’the boys strip their cocks are standing out in front of them’i think they like standing nude in front of an old lady like me look how hard their cocks are and so well hung as well they are big boys’mrs sanders reaches up under her skirt and pulls her knickers off the sits on the edge of her desk’dick i have to admit you looking at my tits made me feel horny get on your knees and lick my clit make me cum’she takes her tp and bra off ‘mark while dick licks my clit you can suck my tits and i’ll play with your cock’dick kneels down in front of her and sticks his tongue out starts lapping at her clit with just the tip of his tongue , mark starts sucking gently on her tits”i’m old not broken stick that tongue up my cunt lick hard i want to cum and you suck my tits bite my nipples i like a bit of pain’katy takes hold of dicks cock and starts slowly wanking it ‘if you get close to cumming ask me to stop don’t you dear cum ‘ she tells him ‘and mark if you get close to cumming tell me don’t cum without permission ever again ‘mrs sanders is writhing on the desk grinding her cunt into dicks face while he aternates between licking her clit and fucking her cunt with his tongue katy wanks his cock hard , mrs sanders wanks marks cock hard as well’please stop katy i’m close ‘ says dick katy goes faster really pounding his cock ‘don’t you dare cum’ she strokes harder and harder then stops precum is dribbling from the end of his throbbing cock’please may i cum’ says mark’mark come here and fuck mrs sanders cunt when you start to cum withdraw you cock so some cum goes inside but most covers her clit”dick wipe your cock on mrs sanders tits get your precum all over them pay attention to the nipples’mark lines his cock up and starts fucking mrs sanders ‘take it slow no need to rush it its been a while sinse i had cock’ says mrs sanders moaning with pleasuredick takes hold güvenilir bahis siteleri of his dripping cock and rubs it over mrs sanders tits dripping his precum all over the nipples’wank it dick but no cumming see if you can get some more precum on those tits’mark can’t take it anymore he moans and cums in mrs sanders cunt pulling his cock out spurting cum onto her clit as well’oh dear mark did you forget you have to ask permission there will be punishement for you later only yourself to blame”dick i think those tits are nicely covered in precum now move away so mark can get back to sucking them , you get down here and lick all this cum off her clit swallow it then fuck her with your tongue see if you can get all the cum out’mark starts licking and sucking her precum covered titsdick licks the cum from her clit the starts fucking her with his tongue katy reaches down and starts rubbing mrs sanders clit with her fingers ‘you don’t mind do you ‘ she asks’oh no dear i like a womans touch , mark my tits are clean put your cock in my mouth while i suck it pull and twist my nipples be rough’ says mrs sandersmarks cock goes into mrs sanders mouth it may have been a few years sinse she had any cock but she knows how to give head soon marks cock is rock hard again and he’s fucking her mouth’please katy can i cum”good boy of course you can but please mrs sanders don’t swallow it keep it in your mouth’mark groans thrusts his hips forward and spurts a thick load in mrs sanders mouth’let me see it please mrs sanders open your mouth’ says katy still stroking mrs sanders clitmrs sanders opens her mouth showing katy a mouth full of warm sticky salty cum’french kiss her mark get your tongue in there keep kissing her until i make her cum taste your cum in her mouth , mrs sanders when you cum you can spit his cum into his mouth or you can swallow it your choice’katy nips mrs sanders clit then starts furiously rubbing it soon sending her over the edge mrs sanders writhes on the desk and spits marks cum into his mouth ‘swallow it mark enjoy’ says katy’dick did you get all that cum out of her cunt ?”yes katy i think so’katy shoves a finger up mrs sanders cunt fucks her hard and fast with the digit then takes it out looks at it then sucks it ‘looks like you did a good job get dressed boys its time to go home’when they get to the bus stop becky is there waiting for the bus as well katy takes marks head in her hands pulls it down and starts kissing him in front of her slipping her tongue in his mouth and grabbing his crotchbeck starts crying and walks away

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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