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Subject: Nick – Chapter 3 This work is copyrighted by the author the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission in writing from the author. Personal or private copies are permitted only if they are complete and include the copyright notice. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author’s permission is a violation of that copyright. This is a story of a man’s relationship with his son and his son’s friends. It will contain some sexual scenes, but it is not totally about sex. The series of chapters are completely fictional and are the result of the author’s fertile imagination. Any resemblance to any real person(s) is purely coincidental. The story contains consensual sexual behavior between young adult males and an older adult male. It depicts unprotected sex and protected sex practices are the way to go if you plan to be around for years to come. If you are underage (below 18) or object to the subject matter, please leave now as the door that let you in will also let you leave. Also, don’t forget if this story or series of stories make you quake in your shorts, donate! fty/donate.html Keep this great venue of erotica free and on-line! Chapter 3 “aavvviiidd, are ya awake?” “Now I’m awake.” I said sitting up straight in the bed startled. “What’s up Nick?” I said as I saw it’s 2:00 a.m. “I can’t sleep, you told me to wake you up if I couldn’t.” The darkness said in a quiet voice. “Sure.” I said leaning over and turning on my bedside light. As I turned around and looked, there was Nick, shirtless, just wearing his mesh shorts. “What’s the matter?” “I feel like a dope, but I don’t normally sleep alone.” He said shuffling his bare feet. “Mom and I only had a one-bedroom apartment, so I slept with her. Sometimes it was creepy, but I’m just feeling kinda alone.” “Why’re you always looking down when you talk?” I said as I was trying to figure out how to hide my nocturnal kickstand, as I was right in the middle of a wonderful ginger dream. “This is a big bed, so if you want to climb in, go ahead, just remember I sleep naked. Do you want me to put on something, if it would make you feel more at ease.” I said as I started to pull back the covers on the far side of the bed. “It’s okay, I am used to sleeping naked, I had to.” Nick stated as a matter of fact, put his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and pulled them off with a single down stroke and a kick of the leg. He crawled in the bed and pulled the covers up to his chin. “Alright, g’night again.” I said as I turned and leaned over to turn off the light. When I settled back into my normal spot which was still warm our feet touched under the covers, and rather than the shock of a cold foot, his were quite warm. He jerked his foot back mumbled an apology and then there was only the sound of the fan, and our rhythmic breathing. My wonderful dream of being a farmer in the ginger farm, watering the young gingers so that they grow up escort kocaeli to be as nice looking as the young man in my bed. It must’ve been about an hour after he first came in when I felt his touch on my chest. I remained like I was still asleep as not to make an awkward situation any worse, I just hope he doesn’t go too far south, or else he’ll find my raging hard cock. His hand simply found my chest, and slowly and carefully felt of my chest hair, running his hands through it, when he rubbed my nipple, I couldn’t help but let out a little sigh. His hand jerked away, but I still laid still and then the hand returned. This time when the hand returned, he explored my chest hair with his fingers, his hand felt down my stomach, got to my belly button and stopped. Any further south and he would have a head of a cock in his hand. His hand pulled away, and he turned over and scooted away. Soon I fell back asleep. My body is one of those that has an internal clock, 6:00 a.m. and ‘poof’ my mind says ‘Wake up and get out of bed!’ As I opened my eyes, and began to awaken, I realized that I was hot as hell. I look over, and Nick has his head on my chest, his hand across my stomach, and one leg intertwined with mine. The striking part was his morning wood was shoved up against my leg. This boy was a furnace, and I was sweating. I reached over and ran my fingers across his head and held him close. It has been years since my husband died, and since I’ve woken up with another man in my bed. “Good Morning Nick.” I said stroking his head. He shifted his position a little, rubbing his cock hard against my thigh, I could feel his foreskin pull back, and his hot knob head rub into my skin. His bright blue eyes opened and he must’ve figured out his surroundings, as he pulled away quickly and sat up on the other side of the bed. “What’s the matter? That was nice.” I said in pre-coffee English. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” He said to the other wall. “Stop apologizing dammit, you’re doing nothing wrong. You needed to cuddle, so it was fine.” I said as I stretched the rest of the sleep out of my system. “Why do you apologize so much anyway?” I said concerned. “My mom required that I apologize for everything I did, it was my fault for everything. Because I look so much like my dad and not her.” He said with his head dipping. “Get back under the sheets and come back here.” I said as he threw his thickly covered red haired legs back under the covers, and pulled them up close, trying to hide his morning wood. He scooted over towards me and laid a respective distance from me. “Come back over here, if you want to nestle up next to me, you can.” With that, he kept his hips away, but as I stretched out my arm, his head found my chest. “Can I ask you a question David?” he said into my chest hair. “You can ask all of them you want.” “Why are you so nice to me? I mean I am used to being the last thing on adult’s mind, not the first. Like when you woke kocaeli anal yapan escort up, how come you didn’t freak out?” He said, this time with his