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Subject: Nippon Boy The boy in this story came to me in a dream. I think we did some sex stuff but can’t remember. Our narrator/protagonist, now a grown man, was a 14 year boy in another story I wrote 8 years or so ago titled the Seduction of Hawklin Santiago. This is now 25 plus years later and is likely to be a one off chapter but that could easily change. If you like it let me know. Otherwise simply N-joi Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The boy was face down on the bed, his head to one side on the pillow so that he could breathe. I was above him, my legs on the outside of his, driving just shy of 9 inches of wrist thick uncut rock hard man cock deep into his tight little asshole. Akira liked it that way; liked being face down and fucked hard from behind. I felt him move his hips slightly, raising off the bed a few inches partially to get his hand on his raging hard cock but also to push back against me so I could get deeper into his cock hungry body. He shouldn’t have been all that cock hungry since this was the 3rd time I’d fucked him since lunch time and we weren’t yet close to the dinner hour. An otherwise rather shy and quiet boy, Akira was a wildcat once he started to get hot. He became fairly aggressive, kissing hard and sucking harder. Once his fire got lit there was only one guaranteed outcome and that was my cock shoved up his ass. He uttered a string of words, none of which I understood because he was speaking in Japanese. Still I knew that he was extolling the virtues of having my cock in him and demanding that I fuck him even harder and deeper than I was. After a moment he cried out, “On my back Hawk, please so I can see your beautiful face.” My name is Hawklin Santiago, actually I’m the 5th in line, but I go by Hawk most of the time. I am one third each Choctaw and French Creole and the remaining third a mix of Puerto Rican, 1/16th negro from 3 generations back and the rest is pure Southern white boy, although not much. All in all I was a very light brown, almost like a white boy with a great tan. I say boy, but I was closing in on 39 years old. Still, I looked much younger. I pulled about 4 inches of cock out the boy so he could begin the maneuvering to raise his right leg over my back then I had to make adjustments to my body to accommodate the position chance, all while the rest of my cock was still inside of him. But it wasn’t like we hadn’t done it before so we knew the process and accomplished it in short order and Akira was on his back facing me. I took a moment to admire his raging hard cock, 6 plus inches of thick flesh, and healthy set of balls, smooth and in full hang. I moved his legs so that his calves rested against my shoulders and my palms were flat on the bed alongside his shoulders. It wouldn’t do but what the slant eyed boy had to engage in a mouth bruising kiss before I want back to pounding his pussy. I say slant eyes but the fact was that Akira’s eyes were much more rounded than the average Japanese. There was still enough oval to them to provide a bit of an exotic look although admittedly, at the moment, they were more slitty than usual due his being up into a fog of hotness. As I fucked him closer to an orgasm I reflected on how fortunate I was to have Akira in my life. I’d had my share of boys although less than a dozen and a half, and while they had all been wonderful lovers and friends, Akira was one of the more exciting ones, right on par with Carson and Kitt, the first boys I’d had sex with when I was 14 years old. Brothers by adoption they were 8 and 10 years old when I first met them and subsequently fucked them. Up until that time I had no idea that I might like boys, I thought I liked girls. Within 6 months of meeting the boys I knew where my heart lay and where my cock should go. I’d gotten a phone call one evening from a man by the name of Winfred Dobbs who was new to our rather quiet suburban town and wanted to subscribe to the local newspaper and asked if I might stop by his home, which I agreed to do. I figured Mr. Dobbs had to be rich because he had purchased the Morris House, easily one of the biggest of the older houses in town. It was a huge old thing with a black iron fence surrounding the entire I acre property, the kind with the pointy tops on the posts. You couldn’t see through much of the front because of the bushes and flowers and trees on the inside of the fence. The whole back and half way up each side was a hedge that had to be 20 feet tall. The top of it was cut to look wavy like which I thought was pretty cool. The house was 3 stories high and had chimneys all over the place. Honestly, it was kind of like the Adams family house only much nicer. It also had a swimming pool in the back yard, which hardly anybody in town had, and a tennis court which I knew nobody had. The door was answered by an adorably cute little boy, clad only in briefs and a t-shirt, who said his name was Carson and invited me in. I followed him down a hall and into a large room, ogling his tiny butt, where I met his father. Winfred Dobbs, called Winn, was an invalid and required to use crutches to get around, the kind with U shaped brackets for your arms and the handles below that. And older man with graying hair, as