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Nude Beach

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On a hot summer day in 1987 Scott Walker and Marina Korzun were driving in Scott’s 1983 Ford Mustang to the beach. His father had bought it for him as a high school graduation gift. Scott and Marina were both 19 and for different reasons had graduated a year late. Now high school and all its troubles were behind them. Scott groaned as he saw that the beach was already packed.

Parking would be very difficult. Still Scott and Marina had driven to far to just go and turn back now. Eventually they managed to find a parking space. The sun was shining in the sky and Scott knew that all the best spots for shade had been taken. Scott was wearing a gray no sleeve shirt and blue swim trunks. He had a mop of dark blond hair and green eyes. He was a nice-looking guy who always did his best to stay in shape. He wore white sneakers on his feet with no socks while Marina wore brown sandals.

Marina had dark blue eyes and short black hair that only went slightly past her ears. Her face was very pretty, but she had a natural intensity to her stare that only a Russian could have. She wore a black one-piece bathing suit and a yellow windbreaker since it was too hot for her to wear any other kind of coat. She carried a striped beach bag that held their towels and beach umbrella. While Scott carried a bag of matching design filled with water bottles and snacks.

There of course was a food truck at the beach, but Scott knew from personal experience that the prices were a complete rip off. Scott and Marina held hands and went down the wooden walk way. The two of them had been dating for three months and this was their first trip to the beach together.

Already it seemed like a complete disaster. There was literally no place for them to lay there towels down and set their umbral up. Marina frowned. “Are all the beaches in America like this?”

Although Marina spoke perfect English there was no hiding her strong Russian accent. Marina was getting looks from some of the beach goers that she would rather not have. Scott replied. “Only on days when you have heatwaves like this.”

“Do you think we should have come here earlier?”

“We would have had to come at like 5:00 am to get a good spot. Do you want to try the pool?”

“Won’t the pool be crowded to?”

“Scott, Marina?”

Scott and Marina turned to the right and saw their history teacher Miss Natalie Porter walking up to them. She was 27, but looked youthful enough to pass for a high school senior. Natalie wore a red bikini that left little to the imagination and give her many envious stares from women all over the beach. She had long flowing scarlet hair and kind brown eyes. A huge grin appeared on Natalie’s face as she waved at them and walked over.

Marina and Scott happily greeted her. They hadn’t seen Natalie since they had graduated almost a month ago. Scott had had a huge crush on her throughout high school until he had meet Marina, but it had never completely gone away. As for Marina Natalie had taught her all about American culture and made her feel welcomed at school. It had been her who had given Marina the courage to ask Scott out. Scott did his best not to let his eyes wonder as he said. “So Miss Porter what brings you to the beach?”

“Scott you’re not in high school anymore. You and Marina can just call me Natalie. Anyway, I came to get some sun and enjoy the waves.”

Marina glanced at the sea which was so packed with people that the constant waves were making everyone bump into one another. There really wasn’t any room for people to have fun or even get comfortable. “I don’t think there’s any enjoyment to be had here,” Marina replied.

Scott nodded in agreement. “Yeah unless there’s another beach we can go to I think today is going to be a total bust.”

Natalie knew that there was another beach that they could all go to. She hadn’t been there since last summer when she had broken up with her boyfriend. The break up hadn’t been anyone’s fault things just hadn’t worked out. Which was pretty much the story of all of Natalie’s past relationships. Still she had had lot of fun there and she knew that it would be far less crowded than this place.

Never the less she was a bit nervous about bringing Scott and Marina there. Then again they were legal adults and if they didn’t like it they could just leave. Natalie raised her arm to block some sun that was shining in her eyes asyabahis yeni giriş and said. “There’s a private beach that I’m a member of that’s a 30-minute drive from here. It’s a lot smaller than this one, but if you want to go with me that would be great.”

Scott and Marina both enthusiastically said yes and they got into their car and followed Natalie. Scott turned on the radio and they listened to Edge of Seventeen which was Marina’s favorite American song. They arrived at a wooded area and there was a dirt trail going through the woods. It led the three of them to a hidden beach, it was only big enough to comfortable fit a dozen people.

It was part of a salt water lake and not the ocean so the waves were small. However, not a piece of litter was on the sand and there was plenty of shade. But most important of all, no one else was there. Scott and Marina smiled like kids on Christmas and rushed down to the beach. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a white sign that gave them the shock of their lives.

Scott rubbed his eyes to make sure he was reading the sign right. “This is a nude beach.”

Marina nodded. “I guess that’s why it’s so secluded. Wait does that mean Miss Porter……”

“I told you to call me Natalie.”

Natalie trotted up to the sign and giggled at Scott and Marina’s blushing faces. “Teachers like to have fun to you know.”

Scott asked. “Are you a nudist?”

“If you’re wondering if I only wear clothes when I’m teaching. The answer is no Scott. I just think it’s more fun to swim and tan naked than with a bathing suit. Now if you excuse me I’m taking my top off.”

