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Nigel’s Pet Ch. 03

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Ali slowly rubbed the folds of her wet teenage pussy making the ring in the clit hood rock back and forth. Every time she touched her self she now thought of the master that had placed the ring there. She reached over to her night stand and got her favor toy. A nine inch black penis shaped vibrator.

With one slow stroke she buried it deep inside her pussy. She fucked the wet hole with the thick black toy as her fingers teased her erect clit.

Master Nigel really knew what he was doing to her that day. He had trapped and trained other women to serve him and his friends. Ali had never been fucked by two men like that before. As soon one man was done and had spent his load. The other one moved up and took his turn fucking her young body. Now she was longing to feel their hands on her hips again. Being tied to the bed and not being able to move away from their probing fingers, tongues and cocks made her feel extra naughty and wild. She was no more to them then their fuck toy. She was a slut for them and she loved it.

Her thoughts of the wild sex she had with those men was now pushing her closer and closer to cumming.

She was always the student and Nigel was the teacher. She was going to learn so much that day. But it was only the start of a very exciting year for the college freshman. He took her farther then she had ever dreamed possible.

She let out a loud moan and squeezed her hand tight between her thighs. Trapping the long black penis deep inside her wet teenage love hole. Wave after wave of pleasure made goose bumps all over her young body, her legs quiver and whole body shake.

Just then the door burst open. “Come on sis its 6:30…”

“You know its time to get chores done. ” Steve said to his sister

Steve stood there in his sisters doorway with his mouth wide open. There on the bed lay his cute older sister( Ali )clutching her hand between her thighs. They were still quivering from the hard cum. Her breasts were heaving up and down from her fast, shallow breathing. The smell of her sex filled the room. He now knew what had been keeping Ali from breakfast. His older sister was fingering and fucking her young cunt.

As he still stood in the doorway Ali teased him by spreading her legs wide and slowly pulling the long toy out of her hot wet cunt. She held it up so he could see how wet and slick the hard shaft was. She then cebeci escort placed the tip to her lips slowly licked it clean of her cum.

Steve was not sure what to do next. It took all his will power to turned around and walked back down the stairs to the kitchen. He wanted turn back and jump on the bed. Then plunge his hard cock into his sister’s wet pussy.

He could not get over how sexy his sister looked laying there with her hand covering her young pussy. “Man!” he thought “She really coated that vibrator with her cum.” It had almost made him cum in his pants when she took that black cock into her mouth and cleaned it.

Over and over the pictures appeared in his mind of what she looked like as she played with her pussy. “She must be one horny bitch to have to masturbate right away in the morning like that. ” he said to himself. “I want to fuck that wet pussy”

He quickly walked across the kitchen and sat down behind the table so Mom won’t see the tent his sexy sister had caused in his pants.

“Where your sister?” Jean Shanhan ask her son.

“Your father is waiting for you two. “

“She will be right down. ” Steve replied

Ali walking in at that moment and moved behind the table with her brother. She drug her hand over her brother hard cock and said” Good morning Steve. It seems you are up early this morning. ” With that she let out a little giggle and kissed her brother on the cheek.

” Mom… I am just going to have some juice… Daddy is waiting… we better get outside before he comes looking for us…” Ali replied

“You feeling ok Ali? Your face looks kind of flushed?” Jean ask her daughter

Ali and Steve just looked at each other and smiled.

“No Mom I am fine. Lets go little brother. The calves are hungry and waiting. ” Ali said

Daddy Shanahan (Rich) had hired hands to feed and milk the cows. But right after birth the calves are taken from the cows and kept in another barn and fed dry milk substitute.

It was Ali’s and Steve’s first job of the morning to mix the dry milk with warm water. Then place it in the feeding buckets.

Steve could not take his eyes off his sisters ass as she bent over the pail of warm water and milk mix. Stirring the mix around and around with a stick made her ass dance in circles in front of him.

“Dam” he thought. If she wasn’t çukurambar escort my sister. I would bend her over and fuck her right here in the barn. “

He could see the out line of her pussy through her jeans… Her hair was pulled back in a long flowing pony tail. It swung back and forth as she stirred… just like a horse tail does.