an adult I would think back on how much he looked like the actor Brian Cox. “I hope you don’t think me forward Mr. Santiago and I don’t wish to embarrass you but has anybody every told you that you an incredibly attractive boy, young man?” I felt myself blush. “And your eyes are extraordinary, quite rare actually.” I said that, yes people had commented on my eyes which were a sort of violet and indeed were rare. Carson climbed onto his father’s lap and we started to discuss his needs when an older boy came into the room, he too clad only in briefs and a strap t-shirt that barely came to his waist and thus showed off his boy bulge in his no fly underpants. I was introduced to Kitt. Where Carson was adorably cute, Kitt was beautiful. His beyond shoulder length wavy blond hair, pale skin and gorgeous blue eyes, soft voice and gentle manner made him seem like a girl. His boy bulge certainly made it clear he was not a girl. While Winn and I continued our discussion, Carson sat on his lap, fiddling with his briefs and creating a visible boner which his father seemed totally unconscious of. However, as the discussion ended and Carson got off his father’s lap in order for the man to dig out his wallet his father said, “Well, I see you worked yourself into a stiffie again eh Carson.” “Yes pa-pa. I can’t seem to help it. It feels good.” Win smiled indulgently. The boy pronounced it like pa-pa, two words, maybe hyphenated. “Yes I remember Carson. It’s okay, that’s what boys do. I’m sure Hawk isn’t offended or embarrassed. I’m sure that he’s found himself in such a state just like you many times.” He opened his wallet then looked straight at me. “Isn’t that so Hawk?” I was so astounded at the casualness of the whole thing that I simply nodded my head and said yes sir. Both boys took me to the front door and both declared they thought me to be really nice and hoped we could become friends. Just as the door closed I heard Carson say, “Let’s go to my room and get rid of my boner.” And the door clicked shut. That took me completely off guard. At home in bed that night I thought about what had happened. I had never done anything with another boy, no boy had even seen me hard, but I got to wondering what it might be like. Of course I ended up with a boner so had to jack off and blasted my face in the process. Part of the arrangement was that Winn would be last on my list and the paper would be handed to him or one of the boys personally. Winfred did answer the door once and apologized for taking so long. He said the boys were in the parlor taking care of Carson’s little problem. I saw that carrying the paper was going to be a problem for Win so offered to take it in for him. He thanked me and beckoned me in. I took my shoes off and followed behind him. We passed by an open doorway on the left and I looked in to see the boys; Carson sitting on a small sofa with Kitt on his knees between his little brothers legs with his face in Carson’s lap. While I couldn’t see what he was doing it looked like he might have been sucking the boys cock. “Hawk is here,” Winn called out as he passed the door. Carson looked up, smiled and waved at me then his eyes shut and he head went backwards onto the back of the sofa and his eyes closed. The expression on his smooth little face was one I was familiar with. I felt my dick stir. “Sit and chat awhile will you Hawk.” Win had plopped down in his chair and I in mine. He asked about my heritage and I explained it too him. “Hhmmm; didn’t I read something recently about members of your tribe and the leasing out of mineral and oil rights?” Indeed a re-negotiation had taken place, increasing our monetary remuneration. All of my money went into a trust until I was 18 so I had no idea how much money was at stake. According my grandmother, whom I lived with and was raised by, it was considerable. As it turned out, on my 18th birthday it was all turned over to me, some 800 thousand dollars. I would continue to receive monthly dividends ankara masaj yapan escort to the tune of about 10 grand which also included a monthly per-capita from our casino’s and other tribal enterprises. Some 2 weeks after I started delivering to Winn, summer break was in session and I was invited to his house for a Saturday barbecue and swim. Carson was in the room when I changed into a borrowed Speedo and so saw my cock for the first time. The boy almost fainted “My god you’re huge,” he exclaimed. Indeed, at 14 I far surpassed any of my friends in my PE classes, over 8 inches. Needless to say it filled out the Speedo and both Winn and Carson commented on it. During my previous daily visits, one or both of the boys exhibited boners in their briefs or engaged in sexual behavior such as I stated a moment ago. On one occasion while we waited for Winn to show up Carson asked me to look at what he thought might be a bite of some kind. He lifted his t-shirt to reveal he wasn’t wearing any underwear then directed me to look under his balls which necessitated me holding them out of the way. That’s where I was when Winn entered the room. “Aahhh, is Hawk helping you fix your problem today Carson?” It scared the holy hell out of me and I jumped straight up, dropping Carson’s nuts. “Ahh no sir, he asked me to look and see if he had a bug bite or something.” “Well