In the blink of an eye Natalie unbuckled her bikini top. Her breasts were now freely exposed to the warm summer breeze. Her boobs were big and her tits were quarter sized and dark pink. She made no move to take off her bottoms, wanting Scott and Marina to get more comfortable first.

Marina noticed Scott’s eyes glued to their former teacher’s breasts. She crossed her arms and mutter. “Mine are better.”

Scott quickly laid their towels down and helped set up their beach umbral. He removed his shoes and took his shirt off. His chest was hairless, lean and fit from being on the swim team. Scott sat down on his towel and thumbed with the strings of his bathing suit. He wanted to experience the joy of being naked on a beach, but he didn’t know if he could go through with it.

Marina placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Go ahead Scott.”

Scott smiled and undid his swimsuit strings. He pulled his bathing suit all the way down to his ankles and threw it aside. Now Scott sat naked beneath the summer sun fighting away the urge to cover himself. Scott had very dark bond pubic hair and a set of nice sized balls that both Marina and Natalie instantly wanted to cup in their hands.

His penis was only about half erect, but it was big enough for Natalie to say. “Wow Marina, Scott must make you very happy with that thing.”

Marina blushed. “We haven’t done it yet.”

The truth of the matter was Marina and Scott were still virgins. Scott had had one girlfriend before Marina and they had never made it past first base, which was where he currently was with her. As for Marina before her family had fled Russia she had gone to an all-girls school and had never had another boyfriend besides Scott.

Natalie gave Marina a friendly pat on the back. “Maybe you will today.”

Marina turned around and headed towards the lake. The waves washed over her toes as she took a deep breath and grabbed the straps of her bathing suit. She would have been more relaxed just being topless like Natalie, but since she was wearing a one-piece that wasn’t an option. Marina undid the straps of her bathing suit and pulled it down to her waist.

After gathering enough will power Marina took her bathing suit completely off and tossed it aside. Scott and Natalie gazed at her bare backside. Marina had a smooth back and her bottom was pale and perfectly plump. Marina turned around keeping her hands at her sides. Like her bottom her chest was pretty pale. Her breasts had very light pink nipples, her boobs were far bigger than Scott and Natalie ever thought. While Natalie’s breasts were slightly larger, Marina’s were definitely more round. Her vagina was covered in night black pubic hair. Blood rushed down to Scott’s crotch giving him asyabahis güvenilirmi a full-blown erection.

Marina and Natalie’s nipples harden and it wasn’t from the breeze. Scott and Marina were blushing as red as tomatoes. Marina sat on her towel next to Scott and kissed him. Scott was slightly shocked since Marina was normally to shy show him any affection in front of other people. But now that they were on a nude beach, she’d have to get over her shyness.

Scott happily returned her kiss. The two of them found out that kissing naked was a million times better than kissing while clothed. When their kiss ended, they saw that Natalie had removed her bikinis bottoms. Now Scott and Marina knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Natalie was a natural redhead. While Marina was unshaven, Natalie’s pubic hair was nicely trimmed and her slit was perfectly visible. She spun around and ran to the water, showing off her specular tight ass.

Scott and Marina got up and raced after her. They soon found themselves head deep in the lake and were amazed on how much lighter their bodies felt in the water without the constraint of swimsuits. Scott, Marina and Natalie swam and splashed around for a while. Then Marina said. “Wait a second, we forget to put sunscreen on.”

The three of them got out of the water and got out the sunscreen. Scott knew that he would have to rub plenty of sunscreen on his groin since it wasn’t normally exposed to the sun and would probably burn easily.

To save time Scott, Natalie and Marina decided to rub sun screen on each other. It started innocently at first. They did each other’s arms, legs shoulders and backs. None the less the feeling of touching Natalie’s and Marain’s bare flesh made Scott’s flaccid member start to harden again.

Eventually they all ran out of innocent places to touch. Marina laid down on her towel and before Scott knew it he was rubbing Marina’s rear end. Rubbing her soft bottom was amazing and he gave it a couple of soft squeezes which made Marina smile and give small moans of delight. With Marain’s permission Scott rubbed sun screen on Natalie’s ass.

Afterwards Natalie decided to put sun tan lotion on her own breasts, making sure to brush her thumbs against her stiff nipples as she did. As for Marina, she let Scott do her breasts, her nipples harden beneath his palms as he rubbed her breasts together and groped them when he ran out of sun screen. When he was done with that he patted Marain’s rump a few times and then Scott and Marina shared a loving kiss. When it ended Marina and Natalie both put sun screen on Scott’s butt and then went to work on his groin.

Marina was having too much fun to feel any jealousy. Although she made it clear that she was the only one allowed to touch Scott’s cock. It twitched in joy as she put a dab of sun screen on it. As for Natalie she went to work on Scott’s balls. Before she knew it, she was gently fondling them. While Marina wrapped her right hand around Scott’s penis and felt it pulse in her hand. Without hesitation she started stroking it, Scott was almost to aroused to speak and it didn’t take him long to get taken to the edge. He softly grunted. “I’m going to cum.”

