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Not my Mom LOL Part 5

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Not my Mom LOL Part 5https://xhamster.com/stories/not-my-mom-lol-985945https://xhamster.com/stories/not-my-mom-lol-part-2-9972679https://xhamster.com/stories/not-my-mom-part-3-9976734https://xhamster.com/stories/not-my-mom-lol-part-4-9980125The first four chapters, read on. Brady and I took our bikes out and ended up at the local fishing/swimming hole. Played ball with friends talked shit about girls and long term plans for the future. Got invited to a couple of parties later in the week, promised to bring some good weed, without telling how we might score it.Left the gang as a group of girls turned up, looking for cock or more precisely a potential long term boyfriend to tie down.Cycling back talked about plans to see Mrs Arnold again, if that failed stealing it from Grandma. It was getting dark as we rode around the back of the house. Mom’s car in the driveway, the smell of chilli from the kitchen meant we had timed it about right.Mom had changed into PJ’s already; her heavy tits swung under the loose-fitting top the bottoms filled out by her ass cheeks. As we walked through the patio doors, she looked us up and down and told us to wash up. Small talk over dinner, Brady and I cleared the table while Mom opened a second beer and rolled a joint. Lighting it and taking a deep draw her head back a hand rubbed her thigh, her eyes closed I moved from the dishes and took the joint from her finger, her eyes opened and as I inhaled her hand rested on my groin and squeezed my cock through my pants.I reached down and slipped my hand down the front of her top and found a nipple to play with. “Good Boy Davey,” she said “play with Mommies tities” giving her the joint back, I tweaked each long nipple into hardness as she rubbed my cock, she opened her thighs as I rubbed her heavy tits, the fabric of her pants stretched over her cunt lips. I removed my hand from her top and pressed her groin.“Let’s get comfy” Mom said and stood, kissed me, stuck her tongue in my mouth. Get a beer if you want she said to both of us, as she brushed past me, I could feel the hard nipple. Out through the patio door into the still warm air, Mom sat in the middle of the outdoor sofa and motioned for us to sit either side.“You boys get comfy,” she said, which meant for us to get naked. Both with semi-hard cocks we sat either side of Mom. Handing Brady the joint she put her beer down and pulled her top off. “Suck on my tities” boys she said, her hands under each tit lifting them making it easy for us to grab a tit each and clamp out mouths round the dark areolas sucking and licking. I felt her fingers grasp my shaft and slowly tug at my cock. I looked across and saw her other hand around Brady thick shaft doing the same.My hand reached down in her pants and found Brady’s hand already there, Mom’s pussy wet a finger already in the slit, mine joined it and slid along her now very wet gash until I found the hole and poke my finger in.“OOOOOOhhhhhh,” Mom said, and arched her back, pushing her hard nipple further into my mouth, making me suck it harder.Taking a breath, leaning back, Mom continued to tug at my cock, doing the same to Brady; he also leaned back. Mom looked at both of us, biting her bottom lip. Mom said “what now boys, your bellends are so sticky. Ready to fuck this mature cunt, pulling her pants off, her mature cunt exposed pink lips open moist glistening. Come here, Brady kiss your Auntie”. Mom said. Full frenchin my Mom Brady kissed her hard and long.Opening her thighs, Brady positioning himself between them and poked his fat cock at her cunt. “Come on baby fuck your aunties cunt” she said needing no encouragement Brady pushed his cock into her mature cunt, she lifted herself illegal bahis a little and helped him slide in as far as he could making her gasp and hold his head to French him back. Her legs wrapped around his back, pulling his fat cock deep inside her cunt.Watching Brady fuck my Mom on the patio made my cock extra hard, I slowly played with my self as the two fucked harder and faster. Mom opening her legs wider wanting as much of Brady’s cock as she could get. The two sweated and moaned as Mom beckoned me over, standing on the couch Mom pulled my cock towards her and opened her mouth and swallowed my bellend. Sucking my cock and cupping my balls, while riding the cock in her cunt, she held my cock and ran her mouth up and down my shaft, sliming it, sucking on my back sack and then back to the bellend.GGGGGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mom exclaimed as she climaxed on Brady’s cock. Reaching behind Brady’s head she pulled him back in towards her face, Brady resisted at first, but Mom insisted, and Brady’s mouth met Mom’s the other side of my cock shaft. My cock now sliding between two mouths I could feel Mom hand now holding my ass, her finger probing my ass crack.She pressed, I felt a finger up to the first knuckle enter me. Mom moved her mouth