no matter if you were Hawk, we think of you as family and we all try to help each other out.” I looked down at Carson and saw that the kids was hard as rock, his little boner standing at attention. Winn had explained before that the boys were allowed to follow their natural instincts and if it weren’t for his disability he’d be helping them out. To that end, if I was so inclined, I was welcome to engage with them to whatever degree I’d wanted. As it turned out, we ended up swimming naked, Carson got hard as a rock and Kitt went about sucking the little boy’s cock. I was invited to join them and so I did. I won’t elaborate but I ended up fucking both boys before the day was out, all in front of Winn of course. I ended up watching the boys whenever Winn was out of town on business, went on a few trips with the family and had sex with one or both boys almost every day. Even Winn sucked my cock a few times and declared it the most satisfying he had in years. I fucked them both until I graduated high school and went away to college. By that time Kitt was a stunning and well hung 14 year old and would fuck me from time to time but mostly I fucked him. I got to see Carson into puberty and it appeared that he too would be well enough endowed. I learned a few things from Winn during those 4 years. One was an appreciation for Tennis which prompted me to join tennis teams in high school and college. Of course I used his court for practice which meant being at his house even more often which translated to more opportunities for sex. It was suggested that I consider going pro but I had no interest in that. The second thing was finance. Winn had been a stock broker in his younger years and continued to play the game after the accident that left him disabled, something that I never did learn how or what happened. By his report, the stock market had made him quite wealthy however he never disclosed any detail about that either. He taught me a lot about the business and even managed my money and my grandmother’s money and in the process enhanced our wealth considerable. His expertise and advice convince me to go into it as a career, hence my major in college. My grades were good enough to get me into an Ivy league school and my tribe paid for it. Because I attended school almost 2 thousand miles away, I rarely got home once I started college but when I did, it was a royal fuck fest the entire time. Those two boys were hot as napalm and seemed to love sex more than breathing. So it was a shock half way through my sophomore year when I was visited at school by US government NSA agents who questioned me extensively about my relationship with Winn. If they were aware of the sexual nature of my relationship with the boys they didn’t allude to it or ask a single question about them. Although they didn’t give up a single bit of information about Winn or why the questions, I got the impression that they wanted him badly for some serious indiscretions. I never heard another word from Winn or the boys after I’d seen them over Christmas. At home for spring break, I went by Winn’s house but there was no sign of anyone being home. A stack of newspapers was on the porch and the lawn was way beyond needing to be cut. Not 2 days later I signed for a certified letter and got another massive shock. In short, it was the free I got my Master’s, went to work for a small company and made some solid money. My grandmother had passed away in her sleep just past my 31st birthday and left her entire estate to me which more than doubled my own net worth putting me at around 8.5 million. I quit my job and simply managed my money, earning a decent 14% yearly, allowing for the inflation rate. I began handling my tribe’s investments, word somehow got around and people began asking me to manage their money, many of them older tribal members. Some opportunities for financing property development popped up; buying and renovating older buildings into higher rent condo’s, turning open land into housing developments, acquiring rental houses and the like. By the time Akira came into my life I was worth a little over 14 mil. He came as an exchange student to my neighbors John and Lois Campbell, a couple in their early 60’s that I’d grown quite close to, partially due to their friendship with my grandmother. I would learn that the term “exchange student” didn’t quite explain the situation; it was more of a favor for a close friend. As it turned out, the Campbell’s only car was in the shop for an unexpected repair so I drove them to the airport to pick-up Akira. Akira was quite a boy, 14 years old, gentle as a lamb and while not effeminate, he possessed that androgynous quality often found in Asian boys. He was slender, slightly shorter my height 5’7�” or so, cute as all hell, smooth of face and had incredibly kissable lips. Unlike most Asians, his pitch black hair wasn’t stick straight but had enough body and the beginning of curl to always have a tousled “just fucked” look. It covered the top third of his small ears and just barely covered his thick brows with some strands falling over his eyes and grazing the tip of his cheekbones at the corners of his eyes. Plus, the black Levi’s he was wearing cupped the cutest little butt imaginable. His eyes were slightly downcast as we shook