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Nicole and Kate: Beginnings

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**[This is a re-write of my earlier story Nicole and Kate: A Beginning. I rushed that story for submission during a stressful time, and I was mortified that the published story was riddled with editorial errors. I apologize to anyone who was subjected to that version. Please forgive me, and please enjoy this version.]

Nicole had recently turned 18 and her life was as busy as ever with school, soccer, tennis, applying to college, friends, and volunteer work. Sometimes she wondered if she was too busy for her own good, but she considered herself lucky to have a supportive family and some close and faithful friends. Over the past year or so, Nicole also had come to appreciate her relationship with Kate, a teacher and coach that Nicole also considered a friend and mentor. Kate was 31 years old and married, and she was a great history teacher, assistant soccer coach, and, most of all, someone Nicole admired and confided in. Nicole also thought Kate was one of the most beautiful women she had ever known: a tanned, athletic body, short blonde hair, and amazing blue eyes that sparkled whenever Kate smiled.

Nicole, like a lot of other students, both boys and girls, had a crush on Kate, who had been an All-American soccer player in college and who almost made the national team. Her husband, Darius, was an All-American football player in college who signed a big contract to play professional football. He also was gorgeous: a 6’3” and 225-pound black man, with a perfect athlete’s body and legendary abs. Kate’s uncle was Darius’s agent, and she and Darius met after his first year in professional football. Three years later, Darius suffered a career-ending knee injury, but Kate’s uncle had made sure Darius invested his money wisely, so he and Kate, who got married a year and a half after Darius was injured, were financially secure. Kate was free to pursue teaching and coaching, and Darius had started a successful sports marketing firm.

Nicole and Kate had been close ever since they both arrived at the school for Nicole’s freshman year. But they had grown closer over the last year or so, finding out that they had a lot of interests in common beyond soccer. They both volunteered at a local children’s center and participated in park clean-ups around town. After those activities, they sometimes had lunch together at a restaurant, and Kate helped Nicole think about her college choice. A few weekends after Nicole’s birthday, following a park cleanup, Kate for the first time invited Nicole to her house for lunch for what she called a “girls day,” explaining that Darius was away on a golf weekend. They headed out to the backyard pool to talk about school, college, and life. Nicole was in her shorts and a tank top, but Kate changed into a two-piece bathing suit that showed off her figure.

After a bit of chat, Kate went in the house and came back with two iced teas, handing one to Nicole. “Hold on,” Kate said and she sipped her drink. “Okay. All good,” she added. Nicole looked at Kate quizzically. “Mine is a Long Island Iced Tea,” Kate said. “I wanted to make sure I didn’t mix them up,” she said with a smile.

“That’s an alcoholic drink, right?” Nicole asked.

“Yes. My favorite. I hope it’s okay for me to have one,” Kate said sincerely.

“Of course it is,” Nicole said, enjoying the “adult” conversation.

“I’d offer you one, but you just turned 18,” Kate said looking into Nicole’s eyes. Nicole couldn’t remember mentioning her recent birthday, and she was surprised Kate knew when it was. “Last year, you told me your birthday, and I have it on my calendar,” Kate said casually. “Part of the reason for inviting you over today was to say ‘Happy Birthday,'” Kate said with a smile. “In fact, hold on one more sec,” Kate said as she headed back into the house.

Nicole could not help but admire Kate’s perfect butt and legs as she walked away. Nicole also noticed that Kate did not have any visible tan lines on her back, or for that matter on her chest. After just a minute, Kate came back out with a beautifully wrapped gift box and held it out toward Nicole. “Happy Birthday, Nicole.”

Nicole was taken aback. “Oh gosh, Kate, really?… that wasn’t necessary.,” Nicole stammered, still not taking the box.

“I know it wasn’t ‘necessary.’ I wanted to do it,” Kate said. “Go ahead, open it.” Nicole was aware that she was not saying much, and she somehow liked doing what Kate told her to do.

“Yes, ma’am,” Nicole said with a smile. She undid the ribbon and unwrapped the package to find the same two-piece bathing suit Kate was wearing. Nicole looked at Kate and smiled.

“Okay, maybe this is weird, but I fell in love with this suit,” Kate said, stepping back to let Nicole look over her body. “And I couldn’t shake the thought that it would look great on you… So, I thought ‘why not?’ I just hope it fits,” Kate said with a shrug. She reached down and took a gulp of her drink. “Do you like it?”