to my ball sack and sucked my plums as her hand-tossed my cock off; she pressed the finger in my asshole in deeper.Brady sliding his cock in faster and faster, again her hand went to the back of Brady’s head this timeless resistance as she used her mouth to direct my cock at Brady’s mouth, which opened and took the first 3 inches of my knob. “Suck it” Mom encouraged, and Brady’s face bobbed on my cock With a mouthful of cock Brady grunted “Ooooooohhhhhhhh.” “fuck fill my cunt with your hot jizz Brady baby” Mom exclaimed as she pushed her finger further into my shithole. As Brady jizz filled my Mom’s cunt, she extracted my cock from his mouth and swallowed half its length and pushed her long finger inside my arsehole, rubbing the glans inside, making me cum. I overfilled her mouth, cum dribbled down her chin and on her tits. “MMMMM, thank you boys,” said Mom.Relaxing naked we sat, getting cold in the night air, out cocks deflating, Mom breathing heavy her tits resting on her chest and her thighs slightly open cum dribbling from her open cunt lips.We told her about the party, and she offered to drive and warned us about the girls.The rest of the week was much the same; Mom would leave early, sometimes without waking us but sometimes needing a jizz refill she would wake us fuck us and empty our balls. But always after dinner, we would fuck her. Mid-week was special. On her bed, she mounted Brady, rode his cock. At the same time, we both fondled her massive heavy tities, she told me to position myself behind her, I got between Brady’s legs and in anticipation opened her ass cheeks exposing her fuckable brown hole. “No honey”, she said, slowing leaning back, grinding on Brady’s cock “In my cunt, both together fill my pussy with so much cock” she said As she leaned forward, her tities smothering Brady, I pushed my hard cock against Brady’s cock at the entrance to Mom’s cunt. It gave up the resistance all in one go, and I slide up her cunt next to Brady’s cock.GGGGRRRRRR the guttural growl from Moms’s throat filled the room as she pushed back and forced two very hard cocks in her hole as far as they would fit. Sliding on both cock her cunt felt tight, holding her shoulders I let Mom do all the work, the sensation of her wet cunt sliding over our cocks and from my perspective the sweaty ass and back, while Brady’s face buried it titty flesh made both young bucks cum quickly filling her cunt with hot jizz. She would always clean illegal bahis siteleri our cock sacks and cracks afterwards, especially after anal, making sure our bellends were clean she lick and suck us back to hardness and then clean our sweaty ass cracks licking and probing our holes until we got so excited we would push her down and plough her holes hard and fast and cum inside her again. Lying sweaty next to each other until we drifted off to sleep. On the days when Mom had to run early, we would pop into Grandmas and get lunch and fuck her, she liked one cock at a time so it sometimes took a while and fucking her hot and sweaty from a previous fuck was Brady’s favourite, so I got to go first filling her cunt with cum lubricating her hole for him.It also allowed me to look for and find her stash of weed, but I’m not the best at stealing and lying, Grandma caught me separating a handful from her bag and although she appreciated the extra Mrs Arnold had supplied after we had fucked her brains she didn’t have enough to supply half the year at a party. She suggested we went and asked Mrs Arnold.Discussing how we should approach Mrs Arnold, we decided the direct approach would be best. Ringing the doorbell and standing back, the door opened, and Mrs Arnold stood in a sheer summer dress, the light from the rear allowed us to see her outline through the material. “Hello boys,” said Mrs Arnold “Hi,” we said“What can I do you for?” Mrs Arnold saidAs we started to say something, a male voice from the back asked who it was at the door.Without turning Mrs Arnold said “Delores grandk**s.”“What the fuck do they want” the voice from inside said “Just about to find out,” Mrs Arnold said “Go On boys” she added. “Well it sounds like your busy, perhaps another time,” I said“No No, you made it this far, don’t mind Mr Arnold, is it weed u came looking for boys?” she said smiling.“Well, you did say you had some good shit to Grandma, and we have a party tonight”. Brady said“Ah what you got to trade?” came the reply“Well I guess out first though might have to change seeing as Mr Arnold at home,” Brady continued.“Come in boys lets talk,” said Mrs ArnoldWalking to the back room, Mr Arnold was sitting an armchair that looked as old as he was.“Davey and Brady, the two bucks I told you about, I met the other day from next door.” Mrs Arnold replied“Oh I recognise those two, seen them on the patio servicing Mary and the other one, Karen is it,” said Mr Arnold“Yep that’s them, Delores gets some as well, lucky bitch”. Said Mrs Arnold lighting a reefer“What they after, some more of your sweet pussy honey,” said Mr Arnold laughing“They want to weed, let see what they want to trade.” Replied Mrs Arnold The conversation happened in front of Brady and I, opened mouth wide-eyed looking at each other before Mrs Arnold broke the spell by saying: “Well boys, wanna trade cock for weed?”