hands, his grip soft, almost limp. His demeanor was ultra-polite and culturally correct which, I assumed to be due to this being our first meeting, but I would learn that was his basic modus operandi. Akira sat in the back seat with Lois and the two chatted briefly, Lois primarily asking question and Akira answering in his soft quiet tone. I dropped them off, said that I’d see them at 5 for dinner, just come on through the gate. The house that the Campbell’s lived in, along with 4 others, had been part of the original estate and housed some of the estate workers. A gate between their house and mine had been installed for convenience sake both for them and the master of the house. It allowed the master, or guests, to come and go freely in private in order to engage in various dalliances, the mistress of the house being none the wiser. Little did the master know that his wife was doing the same thing only she was fucking the stable boys and other teens that worked on the estate or simply boys she picked up here and there. According to Winn Dobbs, rumor had it that the master discovered his wife with 4 naked and very well endowed young black teenage boys at the then vacant Campbell house one Sunday morning after church. Instead of the expected response, the man quickly stripped and joined in the melee of arms legs and genitals and got his fair share of ebony cock; down his throat and up his ass. It apparently became a regular thing with new boys, black and white, coming and going along with the occasional pre-pubescent girl with whom both master and mistress and the teen boys actively engaged. Had camera’s been readily available at the time there would have been evidence of the mistress with a cock in her cunt one in her ass and another down her throat, all at the same time. Another rumor had been that the Master of the house had become infatuated with a beautiful 13 year old black youth whom he brought onto the household staff as his valet. He installed the boy in a room next to his, a hidden door in the closet connecting the two rooms. The estate ended up being broken up during the depression era, the other houses razed and the property subdivided, the gate secured. I had it repaired when my grandmother lived there so she and the Campbells could visit without having to take a long walk around the front of the houses. After Grand’Mere passed away the visiting diminished considerable and we had an unspoken agreement that neither of us would “drop in” on the other. I fired the grill mecidiyeköy escort up at 4:30 and 5 minutes later my guests came around the house from the gate, which was shielded from view by strategically placed shrubs. They were all dressed casually in short, light shirts or t-shirt and sandals. We shook hands again. “Is very beautiful here Mr. Hawk,” Akira said, “much like city park.” It was easy to see that his enthusiasm and praise were 100% genuine. “Thank you Akira,” I replied, “may I show you around?” I got a “yes please” response, told the Campbells to help themselves to liquid refreshments in the outdoor fridge and set off with the Japanese boy. The landscaping on the property is quite extensive and beautiful and Akira had lots of comments. He was especially enthralled with the pool and tennis court, said he loved swimming and playing tennis. “Well, you are welcome to come over almost any time you like Akira.” He seemed a little perplexed about that and perhaps even thought I was being polite. “Look,” I said, maintaining eye contact with him. “I don’t get to play tennis that often, much as I’d like to, so having a somewhat steady partner would be great. Same for swimming. That said, I adore the Campbells. They are terrific people but they aren’t young and aren’t very energetic. I imagine you are likely to get bored rather easily so, coming here will likely be a nice respite for you.” He thanked me and wondered aloud how the Campbells might feel about that. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll tell them.” Actually they had brought it up with me, my age vs theirs and I agreed with them. We continued the tour inside the house and of course the boy was amazed at the size of the place commenting that it was so much room for just one person. In Japan, a dozen or more people would live in such a house. Indeed, there were 7 bed rooms and 5 bathrooms, formal and informal dining rooms, massive kitchen, equally massive living room and 2 smaller drawing rooms and a library full of leather bound books. The list goes on and that doesn’t count the 3rd floor servants quarters, which for all practical purposes, was sealed off. Back downstairs I tossed burgers on the grill, 1/3 pounders that I mixed myself with ground sirloin, Italian sausage and ground lamb. Killer burgers with thick sliced soft cooked bacon and Havarti cheese with red onions. Good stuff. I told the Campbell’s what I’d said to Akira about an open welcome to my home and why. They laughed and agreed and told the boy point blank that he was welcome to spend as much time with me as he wanted, they would not have any hurt feelings over it. And so, our friendship began. We set some ground rules. Mornings prior to 10 was my work time, not that I had that much to do. Call first unless other arrangements were discussed. If I was busy I’d say so