“Oh my god, Kate, I love it,” Nicole escort kocaeli gushed. Her mind raced with excitement at the thought of Kate thinking about her while shopping for a swimsuit. Nicole added: “When I saw it on you, I thought it was amazing, and said to myself that I hope someday I can look that amazing in a bathing suit.”

“Don’t ever worry about that Nicole. You will look amazing in any suit,” Kate assured her. The compliment sent electricity through Nicole’s body.

“So? Go put it on, the sun won’t be here forever,” Kate said, pulling away slightly. Nicole was still taken aback by the gift, and she hesitated. “Go young lady,” Kate said, pretending to be stern.

“I’m worried how I will look,” Nicole said. “I might need one of those Long Island teas to get up the courage,” Nicole said with a nervous laugh.

Kate smiled. “Here you go, instant courage,” she said smiling and handing her half-full glass to Nicole. Looking into Kate’s eyes, Nicole took a gulp, surprised at how easily the drink slid down her throat. “Be careful,” Kate smiled, “they can sneak up on a girl.”

Nicole handed the drink back to Kate. “Be right back,” she said.

“Can’t wait,” Kate said. “Use the guest bathroom right off the kitchen.” Kate then asked: “Should I make you a drink while you are gone?”

“Sure, why not?” Nicole said. “I trust you to take care of me,” she added, immediately realizing how provocative that sounded.

“Off you go, cutie,” Kate said, and she gave a playful pat on Nicole’s rear as Nicole turned to walk away. Playful or not, the gesture sent more electric shocks through Nicole’s body.

In the bathroom, Nicole held the blue print bikini in her hand and caressed the soft fabric. The top had minimal support and a thin lining, so the suit showed exactly what a woman had to offer. The fact that Kate looked amazing in her suit confirmed Nicole’s thought that Kate had a near-perfect body. Nicole pulled her tank top up and off and saw in the mirror that thinking about Kate’s body caused her nipples to poke through her bra. Her gaze fixated on her perky boobs and stiff nipples as she reached behind herself to unclasp her bra, before tossing it on the vanity, leaving her topless in Kate’s house.

Nicole continued looking at her body as she reached down to unsnap and unzip her shorts and wiggle them down over her hips. She took a mental picture of her reflection in the mirror in only her panty, before she peeled it down and off. Standing there nude, the day’s events set in, and Nicole began to tremble. She admitted long ago to having a girl crush on Kate, and, more than a few times, fantasies about her crept into Nicole’s mind. Before today, though, she never felt that Kate was flirting with her. But today seemed different, and that made Nicole a little nervous. But, despite her nervousness, Nicole knew deep down that she wanted to go wherever Kate led her.

“Hey, everything okay in there?” Nicole heard Kate say through the door. “Get out here or I’ll have to come in and get you,” Kate teased.

Kate’s flirtatious words rang in Nicole’s ears, and she imagined Kate opening the door to see Nicole completely naked. The thought made Nicole’s legs weak, and curiously it also made her want to model the suit for Kate. So, Nicole pulled on the bottom and it fit perfectly. She twirled in front of the mirror and liked the way that the suit showed her tight young ass. She then put on the bikini top, and somehow the fit was also perfect. She adjusted her perky breasts in the cups and tightened the top string behind her neck, adding just a little more lift to her already firm tits. Nicole felt good and headed out to the pool.

When she stepped outside, Nicole noticed that Kate had poured two tall glasses of Long Island Iced Tea, and she thought immediately that she could use another gulp. “Wow, Nicole, beautiful,” Kate gushed. “Get over here right now and show me how a girl is supposed to wear that suit.”

Nicole walked toward where Kate was sitting, enjoying the older woman’s gaze the entire way. Kate was laying in a chaise lounge, but she sat up as Nicole approached, and Nicole did a graceful pirouette to show off the suit and her tight, young body. “Wow, do that again,” Kate instructed. Nicole did as she was told, spinning more slowly. “Just perfect,” Kate said.

Kate grabbed one of the glasses and handed it to Nicole. “Your cocktail young lady.” Nicole took the glass and brought it to her lips to take a big sip. The drink felt a little stronger than the one she tried earlier, but it was tasty and refreshing.

“Delicious, thank you. My compliments to the… barmaid?” Nicole chuckled.

Kate stood up and extended her arms. “So… can I get a birthday hug?” Kate asked.

