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Not a Bad Trade Off…

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Not a Bad Trade Off…in the day, that I was in college, we had pay phones on each floor. You could receive calls for free, on your end, and talk for hours. It was on a late Friday night Saturday morning, as I passed one of these phones, I answered a call.’Hi, you don’t know me, I’m trying to reached one of your room mates. His name is Gary, he some times works for me and I find that I need him to come in. Since I am in some what of a tight I need to ask you to locate him, and if you can’t could you find some one there that wants to make a cool yard for the nigh.’I was transfixed by, not only, the boldness of the call but the plain out right bluntness of the call. I answered ‘I am not familiar with the name and there don’t seem to be any one else up at this hour’. The caller pressed on ‘I really need Gary or some one that can come and take his place. You would be paid very generously for your time and I personally would see to it, that you are picked up at the gate and returned when the evening is done’. Intrigued, I asked, ‘just what would a person have to do,’ the voice paused and than said, ‘nothing you don’t want to do. Once you arrive you will be giving on hundred dollars for your time. If you stay and service our clientele, you could receive upwards of triple times that amount, after taxes’.I thought for a moment and said, ‘what type of car would pick me up?’ ‘Oh, than you would be interested in fulfilling the obligation?’ ‘Wait a minute,’ I exclaimed, ‘I’m not committing to anything, I just want to know how I am to be picked up, and what I have to do to receive one hundred dollars’.The voice laughed and said ‘all you have to do is meet me at the gate, we will drive to my house there you will receive five twenty dollars bills for just showing up. If you stay and service our clientele you could receive three times the original amount tax free. You don’t have to sign nothing nor give up your social number, you do have to be at least eighteen and over twenty-one to drink’. ‘What type of car will be at the gate?’ I asked.I was walking down to the gate when I saw a car approaching with it’s emergency flashers on. I walked up to the car, the passenger side window came down a ways and a voice called out ‘Are you David?’ I answered ‘Yeah, you have something for me?’The door lock popped and the driver said ‘open the back door, check out the envelop.’ I opened the back door and looked into the back seat.. There was an relaxbet güvenilirmi envelop on the seat, I grabbed it up and opened it. There was five twenty dollar bills and a note. ‘You’ve came this far now go all the way, there’s another forty dollars for you if you get in.’I entered the car and closed the door, the driver opened the partition between us passed me two twenty dollar bills. He closed the partition and drove off very slowly.There was a small bar in the car and I made me a drink as we reached the interstate. About thirty minutes latter and two more drinks, we arrive at our destination. It was a huge house that was in the middle of nowhere, I exited the car and the driver pulled off. I stood there looking at the door when it suddenly open and an old fellow that seemed like he was on his last leg said ‘you are expected follow me to the game room’.I followed him down a long hall to a door the was recessed into the wall. As I entered I saw there was about twenty to thirty middle age men lounging around. They either were playing cards or talking in small groups or watching porn on a wall size screen.A man in his late twenties or earlier thirties approached and reached out a had and said, ‘you must be David, glad you decided to come. Let me show you where you can get comfortable and change clothes’. We went int o a small side room, there was a cot and black muscle shirt ad black very short pants. I was instructed to change into the and to renter the game room when done. The crotch was missing from just below the testicles up to the waist band in the back.I looked around the room noticing a bar set up in one corner and a ceiling wall to wall mirror on one wall. I made myself another drink and downed it, than made one more before I entered the game room again. As I re-entered I noticed the the lights had been lowered, except for where the card game was going on.The men that was not in the game immediately took notice of me as I entered, one walked up behind me and caressed my left buttocks, I swirled around and stared at him, another pinched my exposed buttocks. My host walked up to me and reassured me, ‘you don’t have to do nothing you aren’t comfortable with, but as you can see you have made a very good impression. I would suggest that you allow your self to be used and enjoy it, my friends can and will be very generous, financially and otherwise.’Our host stepped away and two relaxbet yeni giriş gentlemen took me by my arms and led to me to a small