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Subject: Newt’s Long Weekend | Part 3 Hi there. If you enjoy any of the many beautifully written works on Nifty, please consider donating: http://donate./donate.html ============================================================= “Rupture!” 11-year-old Seamus Carlsen yelled, laughing hysterically as he squeezed Jack Still’s groin through the boy’s flannel pajamas. He and his 11-year-old cousin had been getting ready for bed when Seamus launched a sneak attack that quickly left both boys squealing and wrestling on the carpeted floor of their grandparent’s furnished basement. Jack’s 14-year-old brother Newton had already climbed under the covers in the convertible sofa-bed. In pajamas he only wore when visiting relatives, he watched the two younger boys rolling around, holding each other’s groins in death grips. Newton’s dick started twitching with envy. Seamus, half-dressed in a pajama top and Star Wars briefs, was a very cute boy with long dark hair, and amber eyes, and if he’d been in Jack’s place, Newton would have been making out with the younger boy by now. If they’d been alone, that is. On the other side of the wood paneled, carpeted den, Seamus’ older brother, Langston was stripping to his boxers and getting ready to climb into the cot their grandparents had set up for him. The other three boys could easily fit in the convertible sofa, so the 18-year-old got the luxury of his own bed. Like Seamus, Langston had dark hair, amber eyes and was named after a famous poet by their university professor parents. At 6-foot-2-inches, he was also stone-cold handsome, and Newton avoided looking at his older cousin’s chiseled chest, toned by playing on the UC Davis rugby team. Newton’s semi-hardening cock was having a difficult enough time. Newton hadn’t been able to touch himself since his family drove to LA from Fresno for Thanksgiving vacation 5 days before. Just then, there was a quick knock on the door at the top of the stairs, the sound of a door opening, and Langston’s girlfriend, Fernanda called down. “Are you guys decent? Can I come say good night?” “Yeah, of course!” Langston called up. A moment later, the shapely brunette strolled downstairs in her bathrobe. A gorgeous Bronx native with gleaming almond eyes, Fernanda wouldn’t be going home until the Christmas break, and Langston’s family was more than happy to have her stay for the break. It was clear the two college kids had fallen for each other quickly, and Newton’s aunt’s family, the Carlsens, thought the worldly architecture student a civilizing influence on their frequently wild son. The two college kids whispered, and kissed briefly. Though they practically lived in each other’s dorm rooms at school, Newton’s grandparents gave her one of the two guest rooms, for propriety’s sake. As she turned from Langston, Fernanda glanced down at the young boys squealing and rolling, their hands stuffed with each other’s hardened junk. Rolling her eyes, Fernanda sighed. “Boys.” Then, she strolled over to Newton, and leaned down toward the 9th grader. Gracefully using her fingers to comb his blond hair – long on one side and short on the other – off Newton’s forehead. Smiling, kissed him on the forehead. “You really deserve someone special, Newt. Good night.” When Fernanda closed the door behind her, Langston began turning off the lights. “Knock it, you little homos,” Langston muttered to the younger boys. “No offense, Newt,” he quickly added. Newton smiled wryly. “No worries, Lang.” It was actually kind of funny. When the college boy was 14, and his family still lived in Fresno, Langston spent much of that year initiating then-10-year-old Newton to the mysteries of boy-on-boy action. And though it had been sheer horniness driving Langston’s cock into his cousin’s ass then, he only had eyes for women now. Meanwhile, by 12, Newton realized he had no interest in girls, and by 13, all of his relatives knew he was gay. While his mom’s side of the family were mostly educators, and accepted Newton’s sexuality in a very progressive fashion for the 1980s, his dad’s Iowa farm family didn’t all take it that well. In fact, his dad’s older brother had cut off communication with their family. As the lights went out, Newton rolled onto his side, and bounced