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Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last

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I like to write short quick story to the point. Hard or wet factor is the only thing I am aiming for. This is not a PhD dissertation.

I have fucked many guys on first date. I know that is the standard for having no morals or self esteem or a classic definition of a slut. But I am completely secure in my sexual desire and for me fucking a guy is a conquest for me. I have no shame fucking a guy on first date if he is hot and has potential. I was told otherwise by my friends but I realized there is a whole exciting sexual tension on first date. The guy normally thinks he is not gonna be lucky but when I turn the table and show him my hand, they become puppies in my hand 🙂

This story is one of the many times. Not the first time I fucked a guy on first date, but many first date fucks later.

I met this guy (Carl) at a coffee store and he asked me out. He was the sweetest guy. One of those really nice guy who has done nothing wrong in his life or ever has been crazy naughty. I said yes and gave him my number. He called to book a date. Thursday night I was free and agreed to meet him for drinks and dinner. I knew I will fuck him. So I dressed in my tiny red dress that was figure hugging. It was short enough and barely covered my ass cheeks. No bra obviously. A smoking hot lace thong. Fuck me heels.

I made it a point to reach early and sat on a high stool at the bar. Imagine a short petite girl like me on a high stool in a short dress. Guys could see all my legs all the way to the top and the dress barely covered enough of the front. I knew leaving my legs open even a little bit will clearly show my thong to everyone. I had enough guys stopping over and trying to buy me a drink. I told them I was waiting for a date. This one guy (Johnny) was more bold and said he did not mind hanging around till my date showed and maybe by then I may change my plan. His cockiness was addictive. I let him sit next to me, buy me a drink and flirt with me. He had no shame and had his hands on my back and down to my ass as he stood next to me and chatted. He did everything to get a damp spot on my panties.

But I knew I wanted to fuck Carl. After all good guys should not finish last all the time. I let Johnny have some fun and touch me. At one stage I even dropped my lipstick and let him go down to pick it and left my legs open enough for him to see up my dress. Johnny was no fool and as he came up said out loud how much he would love to bury his face between my legs. I gave him my number and asked him to call me the next day.

Carl arrived and Johnny left. Carl was a little surprised when he walked in as he saw Johnny’s hand all over my back. But being a nice guy he said nothing. We made our way to the table. Once settled, drinks ordered we got on with the get to know each other chit chat. I was playing with my hair, licking my lips and looking at Carl seductively as I spoke. I knew I was bothering him the good way. Drinks arrived. We toasted. I flirted more. I asked to take a sip of his drink. Left a big lipstick mark on his glass and bakırköy escort when he tried sipping his drink from the cleaner side, I kidded with him and said he may as well drink where my lips were as that was the closest I let any guy come to my lips on first date.

Carl was enjoying the evening. Food was ordered. I wanted to turn the heat more so I reached under the table and ran my legs up Carl’s inner thigh. He almost spilled his drink. I gave him a naughty smile and told him I wanted to check if I was turning him on for the evening and if he likes a girl like me. With that I made my legs reach his cock and felt the semi hard cock. I started to rub his cock with my feet and felt it grow. Carl was not speaking and was all red. It was funny watching him that way. I asked if he was having fun. He nodded.

I pulled my leg down, wore my heels and stood up and walked over to Carl. I whispered in his ear that touching his cock has made me horny so I am going to the restroom to take care of myself as I have no intention of letting him in my panty tonight. Carl had no idea how to react to it. I left and waited in the ladies room. I had a damp spot but I had no intention of playing with myself. I wanted my pussy to be taken care by Carl later.

10 minutes later I showed up, bent over Carl letting my tits touch his shoulder and told him I had one of the best orgazm ever. Carl smiled and uttered something. Once in my seat, I made it obvious for Carl that I was reaching under the table and pulling my panty down. He said nothing neither did he want to ask what i was doing. I pulled my thong off me and had it ready. As soon as the food arrived and the waiter started to set the food, I threw my thong on the table in front of Carl and said out loud, ‘You can eat your food now and eat what this panty covered later.’

The waiter gave that knowing smile to Carl which clearly said, lucky boy. Carl grabbed the thong and stuffed it into his pocket. He was embarrassed. Once the waiter left, I asked him if he was too embarrassed and this was too much for him? He nodded no. He said he liked it as he has never dated a girl as wild as me. He told me how his friends always got the wild girl and he got the girl who wanted to save themselves for marriage type. I smiled and told him that this is his lucky day. Carl knew he was getting laid and getting laid good.

During dinner, I asked him to remove his shoe and sock and feel my pussy with his toes. He did and he could clearly feel the wetness of my pussy on his toes. I asked if he had ever done that? Answer was no. He tried pushing his big toe in my pussy and I adjusted enough to let it enter my wet pussy a little. He tried toe fucking me but could not. Dinner was quick and we were out. I asked him to drive me to his place. He walked next to me and I grabbed his hand and put it on my ass and told him to fucking be a man. Carl was never that guy but he walked feeling my ass. Wish he would have pushed the small dress up and cupped my naked butt as we walked but he did beşiktaş escort not. A group of guys walking against us saw Carl’s hand on my ass and gave that smile that you guys give to each other.

