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NORTH CAROLINA COUNTRY BOY & PANTYHOSE PLAYNORTH CAROLINA COUNTRY BOY & PANTYHOSE PLAYDuring my 14th summer, I spent two weeks at my grandma’s in rural southeastern North Carolina. Though she owned a large piece of property there would not be a whole lot for me to do during the days as she did not drive and my grandfather spent his days in his garden. They didn’t go anywhere but into town once, maybe twice a week for groceries. Those instances would essentially be my only opportunities to interact with others unless I attended church with them. That wasn’t going to happen as I’d attended their services in the past and I have no use for church that lasts half the day.Early in the morning on my third day there, I heard a vehicle come up the long drive. I didn’t bother to get up to see who it was because in all previous cases it was a friend of grandma’s who was bringing something to share. I heard a male voice and then she called for me to join her. Reluctantly I went to the side door. The vehicle was a newer Ford F150 pickup and the driver was a boy whom I figured was no older than I. Grandma introduced me to Colt and said he had brought her a “mess” of field peas. Colt asked where I was from and how long I would be staying. Before I could answer either question grandma answered. In the 60 seconds or so I’d been standing there I had eyed Colt up from head to toe. He was cute, really cute. I guessed he may be an inch taller than I and that he had 15 pounds on me. However, he was all muscle as evidenced by his biceps and pecs. He wore denim overalls, no shirt, dusty work boots and a dusty John Deere cap. Like me he had almost no body hair. His skin was flawless and his light brown hair was slightly sun bleached around his temples. My first thought after getting a good look at him was “How do I get to know you!”Colt smiled as grandma talked for me and then said to grandma “If he has some free time, maybe he would like to see the farm?” Grandma replied that I may like to but had no way to get there and I was city boy anyway.” Colt smiled again realizing grandma was going to try and do my talking for me so he looked directly at me and said “We could use some help on the farm. Corns coming in; tomatoes and beans too. We’re not going to pay you but we will feed you. It’s hot and dirty work but everyone is working toward the same goal and I love it. I can pick you up early tomorrow morning and bring you back.” We stared at each other for a few seconds sizing each other up. There was no doubt we were curious about each other. Grandma interjected and said “You can’t go, you’re a city boy.” I was furious as I knew exactly what she was up to. She was going to do anything she could to keep me away from boys while I was there. I snapped back “What time are you coming Colt?” Colt smiled and said he would pick me up at 5:00 and I told him I’d be ready. Five a.m., crap! Colt jumped in the pickup and drove off. I could tell grandma was agitated. Before she could say anything I said “Is he really old enough to drive?” Grandma replied “No, I believe he is 14 or 15 but out here some of the farm c***dren drive on the back roads. They all learn how to operate the farm machines at a young age.” She was silent for a moment then said “You don’t really want to go out there tomorrow. It’s going to be hot and dirty. You always stay so neat and clean.” Her tone was more a declaration than questioning. I knew I was in for a rude awakening, meaning I would probably be dirtier and hotter than ever before but I was intrigued by Colt. I felt he would have my back and I was going.I had packed pantyhose, not that I’d ever get to wear them. Actually, I had worn them to sleep in but any other time while visiting was impossible. I decided I would bring a pair along with me to Colt’s farm just in case the opportunity presented itself.I was sitting in the kitchen ready to go just before 5:00 a.m. Colt pulled onto the drive at 5:00 and I went out to the truck and jumped in. Grandma came barreling behind and said “Now if the work is too much you call and we will come and get you.” Colt tried reassuring her by saying “Miss Polly I’m not taking him to a slaughter and he isn’t going to be bringing in the corn harvest. We have other things Michael can do that will be a big help.” Grandma rung her hands as the truck turned around and we headed toward the road.Colt spoke first “Your grandma really doesn’t want you to go to the farm. Does she think we will let you get hurt or make you do slave labor?” Sighing I replied “That’s not it at all. She’s afraid I will disclose family secrets or bring embarrassment to her.” We drove a few minutes on the asphalt