about when the younger boys clambered in. As he fell into a deep sleep, he barely registered the small, tectonic rhythms rippling from the other side of the mattress, and the muffled, high pitched sighs piping in the same measured tempo. He found himself back at the Southern Sierra School for Boys, where he was a boarding student. He was wandering labyrinthine halls in the science building, and noticed he was only wearing a pair of skimpy purple briefs. He felt a hand on his crotch, and it was that of his boyfriend Lonnie, another late-blooming 9th grader. Also slender, Lonnie was wearing nothing more than a pair of undies matching Newton’s. Brushing the other boy’s long brown hair out of the way, Newton leaned in to give the soft-featured cutie a gentle kiss, and felt the boy’s finger’s glide into his underwear. Lonnie stroked him very slowly, while the boys made out passionately. Just as Newton feathered his fingers down Lonnie’s slim abs to the waistband to the boy’s briefs, he and school disappeared. As Newton woke up, he realized two things: a pair of stretchy underpants were pulled over his head, blindfolding his vision, and a set of small fingers really was running along the length of his 3.5 inches of pulsating pubescence. His pajama bottoms and boxers were pulled to his ankles, along with the bedding, and one of the younger boys was straddling his chest, while both boys giggled mischievously. “He’s awake,” Jack said quietly from atop his brother, giggling some more. “What are you little dweebs doing?” Newton whispered. “You’ll wake up Langston.” While he was a little concerned about waking up his older cousin, he really didn’t want those gently pumping fingers leaving his needful, inflamed, sex-itching cock. Just as he reached up to pull the undies off his head, Jack slapped his hand away. “You have to stay blindfolded to play the game,” Jack whispered. “And Lang snuck upstairs to Fernanda’s room a while ago.” Newton slumped back, pressing his hips toward the hand gently caressing his throbbing hardness. “OK, what’s the, uh, game, you guys?” “First, put your hands behind your head,” Seamus told him. “Yeah, just like that. izmit escort bayan Relax.” The fingers left his erection, Jack climbed off his chest, and Newton kicked his pajama bottoms and underwear off his ankles. His eyes adjusted as dim light filtered through the slightly fragrant blindfold, with the waistband hooked under his nose. He could vaguely read “Star Wars” in reverse, and chuckled, realizing he was blinkered with Seamus’ briefs. “So, what’s next, dudes?” Newton cracked his neck and stretched his shoulders. “You have to guess which of us is which,” Seamus told him. “If you get it wrong, you have to do whatever we say until Saturday.” `What if I guess right? You two are my slaves?” Though he loved piercing his little brother’s firm and slender ass with fingers, tongue and cock, and would love plumb his cousin’s depths, there wouldn’t be much opportunity over the next 2 days to escape family outings. “No. But you get a special prize,” Seamus intoned impishly, and Jack chuckled knowingly. Untouched by his own hand for days, Newton’s dick begged to be rubbed, pulsating against his nearly hairless pubic mound with the beat of his heart, in the semaphore of desperation. No matter who made him cum, and as long as he came hard soon, in his mind, he’d win. The younger boys whispered, then silently shifted around. A pair of legs again knelt on either side of his chest, though no weight rested on him, so Newton couldn’t guess if it was his skinny brother, or the heavier Seamus. At the same time, fingertips spidered up and down the inner length of his thighs, and goose bumps burst across Newton like an explosion of Spring’s first flowers, and he shivered. A spongey cone pressed against his closed mouth, and Newton kissed a circumcised penis tip. Opening his lips, he let the small knob enter between them. Even before sealing his lips around the helmet’s ridge, and running his tongue tip along the little boy’s frenulum, Newton knew he was blowing his brother. The 11-year-old’s dick was nuzzled nightly in his mouth every weekend Newton came home from school, and its contours were part of his oral muscle memory. Also, the familiar sound of Jack’s moaning always bleated out when