table in one corner of the room. One of them took my drink and sat it on a small shelve, another placed a small bottle under my nose and said ‘take a good hard sniff of this and tell me how you like it.’I took a deep sniff of the aroma and was surprised as to how horny I suddenly became. No my penis did not get hard and I didn’t go raving mad, just became extremely horny and wanted to have sex.Fingers started to pinch and twist my nipples, hands stroked my confined penis and some one smeared a slick substance into my anal crack and anal opening. I confess, I quickly surrendered my body to the caresses of my suitors, I found my self laid across the small table, a thick cock in my face and some one probing my neither region with a firm cock head.As soon as the cock head found my anal opening and enter the cock in my face took advantage of my sudden gasp to enter my oral orifice as well. I found myself skewered on a cock in my butt hole and one in my mouth, and I was being pummeled back and forth on both of these pieces of man meat.Sucking on the cock in mouth and bracing for the impact of the cock in my butt, some one placed the bottle back under my nostril and I heard the command ‘get a real good snort of this bitch.’ The sensation again flowed through my body and I sucked desperately on the cock in my face and spread my legs to the on in my butt.Once the cock in my butt got in step I was bounced back and forth on the two cocks till the one in my mouth exploded flooding my oral orifice with a copious amount of his baby fluid. The limp, deflating, cock slipped from my greedily sulking lips and was quickly replaced by one that was some what larger and stiff as a board.The one in my butt was ramming into me with pure abandonment till he too shot his load of spunk deep into my anus and slowly pulled from my sore aching bung hole. It felt like he had filled my anal cavity with an enormous amount of spunk, I could feel it stream down my thighs and legs, two other gentlemen rushed in from either side and started to push each other.The host separated the two and spoke quietly to them and they moved off the opposite ends of the room. A husky fellow pushed his girth between my thighs and slipped his harden cock into my now well lube orifice. He took hold of my hips relaxbet giriş and being to ram furiously into my bottom. His cock was average size but he wielded it a passion that caught me by surprise.I tried to yell, but as I stretched open my mouth, the cock that was there rammed deep into my throat and it’s owner gripped my head to his crotch. I tried to push him away as my eyes bulged out and my throat fought to expel his cock head from there domain.Grinding into my face the bastard unloosed his torrent of baby making juices, that spewed from my nose and around the girth of his shaft as he filled my mouth with his substance. He finally pulled from my oral cavity as I gasped for breath and tried to brace my body from the pummeling it was receiving from my pudgy assailant.My mind was beginning to clear and I took mental count of how many men was in the room as I entered and if all of them wanted to enter my butt or be satisfied with me sucking them off or if I would have to do both and how many would take advantage of me and sex me twice or more.Again the bottle was placed under my nostril and I was told to ‘take a good snort of this, do better than the last time boy.’ Again I snorted at the aroma that waft out of the bottle and the lust inside me exhilarated. I wrapped my legs and ankles around the fat body between them and tried to hunch back to the invading piece of man meat.Another penis invaded my mouth and I sucked greedily on it tell he too let loose a torrent of fluid that flooded my mouth and dripped from my lips. The cocks that was presented to my lips were too numerous to count. The ones that invaded my anal opening was steady and quick.Our host took me away after about three hours of steady sexing and asked me to clean myself up. I could barely stand let alone walk, as he helped me back into the small room he let me drop to the floor. I crawled into the wash room and found that there was no shower.I looked back at our host and tried to speak, I was shocked to find that all I could do was make a feeble croaking sound. Our host came over as I raised up on my knees and grasp my head in his hands and commanded ‘suck this dick if you want, I don’t care if you fuck them all.’ I looked up confused and pleadingly as he took hold of my head and guided my face to his throbbing cock.I was too weak to resist and parted my lips to accept his thick cock head and shaft in to my oral orifice. he fucked my face till he exploded and flooded my6 mouth with his substance. As I fell back he looked at me and said, ‘when the bell sounds you better be ready for the second session’, with that he lifteed a timer and twisted the dial and placed it on a small shelkve by the door and exited.TOO BE CONTINUED…

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