“Sure,” said Brady and had his shirt off before I could answer, “What about Mr Arnold? He gonna take a walk?” I asked“Nah Sonny, I want some of that young cock” Said Mr Arnold “I know you boys fuck ass, you do Mr Arnold like you fucked mine and I guess your mommies puckered shit holes, and your get weed Get the rest of your clothes off”, demanded Mrs Arnold as she stepped out of the dress. Her saggy half-empty tits swung and slapped as she moved, her huge areolas and long nipples brown pointed to the floor. We undressed, and Mrs Arnold cupped each ball sack and tugged our cocks, making them hard, feel the weight of these plums Mr Arnold. Standing up the old man slipped a finger along his wife’s gash and licked it, saying your horny and wet and then cupped my ballsack before dropping his sweat pants canlı bahis siteleri and kneeling on the floor, skinny ass facing us. Mrs Arnold held her husband’s ass cheeks open and spat on his dirty brown hole, poking a long finger into his shit hole the old man grunted.Turning round Mrs Arnold positioned herself next to her husband, wiggled her ass, and instructed Brady to fuck her pussy while she sucked my cock. Brady knelt behind her and poked his bellend into her fat wet cunt, pushing deep she grunted and looked at her husband and blew a kiss as Brady slammed her good and hard. On her elbows, she reached up and tugged at my cock, opened her mouth and sucked my bellend. Brady rode that bitch hard until she climaxed, swearing leaving my bellend to kiss Mr Arnold.Looking behind her at Brady, she motioned for him to stop and told him to fuck her husband’s shit hole. Getting up she opened his ass cheeks as Brady positioned himself behind Mr Arnold, she directed the cock at the entrance, and Mr Arnold moved back and impaled himself on Brady’s fat cock. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH Fuck” said Mr Arnold as his ass hole reversed up Brady’s cock. “Your turn Davey,” said Mrs Arnold as she assumed a position next to her husband. Dip you cock in my cunt Davey and then fuck my asshole, she said to me.Her cunt was slick and loose, her pussy juice covered my cock, and it felt slimy as I positioned the bellend against her brown eye, the eye opened as I pushed, my bellend disappeared and them half the length, Mrs Arnold grunting approval as I pushed it all the way. She squealed like a pig and then laughed and said FUCK FUCK FUCK as she kissed Mr Arnold.In sync, Brady and I pushed and withdrew our cocks, each time we went deep the Arnold’s grunted approval. Their assholes loosening our cocks sliding in easier, both Arnolds sweating now an arm around each other’s shoulders, kissing, I could see Mrs Arnolds tities squashed against the carpet, she climaxed and reached to tug her husbands small thin cock. We slammed those assholes, the Arnolds grunted and wanted it harder and faster. After climaxing again Mrs Arnold looked back and said change, easy enough, I got to Mr Arnold’s asshole as it closed and pushed my bellend into the loose ring. We got our rhythm again, Mr Arnold said I am gonna cum and his wife tugged and squeezed what little cum she could from his ballsack onto the carpet.Carpet on knees is better than the bare floor, but eventually, we both needed to stand without removing our cocks from each asshole we stood, and our weight was added to the pumping action of our cocks Both Arnolds grunted their approval at the new position again, Mrs Arnold spoke to her husband. Told you, honey, boys are hung, does it feel good honey to have a cock in your shit hole again, they are so hard and thick makes my ring burn, how is yours, honey? Mr Arnold replied, my arse is so full, ring stretched good baby, boys fucking me hard. Fucking me so hard. Mrs Arnold turned and said, You boys enjoy yourselves. My holes will always be open for you two and turned smiled at her husband. We thumbs up and as we started to slam those dirty fucking shit holes harder each time withdrawing till we could see the fat bellends and then pushing our long fat shafts all in, sweating grunting slamming our dicks deep in those shit holes eventually our balls tighten, asking where? Mrs Arnold replied in our shit holes. Ropes of spunk filled their shit pipes, one last deep push and we helped each other to step away from the sweating married couple and their gaping assholes.Turning Mrs Arnold, licked her husband’s ass crack as dribbles of my cum came out. Mr Arnold scoped the dribbles of Brady’s cum from his wife’s crack and stuck the fingers in his mouth. Walking out with a bag of weed we high fived and stuck it away for tonight. Mom picked us up from the party at 2:00 am no shame in that, drunk and high, once home we fucked her until dawn.The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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