Newton started sucking in with his cheeks, torturing his brother’s tender head with hot, pliant meat. Sliding his palms up and down his brother’s naked legs, Newton pulled off just long enough to whisper up at his brother, “You been missing this, Jack?” “Dammit. Too easy for him,” the 11-year-old sighed, reaching down to peel the blindfold’s waistband up over Newton’s eyes. Reaching under his brother’s pajama shirt tails, and taking Jack’s shaft with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, while cupping the youngster’s undescended testicles with the other, Newton gently fondled and rubbed and sucked, was soon rewarded with gentle, rhythmic mewling. Newton’s legs were spread apart, and he felt flannel pajama shirt tails resting on his thigh, while bent legs pressed inside his own. Like Newton and Jack, Seamus was also naked from the waist down. Newton’s pulsating teen-cock, held at the very root by a thumb and forefinger, slid into Seamus hot, wet mouth, and he felt his head satisfyingly hit the back of his cousin’s mouth before being vac-sealed in a powerful saliva maelstrom. Seamus slid his tongue back and forth along the underside of Newton’s tingling and twitching tumescence, alternating with wet fleshy cheeks deeply suctioning his twitching love limb, It was the tell-tale mark of their mutual teacher, Langston and almost a note for note copy of the tune Newton was playing on his little brother’s 2 inch piccolo. But Newton also occasionally paused with Jack’s rigid little pole resting in his mouth, and extended his tongue tip to tickle and caress the tight little bag clutching at the base. A rhythmic, fleshy rubbing sound signaled that Seamus was tugging on his own erection with one hand, while stroking Newton with the other. As he brought finger friction to bear on both their boy poles, the 6th-grader paid special attention to Newton’s mushroom cap, kissing and sucking little patches of enraged red head with narrowly pursed lips. He liked the vaguely sweet, vaguely salty pre-cum seeping from his cousin’s nozzle, and couldn’t help but stroke himself with gradually increasing vigor. With 3-three inches dwarfing his hairless little bag, the 11-year-old’s cock was almost as big as Newton’s, and certainly thicker. Most likely, he’d end up with a monstrous man bone like his brother and father. In the meantime, though, he couldn’t wait to just grow hair like the light dusting around the base of his 14-year-old cousin’s shaft. A few moments later, Seamus gently pulled off Newton’s dick, teasing a frustrated whimper from the 14-year-old. Seamus gently cupped the older boy’s bigger, still-hairless scrotum, and gently kissed each of the teen’s testicles, then sucked each in delicious turn. Pounding with Newton’s quickening heartbeat, the older boy’s prong beat against Seamus’ nose and eyelids. He heard Jack moaning again, and other slurping sounds joined in a chorus with his own, as Newton began tongue-bathing Jack’s clenching little bag. The 6th-graders tiny marbles clutched more tightly into the young boy, while Newton slid his fingers up under his brother’s pajama top, to caress Jack’s slim torso. Reaching the boy’s nipples, Newton tweaked each just how both brothers loved it. Returning his mouth to Jack’s knob, Newton sealed his lips around the glans, and slid to the boy’s barren pubic mound. Applying more pressure to Jack’s nipples, he pulled up and back on the 6th-grader’s desperately raging hardness. “Jeeez Newt!’ Jack huffed. “Your mouth is so hot and tight!” Newton knew Jack was on the brink. And focusing on pleasuring his brother kept his mind off the fire building in his own nuts. Still squeezing one of his brother’s tender, hard nipples, Newton reached down to palm Jack’s tiny, clenching scrotum. Snaking a wet middle finger between his brother’s firm, small buns, Newton circled Jack’s tightly bound anus. The 11-year-old’s hips began pumping toward Newton’s hungry mouth, and he panted quiet moans in time with each thrust. “So good, Newt!” Jack’s high-pitched cry echoed in the basement. “Gonna cum!” Newton pulled off briefly to shush Jack, quietly adding, “Me too! Don’t stop, Seamus!” The other 6th-grader was pounding his own cock in a frenzy, izmit eve gelen escort his brain lightheaded from endorphins and the blood pooling