Marina gave Scott a peak on the cheek. “It’s okay Scott, no one else is here so let it out.”

“Yeah Scott if you don’t cum now you’ll have a serious case of blue balls.” Natalie responded.

Scott could barely hear them as he closed his eyes and sighed in bliss as he came. His member twitched in Marina’s hand as Scott ejaculated. His white sticky cum shot out of his penis and into the air, as a wave of delight washed over him. The sight of Scott cumming was the most beautiful thing Marina had ever seen. When he finished, Natalie kissed Marina hard on the lips and did the same to Scott. They returned her kisses with equal passion. Marina then kissed Scott while giving his soften dick one last stork.

The three of them all tried to kiss each other at once, but weren’t really successful. Afterwards they all held hands and went back into the lake. Scott got all the cum washed off his crotch, which was good because other people soon showed up. An early thirties Hispanic couple wearing matching tie dye shirts and cut off blue jeans, found a spot and undressed. They hadn’t even bothered to wear swimsuits or underwear beneath their clothing.

They had very athletic bodies since asya bahis giriş they were both professional athletes. The man had very big testicles and the woman’s boobs were apple sized with pencil thin nipples. They also had had all their pubic hair shaven off. After politely greeting each other they all swam around together.

Later on they set up a volley ball net and had a man verse woman match. When sun set came the couple left. Scott, Marina and Natalie all sat on the same towel and watched the bright orange sun begin to descend. Marina sat on Scott’s right side while Natalie sat on Scott’s left side. He put his hands on their backs, his hands went lower and rubbed their rumps. After getting an approving look from Marina, Natalie wrapped her hand around Scott’s flaccid member.

In just seconds it harden back to its full length. An idea popped into Marina’s head. She planted small kisses all over Scott’s face and whispered in his ear. Scott nodded happily and gently pushed Natalie onto her back and wrapped his lips around her right nipple. Before Natalie knew what hit her, Marina wrapped her lips around Natalie’s left nipple.

The two of them sucked on Natalie’s tits like newborn infants. A deep heat began to build between Natalie’s thighs and she felt herself get very wet. She ran her hands through Scott and Marain’s hair urging them on. Natalie’s nipples had always been very sensitive, but never in her entire life had she had them both sucked on at the same time before.

Her nipples became as hard a steel as she felt a familiar tingle in her pussy. Natalie shouted. “Scott, Marina keep going I’m about to…”

Natalie’s words left her as she climaxed. She kept her legs closed as her pussy muscles clenched. Her entire body quivered as utter joy coursed through her. When Natalie was done cumming, she sat up and said. “It’s your turn Marina, open your legs.”

Marina did what Natalie asked. She opened her legs reviling all the wonders of her womanhood. Natalie stuck two fingers into her love tunnel making Marina shriek. Scott sat behind Marina and he squeezed her breasts like crazy, while she rubbed her ass against his groin. Natalie stirred her fingers in Marain’s vagina while flicking her clitoris with her thumb.

Marain’s love juices covered Natalie’s hand. After just five more strokes of her clitoris she came hard! She squirted all over Natalie’s hand as her vagina tightened around her fingers. Never had Marina thought it was possible to feel this good! She screamed to the heavens as she came. As for Scott some pre cum shot out of his member and onto Marain’s tail bone. It took every ounce of his will power to keep from cumming again.

When Marain’s climax ended. She got up and playfully tacked Natalie to the ground. The two of them kissed for a while and licked each other’s face. Their boobs pressed together and so did their vaginas. Natalie stroked Marain’s hair. “Now’s the time to enter her Scott.”

“Take us both!” Marina replied.

Scott playful tapped Marain’s ass and pressed his cock against her soaking wet pussy lips and slowly entered her. Marina felt her hymen tear, there was a little blood and some pain. But as Scott thrusted gently inside her the pain faded and all that was left was pleasure and pure happiness of having the man she loved her inside her.

As for Scott it was overwhelming being inside of his beloved girlfriend. her warmth and softness were about to make him burst. When he felt himself at the edge though he pulled out and stabbed his manhood into Miss Porter. Natalie gave something between a gasp and a moan as she took in the biggest cock of her entire life and found herself filled more than ever before.

Scott timed his thrusts making sure to fill both of his lovers equally. They went at it for ten minutes, but it was ten minutes of paradise. But like all good things it came to an end. Natalie and Marina came at the same time, as for Scott he kept on thrusting while cumming like a gazer. He filled Natalie and Marina’s wombs with as much of his seed as he could. Scott kept pounding into them until his member stopped being hard. The three of them felt nothing, but utter ecstasy as the came together and felt more physical and emotional joy than they ever thought possible.

When their orgasms ended Scott kissed Marina and Natalie. The three of them decided to stay and watch the sun set completely before getting dressed and leaving. Scott and Marina would be going home with Natalie tonight, when morning came they would decide how to take things from there. Although all of Natalie’s past relationships hadn’t worked out before, she somehow knew that this, this would work.

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