but give a time when I would be un-busy. On Akira’s list of things to do, Tennis was at the top along with swimming. There were parks and zoo’s to visit, museum’s to see along with the sights in any number of cities and areas within a couple hundred mile radius. Professional sports weren’t a big part of Akira’s life but he figured that attending an occasional game might be interesting. Our first visits were rather stilted and stiff, more on Akira’s part than mine. It took a couple of weeks for him to loosen up and truly believe my friendship was real and not forced. He became more animated, figured he could act silly if he wanted or engage in a serious discussion, which we began doing more of. In the beginning if he accidentally touched me he would almost freak out and would apologize profusely. I noticed however that if the roles were reversed he didn’t seem to be bothered if I accidently touched him. He finally managed to get over it. We played tennis 3-4 times a week and sometimes Akira was present when I gave a tennis lesson to a young student, one of the half dozen boys aged 12-14 that I gave private instruction to. More than one of my students found his way to my bed for other lessons. We hit the pool almost daily. When I first suggested it, Akira said he didn’t own a swim suit. I jokingly said he didn’t need one, that I often swam naked. The expression on his smooth face was classic. “I…I…I do not think I could do that Hawk,” he stammered. “I might…” And sentence trailed off. “You’re afraid that you would get hard,” I said quietly and he nodded his head. “I can understand that Akira but just so you know, that wouldn’t be unusual nor would it bother me in the least and maybe sometime in the future you might be more comfortable trying it. Trust me, it’s very refreshing. However, let’s go buy you a swim suit, my treat.” Ten minutes later we were screaming down the freeway on my bike, a fully custom 2010 Big Dog Ridgeback. Akira laughed wildly most of the way into the city. While I wasn’t making any kind of play for Akira I was certainly curious about his development. In showing me a couple of speedos I did note that was small dicked by any means. And seeing that tiny tight little butt in a Speedo made me even more curious. Another thing that made me curious was his behavior in that, it almost seemed like he was flirting a little bit, but very subtly so it could have been my imagination. We went straight home and changed into suits and before we hit the pool Akira all but stared at my bulge which, if I do say so, is considerable. I checked Akira out as well, admired his slender body with all the creases and crevices right where they should be and of course his bulge as well as his butt. We swam a little bit every day so we saw quite a bit of each other but had not changed in front of each other by the end of his first month with the Campbells. I had dropped my speedo on the patio a couple of times but my back had been to Akira and I had a bath towel hand. The most Akira did was take his speedo off while he had a bath towel around his waist. It was as we entered into the third month that I first noticed the occasional lack of enthusiasm, as if something were weighing on the boys’ mind, but I shined it on as typical adolescent mood swings. Half-way through that month the accident happened and I got a frantic phone call from Lois Campbell. The short version was that he sister an brother in law had been in a car accident in another state and the Campbells need to go there immediately. Could Akira stay with me for the time being since school was two weeks into session . They had posed the question to Akira who was okay with it. Akira had spent the night at my house a few times after we gotten back late from an outing or up late in general so it was no big deal. It was at those times that Akira would be more open, more willing to engage in discussions of topics best done in the dark, girls sex and feelings. Somehow the subject of masturbation came up and of course Akira asked the normal questions which included adults engaging in what most boys thought was strictly boy behavior. I assured him it was not. I did learn that he was 12 when he first discovered it, he had never had a girlfriend, never been kissed. While the topic of boy on boy sex didn’t come up I was convinced that Akira had never waded in the stream nor did I suspect that he was even curious about it. So it was, the third night of Akira’s staying with me, we were sitting out on the patio with the lights off, just talking. Akira had alternated between quiet and animated but not said anything about it. Out of the blue he said, “Remember what you said about swimming naked?” I said that I did. “Maybe now might be the time to try it, when it’s dark like this.” I agreed that it might just be. “I’m still a little bit afraid,” he said quietly. “I understand completely Akira. How about this; I’ll just go ahead and take me swim suit and shirt off and dive in the pool. You can join me if you want.” We had taken to swimming in the evening and staying in Speedo’s and T’s until bedtime. I stood and stepped away from him and quickly disrobed then walked to the edge of the pool and dove in. I surfaced facing away from the boy and stayed like that until I heard him surface behind me