before Colt made a right on a dirt road. “Okay, along the pavement and on both sides of this road, the land belongs to my family.” I looked left to right and back and all I could see was corn. “Okay Michael, what are the family secrets?” Colt asked as he grinned and looked my way. “OMG, keep your eyes on the road!” I shrieked. “Sheet, there ain’t nothing out here. It’s flat and a straight line. I got one eye on the road and one on you Michael. So what are the secrets?” I told Colt that there weren’t any but my grandmother was a worrier and so afraid her c***dren and grandc***dren would somehow bring shame to her. I waited a moment then said “I march to the beat of my own drummer and I think that scares her because I don’t give a sheet.” “Ha ha, so now you’re going to make fun of my accent out here in the middle of nowhere?” Smiling I said “Not at all. I like your accent. Give me another day and I’ll have picked it up.” I dared say “I think it’s cute, southern drawls are sexy.” Colt didn’t say anything in response. I looked over at him as he drove. He was staring straight ahead with his left arm hanging out the window and his right hand atop the steering wheel istanbul escort with a shit eating grin on his face.We pulled up to the farm house which was not at all what I expected it to be. It was a newer, sprawling brick rancher sitting atop a slight hill. Sitting some distance from the house was one red barn and several more barn type structures as well as a massive grain silo. We jumped out of the pickup and were immediately greeted by Colts parents. Colt’s parents immediately reminded me of the Waltons. They were very warm and welcoming.I was welcomed into their home and we all sat down for a huge country breakfast as I was introduced to Colt’s brother, sister, grandmother and the farmhands. Two of the four farmhands were hot but none of them paid me any mind and I was glad about that as I was sure they could be a problem if they decided to be. Everyone ate quickly then headed out the back door. Everyone knew where they were going but me. Colt said they primarily grew corn and green beans and raised cattle for market but they also had a vegetable stand and that it would be my job to pick vegetables and sort them into smaller baskets for the stand. I was relieved that I wasn’t going to be walking in rows of corn. I walked off into the fields and began picking only to find Colt’s mom beside me holding a large straw hat. “Darlin’ you put this on. The sun here will cook you.”Some may have thought the work boring but I felt at one with nature. In the distance I could hear the soft hum of machinery which was occasionally muffled by the sounds of the cows and goats. The birds constantly squawked to let me know I was not welcome, especially when I was near the sunflowers. I brought in several bushels of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, onions, peas, peppers and okra and was beginning to feel confident that I knew what I was doing. Just then I heard a bell ring. I looked toward the house and saw Colt’s mom ringing the bell as people began to return to the house. When I got to the house I noticed she had placed a large lunch on picnic tables under an old oak tree. Everyone sat down and began to eat and Colt led me to a spot then sat down next to me. “Mama says you didn’t come in from the fields once. You can’t do that! You’ve got to come in every 30 minutes and drink some water.” Before I could say anything Colt sat two large glasses of water in front of me and said “Drink all of it before you get up.” My first thought was “Damn he’s bossy”, however; I did like that he was concerned. After lunch I returned to the field and pulled more of the veggies that needed to be pulled. By now it was around 2:30 p.m. and I was spending my time under the roof of the stand sorting. Before I knew it, it was nearly 5:00 p.m. I was dusty but not “dirty” like the others. Soon everyone began returning to the house. The equipment was put in barns and it was nearly dinner time. Colt’s mother said I had to join them for dinner and that she would call my grandmother. I imagined my grandmother’s horror that I was going to eat dinner with Colt’s family. That would mean I would be staying a little later. I’m sure the longer I stayed the more anxious she grew and she never expected me to be gone all day.Colt’s mom and grandmother prepared a delicious dinner and then everyone went to the back porch to sit and relax. Colt’s dad suggested he show me the horses so out to the stables we went. They had six horses of various ages. Colt looked at me and asked “Do you ride?” I told him I had a few times but I was far from an expert. He selected a gentle mare for me. We got on the horses