He walked up behind his sister with his hands extended. Ready to grap those beautiful cheeks through her tight jeans.

Then it happened.

He had careless tipped over one of the buckets of milk Ali had just mixed.

“Hey watch it you almost got me soaked. ” Ali barked at her fumbling brother

“Sorry sis. I am not with it this morning. “”I am not sure what’s up with me.?”Steve said back

“Maybe next time you will watch where you are walking instead of watching my ass wiggle around. ” Ali said with a laugh

She looked down at Steve’s tent in his jeans.

“I see that I have made your cock hard brother.”

“Is it being close to me now? Or was it when you walked into my room and watched me playing with my pussy that has you so hard?. ” Ali quizzed her brother

She reached over with her small hand and squeezed his hard cock and pulling him closer. Steve first reaction was to pull away. This was his sister for god sakes pulling on his hard tool.

“Oh no you don’t.” Ali said. Her grip became tighter on his shaft. “Come here Steven… I did this to you with my teasing and now it is my job to please you. I was trained to take care of all my men. “

“Come here you and give your sister a kiss. “

Her lips felt so warm and soft next his. Their tongues explored each others mouths as Ali’s hand unzipped Steve’s pants. She quickly had his naked cock poking out the frontof his jean. Stroking it firmly with her hand. She was making him buck his hips and fuck her hand as she gently pulled. Ali could feel the heat building in her pussy. She needed to be fuck and fucked now.

“Oh god Steve… I need that cock in my pussy. “

Ali pulled away and pulled her jeans down over her ass to her knees. She placed one hand on the wall and the other on her ass. As she leaned ahead Ali parted her legs slightly and thrust out her ass in front of brother. Giving him the correct angle to mount her. Steve moved up close behind Ali. She reached back and grabbed his demetevler escort cock. Pulling it close to her wet hole.

” Steven fuck your sister’s wet cunt. ” Ali ordered her little brother”I need that beautiful cock inside of me. “

Steve looked at his sister with new eyes that moment. She was a woman. Asking to be fucked.

She could now feel his hands on her hips and the pressure of the tip of his fat cock as it parted her shaven pussy lips.

“Holy shit you are tight sis. ” Was Steven first words as he inched his way into her teenage cunt.

The thoughts started running through his mind… ” I am fucking my sister. ” Out in the barn where any of the hired hands or worse yet their father could walk in any second and see the siblings fucking. “

She was so tight it was like a warm velvet vise on his cock. He knew he wasn’t going to last long the first time with his sister.

Ali started moan louder and louder as Steve piston his cock in and out. He reached around and covered her mouth with his hand and whispered in her ear… “You love my cock in your cunt don’t you.”

“Oh Steve.. Fuck me… fuck me.. with that cock… but don’t cum inside of me… I want you pull out and feed your cum to my mouth. “

Her saying that pushed him over the edge.

“SISSSSSSSS I am coming.” he yelled out.

Ali dropped to her knees and the first blast hit her on the cheek. Quickly she gathered her brother’s cock deep in her mouth the next two waves of her brothers cum hit the back of her throat. As Steve became soft in her warm mouth. She gently licked and cleaned her brothers cock and balls for him… just as she was trained to go.

Her fingers were between her thighs fucking the hole where her brothers cock had just been.

What if Daddy walked in to see his princess on her knees sucking her brothers limp, fresh fucked cock?Maybe Daddy would want to fuck her too?

The thought of Daddy fucking her was too much… “AHHHHHHHHHH… fucckkkkkkkk.. I am cumming Steven. “

Ali’s soaked hand was trapped between her legs as she enjoyed wave after wave of her hard orgasms.

She slumped over in a pile on the floor and lay there for a moment as Steve placed his cock back into his pants.

“Come on sis… we better get those calves fed before Dad comes to check on us. “

Steve warned his sister.

She slowly tried to stand on her weak quivering legs. Steve put his arm around her waist and helped her pull her tight jeans back up and over that great white ass of hers.

She lean in and kissed her brother and said. “That was so great Steve… we need to do that every morning…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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