Nicole’s heart skipped a beat. Feeling almost as if she was in a dream, she put the drink down and stepped toward Kate, who reached her arms around to embrace Nicole. As they hugged, Nicole was very conscious of both her hands on gölcük escort Kate’s back and Kate’s hands on her back. Nicole also was acutely aware of how Kate’s skin felt, how her hair smelled, and how tightly Kate embraced her. As they started to pull apart, Kate kissed Nicole on the cheek and whispered, “Happy Birthday.”

Nicole’s legs were a little rubbery as she stood in front of Kate after the hug and kiss. They were no longer hugging, but they still had their arms loosely around each other’s waists as they stood on the pool deck. Nicole was in ecstasy being so close to Kate, but also nearly paralyzed by nerves. She thought to herself that Kate was more beautiful than ever up close. Kate smiled, lighting up her eyes, and whispered again “Happy Birthday” before leaning in again to kiss Nicole on the nose and then very softly and quickly on the lips, before pulling away.

“So, make yourself comfortable,” Kate said, nodding toward a chaise lounge next to hers. Kate steadied herself, settled into the lounge chair, and adjusted the back to a comfortable position. “And sunscreen is required. No one entrusted to my care will get sunburned,” Kate said smiling, but in her schoolteacher voice. The words “entrusted to my care” resonated in Nicole’s mind, and she could actually feel her nipples stiffen. She closed her eyes and felt her heart beating firmly in her chest.

“That’s your bottle,” Kate said, stirring Nicole from a thought about being under Kate’s care. Nicole saw a bottle on the small table between their two lounges, and then turned to see Kate begin applying sunscreen to her body. Nicole couldn’t look away as Kate applied lotion to her neck and upper chest, before rubbing the white liquid over the exposed parts of her boobs and the space between. Nicole wished desperately that she could apply lotion on Kate’s body, but watching Kate do it was amazing too. As Kate finished with her bust, she slid two fingers inside her top, applying lotion to her boobs just under the top. When she applied the lotion to the other breast, Kate glanced quickly at Nicole and gave her a slight smile.

Nicole took another gulp of her drink as Kate poured lotion into her hand and lathered it across her flat tummy. She watched intently as Kate proceeded to cover her legs and feet, and then her arms. Nicole could have watched for hours, and Kate looked over several times seeming to make sure that Nicole was still watching. Without really noticing, Nicole had finished her drink, and she was already feeling the effects. Finally, Kate finished with the front of her body and said, “Your turn sweetie.”

Kate grabbed the bottle and began to apply the sunscreen. She quickly realized that her technique was not nearly as seductive as Kate’s had been. Kate glanced over at Nicole a few times, but mostly laid with closed eyes soaking up the sun. Touching herself while so close to Kate excited Nicole. She savored the feeling of her hands running across her own chest, and she mimicked Kate and slid two fingers inside her top to make sure her boobs were adequately covered. When she did that, and saw that Kate’s eyes were closed, Nicole reached her two fingers further inside her top to rub her nipples. It was very exciting to feel sexual arousal so near Kate, and Nicole knew that if she was alone in her room, she surely would have ended up masturbating.

By the time Nicole finished lathering herself with sunscreen, the drink had taken hold, and she was a little light-headed. Kate began asking her about school and Nicole’s college plans, and, seeing Nicole struggle to focus, Kate asked: “Was that drink a little too strong babe?”

Nicole paused a second and then giggled. “It was wonderful, but it was strong. I never had one of those before, and I drank it too fast I think” she slurred.

Kate just smiled. “Well, there’s nothing to do but relax, and soak up the sun in that sexy new suit. I’ll take care of you.”

Kate’s assurance that she would “take care of” Nicole sent another jolt of adrenaline through Nicole’s body. Nicole looked over at Kate, who was reclining at a 45-degree angle with her legs slightly open and her feet flat on the chaise lounge. The sun reflecting off Kate’s glistening body made her look like a goddess to Nicole. Because their chairs were parallel to each other, however, Nicole was left to imagine the view between Kate’s legs from the end of her chaise lounge.

With her inhibitions loosened, Kate shifted her legs into the same position and let her mind wander. She closed her eyes and imagined sitting at the end of Kate’s lounge, touching Kate’s tanned legs and feet and seeing the thin blue patch of material covering her crotch. The fantasy was somehow soothing to Nicole, and the idea of admiring Kate up close felt safe and natural. Nicole consciously kept her eyes closed so that the idea of such an intimate view of Kate stayed with her.

After about 20-25 minutes, Kate suggested that they turn over and izmit sınırsız escort get sun on their backs to avoid getting too burned. Nicole was certifiably “tipsy” at that point, and her mind had already wandered to sexual thoughts about Kate that until then had been reserved for Nicole’s alone time in her bedroom.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Nicole said, trying not to slur.