in his volcanically forged hardness. All three boys were starting to sweat, despite the basement’s chill. Grabbing Newt by the hair, Jack arched his back, plunging hard into his brother’s mouth. The 11-year-old squealed like he’d hit a home run, and his rigid boyhood strained to vomit dryly into Newton’s dick-thirsty maw. The older boy sucked harder on the the barren little flesh pop, and feeling Jack spasm in his mouth pushed Newton to the edge. Seamus stopped stroking himself to circle his thumb and forefinger around the 9th grader’s base by it’s lightly blond-fringed root with one hand, and palming the older-boy’s full, smooth sack with the other. Seamus was no greenhorn to the oral rodeo, and the 6th-grader was ready when his stroking and squeezing and sucking pulled Newton’s thrusting hips off the bed. Lurched his head back violently, gritting his teeth against a furious groan, his balls seized and his brain flashed with stars. Seamus didn’t like the taste of his brother Langston’s thick big boy milk, and usually let it drool out of his mouth when his older brother came. But Newton’s was thin, and almost flavorless, and the 6th grader greedily swallowed each jet hitting the back of his mouth, then tenderly milked out the last few drops. The mattress shook when Jack collapsed next to his brother. Seamus heard the boy sigh, hugging his big brother, who was shaking with the end of his climax. When Newton stopped pulsing in his mouth, Seamus let the still hardened flesh slide from his mouth, then returned to vigorously masturbating his thick little flesh cheroot. But before he could get more than 10 strokes in, Newton crawled over and pushed Seamus onto his back. Sliding his fingers under his young cousin’s pajama top, Newton caressed the boy’s firm torso, while gently pressing his lips to Seamus’. The 11-year-old had gotten in a lot of practice making out with his best friend at home in San Jose. So as the boys’ tongues met to twirl and twist, Seamus purred into Newton’s mouth, his nipples hard and on fire, and his cock beating a tattoo of distress against his hairless pubic mound. Newton broke off the kiss, knowing his cousin needed release, and as his fingers slid down to the 6th-grader’s groin, he crawled in between the boy’s legs. Grasping Seamus’ love gun by its palpitating base, Newton briefly marveled at how much bigger the Carlsen boys were than Jack and he. Then he sealed his lips around the boy’s tender, circumcised head and dragged his tongue tip across the 11-year-old’d pee hole. As the younger boy squirmed, Newton gently palmed the 6th-grader’s little sack with one hand, and stroked Seamus stalk with the thumb and forefinger of the other. Sliding Seamus’ thick little love hammer all the way in, Newton rippled the boy’s sensitive pole with his cheeks and tongue. Sucking and stroking, Newton moved the middle finger of his nut-juicing hand to the boy’s clenching anus. Before he could even start a slow entry into his cousin’s love tunnel, Seamus grunted through gritting teeth. “Yeah, Newt! Shove your hand into my bad little hole!” Hand? Newton wondered, as he let the boy’s penis drop from his lips, and pushed the boy’s thighs up so he could lubricate Seamus bottom with his tongue. Newton didn’t think the younger kid was serious until his first finger was in, and the boy demanded a second. Then a third. Seamus was panting, in sweetly painful pleasure when he told his older cousin to put his pinky in, as well. As Newton rhythmically plunged his fingers three-knuckles deep into Seamus painfully stretched anus, he pulled the boy’s cock back into his mouth. At the same time, the younger boy’s chest was working like a pair of bellows, his back arching, and his fists clutching bedding like twin vices. Newton barely had his mouth around Seamus stem when the younger boy gasped, thrusting his bottom against the 9th-grader’s fingers, impaling himself even deeper. Silently wailing through a slack jaw, Seamus would have been screaming if his breath had flowed through his voice box. At the same time, his hips flew up, and his scrotum clenched with his bowels, pushing Newton’s fingers out. Gritting his teeth and shaking his head, Seamus was wracked by a cock-spasms working vainly to ejaculate sperm he did not yet make. Slowly, the younger boy