and took a ride out toward the center of his family’s land. They had built a stand that allowed them to see all of their land in all directions. Colt asked me if I wanted to go up and see. I was going to follow Colt but he waited for me to go up then he followed.Once we were in the stand I began looking around. The view was incredible. Everywhere I looked I saw green fields. Way off to the south and west were pine forest that they owned as well. I became aware that Colt was standing close behind me. I could feel the heat coming off his body. I was hesitant to turn around and then I felt his breath on the nape of my neck then heard his breathing in my left ear. Colt wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. He held me for what seemed like several minutes. I guessed Colt was afraid to speak or make the next move so I said “Your arms around my waist feel good. Hold me tight.” Colt pushed his crotch against my ass in response yet said nothing. We stood like that in silence for at least five minutes.Suddenly, Colt began to kiss behind my ear then work his way along my neck. I turned toward my left and our lips met. I kept my eyes open thinking Colt would close his but he did not. He was looking into mine with a lust I thought unusual for someone his age. Our lips parted and Colt said “The moment I saw you I knew you were checking me out and it gave me a great big damned boner! Did you see it?” he asked. “No, your overalls concealed it, but I did see your muscles and beautiful blue eyes sparkling and I thought I’ve got to get to know this guy.” Colt blushed then said “Want to see it?” I laughed and told him to slow down a little.“Sheet Michael, ain’t no one here to mess around with. Ain’t any girls and forget about boys. It’s not done around these parts. You can end up with the shit kicked out of you and that’s if you are lucky. My right hand ain’t enough any more. Please don’t lead me on, I can’t take it. You are so feminine and sweet and you don’t even know it.” I reassured Colt that I wasn’t leading him on as I took a step toward him and reached for his crotch. Though I couldn’t see it, I could definitely feel his hard cock through his denim overalls. avcılar escort “Oh, you are so hard. It’s like steel” I said. “Yeah, I need to put it to use. Michael, I ain’t been with anyone. Does that disappoint you?” “No not at all, don’t worry about that. You will know what to do, it will come to you naturally” I told him.I unfastened the clips on Colt’s overalls and the bibs fell to his waist. I was fumbling with the buttons at his hips so Colt helped me with them. Once he undid them on his left hip the overalls fell to his knees. Colt quickly sat down and pulled off his boots then I grabbed his overalls and yanked them off. There he sat on the floor of the stand wearing only his pale blue cotton briefs. He was smooth, other than having a little bit of corn silk like hair on his arms and legs and Colt had the body of a 21 year old man. He was muscular everywhere; arms with big biceps, washboard stomach and muscular thighs. He was a hunk and I don’t think he had any clue. I could see he was tenting his briefs but I wanted to avoid going there a little while longer.Now was my time to disrobe and reveal a secret. I had worn shorts and a t-shirt in the fields and an old pair of barrowed boots because they said sneakers would never do. What Colt didn’t know is I had brought a pair of pantyhose with me. I decided to bring a pair in the hope that Colt would be open to me wearing them. I unbuttoned my shorts and as they fell I pulled the pantyhose from my right pocket. What I was holding didn’t even register with Colt. Colt stood up and pulled my shirt off and only then did he realize I was holding something. “What do you have there?” he asked. “Well, I’m hoping you like it as much as I do. It’s a pair of pantyhose. I love wearing them.” “Huh, oh you mean ladies stocking hose? Don’t you need a girdle or something for them?” I chuckled and said “No, they are pantyhose. They don’t need anything to stay up.” “Pantyhose, pantyhose? Oh I know now! They are kind of sexy! You going to wear them for me?” “Yes, I am. I hope you like them.” I removed my white briefs and let my now semi-hard cock spring forth as Colt watched. I gathered up each leg of the suntan hose, stepped into them and then slowly pulled them up and over my legs while Colt watched. In between putting the hose on I watched Colt’s reaction. His cock twitched in rhythm to me pulling the hose up and he had a big grin on his face. Once I was finished he moved forward and wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed again. I attempted to squeeze Colt’s ass through his blue briefs but it was rock