“How about I do your back first,” Kate said, more a statement than a question. Without waiting for a response, Kate got up and moved to sit on the edge of Nicole’s chair. Her hand casually rested on Nicole’s bare stomach. “Lay the chair flat and turn over, cutie,” Kate said.

“Yes, teacher,” Nicole said with a mischievous smile. As Nicole got comfortable, she made sure there was skin-to-skin contact between her waist and Kate’s leg.

Kate began caressing the lotion onto Nicole’s back, and Nicole was immediately sure she had never before been touched so lovingly and erotically. Without asking, Kate unhooked the clasp in the middle of Nicole’s top; and only after it was undone, she said, “Let’s not get your new top messy.” Nicole sighed, titillated that Kate didn’t ask permission to undo the top but also knowing that she would not have objected at all. Kate finished covering Nicole’s back, and she also smoothed the slick lotion over Nicole’s ribs and sides, coming very close to Nicole’s breasts. At one point, Nicole had to fight an urge to lift off the chair or turn over so that Kate could see and maybe fondle her tits. The combination of the sun, the iced tea, and the physical attention were nearly overwhelming, and Nicole had to force herself to maintain some semblance of control.

Nicole felt Kate roll down the waist band of her bikini bottom a few inches, again saying only after doing it, “This is where the sun will get you and give you tan lines.” Nicole knew that her tan line ended a few inches above where Kate was now applying sunscreen, and her heart raced knowing that Kate could see the white skin at the top of her rear. She had to bite her lip when she felt Kate rub lotion into the top of her butt crack.

“I noticed that tan lines aren’t a problem for you,” Nicole said from her face down position.

“Not if I can help it,” Kate replied nonchalantly. “Don’t tell anyone, but the best thing about a backyard pool is that you can sun topless… or even nude.”

“Do you sunbathe topless?” Nicole asked with interest.

“All the time. My personal goal is zero tan lines above the waist,” Kate laughed.

“Wow, that sounds nice,” Nicole said dreamily. “Sexy too,” Nicole added mumbling.

Kate heard Nicole, but still asked, “What was the last part?”

“I said ‘sexy too,'” Nicole admitted, turning her head to look back toward Kate.

“It is very sexy,” Kate said seductively. “You should try it.”

Their eyes met and both women sensed an inflection point. If Nicole responded positively to Kate’s invitation, they would both end up removing their tops, and the atmosphere would change. Looking back at Kate caused the left side of Nicole’s body to lift a little and she wondered if her left breast was visible. The different thoughts running through her mind were distilled to one: if she said the right things, Kate would take off her top, and of course Nicole would too. Nicole could hardly believe what was happening, and she could believe even less what she knew was going to happen.

“Well, I can’t do it alone,” Nicole said as innocently as she could.

Kate smiled and said: “Fair point.” Maintaining eye contact with Nicole, Kate reached behind her back and unhooked her top, slowly lifting it up over her head and off before tossing it onto her chaise lounge. Nicole gulped as Kate’s boobs fell out of the top, lifted with Kate’s arms, and jiggled just a bit when Kate threw the top aside. Nicole could not imagine more magnificent breasts. They were perfectly shaped, tanned, firm, and had round and proportional areolas and beautiful nipples. Nicole could not turn away.

“Like what you see?” Kate said suggestively. The words shook Nicole from the spell she was under, and she looked up at Kate, a little embarrassed at having gawked so obviously at her tits.

“Oh god yes. They are… you are perfect,” Nicole gushed. Nicole had the urge to turn over and touch Kate’s boobs, and even to kiss, lick, and suck them. Nicole instead looked back down to Kate’s breasts, and Kate sat still, pulling her shoulders back to let Nicole take in the view that she was so clearly enjoying.

After a minute or so, Kate said, “Let’s make sure the backs of your legs are covered.” She slid down the chaise a little and squirted lotion on Nicole’s legs just below her suit bottom. Nicole was surprised that Kate didn’t mention Nicole’s top, but she took matters into her own hands. Nicole reached behind her neck and untied the top string, and then pulled the top from under herself and dropped it on the deck next to her chair.

“That’s my girl,” Kate said quietly, and she patted Nicole’s butt again. Nicole giggled and wiggled her hips and rear. “Oooh, does she like that?” Kate asked playfully, not expecting an answer, as she gently squeezed Nicole’s butt cheek through her bikini bottom.

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