then turned. We tread water facing each other then gently moved so that our feet were touching solid ground. “Well, how do you feel Akira,” I asked. The boy gave me a solid grin. “I am good. You were correct; it is refreshing.” I told him I was glad and happy for him. “There is something,” he said after a moment. “But I am afraid to say it.” I encouraged him to not be afraid but that I understood and anything he said to me would be just fine. “Well, there is someone,” he said. “Someone that I…” he paused as if searching for the correct words. “Someone I like and I think likes me as well, someone special to me.” I felt a bit of wrench in my belly at hearing those words. I was happy for him of course but… “It sort of happened all of a sudden Hawk. One day the feelings weren’t there then all of a sudden they were.” “Well, that’s the way it happens sometimes Akira. Do you want to tell me about this person?” He went on in the usual manner, the person was very nice, very attentive to him, smart and kind and funny, very good looking mersin escort and he was hopeful that the person felt the same way. He had been wanting to say something to the person but hadn’t gotten up the courage. “I don’t know anything about this person but I do know that you are a wonderful boy Akira, an easy boy to like. You too are very thoughtful and kind and smart and you are cute as all hell. What else would you like to tell me about her, or him, if it’s a boy.” “I think about them all the time and I think about them holding me and kissing me and doing all those things that people do when they like each other. At night, in my bed I get hard thinking about them and, well, you know.” Akira was clearly embarrassed about the admission to jacking off. I reached out and put my hands on his shoulders. “It’s okay Akira. All males jack off and when we get someone in our lives that spark our romantic interest it seems like we do it more. Thinking about such a person causes more hard cock and we all know that the best way to make a boner go away is to is to stroke it or take a very cold shower. Personally, I go for the stroking every time.” Akira tried to get a smile on his face but I could see that it was a struggle. He nodded his head, lowered it and was quiet for a moment. Finally in a very quiet voice he said, “It’s you Hawk. You are the person I have the feelings for. You are the person that I get so hard thinking about. I’m sorry for it Hawk but I can’t help it. If you want me to go I shall go.” Shocked? Bet your ass I was. Upset by the reveal? Not on your life. I gently put my fingers under his chin and got him to raise his head although his eyes remained focused on there his toes would be. “Thank you Akira. I am very flattered. No, I don’t want you to go, I want you to stay. I am more than happy to help you explore your feelings and to do the things that you dream of doing.” He finally raised his eyes. “Really Hawk? You really mean it and aren’t teasing at me.” Despite his command of English, Akira sometimes made mistakes. In answer to his question I moved my head toward then kissed him softly on the lips. “I mean it very much Akira.” I kissed him again and this time he responded by moving his lips a little bit. I kept one hand on his shoulder and let the other trail under his raised arm, down along his side then onto his tender little butt for just a second before floating around the front and finding his raging hard young cock. Akira gasped as I tool hold of his favorite body part, squeezed up down it’s length then stroked him a little bit. He felt healthy enough, 6 inches or so of slightly thick uncut cock. After a stroke or 3 I moved down cup his balls and discovered they were completely smooth and of a decent size. I backed off the kiss to see that his eyes were closed but they opened. “So, is this sort of what you had in mind sweet boy,” I asked him and got a head nod and mumbled hai. “Then let’s get out of the pool and go upstairs to my bedroom.” I took his hand and led him up the steps and out of the pool and to the outside shower for a quick rinse. I admired his body; slender almost to a point of being thin. All the creases and crevices were there and while not deep, certainly definitive. His belly sloped gently to a V that culminated in all that made him boy. His cock was raging hard and as I said, 6 inches or a little more, the head barely peeking out from under his foreskin. His balls were large enough and hung beautifully in their hairless sac. His pubic hair was quite sparse and I suspected that he was coming back from a recent shave. And his but was definitely to die for. Akira, naturally, looked me up and down. “You are huge there Hawk. I have never seen such a large kokku.” I wondered how many cocks he had seen and under what circumstances but didn’t ask. That might come in time. Instead I thanked him, handed him a towel then led him into the house. In my bed we went into each other’s arms for plenty of kissing. “Would you like me to suck you or would you prefer to go first?” He gave me the go ahead, stating he didn’t know how to do it so I have him a quickly lesson then moved to his waist, took hold of his raging teenage cock and went to town. Akira groaned and gently thrust his hips up as I swallowed half of his cock. I stroked him as I