hard. He chuckled and said “I got some ass don’t I?” I said “You sure do.” Resuming our kissing Colt was getting hornier and began to push and slowly grind his cock against mine. I stopped him for a moment and told him if he wanted to feel something spectacular to drop his briefs and grind against the nylons. He quickly pushed his underwear down to his knees then stepped out of them. When he stood again I got my first good look at his dick. He was hung like no 15 year old I’d ever seen. Colt had a man’s cock on him. He was cut, nearly seven inches in length and as thick as my wrist. The head was a perfect helmet. Colt’s bush was coming in nicely. His pubic hair was still soft and not course and his balls were still smooth. I had the thought that if I took him home snotty preppy bitches would be chasing him down the street and guys would want to be him.“Oh my god! You are perfect! Your body is hot, your cock is perfect and huge! You are so sexy!” I told him. “Awe, stop Michael.” Colt began kissing me again. First on my neck, then my chin before we kissed like mad horny teens. The entire time he ground his big cock against mine. A few times he muttered “Them pantyhose feel amazing on my cock. If they feel this good against my cock they’ve got to feel even better for you to wear them.” I shook my head in agreement as our hands explored each other. Colt slowly brought me down to the floor of the stand. He placed my right hand on his cock and said “Feel that! That’s Carolina country sausage!” I laughed and said “You know you are hung don’t you? You have a man’s cock.” Colt began to laugh and laugh and said “You want to hear a story?” “Of course, yes!” “Well, when I was born daddy wasn’t in the delivery room but he saw me right after with mama in her room. Mama said 10 fingers 10 toes and daddy pulled the blanket back to take a look at me and said Lord have mercy, he’s hung like a horse and that is how I got the name Colt.” I stared at Colt wide-eyed as he roared with laughter. “Are you bull shitting me?” I asked. “Honest, ask my mama or daddy when we get back.” We both laughed then resumed our play.I began to slowly toy with Colt’s cock. I began to wet the head with his precum of which there was more than enough. Once I got the head wet I worked on the shaft then I leaned forward and took as much of him into my hungry mouth as I could. Instantly, Colt let out a deep satisfying sigh. “Michael, that feels so good. Do anything you want to me. Don’t stop Michael.” Colt’s cock tasted salty as a result of perspiring during the day. I rolled my tongue around the shaft to get it good and wet with my saliva so I could suck him properly. As my tongue rolled over his cock Colt moaned and groaned softly as he ran his hands over my back and shoulders. I decided once I had Colt’s cock good and wet to show him no mercy and just suck him good and hard. I tightened my mouth around Colt’s tasty cock and bobbed up and down on his member while simultaneously running my hands all over his body. I ran them down his legs, then back to his balls which I tenderly fondled, then up his belly and chest and around his lower back to his hot ass. I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and kept them there for quite some time as şirinevler escort I sucked and slurped. A couple of times I moved my fingers to the crack of his ass to see what would happen. Colt would immediately clench his ass cheeks tight which I found funny. I wasn’t really interested in his ass but thought it funny that it made him nervous. Colt began to get into me sucking on him and he soon placed his hands on either side of my head. He pumped his hips just a bit a few times as little sighs of pleasure escaped his lips. The wooden floor was killing my knees so reluctantly I released Colt. His hard cock sprang free and bobbed side to side then began to twitch sporadically up and down. “Damn, he’s horny as fuck!” I thought. I can’t take this floor” I said. Colt threw down his overalls and said “Here lay down on these.” I lay down on the overalls and Colt joined me. Colt knelt on all fours above me in a 69 and I resumed sucking his cock. Colt stared at my confined cock then began to rub it through the pantyhose. He began to rub his hands up and down my legs then he picked up my feet and gently tickled them then squeezed and rubbed them. His strong hands felt terrific working on my tired feet. The strong smell of pine mixed with the breeze blowing across our skin was energizing and erotic and fed my passion.I continued to suck Colt’s cock while lying on my back and rubbing my hands all over his legs, ass and lower back. He seemed to relish being touched. I felt Colt’s fingers slip inside the waistband of my pantyhose