eased down from the ethers, and Newton gently settled the boy’s round little buttocks onto the bed, before getting up to wash his hands in the bathroom. Returning with a warmly wet washcloth, he carefully cleaned his cousin, who was, like Jack, already drifting to sleep. ============================================================ This time, Newton awoke from a dreamless sleep, with a now-familiar set of lips masturbating him in the night. His pajama bottoms and boxers were again pulled to his ankles, and Seamus was under the covers, between his legs. Shaking off sleep with every moist stroke on his painfully re-engorged adolescence, Newton heard snoring from the corner, and realized his older cousin Langston must have snuck back from his tryst. Likewise, his brother Jack was deeply asleep on the other side of the mattress. “Dude,” he chuckled, groggily, “You could let a guy get some sleep.” Seamus’ mouth left the older boy’s penis for a moment, whispering through the blanket, “Go ahead and go back to sleep. I just want this thing awake.” His dick felt like it was bathing in waves of warm honey, while Seamus slurped and licked his tender, 14-year-old flesh-pop. For the second time in a single night, his surprise quickly submerged under waves of pleasure, and under the bedcovers, Newton combed all his fingers through his cousin’s long hair. Then he gently pulled the boy up on top of him, so they lay chest-to-chest. “You’re suck a fucking little horn-dog, Seamus,” Newton chuckled, peering through the dim light into his cousin’s smiling face. “Newt, your weiner was stabbing me in the butt,” the younger boy whispered and giggled. “It loves me.” “Yeah, dude,” Newton whispered back. “What’s not to love?” Their lips met for a long and deep and passionate kiss, and Newton was impressed by the younger boy’s mad skills. Their hands caressed each other’s naked lower halves, and Newton spent a long time squeezing izmit otele gelen escort the firm round globes his cousin had been toning as a soccer mid-fielder. “Turn around, so we can suck each other at the same time,” Newton whispered into Seamus’ ear. In moments, the younger boy’s pounding prick was banging down into his lips. Running his nose along the 6th-grader’s length, he was intoxicated with the musky, slightly shrimpy smell of a well-rubbed penis. Then he dragged his tongue up and back, tracing delicate patterns with saliva and lust. Seamus shivered, and resumed the oral assault he’d begun almost 20 minutes earlier. He really loved both of his cousins. Like his brother, Newton was someone Seamus looked up to. Unlike Langston, Newton was definitely gay, something Seamus was starting to realize about himself. And also unlike Langston, his older cousin’s dick was something closer in size to his own — a cock he could rub with one hand, that could fit all the way into his mouth, and that didn’t scare the hell out of him. Their lips and tongues found the familiar sonata, tickling undersides, lips rhythmically squeezing and pulling each other’s bulbs, and fingers massaging and rolling each other’s balls with delicate determination. As their mouths and tongues worked faster, Seamus wanted Newton buried in his behind. With an audible slurp, he pulled off his cousin long enough to quietly beg Newton, “Please fuck my ass, Newt!” Seamus had a creamy set of buns that begged to be worshipped. Newton pulled the boy’s buns down to his face, running his nose up the 6th-grader’s crevice. As Newton twirled his tongue round and around Seamus’ clenching channel, the younger boy had to stifle moans. His cock pulsated in desperation as his very sensitive, needy hole radiated waves of pleasure out through his body. If Newton continued tongue scrubbing his needful anus, Seamus would scream, so he pushed his cousin off, and quietly got out of bed. His bald, aching hardness bounced as Seamus padded over to the bathroom. Finding hand lotion, the 6th-grader was soon back in bed, kissing his cousin with flaming passion. Without looking at his hands, Seamus filled his hand with lotion, and slopped it all over Newton’s quivering pole. As the younger boy’s fingers greased him from balls to tip, Newton groaned into his cousin’s mouth. Breaking from Newton’s mouth, Seamus whispered, “Come on, Newt. Please, put it in me!” Seamus