suckled, reveling in the feel of his foreskin in my mouth then his swollen cock head against my tongue. The boy was leaking precum like a faucet and I got every bit of it, loving the tasted of him. I felt up his balls a little bit as well and naturally got even more moans and groans. I swallowed the boy to the root about every 5th or 6th bob of my head and each time he gasped loudly. I knew the feeling. I finally stopped and slid back up alongside of him and we kissed heavily, his performance getting better each time. “I would like to try to suck you Hawk,” he finally said. I had no problem with that and just lay back and let the boy have his way with me. He knelt alongside me and held my cock upright, slid my foreskin back and forth a few times then looked me over. “Is so big and so hard and warm,” he said, more to himself than to me. After a thorough examination Akira lowered his head, opened his mouth and took me in. Knowing that this was his first sexual foray of any kind other than masturbation helped make it great. Seeing his cute smooth face with his terrific lips wrapped around my dick made it better. Akira took to cock sucking like a duck to water. He didn’t multi-task, that would come with time and practice, but he did a more than credible job, working my cock for a good 3 minutes before his mouth began to get sore. He backed off then moved up, still on his knees, and bent down for more kissing which he went about with plenty of enthusiasm. I reached between his legs and began stroking his cock which made him even hotter. “I akume soon Hawk,” he said after pulling his mouth from mine, his voice deepened in lust. I didn’t need to know Japanese to understand his words. “Would you like to cum right now Akira,” I asked him and got a head nod. I really wanted to rim the kid so asked if he’d like to try one more thing before I got him to squirt and got a head nod. I lay on my back and had the boy straddle me offering him my cock to suck if he wanted but if not that was okay too. He did as I asked and in a flash I was inches away from his beautiful puckered hole, the hole itself somewhat pink in nature. His smooth hairless nuts hung perfectly, one lower than the other indicating to me that he was at full hang. Just beyond his sac I caught glimpses of his cock head or the shaft. I so admired that view, and other views as well, of a boy; the folds of skin allowing the silky flesh full mobility. The eggs just on the other side of the thin smooth skin and close enough that I could imagine and almost hear, the sperm churning away, dying to be released. I imagined them to be as frenzied as a football locker room just prior to say, the Super Bowl. I raised my head and took a swipe of his most secret spot, then took another swipe then just kept my face in there and began licking. It didn’t take long before Akira groaned loudly and pushed his ass back as if to exert more pressure. I back up a bit then licked down along his perineum to his balls and licked all over the eggs, pushing them around a little before working my way back up and licking his hole some more. I reached between his legs and found his cock and began stroking him again as I slathered his hole with spit. I poked the tip of my tongue at the actual opening then around the wrinkled muscle, exploring the various textures that I found. “I akume quickly Hawk,” he groaned. I reached around and began jacking my cock while I jacked his and licked his asshole. It didn’t take long before he cried out that he was cumming. Although I couldn’t see anything I felt his cock thicken in my grip and his asshole pulse with each squirt of his sperm. I also felt it landing on my stomach. I let myself go as well and sperm began shooting out. I heard Akira yip and figured, as it turned out, that I’d shot him in the face. I knew that I gave up a good 6 or 7 jets of cum and figured at least 5 for Akira but wouldn’t know until we just stopped what we were doing. We finally did stop and Akira moved from above me and plopped his butt on the bed. His face was dripping with my sperm and his smile indicated that he was good with it. “That was quite exciting Hawk,” he said then wiped some goo from his face and onto his torso. “You made a lot of stuff.” I looked at my chest and belly and detected a fair amount of his cum although not nearly what I made, which is typically a shit load. “I cannot think you licked my gesu yar? and it felt subarash?, so excellent so amazing. I would like to try that with you please Hawk.” “I would like it if you did Akira. How did you like sucking a cock and getting your cock sucked,” I asked him. “Ikei,” he said, “very awesome to do and to be done. I liked it very, very much.” “I am very, very glad that you did. You have a lovely body Akira and I love your cock. How do you feel about putting it me?” The expression on his face was classic surprise. Okasuzo Kora,” he asked. “Me to fuck you?” I nodded my head and said that’s what I meant. “When,” he asked. “How about right now since you’re still hard.” He looked down at his cock which was standing straight up having not lost one iota of rigidity. “Yes, I still have bon?, a boner.” Well then,” I said, “let’s get us both cleaned up a little bit and we’ll have you fuck me.”

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