hand starting to run through my chest hair. “It’s easier to be nice, why be an ass if I don’t have to. You needed to cuddle, so I let you.” I said bending my arm that he was laying on and started rubbing his taunt back. “Why’re you so submissive? And what was that thing about sleeping naked with your mom?” I said a little concerned internally. “She is always cold, and when we had to move out of the house after dad died, we could only afford a one-bedroom apartment. She didn’t have a lot of blankets, so she told me to sleep with her to keep her warm.” He said as I could clearly recognize that he was uneasy talking about it. “The only time I didn’t is when she slept with another man, when she did that I had to sleep on the floor, so finally to me it was the floor or the bed, and the floor was hard and cold.” “Your mother is strange. I mean it is a little weird for a mother to want to sleep with her naked son, don’t you think?” I said, now fully awake and could smell his natural and normal sleep musk. “I mean to ask, did she ever do anything… well… you know to you?” “I caught her more than once playing with me, but I pretended I was still asleep and wasn’t there. It was really difficult to do that when she went down on me.” He said, and I felt a wet spot forming on my chest, he had started crying. I reached around with my right hand and hugged him, pulling him back close to me and just let him feel comforted. He was driving me crazy even in this state as the edge of his mouth was a fraction of an inch from my nipple. Every one of his exhales send a shiver down my body, and into my morning wood. He noticed that my breathing had changed, and that I was trying to suppress sighing from the pleasure his breath was causing. His had found my chest again, and this time he stuck his finger in his mouth and then gently rubbed my nipple through the hair. I could not help arching my back at the pleasure. He used the same finger and parted my chest hair away from the nipple, then started licking it. Letting out a loud moan, he then leaned forward ever so much and took my nipple in his mouth, where he aggressively started sucking and nibbling on it. “Take it easy Nick, slow start, then work up to that..” I said forgetting how to speak English from the lightning shocks flowing through my body. He slowed and gently sucked and circled my nipple with his artistic tongue. I pulled him closer and could feel that course hairy leg find its way over my knee, and his rock hard cock dig into my thigh. He let go of my nipple and said, “I want to please you for taking care of me.” Then going back to work on my nipple, and reaching across my chest and playing with the other. While I started to moan uncontrollably, he released my right nipple and started to slowly run izmit yabancı escort his hand down across my belly and found my raging cock. His hot hand touching me and the manipulation of my nipple about made me nut right then and there. I held back and he felt down my cock to my balls and gently rubbed them. “Do you want me to take care of that?” he said giving my cock a squeeze. “Nick, do nothing that you don’t want to do. I am not going to force you to do anything.” I said looking at the ginger god cuddled up next to me. “Besides, I’m thirty years your senior, and nowhere near as fit and beautiful as you.” I said, regretting that I said it as soon as I finished. “I don’t care if you have a belly, it isn’t like you could star on that 600-pound show thing.” He giggled. “Anyway, my dad had a belly like yours. It was covered in hair as well, and we used to cuddle like this. I really liked it.” He said into my chest hair as he rubbed his rusty stubble down my chest and then down my belly to the head of my cock. I felt the warm wetness of his mouth envelope my cock head and gently started licking around the glans. Pulling my cock out of his mouth, but licked up and down each side and then took my entire cock to the hilt into his mouth. “Nick I don’t know how long I can hold back. It’s been a long time and I might not have much warning before busting a nut.” I said in ecstasy as he explored his mouth and throat with my thick cock. In between the hot wetness, his maneuvering tongue and watching as his head bobbed up back and forth in my crotch, I could feel the shocks and sparks heading towards my cock. He took my cock out of his mouth and then went further south and gently licked and sucked on my balls, instinctively my legs opened so he could get a better angle. The scratchiness of his un-shaven face, and sucking and licking on my sack was driving me insane, the pleasure was so very intense. He crawled down in-between my legs and turned around to face me, and with those blue eyes locked on me, he once again took my cock in his mouth. Watching him slide up and down my pole and feeling his tongue, lips, the suction, and now the other hand cupping my balls and rubbing my taint I couldn’t handle it anymore. “Nick, I’m gonna cum…” I said as the stars filled my sight and my body tensed, then finally the waves of endorphins from my brain flooded my body. I was cumming so hard I couldn’t breathe. When the bliss and agony of pleasure passed, I opened my eyes to see Nick still suckling on my cock, he had swallowed my load, and was milking me for every last drop. I laid there quivering from the release of so much pleasure, Nick crawled back up to my armpit where he nestled back to his face on my chest. He pulled the covers back up and over us, and my eyes closed. Has your dick gotten hard reading this? My stories are a little longer, but I try to be as descriptive as possible without causing a limp dick. Don’t forget to send me an email if you would like and tell me how you much you liked it, I reply to them! Chapter 4,5, and 6 are coming soon, and if you liked 1, 2, and 3, four may have you spewing over your shoulder. Either that or buy a plastic cover for your computer/phone so jizz doesn’t ruin the phone! Slobbers, MW Man

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