smeared the rest of the lotion into his hungry rectum before rolling on his back. Pulling his knees to his chest, the 11-year-old locked his elbows behind his knees, and Newton knelt at his bottom. Lifting the younger boy’s lower back, the 9th-grader worked his knees under him, raising the winking starfish a little closer to his throbbing dick. It bounced off the muscular ring, beating on it like a snare drum. In the vague illumination from the room’s night light, Newton was able to line his slippery love stick at the prone boy’s gaping entrance. “Do it, Newt!” Seamus quietly begged his cousin, and the older boy pressed his circumcised knob in the center of the boy’s rose bud. Leaning down, he felt little resistance against his slender boyhood, popping through after only a moment. As he slid in, the warmth gripping his cock made Newton moan, while Seamus gasped from the welcome intruder filling his bottom. Leaning down to kiss his cousin, Newton slowly began pumping into the Seamus’ ass. As they let their tongues extend like lifelines between their panting mouths, the two boys built a mounting rhythm. Newton pressed in, and Seamus rocked back, grunting every time Newton’s rod hit his tender place. Their pounding grew faster, and the mattress began shaking and squeaking. Through the corner of his eye, Newton saw they’d woken Jack, who was blearily grinning. Newton’s brother hadn’t bothered rounding up his pajama bottoms, which made it easier to access the two-inch erection pressing against his white Jockeys briefs. Reaching in, Jack stroked himself in time with vigorous pounding his brother was giving Seamus ass. With all the slapping of flesh, and flapping of fabric, sighs and moans, it was a miracle Langston was still snoring in the corner. Newton later figured his cousin must have worn himself out with Fernanda. “Uhh – yeah – uhh – yeah – uuhh!” Seamus quietly wheezed, while Newton plowed his sensitive behind. Stinging, sore and making him hungry for more, it was all he could do to not holler for his cousin to pound him harder. For his part, the hot, wet boy meat pulling at his dick was churning a frenzy in his nuts. Not for the first time was he wishing he was bigger than 3.5 inches, so he could plunge deeply into Seamus. But he’d grow in time, and at that moment, all of attention shifted to the mounting fire building in his loins. “Here…it…coooooooooomes,” he quietly groaned, then detonated into his cousin’s bowels. Seamus was only moments behind, and grabbed his rod in a blurred fury of tugging. Just as Newton shot the last of very thin jets into him, Seamus milked a thunderous climax, squeezing his guts so hard he pushed Newton out of him. Seamus flattened his feet on the bed to lift his hips in the air, humping with each dry explosion pulsating from his young, hairless loins Sighing, he collapsed, just as Jack squeaked with his own immature climax, leaving his hand in his briefs while closing his eyes and catching his breath. Rolling between the two 11-year-olds, Newton shuddered with after shocks, then pulled the boys into either side. Kissing them each tenderly, he whispered, “Thanksgiving used to be so boring.” “Not with you stuffing me like a turkey,” Seamus whispered, and the three chuckled. “I’m sure it’s nothing like Langston’s stuffing,” Newton mused, enviously. “Are you fucking kidding me? He’s never even tried,” Seamus giggled. “Have you seen that thing? He’d split me in two.” In fact, at 14, Langston was already so big it took up to 20 minutes to work his dick into Newton’s 10-year-old ass. The teenager was usually impatient with horniness, so they mostly sucked each other off that year. “You never told me what my prize was for guessing right.” Seamus felt around the bed until he found his Boba Fett underpants. With an index finger through a leg hole, he pulled back on the waistband with the other, and fired his briefs like a rubber band into Newton’s face. “You get to keep those,” Seamus said, giggling again. “I was hoping for more time with your light saber,” Newton replied. ================================================================= Related Story: https://www.//gay/highschool/dorm-room-fashion-show/ My Other fty//bisexual/young-friends/terry-shares-his-bits/

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