Once in the car, I kissed him. Deep kissed him. My hands exploring his hard cock under his slacks. His hands on my side that I had to grab and put on my tits as we kissed. He massaged my tits and was getting into the groove. I asked him to drive and I pulled is cock out of his slacks and boxer. A good thick cock. Mmmm. I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a nice deep throat cock sucking as he drove. Carl was moaning softly. I asked him to let go and talk dirty and moan loud. He just could not get into calling me names. And I found that very endearing.

Once at his car spot, he was ready to get out but I stayed down on his cock and kept sucking and stroking. He requested me to stop as he did not want to cum. But when have I paid attention to what others want? 🙂 I stayed down on him till he could not hold it. He tried warning me that he was about to cum and wanted me to get away. I stayed down and sucked every drop out of his cock and swallowed it. I then learnt this is teh first time ever in his life Carl has blown his load in a girls mouth. All his previous sexual encounters, none of the girls would let him cum in their mouth. I felt so good breaking his cumming in mouth virginity.

Once in his house, he poured some drinks for us and we settled on the couch. I let my short dress ride high so he could see my panty. He was still trying to behave and make small talks after just blowing his load in my mouth. He was so cute. So I ran my hands on his legs all the way to his crotch and would often bring that hand to my panty and touch myself as he talked to me. It flustered him so much and I could not help but smile. I turned on teh heat more as we drank and spoke by touching my nipples through my red dress to show him how perky and erect they stood under my dress. My fingers were also touching my pussy through my sexy thong.

Finally I had enough. I jumped and sat on him with my pussy resting on his crotch. I deep kissed him and started to grind and rub my pussy on his cock that was starting to get hard. Carl was into it and had his hands on my bare ass as the dress slid up. He moved me more to grind me down on him. Our kisses were passionate. After a minute or so of rubbing and kissing, I pulled away and whispered in his ear, fuck me Carl. He was as hard as he could get. He dropped me on the couch like a rag doll, stood up and stripped to naked. He squatted in front of me, pulled my legs over his shoulders, pushed my thong to the side and buried his face in my pussy.

Carl for all his good behavior was a great pussy eater. His hands on my ass lifting me up from the sofa, my legs on his shoulders as I moaned and closed my eyes and played with my nipples while being eaten. And he did all teh right things to make me cum hard. Once done, he got up to show my juices on his lips and face.

I needed beylikdüzü escort a fuck bad and he wanted to go to his bedroom to fuck. I noticed he had a balcony and I grabbed him by his hands and took him out to the balcony. In the dark of the night, I leaned over the railings, pulled my thong down to my knees, pushed my ass towards Carl and asked him to fuck me. Here we stood in his balcony with his cock buried deep in me. Carl was a great fuck machine. He had the rhythm and the timing and the speed down perfect. My dress was pulled down to expose my tits and his hands were on them as he pulled me into his cock. Carl fucked me good and thanks to the fuck me heels, he did not have to bend much to stay in me.

We fucked for 5-10 minutes and Carl wanted to cum. I asked him to hold it. He pulled out. I turned around to see naked Carl with a hard cock all wet with my juices staring at me. I bent over to suck his cock. My ass was pointed to the street, naked, my thong still around my knee. I sucked him to clean him up.

Once clean, I asked him to sit on the chair in the balcony. I pulled the thong off and threw it at him. He sniffed it and let it sit on his face. Him settled, his cock hard and pointing up, I turned with my back towards him and sat on his cock. My hands on my knees I started to ride his cock. Carl must be enjoying watching my back and ass ride on his cock. I let him fuck me this way for a minute and then once I realized his cock is all wet with my juices, I pulled out and let him enter my ass. Carl was begging to fuck my ass and slowly he pushed all of it in my ass.

Once in me, I leaned back towards him, my back resting on his chest, one hand on my tit and the other on my clit, Carl fucked me and touched me at the same time. His constant rubbing my clit and getting my ass fucked did what I needed again. I came one more time. Carl wanted to cum in my ass too and I told him to go for it. He grabbed me by my tiny waist and started to fuck me harder. Harder and harder till his cock exploded and filled my ass. Mmmmm.

Exhausted we sat for a few minutes. No idea if any passer by saw us fucking in the middle of the night.

We went in to have some more drink. It was probably 2 in the morning now. We both had recovered and needed some more sex. We went to his bedroom and settled in. My dress was on his floor by now. He wanted me to leave my heels on. Here we were lying naked and kissing and fondling and it was getting Carl hard again. He then got up, spread my legs wide and started to taste my pussy again. It felt good and my legs ended up curling as he got me closer and closer to cumming. My moans were loud. My hands were in his hair as he ate me. And his wonderful tongue did the job one more time and made me cum hard.

It was time to return the favor. I pushed him on the bed, took his cock and started to suck it till he was hard. Real hard. I asked him to fuck me and he wanted doggy style. So i went down on all four on his bed and he came behind and pushed his hard cock in my tight pussy. He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled on them as he fucked me. He was a good fucker. He did me hard and deep and long and exploded his cum in my pussy. We both were exhausted from all the fucking and after a little rest, I left. I saw Carl with the biggest smile as I gave him a kiss on my way out.

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