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Nice surprise on the journey to work

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Nice surprise on the journey to workThis is a deliciously erotic story sent to me by my fellow writer Ila, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and also the second part of the story which is to come..I got up early this morning for a change.  I had a feeling that today was going to be a good day.  At the time I didn’t realize just how good.  The sun was shining for the first time in several days.  That, at least, was a good sign and an improvement over yesterday’s rain.I headed off to the bathroom for my morning ritual.  A quick shower and then I was ready to get dressed.  I put on my normal businessman’s uniform of a black suite, white shirt, and tie.  I still had some time left over, before I caught my train, so I checked myself over in the hall mirror.  I’m a hair under six feet tall and my lean muscular frame still filled out my suit quite nicely.Even after wasting some more time I was still too early to catch my normal train.  I thought though that I might as well catch an earlier train and get on with the daily office grind. But as soon as I left the house I saw her.  The most gorgeous vision of a woman that I had ever seen got onto the train.  She had long dark waist length hair.  She was wearing a summer dress that revealed a hint of cleavage and short enough to show off a girl’s leg which in this case ended on top on a pair of summer sandals. I enjoyed following her for a while and realized that we’re both heading for the train station.The train was more crowded than what I was used to, but I did managed to find a seat at the back.  I had forgotten to bring my newspaper along and I was wondering what I was going to do to pass the time.Just the sight of this beauty made leaving for work early a worthwhile experience.  The train was quite crowded and this gorgeous woman was looking around for a seat.  I almanbahis yeni giriş mentally willed her to come and stand in front of me.  To my surprise she moved towards the rear.  My heart was beating faster now.  The goddess was approaching.  Her makeup was perfect and her red lips looked so luscious.  She stopped directly in front of me and grabbed an overhead rail to support herself.”What a sexy hot looking babe.  Surely I’ve died and gone to heaven,” I thought.For a few moments I was too stunned to do anything but stare.  The most magnificent, most beautiful, most stunning woman in the world was standing just millimeters from me.  Without realizing what I was doing my right reached out and touched her on the back of her thighs.  They were warm and silky smooth.”My gawd what am I doing?” I thought.I was expecting the goddess to suddenly turn around and shoot me with a withering stare or else start to scream.  After her first little quiver though she seemed to enjoy my touch.  My hand crept a little higher.  Her thighs parted slightly.  I took a furtive glance around, but no one could see what I was doing and no one was even looking at me.  In fact it appeared that on one even noticed the glorious woman gracing us with her presence.Emboldened now I put both of my hands under her dress.  And then I caught a glimpse of it.  At first I wasn’t sure if was seeing things.  Then my hands crept higher and started massaging her smooth thighs.  She flexed her legs a little and I got a better look this time.  My goddess has a cock.  There was just a bit showing, but there was no doubt about it now.  My perfect goddess has a cock.  My own cock, which had been slowly hardening, suddenly sprang to its full length, rock hard and solid.  My greatest dream and desire was instantly realized.  The most almanbahis giriş beautiful woman in the world was right here in front of me and best of all she has a cock.My hands were now caressing her all over underneath her dress.  They were moving of their own volition.  I couldn’t hold myself back any longer.  I caressed and massaged between her thighs and all along the smooth skin just below her cock.  I could feel her becoming aroused.  She parted her legs even more and my one hand slid up and touched the opening of her puckered hole.I heard her gasp as my other hand continued to rub faster near her cock.  Then my hands came back to her firm butt cheeks and squeezed them.  I caressed the deep valley between her cheeks.  My fingers probed what seemed to be her more than willing hole.I took another look around me.  Still no one was paying any attention to us.  My fingers continued to massage her moist hole.  They probed the slippery warm wetness inside her.  My goddess pushed back against me and my fingers slid deeper into her puckered love nest.I stood up with the fingers of one hand still inside her.  I moved in close to her and with my free hand I eased my pants zipper down.  I heard her gasp as I withdrew my fingers from her tight wet hole.  I quickly replace my fingers with my now fully engorged and throbbing cock.  I pushed against her opening and she pushed back.  I slid into her.  The rocking motion of the train facilitated me sliding even deeper into her hot wet opening.  I easily went all the way into her slippery channel.I paused when I was fully into her.  I looked around and still no one had seen anything.  I hung onto my gorgeous lady’s sweet buttocks.  I began to rhythmically stroke in and out of her, aided by the motion of the train.  I felt this beautiful woman pushing back almanbahis güvenilirmi against me, squeezing my cock with her butt cheeks and meeting me stroke for stroke.  I reached around the front of my goddess, under her dress, until I found her beautiful cock.  Her cock was smooth and completely hairless.  My cock got even harder from feeling her.  I could feel her cock grow in my hand.  It built my pleasure to a peak.  Involuntarily I let out a groan as I started to spurt deep into my lady (for by now I was thinking of her as my lady).  I jetted into her several times.  I though I would never stop cumming.  I held myself in her until my spurts died away.I put my cock back in my pants as soon as it slipped out of my angel’s warm moist slippery love tunnel.  I zipped up and at the same time I let her dress fall back into place.  She turned her head around to look for who had been in her.  Our eyes met, but I didn’t let on that it had been me who had just had a most pleasurable time with her.The train came to a stop.  My angel took one last look around to try to determine who her train lover had been.  She again looked at me, but I still did not reveal this it was I who had just had his way with her.  She shrugged her shoulders and almost skipped off the train.I watched her go.  My stop was the next one and so I moved slowly towards the doors.  This was going to be a most pleasant day indeed.  I just hoped that I would be able to again take a train ride with this most beautiful goddess.  Hopefully I would see her again this evening on the way home or maybe even tomorrow morning on the way to work.

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