as he fumbled to bring them down. I lifted my ass a little to provide assistance but he was all thumbs and did more pulling than sliding. He managed to get them down just below my balls. I felt his hand on my shaft and he began to gently stroke it. He used his free hand to caress my nutsack while he stroked my cock with his other hand. I moaned softly and he said “Oh, so you like that? Good.” After a few minutes I was stunned to feel myself go into Colt’s mouth. He was very gentle and tender as he licked and sucked my cock. He would stop from time to time and ask for reassurance that he was doing it right and that I was enjoying it.We had been making out and sucking each other’s cocks for well over an hour and were now both sweat soaked. Colt climbed off me and lay beside me. He asked “How do I cum? I’ve got to cum soon.” I smiled at Colt then kissed him while gently stroking his hard cock. “I’m up for anything you want. If you want to cum on me you can.” “Get closer, let me grind some more on them pantyhose” he said. As Colt ground on me I was his captive. He had his muscular left leg thrown over my legs, his big cock grinding against mine and his left arm wrapped around me holding us tight. “Michael, them pantyhose feel so good against my legs and cock. I love it that you are so feminine.” Colt’s breathing began to quicken and he said “When I cum, I’m going to hold you real tight and kiss you so don’t be scared.” I answered back “Okay” but thought it odd he would tell me not to be scared. A few moments later Colt was thrusting and humping away at my hosed abdomen as if he were a rabid dog. His thrusts grew more rapid and harder until his eyes locked with mine and I said “You’re close aren’t you?” “Dang it, Michael, here it comes! Colt held me so tight I found it hard to inhale. I felt a wave of hot liquid splash against my upper thighs and cock. Colt’s cock was twitching uncontrollably against my thighs and abdomen. His breath was shallow and he grunted and growled unlike a 15 year old. “Michael, I’m cumming a river.” Colt was in ecstasy and I didn’t want to ruin it for him. I was thrilled to have been his first sexual experience and to help him achieve such an intense orgasm so I decided not to tell him that I had cum. Once he came back to reality he said “Okay, now let’s get you off. I sheepishly replied that I came when he did. “What, I missed it?” “No you didn’t I came when you pushed really hard against me. I didn’t want to take anything from you.” We lay on our backs trying to catch our breath when Colt looked over at me and all the cum on my pantyhose and his pubes. “Michael, guess what?” “I don’t know what?” “I came like a horse!” he said as he snorted with laugher. “Oh, well then…” and before I finished my statement Colt interjected and said “I wonder if I can fuck like a horse?” then we both laughed.I stood up and noticed that the pantyhose had several runs. The wood structure was quite rough on them. Most of the runs were in the feet but Colt had managed to rip a hole in the panty. I slipped them off and began to wipe away the cum in my groin and thighs as best I could. I approached Colt and used them to wipe cum from his groin too. He smiled then pulled his briefs on. Once we were back on the ground I asked him where we could toss them because I didn’t want to take them back to the house. Colt took them and tossed them under a tree and said they would most likely be gone by morning. He said wild dogs would take them. I looked at him in disbelief but he said it would happen.We rode back to the stable and took care of the horses. By now it was dark so I said goodbye to his folks then jumped in the truck with Colt. On our ride home he asked how much longer I would be visiting. I told him I had 10 more days. Colt said I really hope we can get together again. I told him that tomorrow would be too soon for my grandmother so let’s give it a day. Colt agreed and I ended up going to the farm 4 more times.We never fucked but our play got hotter and hotter Colt really got into me wearing pantyhose. Once he was fucking my thighs from behind so violently I nearly fell out the stand. Many years later I learned that he came out. Told his family that he is gay and they accepted it and he runs the family farm. My grandmother didn’t tell me because then she might have to face putting two and two together. I learned it from my grandmother’s friend who added “It wasn’t the big deal some thought it would be. The only people who fussed were the hypocrite bible thumpers but when they were reminded of their alcoholism and battery they shut their mouths pretty quick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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